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Found 58 results

  1. Hello! When I opened my Evernote app today I had a tiny seizure as all my notes were gone! The notebooks were all there but they all showed '0 notes'. The same for iPad version and website version. But then I saw they were in the trash can. I am very sure I did not delete all my notes at once, so how did this happen? Does anyone else have this problem? Does it occur regularly? Luckily, you can restore the notes all at once, tags in tact and all. But still, a strange and very unpleasant surprise at first! - Kaatje
  2. I downloaded the new WEB ui for Chromium Browser. I use it to manage my information and data through tagging. The old UI gave an easy overview and quick access to different. I have an extensive GTD working zone where I jump from project to project and keep track of my things to do. With the new WEB UI this becomes hugely impossible. Can I restore the old version please. I wrestled with it this whole morning and I am kind of fed up with it. This new UI, based on Tablets and Android.... , is very very bad . The key is "manage" your notes. Not "Enterring data". Managing notes is managing knowledge. I really really want the old thing back. M.
  3. Hey guys! Does anyone know what is the font type Evernote uses on the website? Thanks.
  4. sigurd

    Design copy paste

    Hey there, I have an question about skitch. i want to copy paste multiple text notes and lines form my skitch project to an other skitch project. How can i do that ? thank you in advance.
  5. When Evernote is closed, I often use spotlight search (cmd-space) to get directly to a note. When I do that, Evernote opens to its home screen then proceeds to open my note in a new window. I would prefer that Evernote didn't open a new window - just that it would navigate to my note in the main window. There are no preferences that can control this.
  6. titanstrides

    ios Feature Requests

    just wanted to throw out a couple ideas... not sure if all are possible, but thought it might be useful to know what the users of Penultimate are wishing for. my two main requests deal with two totally different areas. 1. i find it annoying to have to go into the settings and switch off the Multitasking Gestures everytime i want to take some notes in Penultimate. not sure if apple allows/supports this kind of thing, but a button inside the app to temporarily turn this off would be nice. even better would be to disable the Multitasking Gestures alltogether when Penultimate is in use. 2. this one is more design-based, but i absolutely love the way 53 Paper handles notebook covers. i love that they offer different colors/designs as well as the ability to add your own image to the cover of a notebook. this not only lets you customize to your own style, but also makes it easier to identify specific notebooks when you have a lot of them.
  7. I think everyone should say your opinion under that title. I want a more modern and minimal interface first.
  8. zsvnc

    Bad Design

    The design is pretty ugly. Must be a more understandable color palette. White and light green colors, the eyes are exhausting. You need to change the shades. More special fonts should also be brought. Fonts such as "ş, Ü, ğ, ö" look very ugly in the titles.It also does not match the font sizes you used when working in the "Evernote Windows" program.
  9. Hi, something that I don't like about the Evernote web clipper is the maximum size of its input fields: note title tag Scrolling is a pain in these little input fields! This applies to Safari & Chrome, which I use, and probably all other browsers. Please make those fields grow dynamically.
  10. I use Evernote to save all my creative inspiration, ideas, articles, videos and images in what I think of as a digital scrapbook. I would like to be able to scroll through an entire Notebook, Tag or highlighted selection of Notes in full screen, with trackpad gestures on Mac (or right and left arrows) or by swiping left and right on iOS. I know I can use Presentation Mode to scroll through images within one note but this isn't practical when reviewing a large number of images and I'd like to retain the images as individual notes. Currently, to view a number of separate image Notes, I have to jump back up into the Notebook or Tag and click on each note to view individually and they're not full screen. I'd enjoy being able to seamlessly navigate horizontally through full screen Notes as you would browsing in OS Photos.
  11. Hi ? It would be more pleasant to read and write notes if we can customize the layout and typography. Like Bear App (http://www.bear-writer.com/). Thanks ?
  12. According to some on this forum, the lack of the rather obvious and simple manual-sort feature was a 'design' decision. I doubt it's really that —it probably costs more to add, enact, and maintain a manual-sort algorithm— but if it's related to money/resources, you should consider adding manual-sort to the Premium Services. I'd pay for that in a heartbeat. Anyway, even iTunes —configured for anybody from the most uninitiated to advanced-customizers— has this manual sort option within their playlists. Just as iTunes would lose many users to another app that supplied the clear, obvious, and ultimately easily-satisfiable demand to arrange things as the user wants on the basic level, Evernote surely has and will (me included) lose users and good-reviews to other companies that include this basic option. That's one of the main reasons I will not be renewing my Evernote Premium service this time around. It's disappointing: as seen in the Beta online version, Evernote has gone in the direction of assuming that lessening options in and of itself offers peace of mind of a sort. While minimalism does avoid overwhelm, you should acknowledge the deeper psychological truth: make options bigger WHERE REQUESTED — meaning that you make the environment minimalist, with small buttons that open up options if the user wants. This is the basic design attitude for all mac-inspired folks and I would've expected this from Evernote since they seem to be in that aesthetic camp. This app no longer is useful for anyone who plans to use it for anything related to any sort of fluid and day to day prioritization, project, communication, or even just preferences that all can evolve quickly (the response that you have so-called 'workarounds' to codify every single note is absurd because each time things change as they do in real life we must re-code every time according to the newly-evolved priority levels) Sincerely — Hopefully, V
  13. Steve Klinghoffer

    Local Notebooks

    Is there any way to generate a list of "local" notebooks? I use over 150 notebooks and discovered that two or three had been inadvertently set up as local notebooks which obviously resulted in them not synchronizing. My note count is off slightly from my web evernote data. I suspect there may be one more local notebook. Is there any way of checking without manually going through each notebook and checking its properties?
  14. Philip Morley

    Customize notebook covers

    I'm the ECC in Denmark, known for its obsession with aesthetics and design, so it came as no surprise when users I work with asked 'why can't we have covers on notebooks?' I think it's a pretty good point. The note Evernote chooses to represent the notebook 'cover' is useful but can look messy, depending on what it is. Having a cover could be a great way to add personalisation. And if Evernote opened up the API to third parties you could get some great designers contributing. Imagine the Nordic Range of book covers. Or the Covers Inspired By Nature. You get the idea. Even if Evernote kept it all in-house, I think a range of covers would be neat. Is this something that's complex to do?
  15. This issue has been a thorn in the side of many for years now. So I thought that rather than keep banging on about it in various different threads, none of which are specifically about this problem, I'd start a thread dedicated to it. The ability to configure toolbars on almost every app that runs on a Mac has been a standard feature of Mac OS X for as long as that OS has existed. Those who have used Macs for longer than me can possibly recall if it was present in OSs before OS X. But Evernote, for some reason that I have never been able to figure out, bucks the system and insists on having a non-configurable toolbar. And I have never received an answer from any Evernote employee as to "WHY?" On my Macs, ranging from Macbooks to iMacs, so from 15" up to 27", the toolbar is largely empty (a victim of Evernote's unhealthy obsession with "unclutter"). But not only is it largely empty, it contains buttons that I will NEVER use and don't want there (such as the "New Chat" button), and it does NOT contain buttons that I DO want on there (such as "Email Note" and "Print"). So, could somebody from Evernote PLEASE explain just WHY the toolbar is not configurable, when it is a virtual standard feature of Mac OS X? Why was that decision made in the first place? And could somebody from Evernote PLEASE consider changing this ridiculous situation? What on earth is the use of having toolbar buttons that I would never use, while not being able to put buttons on there that I WOULD use? And of course, everyone is different - we need the ability to customise that toolbar for the way each of us uses Evernote. While I accept that those who post here on the forum would be only a tiny handful compared to the total Evernote user base, we are fairly power users, and loyal Evernoters. And you can't just assume that the other 99.9% who do not post would have views that differ from those who do. So, if anyone else feels the same way, please convey your thoughts on this thread, and for Evernote employees who read this thread, please PLEASE tell the powers-that-be that we want our configurable toolbar back. Oh, and the ability to get rid of buttons such as the "Chat" button on the iOS version (iPad) would also be nice, if we turn Chat off in a setting (that isn't there, but should be).
  16. I've seen many versions, but I just have to say that the way Evernote looks on a Mac is amazing. The design is so wonderful clean that I truly have the feeling I can control all the mess on notes I am creating. In fact all my notes are in a perfect order and I put so much effort in there to design an icon for every note, by creating the largest picture specifically for a particular note. On the contrast, Evernote on iPad looks horrible. Texts twist, tables change, it all looks wired outstretched. And the worst: multiple seemingly random chosen pictures are displayed in the list of notes. With every update on Mac I pray for you having left the Mac design untouched. Please develop the iPad version in this direction, but leave the Mac version as wonderful clean and predictable as it is!!! You did an amazing job with this!! Thank you!
  17. It would be very nice to show notebook next to the note's title (with the respective "View option"), for example as "My notebook | 30/03/2017 | 1 KB". What do you think about it?
  18. Evernote Clean GUI vs Power Features -- How to Have Both There have been many times that some of the Evernote UI designers have cited their goal of providing a "clean UI" as the reason for not providing features that many users would like, like more choices in the Options or Preferences section. I have always believed that it is possible to provide both. Ghostery (a browser extension) has provided this. Perhaps the Evernote UI design team could learn something from them. From Ghostery 7 Over the years, I have observed a number of other apps that have achieved this goal of providing both a clean UI and powerful features/options. I think most of these were designed by previous generations that were not constrained by the design approaches that some deemed to be "cool". Evernote designers: Don't let your imagination and skills be constrained by what someone else thinks is "cool" or "desired (by designers)", even if it comes from companies like Apple, Adobe, Google, or even Evernote. ?
  19. It would be nice to be able to change the color of the notebooks individually. I organize this way in another iOS app and have found it very useful. Any chance of adding this to the final Mac version 5?
  20. I love the design of Evernote web, but not the desktop client. Is it possible to customise the desktop client to make it look like the web version? What font does Evernote Web use? What is its font size? And could we change default spacing in the desktop client? Thanks!
  21. I've recently started using Evernote again, I use to hate it in the past because it was so heavy and cumbersome, but the iPad app was so impressive it got me back on, but now that I've moved all my notes to it and have several notebooks I use, I'm shocked to find that Evernote does not have any COLOR options. How is it that there's no option to pick a color for each notebook, and then whenever you look at a note there is a hint to that color to help me quickly recognize which notebook it belongs to. It will make Evernote so much more appealing and it's something that almost every other organization app has. Where can we add this to the suggestions box?
  22. Evernote Team -- Please Don't Use Low Contrast Text Dear Evernote UI designers, web masters, and email broadcasters, could you please not use small, low contrast text in the main text body of your products and documents? I know you may think the color scheme looks really cool, and complies with your corporate branding, but what is the point of your cool communications if they can't be read, or, are so hard to read that people ignore them? Isn't the FIRST objective of an email, web page, or app to communicate well, and be readable to the viewer? Below is a screen shot of an email that I just received. What is the benefit of using very light gray text on a white background? Compare these two lines: I know you may think the color scheme looks really cool, and complies with your corporate branding, but what is the point of your cool communications if they can't be read, or, are so hard to read that people ignore them? I know you may think the color scheme looks really cool, and complies with your corporate branding, but what is the point of your cool communications if they can't be read, or, are so hard to read that people ignore them? Do you see the clear difference? Do you see how much easier it is to read the first line than the second line? Yes, I can read the second line if I get close to my monitor, and study the text carefully. But is being cool worth the loss of readability? SNAPSHOT OF EMAIL FROM EVERNOTE EDIT: I'm not sure what happened to the above link, but it will no longer display. Here's the link:
  23. Hi, I spent some time comparing the new "Web UI preview" with the productive version and have made a list of missing or changed features in the preview (not bugs!). I just want to document the facts without any judgment. Please feel free to add things, I am sure I did not find all. I am going to constantly update this list. I will cross-out the features that will be added by Evernote in the future to the "Web UI preview" so one can see the progress. Side barNo expandable/collapsable lists of notebooks, tags etc. which increases the number of necessary clicks and scroll actions to reach an entryNo drag&drop to/within the sidebarNo nested tagsTags can not be renamed or deletedStacks can not be created/deletedNotebooks can not be created in or moved to stacksSearchNo saved searchesNo possibility to save a searchNo previous searchesNo FiltersNo Multi-Selection tocombine notes,delete notes,present notes,e-mail multiple notes,change notebook,add tags.No remindersNo list viewNo hyperlinks (only automatic links when entering something like http://...)No location informationNo way to print a noteNo inline view of pdf filesNo possibility to display a note in a separate window (I use it often on second screen)Only 4 notes in the snippet view on my Mac in contrast to 8 in the productive version and 24 in the list viewIn most cases I cannot see the complete title of my notes just about 32 charactersLots of unused whitespace. For example when you switch to the fullscreen view of a note it actually just moves the note to the center but does not use the additional space.Selection of text style has to be done after adding textDifficult to read due to lack in contrastHuge fonts take unecessary space.No possibiity to set a notebook as favouriteNo possibility to share a note via E-MailNo gallery of pictures in the noteNo possibility to create tablesNo possibility to retrieve notes history (premium feature)Encrypted notes can not be viewedOpening the site always creates a new empty note
  24. claudecyrill

    web The New Evernote Web UI

    The new Evernote UI on web is simply amazing. Any word on if the desktop version will meet a similar redesign on Windows? http://www.theverge.com/2014/10/2/6893765/evernote-redesigned-its-note-taking-web-app-and-its-gorgeous
  25. Hello ! I am new to EN and very excited to get some colleagues invited. I am struggling to find the words. It seems that the "cloud" instantly makes new users think of security problems and privacy issues. A few people have said.."just use dropbox". Evernote seems like what I wanted Dropbox to be. I could never get people onboard with dropbox either. How have you guys gotten users onboard with EN ? I am offering CAD/Drafting services to a small niche of users and I just can't get em to participate. Any suggestions would be great. If any of you have a large, active EN following I would love to see what you're doing. Oh yeah... what's with the Firefox web clipper ? Nobody uses Firefox. Thanks, C Mitchell MPLS,MN