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Found 11 results

  1. kgirl2d

    Delegate access

    I would like to be able to delegate access to my EN account for a defined period. In an account "permissions" area, I input an email address, they get a notification of log-in access for a period that I define(30 min, 90 days, etc). After the period ends, they no longer have access. BACKGROUND: I have an assistant I use occasionally for projects. She does not have an EN subscription, and generally does not need one. On those occasions when I need her to have editing access to my notes, I would like to be able to grant it.
  2. Mike Stop Continues

    When will dev tokens return?

    I just realized my automation scripts haven't been working for a while, then I saw that not only have my dev tokens been revoked, but the whole system is disabled: https://www.evernote.com/api/DeveloperToken.action What's the timeline for bringing dev tokens back? Also, can someone recommend a quick solution to generate an oauth token? This is purely a personal project, so I don't want to implement a front-end just to get a token. Thanks!
  3. Is there a way to add code such as $>this code block right here it would be super useful since I store my programming notes in here. I don't want to change the font size and indent everytime. If this isn't available please add this on. I know many others would benefit. Also, if you guys could team up with Beaker Notebook since they have the coding version of this. If you could collaborate with them it would be HUGE!
  4. Hello all! Syntax recognition and formatting for common languages (C++, Java, Javascript, Python, PHP) could be an incredible feature in Evernote, what do you think?
  5. alexander.myltsev

    ✔ Clearly API

    Hi. Is Clearly available through API? I’d like to upload HTML to it and get cleared representation. A.
  6. I'm not a technical person but a hedge fund trading firm. We are using Evernote in an in internal event trading application and would like to explore the possibility of using this more broadly by sharing it with the investment community at large, or possibly by subscription. Initially I would like some help just understanding what Evernote's policy is about such a product on their platform and if feasible would like to hire some part time or freelance developers to assist if it is proven feasible or viable to do. Harvey Sax Sax Angle Partners harvey@saxangle.com 435-658-1934
  7. Hi I looking to learn evernote api and have been tried the iOS started guide. I have managed to get the iOS Oauth working following the here [http://dev.evernote.com/doc/start/ios.php] But when I followed the reminder api guide over here [http://dev.evernote.com/doc/articles/reminders.php] I got an error. I was wondering if any here got a similar error or anyone can advise me what have I done wrong? Thank you so much The error I'm getting is http://note.io/14uvIoN Thank you once again
  8. To run the demo you need a developer token. This is also referred to as an 'API key'. When you request an API key, what you get is an email with a consumer key and consumer secret. So the email you get - titled 'Evernote API key' - does not actually give you an API key, or tell you where to get one. That is extremely confusing. After an hour of trawling the docs with no results, I notice in the sample code comments that I should go to https://sandbox.evernote.com/api/DeveloperToken.action - which actually generates a useful API key. Please 1. Mention the developer token URL in the API welcome email. 2. Explain somewhere what the difference is between: API key, developer token, consumer key, consumer secret.
  9. I have an iOS app in development, and I want the ability to let the user sign up for Evernote within the app. With concern, I have read the discussion on the forums concerning the rejections of apps using Evernote with oauth signups here. Where are we at with allowing new users to sign up to Evernote within an iOS app? What is the accepted way to allow this at the moment without getting a rejection notice from Apple? Also, is the "Create an Account" page like the one below not included in the iOS SDK at this time? Confused as to why I don't see this in my downloaded SDK...
  10. The API help for doing searches in Evernote shows apparent overlapping content between the sourceApplication and contentClass attributes (search modifier keywords). Can someone explain to me what the differences are between the two attributes when it comes to searching notes? I can infer that contentClass is subordinate to sourceApplication, but I'm not sure I get the nuances of how to do things differently when crafting an Evernote search query. Also, where can I get a list of sub-types for the sourceApplication and contentClass top level attribute types? Especially food, hello, and skitch? I see the one listed below for "meal" in contentClass:evernote.food.meal and I am wondering where I can get a complete list of the other known sub-types for each top level sourceApplication and contentClass attribute type. By the way, as you can see the help text for sourceApplication for the food.* example has a typo: "ntoes". http://dev.evernote...._Time_Arguments From the URL above: sourceApplication:[string] - matches notes that have a source application string that matches the argument. This string is not guaranteed to be structured. Standard sourceApplication attribute queries include: sourceApplication:food.* Matches ntoes that were created by Evernote Food [*]sourceApplication:hello.* Matches notes that were created by Evernote Hello [*]sourceApplication:skitch.* Matches notes that were created by Evernote Skitch contentClass:[string] - matches notes that have a contentClass string that matches the argument. E.g.: contentClass:evernote.food.meal Matches notes created using Evernote Food [*]contentClass:evernote.hello.* Matches notes created by Evernote Hello
  11. Dear all I'm developing a photo share app on iPhone with evernote api. I have read many pdf, but all of there is teach me how to sync with evernote, no one talk about local store mechanism. My app is a synchronizing client, user can use it even no wifi/3g. How about this local store mechanism? should I use Sqlite in my project ? Any suggestion is welcome. Thanks!