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Found 44 results

  1. Hi, this happens when I try to set a date for a note reminder: no matter the date I choose, evernote set always another day (the same for every different note). Best Nicola
  2. It would be great if i could just right click on a line and press 'insert date and time' then type my note Is this feature available? I get a lot of calls and notes which I need to keep typing the date+time and for example a phone call note which specifically need a date and time log of the call etc and it would be so much quicker to just do a right click insert - then type away what i needed to for that moment
  3. Sometimes we all think about our tagging behaviour and this sometimes results in editing, assigning or deleting tags from a number of existing notes. In such a case, the edit date of those notes will immediately be changed. This seems obvious, but it might get a bit cumbersome, e.g. when I delete a tag on 50 existing notes, I don't necessarily want to change the edit date of those notes, because this action has nothing to do with the note itself, but rather with my decision to re-consider my tagging behavior. This is why I'd love to see an option to assign or delete tags from notes without this resulting in changed edit dates.
  4. B52Alan

    iOS Reminders

    Within the last couple of days, my reminders for today are displaying today's date, rather than the time of day the reminder is due. Before, today's reminders would display time, while future day's reminders would display date. This is happening now on both my iPad and iPhone. I have the latest release, on both devices. Wondering if anyone else has experienced this or if it is a known bug. Thanks.
  5. olegms@gmail.com

    Add two additional functions

    Hello! Contacting the developers. Why not add two additional functions. 1.There may insert the current GPS position (and a link to it) in the body note . 2. The ability to insert the current date in the body note .
  6. Hi there, new to Evernote. One of the most important things for me is the ability to export the data (for local backup) and import data should any problems arise. Thankfully Evernote has an export feature. However, I noticed that any imports lose the stack information and date note was created. Not retaining stacks I can live without but not having the created date is a huge problem for me (and I imagine other users). Some notes are so time specific (e.g first time your child speaks/does something significant) and not having that information can render the note useless. Is there a way Evernote team can look into this and include a created datestamp upon export? I would imagine this is as simple as creating a field that reads the creation date upon export, and then a field that reads it upon import. I think having things like this available helps win trust / builds credibility for Evernote as a system that people can rely on and still feel assured that invested energy isn't lost. Thanks!
  7. Suddenly, out of the blue, the ISO 8601 date format is no longer on the list of available formats in Formatting Preferences for "Insert Date". The only options shown are: 8/22/17, Aug 22, 2017, August 22, 2017, and Tuesday, August 22, 2017. None of these are acceptable. I need 2017-08-22 What happened? Evernote 6.11.1, Mac OS 10.11.6
  8. I would like Evernote to: 1, Offer to collect Meta Data like Date, Amount, Currency, Vendor, for each note, 2, Use its OCR capability to identify that the item is a receipt, - Then to identify Date, Amount, Currency, Vendor
  9. Use its OCR capability to identify that a note is a statement, - Then to identify and add to meta-data the vendor\bank and identify the statement date and also the date range of the statement,
  10. Mark Sprint Epic Touch

    date and time stamps android

    Need shortcut for Android OS with date and/or time stamps
  11. When a checkbox is selected (checked off), automatically append text such as "(Completed 4/21/2017 19:09)" to the end of the line of text.
  12. I use Evernote extensively for notekeeping and I'm really missing the feature to add an customizable Date/Timestamp. For example: when keeping notes about a meeting it would be very helpful to set an fixed date/timestamp to the note so it can be tracked backed in time much easier. Other example: sometimes you write a note about a meeting based on handwritten notes. The Creation date isn't much helpful because it's not related to the actual date/time of the subject, nor is the modified time. If you could add a seperate date/time stamp which represents the true date/time of the meeting you could thereby create a complete timeline. A whole month of work could then be so much easier to look back at. By appling filters the only thing remains are the notes about a specific subject or project in chronological sequence. How cool would that be Best regards, Sam
  13. One of the things I need Evernote for is keeping track of the books I am reviewing. While I use the "reminders" feature to help me plan out my review schedule, I really need a "due date" option. A reminder should remind me that something is coming due soon. The due date (obviously optional) would set a deadline for that item/task. Most importantly (for me) would then be the ability to see my notebook sorted by due date. Right now that's not an option and the only way to work around it is to use the reminders check list and as it to sort by reminder date. For my purposes, it's clunky. Which is so very unlike all the other slick things Evernote can do.
  14. Newbie here, I did try seraching but couldnt find specifics, somany references to adding dates and timestamps, so perhaps Evernote already doers this, could someone please clarify for me. Or perhaps it's included in the preumium service offering? Does Evernote have a way to include, automatically and without user ability to edit - the ORIGINAL timestamp of when a note was created? This being able to prove should evidence be required, as to when exactly a ntoe was taken or recorded. In the case of adding file-notes about incidents and injuries etc - i.e to answer the question "When did you first know about auch and such and what actions did you take" - we use filenotes like this alot at work and I wondered if Evernote could do this already? Appologies if the info is already here, but as I say I couldnt find a definitive answer to this specific question. I am considering upgrading, but REALLY want to original voice-note feature, where you got the recording, and the text together, and linked, so you could edit words andlisten back to exactly what you said to correct spelling. That doesn't exist anymore in that way... ;(
  15. I spend a lot of time in Penultimate writing notes. It would be a GREAT feature for Penultimate to have a simple time clock in the header with date + time. It would allow users to periodically make note of the time withing meeting notes. The date time appear when you exit note to the blue border screen but not while within the note writing.
  16. Dear all, I want to share one of my pdf document using a link. I want to know if who visits the link could see the date of the last modification of the paper, and if that date is shown forever. Moreover I want to be sure that they cannot modify that. Thus, sharing a note with a link, I want to know if: can people, visiting the link, see the note date of the last update? is the date of modification shown forever? is sure that no one can modify the note? Thanks
  17. Evernote Cold Turkey

    Show time on reminder list

    Here's a thought.. Evernote lets me sort my notes by reminder date/time - Cool Evernote lets me create advanced filters to look at notes for a particular day - Cool Some guy wrote a book called "Getting things done with Evernote" and now I have a dated task system wherever I am in the world - Love it Please please please please please please give me the option to put the time against the reminder instead of meaningless (for me anyway) time measures like "16 minutes ago" or "Today". Did I mention that the iOS version already does this so it would make it more consistent too... Cheers and NEVER go Evernote Cold Turkey
  18. I love using the reminders, but I would like more options: Allow me to use 'Today' as a default, or set my own personal defaults like 3 or 4 or even 30 days, etc. I would like a 'pop-up' menu option which shows me a list of reminders periodically. Sorry, I'm addicted to outlook's constant nagging reminders! allow post-poning from reminder pop-up mentioned above
  19. What would be very very useful is to be able to insert a time stamp based on the record location of an audio recording in Evernote. Think about it... your recording a presentation or a meeting while taking notes. you make a note about something in the meeting. Having a time stamp based on the record time in the notes would allow you to find the spot in the 1hour or more long recording that this subject or note appeared. Would make my life a lot easier. Right now i have to go back and guessedimate the time. which is ok. but a key click would be even sweeter. Even sweeter yet woud be to automagically time code it. then as i scrub thru the recording highlight text that was entered at that time (within a 60 second window or so)
  20. Hello All, Quick question...wondering if it is possible to search for Notes for today's date. I have a Zapier script that creates a note for each meeting that gets placed in Google Calendar. In this I append the date of the appointment in the title. It gets created like this: " M: Jason / Thomas at Feb 25, 2016 08:30AM " Is there any way I can create a saved search that will show me all meetings for today based on the date in the title? I can do this manually with intitle:"Feb 25, 2016", but would like to make this dynamic. Any possibilities or suggestions here? Thanks!
  21. FranciscoP

    OMG How old is Evernote?!

    'cause I lost track of time...
  22. Hopefully someone can help me with the following problem: - I write a note in Evernote Desktop app - I change the creation date to some day in the past (chatching up on missing entries in my course books) - While correctly sorted according to this manually set creation date in the desktop app, the Android app sticks to the day of the real creation of the note - This messes up the entries in my notebooks on Android Is this a bug? At least I couldn't find a way to avoid this problem...
  23. The web app on my mac only has one date format for reminders, which is US only. This is M/D/Y. Most of the world however will find such a format confusing as they use D/M/Y. There needs to be an option like in the apps. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Date_format_by_country Regards Fran Cotton 15/10/2014
  24. Could I please ask for a more convenient way of changing the note creation date? Right now it requires opening note information popover (Shift-Command-I). My workflow when scanning receipts and other documents is to change note creation date to the date of the receipt or document, set note title and tags, and file it in a notebook. Of all these items only creation date requires a keystroke/mouse click to open a separate window (and that popover window very inconveniently doesn't close when I press Escape, but that's a different issue). It would be great if note creation date could be changed directly in the note window, just as I can currently change note tags, title and notebook. Thank you!
  25. Citizen Kane

    Modify Dates & Map in Web?

    Is it possible to modify dates and maps in we beta? or will be? I can do it on windows software but i'm always having problems with fonts with it, so web is more usefull for me.