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  1. I can't image this has not been requested in the past, but I want to request encryption support for the Evernote client database (.exb). Currently the synced content is readily available in the clear and an account password is not needed to access it. All it takes is for someone to set up a temp Evernote account, then rename the target .exb database filename to match the name of the temp account and bam... they have the data. No password required. Massive concern in today's world.
  2. Hello All, My company blocks access to Evernote servers. However I really what to use Evernote to manage my professional notes. I would like to know if I can setup Evernote to run with a local database only. Ideally this database will be on my company network. ( One note can do it, but I dont want to migrate...for now) I want to keep it simple and I don't no need mobile synchronization. Is there any way? Thanks Philippe
  3. If I right-click the title bar in (Windows) List View, I get several field options including Subject and various address fields to which I don't have access via the app. For one use case I wanted to be able to record the city in which a meeting was taking place, so the Subject and/ or Address fields seemed like a given. Except there's no way to add data to those fields (that I can see) in the desktop app. Are these fields due to be tidied out of the note structure? If not I'd like to be able to flag which city my post is about, without having to add that word to the title line. I need to be able to sort and search on that field, and the title already gets sorted differently because.. reasons. I can (and might) use the Author field, since that's accessible from the "i" drop-down, but it's not exactly professional-looking... I could use the Atlas function if we still had it, or the Location field if it accepted anything other than co-ordinates; but we don't and it doesn't. How about it guys - a new feature on geolocation soon?
  4. If I posted about this already, I apologise. If I didn't post it before I also apologise. If someone else suggested it here, I'm sorry that I'm now taking credit for finding it. In fact let's just start off with me being really, really, really sorry and move on. Then, on a happier note.. I liked Transpose, because it was, until very recently, a database to which you could add structured information, and process and display it online in various ways. It's now closed down, but I found a new contender. Airtable. Which is a spreadsheet to which you can add data. It's also a relational database - you can link new facts to stuff you already know - and a calendar (if you have dates in there somewhere) and a KanBan chart of items sorted by various options. In fact it's quite a little powerhouse of collaboration and connectability which I'm initially using for one project as a trial. Too much information for detail, but Transpose Airtable* would mean (forinstance) that if I was arranging meetings throughout the year on different subjects at different venues, I could have one database of venues, one database of subjects, and one database of details and dates, linking to the relevant subjects and venues so I don't have to keep entering the same information over and over for each event. I can share the Calendar view with my customers so they know what's coming up in their area, and if they sign up with one or other venue I can use their sign-up form (created in Airtable) to look-up or populate their customer record for my information later. I can use the KanBan view to keep me on track with support material for each event. It looks really good. Obviously do your own due diligence before you invest hours setting up your own system, and (just for information) I get all my data together in Evernote before I set it up in Airtable and they support Zapier, so I should be able to arrange to copy details across rather than enter it twice. It's an app worth Evernoting, even if you don't need it now. (Just to confirm - I have no connection with them!) PS Evernote - the relational database thing is what they call 'transcopy' in Wikis, where you show some or all the content of one note as part of another. If only Evernote did that sort of thing I wouldn't need to use third-party software... * PPS - Oops.
  5. In windows, all evernote data is stored in a .exb file, and every single change will update .exb file. If I installed evernote on a ssd drive, and because ssd has writing cycle limit which is a key factor to wear a ssd out. I am wondering whether frequent updating of .exb file will harm ssd lifespan or not, considering the size of .exb file is usually very large for a heavy user.
  6. I have few space on HD. Can I decide how many space Evernote can use? or what's notes keep off-line(for example only the notes created or updated in the last 30 days) ? I another way. I would like keep control of space on disk that Evernote use. thanks.
  7. Hi, I would like to introduce my app Klevernote. In a nutshell, klevernote is a productivity app that combines the power of a personal database with the simplicity of a note-taking app. Klevernote uses note templates to make note-taking a breeze. Templates are a collection of fields (think of web forms) that are organized to record any kind of information. Klevernote send your notes to Evernote so your records are always on the cloud. Examples of things you can do with Klevernote: Track your collections (cards, stamps, sneakers, you name it!) Track expenses Keep records of your customers Jot down your ideas .. And much more! Brief Highlights: 13 kinds of fields for your Evernote templates: Text, Draw, On/Off Switcher, List, Photo, Video, Voice, Date, Location, Video, Emotion, Weather Supports background posting Save notes as draft and post them later Text editor with shortcuts and customisable snippets Prepend or append contents to a note in the full version Supports Text Expander Note history, check the content of already sent notes Powerful note search Template reminders Backup and restore templates with iCloud And many more features will be added soon! Coming soon: Evernote sync (modify notes already sent to Evernote), Dropbox sync, template passcodes, more kinds of fields, etc. Please do check it out and let me know what you think! Link to Klevernote in the app store. Thanks! Fran
  8. Location of Evernote Data Folder for EN Mac To locate your Evernote Data folder for your account, goto Evernote > About Evernote, and HOLD down the OPT key to get a link to “Open database folder”: Click on this link to open the Mac Finder to this folder The Finder is showing the EN data folder for the current EN account that you are logged in to on your Mac The top level Evernote folder, which is up a few levels, is: “com.evernote.Evernote”. For the Direct D/L version, the Parent Folder is: ~Library:Application Support For the App Store version, there are apparently two top level folders that would need to be replaced if doing a restore from backup: ~/Library/Containers/com.evernote.Evernote ~/Library/Containers/com.evernote.EvernoteHelper Note that, unlike EN Win, EN Mac stores its data in a combination of SQLite database and files/folders. Use the top level Evernote folder for backup purposes.
  9. Hello, yesterday i tried to add many archives files in my Evernote but i had forgotten that it would fill my main hard drive. Which is almost full. It crashed because it had not enough space. So i remove the 5GB i had added but it seems Evernote database is still very big. Bigger than before. Is there a way to clean/optimize the Evernote database in order to really delete the files from the main hard drive and have the cleanest database possible ? I'm sure it kept something somewhere because when i deleted and removed from trash the 5GB, my disk space did not change. Thanks
  10. Hi everyone, I would like to know how to export(if possible) all my notes into a SQL DB, so that I can do all sorts of things with the data. What i would like to do, instead of manually inputting all the date. a way to code via vs2013 to input the date via a program that i can make. Thanks
  11. When I browse to select the location of my Evernote database (files) I am unable to navigate to the location (which is on a separate drive. All I can 'see' is OneDrive and my user data. See attached screenshot. This is not what I want. My boot drive is SSD and only contains the OS and programme files. As far as possible, all data is stored on other HDDs
  12. I just "upgraded" to I have my database stored in a directory other than the default directory so that I can easily back it up. After installing this "upgrade," all my offline notes had "disappeared" and the database directory was back to the default directory. Before doing any upgrades I always back up my database to another directory, so I was soon back in business. This needs fixing ASAP!
  13. I strateed getting internal database errors under Mac Yosemite 10.10 (Evernote v5.5.1). I tried to rebuild from my onlne backup and it fails each time with the same error. I performed Windows (Win 8.1 Pro) install from the same online database and it works fine. The Mac is unable to get past the internal database error. I have uninstalled/reinstalled with the same result: failuire. I have checked my iPhone but not my iPad. The iPhone is OK (as I would have expected). Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Rocky
  14. I work for a talk show and we manage a huge amount of guest contact information. I have experimented with other available options to manage contacts but I already use Evernote to track projects and assign tasks to our staff. The information we have for guests is basic. Name, title, a variety of contact info, area of expertise, picture, and the last time we had them on the show. Is Evernote Business or Premium capable of facilitating a large amount of our contact info in a way that's easily changed and searched?
  15. I've been on 5.x for a couple of months, and in some regards it is better than 4.x (instantly syncing some notes for example) and in some regards not any better at all. 4.x suffers the same issues. My database is 18GB and houses 23,500 notes (17,500 personal, 6,000 business). My computer has an i7 CPU, 8GB of RAM, and a Seagate STM500LM000 500GB hybrid drive, so this is NOT an issue with an underperforming computer. EN can go into long bouts of "Evernote Not Responding" while the SSHD grinds. I was working on a note yesterday that had a 60MB CSV file in it and was attempting to add some notes to it, format them correctly, and then share a URL with a co-worker so they could get the attachment and instructions. I've modified EN's registry setting to only autosave every 5 minutes too but that hasn't helped. I could make a change and the SSHD would just grind for 3-5 minutes, leaving me to do nothing else. I finally gave up and after the third time it did this, I forced a full sync and went to the website to finish working on the note and create the shared URL. That is totally absurd. When is Evernote going to fix this problem? This is a daily occurrence with some notes. I am to the point I won't use Evernote in meetings. I make notes in TextPad and save them to EN later, or I'll use EN on my iPad, which has none of these issues. It looks like the database itself needs a full rewrite. And this isn't fixable with a fresh install. It happens on that too, and I shouldn't have to do a fresh install and redownload 18GB anyway. It is time to stop working on the eye candy and catering to the user that has 25 recipes stored in their account and support the heavy users that want to use Evernote to be more productive in many aspects of their lives. It is sad when I have to get better performance out of a web browser or a mobile device that has 1/10th of the resources of my PC.
  16. I am trying to recover a few months of missing log data from last year. Our Evernote data is archived everyday to a server. The archives seem to consist of .exb files, one of which is over 250MB in size. I can't seem to open the .exb files with Evernote. Can anyone help point me in the right direction?
  17. Hi, I just made the forced switch from Cardmunch to Evernote. Cardmunch had its challenges in terms of exporting business card data to a database and wasn't perfect, but I'm blown away that Evernote would even offer a business card service that doesn't allow you to export business card data into a usable database. I feel like I must be missing something, but can't find any menu that allows me to "export all business cards as .csv" . That means my business card database in Evernote is unusable to import into other programs like Salesforce or Mailchimp. I MUST be missing something. I also tried exporting to my Apple Contacts (AKA Address Book), this posed two problems that make this also an impossible solution: 1. No way to choose folder within Contacts for import, so every business contact moves into my general folder, mixed with family and friends and not findable as a new contact 2. Did not import address data. Now that really is a deal breaker. Even if I never send another piece of snail mail, it's occasionally nice to know where someone physically is. Wake me when this is a real product. Hopefully, I'll have some of my 2 years left. I really feel I MUST be missing something. Isn't Evernote supposed to be like a miracle product?
  18. I somehow lost all my local notebooks. I thought I'd exported everything before reinstalling Windows, but apparently I didn't. The hopefully good news is that I do have all my old .exb files, and I think the exb should have all those notebooks and attached PDFs inside it? (I've got the whole evernote folder with Announcement / AutoUpdate/Databases/Dict/LocalStorage (this one is empty by the way) and Logs). Is there any way to import the .exb into my current synced notebook without overwriting anything, so I can drag and drop the old local notes into a synced notebook? Thanks!
  19. Often I use Note Links to organise my notes. I have a primary note which has multiple Note Links to other notes in various notebooks and/or stacks. Is there a way to create this contents/index-style note automatically, creating a note with Note Links to all the notes within a certain notebook or stack? Thanks! Visually: Notebook: Tasks Note 1: Buy a cat Note 2: Learn to backflip Note 3: Go to Mars Then there's an Index function which creates a note in Tasks called, say, Tasks Index, the contents of which is: Buy a cat Learn to backflip Go to Mars
  20. I am doing lots of observations of the nature that surrounds us, and my special interest is about mushrooms. I send my observations to one of the major scientific databases in my country (Norway). Being an EN user for some time, I decided to use EN to organize the most significant details about my finds. I have searched the member forum in order to find templates used by collectors of stamps or coins or whatever, that could be useful for my own purpose, but didn't find much. So, I decided to make a template of my own, like the one you see below. Of course, I can at any time log into the national database, and there look up all my findings presented in the way I want, but I also wanted a brief information in EN in order to bring the information on my iPhone out into the fields. I have a notebook which I call «Templates» where I have couple of other templates, so when making an entry, I copy this template to The Mushroom notebook making a new note given the name of the mushroom, and then fill in the necessary data. Filling in data for a mushroom of the same kind that has been registered before, I could call the note Chantarelle 1, Chantarelle 2.... Finally I have included an option to link to databases or member forums that could provide additional information. Then I have a simple database in a notebook named «Mushrooms» with a number of observations, everyone organised in the same way. Easy to search and find. My template could probaboy be useful for others as well, collectors of any kind. Feel free to use my idea to satisfy your own needs. Thankful for any additional ideas to improve my template. KM
  21. Seeking improved EN functionaility: Unlike in a program like Word (outline), Excel, Google Docs, or Notebook (Circus Ponies-OSX) - it appears that there is no method by which I can move records in a table ( or in general) up and down, resorting by a tag field, or simply keystroking manually to revise record order. I do not want to export from EN to Excel, sort and reload if I can help it. Is this true that I cannot in EN??? Really no sorting tools in Evernote and Tables?? Surely EN most have something like this in the toolbox somewhere? I am praying for a simple keyboard command that allows me to be move records up and down. In complex tables, which can evolve into a less than optimal order, moving records around either by a tag, number or even alpha order is an essential content process. You can do this in a snap in the programs mentioned above in various ways - Notebook for the Circus Ponies being one of my favorites, which also enables nesting in its native outline mode. Any thoughts, workarounds or guidance would be most appreciated
  22. (1) Using the API, is it possible to store "metadata" in evernote; that is data that does not show up as a note or in a notebook but can still be accessed by note ID? An example might be an attribute such as "Total Hours Billed". It might show up on a special screen but would not be visible via the standard Evernote UI.
  23. Hello, Can I store my Evernote notebook database in a 3rd party cloud storage ie. my Google Drive account (my Google Drive account is locally accessible via a synced folder on my various computers)? I have the necessary storage space in my Google Drive account - other than possibly making Google mad with what I'm doing, is this possible/allowed by Evernote?
  24. is this good for protect the EN database ? just use the Windows build-in encryption, so if other peoples copyed or downloaded your database files (just in case you got hacked), but at least they cant open the files 1. right click on the Database folder, and use encryption 2. after that, all the files and folder color changed to green but this will cause any problems of normal running EN ? any bad effect ?
  25. Hi everyone, I have been reading through forum posts to find information, but figured I'd start a dialog of my own. I want this post to be a series of "Is evernote right for this use case?" questions. I'm really just trying to start a dialog with Evernote experts that are used to problem solving in the context of this system. If Evernote isn't right for any of these, I know you'll correct me. Or if Evernote is the right system for these cases, but we need to implement a notebook stack infrastructure/sharing/business library system that's different than what we have, then please feel free to point me to articles or tell me what we should be doing. I appreciate it. As it stands, we're looking to potentially implement Evernote in our business model for 3 things: 1. Process tracking At our business, we have to hand a single item off between people for them to complete tasks. Essentially this is equivalent to a routing sheet. One department gets the sheet, they check off their task, and then send the item on its way to the next department to do the same. However, these are all digital things, so tracking them is simultaneously difficult and important. Is Evernote (or any integration therein: Zapier, a trunk item, etc) right for us? 2. Collaboration Many times, we will type up things that don't quite require a google-docs type setting, but want to re-version and make edits to a single document. What we can't have, however, is little slip ups that lead to conflicting changes, or at least not frequently. Has anyone set up a system to do this sort of thing? For a concrete example: I work on an R&D team, and many times we finely craft an email as a group, adding details where necessary. We don't necessarily want to have a google doc, but would like to be able to look back at the email if we have to. Another example would be a coding style guide that we develop together. We would like to have a few people access the document for edits, and the entire company be able to see the document without editing it. 3. Communication We have out-of-office personnel that need to communicate on a daily basis with us. We have notebooks set up to receive emails with @notebookname specifications, and office personnel that check those notebooks throughout the day. We've run into a few issues here: The notes aren't named by default if the subject line is "@notebookname" The notes aren't signed by default if their email isn't configured to do so Once in the notebook, assigning tasks is a cluster due to diffusion of responsibility (4 other people can see this note, so surely they'll take care of it!) I know these issues sound like our users are children, but we'd like to implement our system in a fool-proof way. (Or as close as it gets) Another issue here is: once the out-of-office personnel have evernote clients and can just drop notes in notebooks manually, if they leave an area of wireless service, a response doesn't send, and an office staff member changes a note, how much potential is there for system error with notes syncing over eachother without alert (or even with alert?) __________ Again, thanks for your time. Any input on these items is greatly appreciated!