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Found 8 results

  1. I don't understand why in the latest update of the Evernote desktop client you have statically changed the hotkeys. I want to be able to set my own hotkeys. I also want to be able to determine what things get autoformatted in a note. I do want asterisks to change into bullet points, but I don't want a sequence of dashes to change into a horizontal rule. These options should be opened up so the user can customize, just like in Adobe Photoshop. I love setting my own hotkeys and using them in Photoshop, it makes me so much more productive. If you did this it would make Evernote much more pleasurable to use.
  2. I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but this is bothering my OCD. I have several images in a single note, or rather a lot of notes but that's not the point. In Note List View it somehow chooses which image it wants you to preview. I can't stand what it's showing me because it's not the main image of the note. Is there a way to customize which image it previews for you? Oh and while I'm posting, because posting reminded me of it, is there a way to permanently turn on "Notify me of replies". I appreciate so much that Evernote doesn't want to inundate you with a ton of undesired messages but if I post something I always want to know about replies. Many thanks for any help! I just love Evernote and believe it or not, I've been a paid subscriber for years now and just realized the many ways I can truly enjoy it. DUH! I'm so glad I have this!
  3. John G Everett

    Custom Bullet Points

    Provide a graphics format, like the old windows Icon libraries, to enable the use of custom bullet points. Even some bitmap files each with one image that the app could load and store as bullet point images. Using Webdings and Wingdings is something of a workaround, but even those are limited and it would be good to be able to specify EXACTLY the character-sized image to use as a bullet to prefix any line of text. Maybe someone has found a method of doing this kind of thing?? My specific want is for religious symbols, but it would seem that other specialties, like chemists, medical professionals, and probably some I can't think of on the spur of the moment, would find it useful.
  4. So I requested a feature where I wanted the ability to view the hierarchy of tags in the sidebar. Little did I know that this feature already existed--I needed to turn it on. I overlooked it as a menu option under View | Sidebar Options. To a certain extent the menu is not designed to explain the feature. It's there for easy access. I think Evernote could use an advanced preferences window where context and descriptions of features can be offered in addition to providing one place where everything that can be controlled is available to view and understand. An example of Jetbrain's software preferences windows. They create very feature-rich IDEs (integrated development environments) and their preferences windows offer everything in one place. I find that if I do not understand some of the actual menu buttons in the IDE or if I do not know where to find a specific option, the preferences window offers me _a bit more_ guidance and descriptive text. This could really be an opportunity for Evernote to better discuss the many features in Evernote. And to be clear, I'm not suggesting Evernote needs more features like Jetbrains (which makes sense for their audience). Just a better way to review all user controllable options.
  5. Stacks upon Stacks

    Notebook questions

    Hello! I am new to Evernote. Would someone answer a few questions? 1. Is there no ability to create a notebook cover? 2. Is there ability to organize notebooks that are in the stack? 3. What is this "deeper more powerful search" offered in the premium services and how exactly does the search differ using the plus service and the premium service? 4. In creating a notebook, I saw the ability to share it but there was no ability that I saw to make it private. Can I assume then, that it is private by default? 5. Is there no customization of paper in the notebooks? Thank you!
  6. Is it possible to customize the Evernote toolbar on Mac OS? I'd like to have the search bar visible and available while the main window is at its minimum width (I work on a 13" Macbook and often need multiple Evernote notes open at the same time). Currently, at the minimum width, the search bar is cut out of the toolbar. Somewhat annoyingly, the "+New Chat" button remains, even though I never use the chat. It would be nice if I could reorganize the toolbar so that the chat button is the furthest to the right and then when I need to scale my window down to the minimum width, the chat button would disappear but my search bar would remain visible. Screenshots attached.
  7. Hi Evernote Team and all dear fellow Users! Let me introduce the latest new Evernote feature: Workspaces! In a nutshell: There would be separate windows/tabs in which we could customise the layout of the Evernote window. The idea: When I work on my professional notes, I do not need any other, non-related stuff. Just like online, with the 'focus' mode, I think you called it. The main reason behind it is the shortcuts. I would need much more shortcuts to be visible on the top bar to be as effective as possible. I would need some selected group notebooks and tags for each workflow. I am not a program designer, I have no idea how this would be possible. Still, I had an idea and I wanted to share it. Please see the attachments to get a better idea.
  8. One thing that I'd like to change is that I prefer to have the Notebook's notes sorted by "last updated". I will never use "by created", ever. I can set it during one session, but the next time my comptuer restarts, blam, back to "by created." sigh Please give us the option to either choose our own default setting OR let it remember our last setting. Surely there are others who want it to sort their way. Anyone else agree?