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Found 9 results

  1. In response to expressed demand, I wrote a Windows utility that exports data from Evernote Contact notes to a CSV file. TuskTools ContactExporter is currently available in an initial beta version; you can download the installer from here. It hasn't had very extensive testing yet, so please download it and let me know via emailing support@moreproductivenow.com how it works for you. It was a little tricky to implement because CSV files call for a consistent field list in every row (record), whereas Evernote's Contact card format allows for a variable number of elements for certain fields (namely, for email, phone, Twitter, LinkedIn, and addresses). So I implemented the following field structure in the CSV file: In other words, it implements the following rules: For Email - it outputs the first two email address fields it finds in the note. For Phone - it outputs the first two phone number fields it finds that are not labeled as Cell or Fax. For Twitter, LinkedIn, and addresses - it outputs the first two values it finds for each of these field types. As mentioned above, this is currently an initial beta. Once it's been sufficiently tested, I will most likely put it on the market for a nominal amount. Also as mentioned, it's currently a Windows utility. It's possible I might expand it to other platforms; we'll see how the response goes.
  2. rookie here in using evernote! Need to export my Note (which I scanned business cards) to excel - .csv I used the android app to scan and import the business cards into a note and now I want to export them into an excel file. Please can someone guide me through this as I am very frustrated.. it took me like 4 hours to scan them and now cannot export them! Thanks
  3. Is there a Mac or iOS application that imports notes from CSV and exports notes to Evernote? For example, can One Note do that?
  4. My tasks in Toodledo have fields for Location, Context, Status, and Folder. Toodledo exports to CSV and XML. The CSV export has a column for each field and a row for each task. How may I convert each task to a note in Evernote with each Location corresponding to the Evernote Notebook of the note and with the Context, Status, and Folder field values as tags of the note?
  5. Nigel Milligan

    Create new Notebooks from CSV

    We are using Evernote Business in our School and our Head hosts a notebook for every child in school which is then shared to the relevant class teachers in the business account. I would really really appreciate it if there was a quick way of mass creating around 300 Notebooks from a csv file. If there's a way of doing this please let me know soon. Thanks Nigel. 
  6. I am currently scanning a huge pile of business cards for my boss and thought I might be able to use scannable to save some time. I have scanned the first few cards but now want to export them into numbers (apple's version of excel) which I already have downloaded onto phone, however the option to do this is greyed out on the share menu. Do I need to connect them somehow? Or is this a premium feature I need to pay for? Thanks in advance for your help.
  7. Import CSV into Evernote as Separate Notes (Text Lists, Too!) I have seen a number of requests asking how to import CSV files into Evernote. Here is a solution provided by a great web site, Veritrope.com http://veritrope.com/code/evernote-csv-and-text-file-importer/
  8. I have been emailing notes to myself for years = maybe 2500 notes. They are sitting in their own folder in outlook and are emails. How can I get the email content into evernote?
  9. mokanevernote

    mac (Archived) HOWTO: Bulk create tags

    In my evernote usage scenario I need to create just shy of 400 unique tags, 1 for each entity we are going to be creating notes for. I am a little shocked not to find .csv import functionality not included with Evernote. After some searching online I see people who have apparently done it with Evernote staff assistance, but the details are never given... Anyways, sorry I am complaining more than asking, basically I want to know if there's a way to import a big list as individual tags, saving some tedious data entry. Thank you,