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Found 73 results

  1. Hi, I dropped a shared notebook that I was following, and have noticed that I still have a couple of tags from it remaining in my Tag View. This is the only place they exist. They are not in The Tag List in the sidebar My Evernote web account Either of my iOS device clients Things I have tried: Right-click and select Delete Tag (I get a dialog saying that I can't because it's in a Shared notebook) Drag the tag to the Trash (Adds the tag to my Shortcuts) Select the tag and press Backspace (No effect) Select the tag and press Delete (No effect) Create a temporary tag, drag the unwanted tags to it so that they're nested and then delete the parent tag (Deletes the parent and puts the unwanted tags back where they were) Close and restart Evernote and repeat all of the above (Same results) Close all instances of Evernote (Desktop, web, and iOS), restart Desktop and repeat all of the above (Same results) Sign out of Evernote, sign in again and repeat all of the above (Same results) Search the forums and web for suggestions (Found all of the above, but nothing useful unless I was using a Windows client. And a statement that this would be fixed in "an upcoming update" which was a year old.) The only thing I haven't done (which I know would fix it) is to rename my database and download it from the server again. (I have no Local notebooks) I'm reluctant to do this due to the sheer size of the database and the time and bandwidth it would take. Plus this seems a rather nuclear option for an issue that, frankly, shouldn't have occurred in the first place if Evernote removed shared notebooks correctly. Have I missed anything that might work? Or is this yet another known bug that is being ignored while they mess around with the interface repeatedly? Thanks, Stephen
  2. Eduardo Salazar

    Delete a Work Chat Note

    I received a note from another user thorugh work chat and now I cannot erase it. I even changed the settings so no one else can see the note, including the person who shared the note with me. If I cannot erase it because the note belongs to someone else, at least I want to not see it any more. The delete opcion is blocked. How can I take out this note from my list of notes. I can hide it, but really I want to delete.
  3. Hi, I copied part of a web page to a note. I then was editing out the irrelevant parts of the webpage to consolidate it with other text (which is why I didn't use web clipper). I am in Chrome OS. The buttons copied over from the web page are images that are anchored in place and float over whatever text you put there. When I look at the source code, they are inside a div. Since we cannot edit the html (or whatever your code is), I am unable to delete the images. Using delete/backspace doesn't work and there's not a way to do it by right-clicking. I am unable to remove formatting from the copied text. So I have large spaces between paragraphs due to padding I cannot remove. Again, if I could edit code directly, I could fix this. Or if the formatting editor included more functions, I could possibly fix it. The only workaround would be to copy text to Notepad and then back to evernote, but since I am on a chromebook, this is not possible as far as I know. I did try copying over to Google Docs, then clearing formatting, line spacing. I can see it working in Docs, but when I copy back over to evernote, it still retains padding between paragraphs. If anyone has other suggestions, I'd appreciate them. Thanks.
  4. In a note i collect files that are connected to eachother. Now i want to delete one file from a note, but i can't seem to do so. Am i missing something? How can i delete a (word)file from a note or can i only do that in notebooks? much obliged
  5. Help! My cat loves sitting on my laptop when im not around. He managed to select a large portion of the note and clicked random keys thus deleting a huge chunk. Problem is, I didnt realise that was my huge note until after I had closed and re-opened evernote the next day. So undo is not an option. If i sign up to premium, will i have access to View History for notes edited prior to signing up?? I have been working on this note for close to a month so its possible that previously saved versions exist - maybe? (I tried finding an older version in Finder in the folder entitled com.evernote.Evernote but it only opened the same 90% deleted version)
  6. Hello all, I am writing to you because I am an avid user of Ctrl+Backspace when I write something wrong and I need to correct. The normal behavior of that shortcut is to delete the entire word so then I can write it again and it is quicker than deleting letter by letter, nevertheless, it seems to not be working on Evernote. In reality, I am not a frequent user of this App, but I think I need to report it (not sure if here is the correct place). Please, let me know your comments. Thanks!
  7. I am just starting to use Evernote. When I first got the program with my computer Win 8.1), I played around with creating a notebook and writing a couple of notes. Now that I am trying to set up the program more seriously, I find I cannot delete that folder. While traveling last week, I used my Win 10 laptop to create a new folder and put my notes in it. Unfortunately, I do not have a smart phone. I also do not have access to high speed internet (yes, it still happens in rural areas!). So here is where my problem starts. I tried copying my notebook to Evernote on my desktop. I found a way to move the database over and the notebook does show up on my desktop, although the notebook name is greyed out, and I have access to the notes in the folder. However, the original notebook is still there and Evernote is using that as the default folder. I cannot delete that folder (probably because it is set as the default). Evernote will not let me change the default folder, either. The new folder I copied over is greyed out on the panel and does not show up at all as a choice for default folder. I've hit the sync button hoping the notebook would then show up on my Evernote webpage but it doesn't do that. (By the way, does sync work between 2 computers or only computer and phone??) Since I can access my notes from the new notebook, this is not a big deal but I guess I just like things neat and not having stuff clutter up my work space that I don't need any more. Any suggestions on how to get rid of that old notebook and get Evernote to recognize my new notebook as the default? Thank you.
  8. CrystalW

    Undo Button for I phone

    It appears that the feature to undo or undelete has been removed from the Iphone evernote app. Is there a way to bring this feature back? I have been unable to find a work around for when something is not in the trash any longer.
  9. Please help I accidentally deleted a tab with maybe another 50 sub-tabs. Which means there are around 500-600 notes that I need to re-tag, it's going to take forever! So as i recognized what I had done, I unplugged my internet to prevent it from syncing. The good news is that I checked my online account and in that version all the tabs are still there. My idea was to uninstall evernote on the PC, and then re-install it, in the hopes that it would download the old version of my database off the web. However I tried that, but when I re-installed evernote, it did not download anything. It already had all my notes there already, with the deleted tags still missing. So somehow uninstalling EN did'nt get rid on my local database. What do I do? so that I can get my online database to overwrite my local one?
  10. It’s nice that if one holds down the backspace delete button for a few seconds it goes faster. Problem is, that it can be too fast, deleting text I want to keep. Evernote needs an undo button or some way to undo the last bits accidentally deleted. Plus the choices within your support ticket fields are too limited.
  11. MLeitch1

    Can't Delete Note Too Big!

    I have a note that I want to delete but every time I try to "Move Note to trash" it Evernote tells me "This note cannot be synced..." and it does not delete it. How do I delete a Note! Evernote has become almost completely unusable for reasons such as this.
  12. I've been reading Evernote security and privacy pages and I'm not sure if notes are been deleted from their servers. It's privacy page (https://evernote.com/legal/privacy.php) says: So I understand that "deleted data" is really wiped out after one year (they keep database backups for one year). But it's security page (https://evernote.com/security/) says: Does that mean that note's data itself is still in their databases but it's not linked to my account? If I have my CV in a note and I delete it, it doesn't matter if they only remove the "links" (or id column, whatever) to my note. Al my info would be accessible if somebody access that database. Have I misunderstood that phrase? Is data really removed (after one year)? I suppose that only evernote members can know/answer this, so I'll cross my fingers
  13. Hello Everyone, after using Evernote for over 4 years (professional and private), I had to make the decision to stop using it as from 2018. I live and work in Europe, and lately there has just been too much trouble with all the data protection laws, customers, data compatibility, missing features, etc that I decided to switch to a different solution for my work-related stuff. My question is: How long does it take for all the data I send to the Evernote servers over the years using the Evernote clients and/or Evernote web interface to be completly and permanently deleted? I know that Evernote support keeps telling users "when you move a note to the trash and then remove it from the trash, the note ist gone, and we can't restore it". That might be correct, but there are more people working at Evernote than support staff - what about admins and other IT staff? I expect Evernote made backups of their my data, and if they did, then my data probably won't be deleted immediately after i remove it from the trash, right? How long until the last backup that contained my (unencrypted!!) data is deleted?? I DO NOT ask how to delete my notes (I already did), but I need a legally binding statement of the exact date (or at least the end of a timeframe) to comply with local laws. Since I canceled my subscription in December support either won't answer my requests anymore, or they are very slow. Regards SK
  14. I had evernote on my phone under googlemail before it became gmail. I then wanted to put on my Windows pc. Downloaded onto windows and ZERO notes or notebooks (used my gmail account which automatically should have synced to googlemail one that created the account). Looked at my phone and they're there. Deleted app of phone and pc again and reinstalled and re-logged in, now both have ZERO notes and still sync yet it's empty. This happened last night and the CHAT for some reason is still unavailable. I'm on a basic account but have probably 75-100 notes in there over the last 4 years or so. I need a solution. I've checked the trash but it's EMPTY EMPTY EMPTY. I had the newest app on my phone befoere deleting it and logging back in. I don't want to revoke my old access as that I feel is recoverable by the team to use those notes. But nothing and no one on twitter is helping. Really stuck, really want back my years of notes.
  15. It's way too easy to delete a note without realizing it. Would love to see a warning "you are about to delete this note" or pop-up confirming "do you really want to delete this note?". Way better than sifting through the trash to find accidental deletions in the slurry of intentionally deleted notes that perhaps share the same name...
  16. 2 years ago, a teacher shared a notebook with me and a dozen students. The teacher still works here; she is the owner. For some reason, I find I can neither delete or leave the notebook. I also can't delete myself as a member of the share. Is my only solution to ask the teacher to unshare the notebook with me? I seem to remember that I could leave other shared notebooks in the past... Any ideas? Mac Desktop App vs. 6.12 beta 2.
  17. I opened my Evernote desktop app window, and ALL of my business notes were gone. I use Evernote for work, so this is a HUGE issue. Notes are not in trash, not in the web app, nowhere. I did not manually back anything up, as I believed everything would be stored on the web. PLEASE HELP.
  18. Hello Using Evernote (304720) on Windows 7 Pro 64Bit. We started getting a sync error recently. I looked at the logs & could see it is a particular note giving a Permission Denied error. If you search for the note (on the heading "Notebook" search magnifing glass, it is found, and says it is in the Artworks 2016 Notebook. If you search the Artworks 2016 Notebook itself, it is not found. The note will not delete. If you move it to trash, nothing really happens. It does not go to trash. It does however have a padlock icon top right saying it is deleted. I tried moving it to another notebook, but that created a copy and did not shift the original. I created a new note and then merged. This resulted in the original and merge result both becoming undeletable. Help, the apocalypse has begun!
  19. If I switch between notes in Evernote on my mac, the program periodically deletes the text of my notes. It keeps the note itself, so I can't retrieve the note from my trash. This only happened to a few minor notes, so I didn't really mind until last night. When switching from one note to another, Evernote completely deleted the record of my work hours for January. I work as a freelance writer for six different clients; I have no way to recall my dozens of time entries. How can I hope to retrieve the past text of this note? I know the note's history might be saved somewhere, but I don't want to have to drop E 40 on an upgrade for a product that randomly deletes incredibly important data.
  20. Gostaria de sugerir que antes de excluir ou deletar um arquivo anexo ou uma nota, o Evernote faça a pergunta de confirmação da exclusão. Essa confirmação é importante, pois do jeito que esta hoje esta vulnerável. Hoje, se apertar o delete sem querer já apaga... obrigado
  21. If a note is selected and you hit the delete key, it disappears without no warning or even any indication. It's like losing a finger! There are several solutions and I'm very surprised that I couldn't find any of them: When the delete key is pressed and Evernote is about to delete a note, use a message box to ask the user for confirmation. Once a note has been deleted, just keep it hidden for a while, and throw up a message box that say so: "You note is now in the deleted notebook, which can be accessed only from the ___ menu. Make the Undo menu item UNDelete a note that was just deleted.. Add "Restore Deleted Note" to the Edit menu. I will be happy if I see that this change has been made. I will be even happier if you check out and share chose.community, a website I recently made in my effort to make the world a better place. Evernote is already a part of "CHOSEN" I would provide a link, but I refuse to be a spammer.
  22. Evernote consistently stuck when I inserted a pdf page by pasting. The bug can be trigged by the following steps: 1. Open a pdf using mac default pdf viewer: preview 2. Copy using command +c, or click edit->copy 3. Enter evernote, create an empty note, and past using command + v. The copied pdf page will show in the note 4. Use back space to delete the pdf page just pasted. Now evernote will stuck forever. Task manager shows:
  23. I accidentally clicked on the Delete button on the toolbar, and my note just disappeared and was gone... just like that. It sure would make me a little more confident that I won't lose valuable work if there was a confirmation that asked, "Are you sure?" before deleting. Could you add this in? Or at least have an option under settings for this? Thanks so much for reading this. Shawn--
  24. Emily.G

    Miscellaneous Issues

    Currently, I'm having an issue being able to delete text from my notes and I'm receiving the attached errors. I was going to submit a support ticket but I can't seem to do that either. (I'm not on Twitter so I couldn't submit anything there.)
  25. Would like to have it be an optional 2-step process to delete PDFs and attachments from notes. Currently it is as easy as deleting text. Would be nice to have a pop-up saying "are you sure you want to delete this attachment" with the standard option box of "do not show this message again" if the user doesn't want the 2-step process. Or perhaps make it so the user has to drag the attachments to the trash manually (where they can perhaps recover them at a later time). At the moment if I hit the backspace button too many times and delete an attachment, the best solution I can find is to try to hit "Undo", but that only works short term (i.e. if I don't leave the note).