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Found 9 results

  1. Updated: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I followed the generate token link and get this : Update: the creation of developer tokens is temporarily disabled. For both Evernote international and yinxiang account. Checked with tech support: 尊敬的用户 blurm,您好! 印象笔记目前没有单独针对笔记metadata的权限设置。 通过OAuth方式无法读取用户的全部笔记,只能创建新笔记或者读取应用笔记本(即用户在授权时指定的笔记本)中的笔记。 Developer Token因安全问题将停止支持,因此目前也不建议使用。 —印象笔记用户支持团队 blurm - 9月15日 oauth认证只能取得用户授权的某一个笔记本的笔记,如何获得用户的全部笔记(只要metadata,不需要内容)?Developer Token? 还可以通过如下方式联系我们: 在微信、微博给我们留言: 搜索『印象笔记』 看看知乎大神怎么用:http://dwz.cn/1ZVKbV 到豆瓣小组与更多用户互动:http://dwz.cn/4IeKL7 [N34GGL-53MJ] Basically it said Developer Token will not be supported soon since the security issues, and not recommanded to use it. I'm working with a chrome extension to fuzzy search notes, so I need to cache all notes' metadata. Right now, is there anyway can do this?
  2. Hi I have recently tried to update my Developer token. I got message " Update: the creation of developer tokens is temporarily disabled. " . any one have idea when I will be able to generate it .Because due to this my application stop working.Please anyone help me out for this issue , I have tried to generate a ticket related to it ,but As per Evernote support system it will take at least one week to get resolved. Best regards NoteGuy
  3. Hi - I have a client who would like to integrate their Evernote notes into my software product. I know how to do this integration with normal developer tokens for personal accounts but how do I find a developer token for business accounts?
  4. My developer token suddenly stopped working. When I run my code, I get this error: Thinking that my token has expired, I regenerated my token. However, even with the new token, I'm still getting the same error. This is code that hasn't changed in quite a long time. Has something changed server-side?
  5. Hi, all. I recently tried to start write an evernote app. When I try to do the authentication using the following code(which is pretty standard): dev_token="my token"client = EvernoteClient(token=dev_token)userStore = client.get_user_store()user = userStore.getUser()When I use the sandbox token for "my token" part it works fine. But if I use the production token it doesn't work anymore. I forgot the production token once and revoked it. Can anyone help me figure out why the production token doesn't work? Thanks
  6. Hi All, I'm new to using the Evernote API so sorry if I've missed anything obvious. I had delayed trying it since I thought I had to learn OAuth first then I found the documentation about the developer token so I decided to try out the API. I'm going to be using the C# SDK with a developer token to start with, when I've got a working app I can decide if it’s worth setting up OAuth so others might be able to use it. That's for the future, right now I only just got the SDK sample working. I had made the same mistake as the person on the topic https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/38426-%E2%9C%94-edamuserexceptionerrorcodebad-data-format-parameterauthenticationtoken/, basically I'd used the API Key instead of a developer token for the authToken value in the sample code. I have a couple of questions related to this: 1. What is the API Key used for? - I've not found clear documentation. - For a guess I would assume you could use it in with OAuth 2. Does the URL https://sandbox.evernote.com/api/DeveloperToken.action only appear in the sample code and maybe documentation? - What I'm trying to ask is if it is linked from your account page on the sandbox server anywhere 3. Is there a page that lists the API Keys you've requested? - I accidentally requested a key by the wrong name, I assume I can just ignore that key - If there was a page listing them I could delete it Any help would be appreciated, if you can point me to the right places to look for documentation of these points that would be great too. Thanks.
  7. I've installed the SDK for Evernote into my currently working and updated Android Eclipse (ADT) toolchain. I've applied for an API Key so I can develop my application for Android, but want to get started developing (it's simple, and really requires Evernote access to truly code and test). I noticed I could use a Developer Token to do the authentication, but I can't find any examples on how to actually implement this using the Evernote Android SDK as a guide--it seems to all be OAuth. Does anyone have an example of how to use a Developer Token on Android?
  8. they said that i can get access to my main account with developer token. But i can only get dev token for my sandbox account. Is there a way to get an dev token to non sandbox account. when i don't yet have production token for my app? I have lot more content, in my main account and i would prefer not to make hundreds of notes and links for dummy account. Seems redundant work...
  9. Hello, I managed to integrate Evernote in an iOS app. Everything works fine but for the beta of my app, I won't need to auth with different account as I will be using mine only. I saw that developer tokens are especially made for that usage, but I also read: So, how can I use my developer token with the iOS SDK?