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Found 20 results

  1. floerian1994

    Improve Note Linking

    Right now it's a multistep-process to manually link two notes with each other. Coping the note link, inserting it in the other on and if necessary copy the link of the other note to link back at the initial note. With nearly 5,000 notes in Evernote it get's more and more important to build networks, otherwise a huge amount of notes never gets looked at. Maybe at the bottom of each note (where the 'context' section is) you could place a little search bar to enter other note (titles) to connect them with each other. This way it would be more easier to jump between related notes and manually add such connections instead of relying on the 'context' feature.
  2. I know this has been mentioned before, but I think it's worth posting again. It would be really useful and a better UX if searches included tag hierarchy. Or at the very least gave users an option to enable a hierarchical search of tags. For example given three tags where apple and banana are children of fruit: > fruit > apple > banana I add two notes, and tag one apple and the other one banana. Currently if I search 'tag:fruit' nothing is returned, but that is not intuitive given that I've organised my tags hierarchically. What I believe is more natural, is if I search 'tag:fruit' thej it should return anything tagged fruit, apple, or banana. Thanks!
  3. Evernote shows the context of notes at the base of the note. This is a nice feature when it shows related notes. Sometimes those related notes are very similar captures of the same note. It would be nice to be able to merge them directly from there.
  4. Needsomehelp

    Disable Contest

    How do I get rid of the Premium feature: Context. I really don't like it, sorry. I cannot find anything in Tools/Options to disable. I am using build (305825) Public. Thanks for the help.
  5. When using the webclipper with full article option, create a note with suggested keywords, taken from the article itself and create a summary, inserted at the beginning of the note. As in an automatic registration pattern, it can easily be used for semantic analysis. Wow, I even liked that ...
  6. I saw a couple of very old requests for this, so I'm risking it and posting this again. Context is a potentially useful feature, but for some reason the sources are so narrowed down and so limited in content, it's almost a wasted feature. Content I have in mind: General world news or just more non-U.S. News, Science, Environment, Wikipedia etc. I am not sure what sort of partnership is required by Evernote to access any websites, if at all, but please do look into improving Context. If there is any way users can add their custom Sources to Context, that'd just about be perfect.
  7. Could you please add Canadian news sources to this feature? (Like the Globe and Mail?) The Wall Street Journal does not allow subscription to Canadian Paypal or Canadian Addresses. This is a huge part of the Premium feature and I would really like to use it to its' full potential, like our American friends.
  8. Dave Green

    Add getPocket as a Context

    Expand the Context feature to allow one's filings in Context to be considered.
  9. We’re applying our machine learning and augmented intelligence expertise to present you with all three research phases automatically, at the moment you need them, without ever leaving your workspace. As you work, Evernote is automatically looking for other information and content that might help you connect the dots/see the big picture. This content can take the form of other notes, people you might talk to or even relevant news sources. In Evernote, every phrase informs our algorithms about what other content might help you further your project. We call this Context. It’s an extremely powerful new Premium feature coming soon to Evernote. Privacy protected All of this happens entirely within Evernote. Our Augmented Intelligence features like Context are focused on improving your personal experience with Evernote. None of your personal information is ever shared with a third party. You + Evernote We’re building the first workspace that grows with you and improves your output. It’s Evernote, together with experts from around the world, helping you do the best work of your life. These features are coming to our major platforms very soon. Learn more about what you can do with your knowledge, your team's knowledge, your network, and professionals at the Evernote blog.
  10. Hello. I use EN for my CRM and love it. I think it would be great if somehow Context could pick up and include internet headlines and news associated with a particular note or even topics within a note in addition to connecting to other notes. For example, if I have a note titled "Company X", it would be great if in context included (news) headlines from the internet on Company X. What do you think? I searched other comments, feature requests and forums for this idea but didn't see anything. Thoughts??
  11. Hi everybody! We just launched an incredible new premium feature called Context. Context surfaces relevant content at the times you need it most. It displays related notes, people and high-quality articles based on intelligent indexing of your notes. As an Evernote Premium subscriber, you get (what is usually costly) relevant content for free from sources like the Wall Street Journal and more. Here are two important facts: 1. Your data is private We never send your content outside of Evernote. All of our clever matching happens within Evernote with data provided to Evernote by our partners (like WSJ). We do not monetize your data or your clicks. Context is not advertising. We are providing premium content to our subscribers for free. Context stays true to our 3 Laws of Data Protection. 2. You can turn Context off If you want to turn it off, you can easily do so from the Preferences in Evernote for Mac. We love using Context and hope you’ll enjoy it too! Get the latest version from http://evernote.com/download
  12. Hi there, pretty new Premium-level user here. I think that the Context idea is great, and I've already found it pretty useful and can see it becoming a pretty key part of my workflow. One comment though -- the items that appear for other websites, news, things about what Apple is up to are weighed far too heavily. I would much, MUCH rather see more Notes than websites, not least because most of the time they just feel like ads for a ***** freemium product. In other words, I feel like now that I'm a paid user, I'm starting to get ads. This isn't a dealbreaker and I still love Evernote, but it is very disappointing that a cool feature is hamstrung.
  13. The ability to have LinkedIn Context items is great - except it is a failure. When the Context system sees a name in an Evernote note it adds a LinkedIn profile link in the Context area. Sounds good? Wrong. Several people have the same name. Evernote's Context system simply guesses which one is the right one - and frequently gets it wrong. Either the LinkedIn Context connection system needs to allow Evernote users more control over which name is chosen, or the system needs abolishing. The fact that Evernote's Context system chooses the wrong LinkedIn names so many times means that this Context connection is useless. Evernote needs to make it work effectively and usefully, or just remove it. As it stands, it is useless.
  14. Context notes are no longer being displayed, even though I have the option selected in preferences. Any solutions?
  15. Hi everyone, Recently I have been seeing lots of context notes unrelated to my topic. Evernote currently pull from notebooks such as archives, which I want to exclude, is there a way to do that? On the topic of notebook exclusion, can I exclude certain notebook from given search? Thanks for help!
  16. mightysmith


    I have been reading a lot of people who want to disable context. Fine for them. I on the other hand would like more. If you are not going to add more providers, I would love to see more of the following: 1. Allow us to add RSS Feeds that we like. 2. Index (not just with tags) to the text of the content inside our own Evernote libraries. Even if it is a client-side indexing? If I am writing something, I would like to see other things related that I have written, even if I was not so dilligent as a librarian at tagging in the past. If I have a document with metadata within - use it. Just some thoughts.
  17. I do not have Evernote Premium, and I know that Context is a Premium feature, but I still get a little pop up to click on Context every time I pause in typing. I attached a screenshot of this popup. It is extremely annoying when I am pausing to look at my book (I use Evernote for lesson plans). I haven't found anything in the basic options to turn this off, and I was wondering if someone could help me out! Thanks!
  18. First, I really DO like the new "Context" feature in Evernote Windows. However, the implementation of it is poor for two reasons: First: it gets in the way of writing, when you are writing at the bottom of the note. The Context bubble blocks the path of my writing. Big no-no. User should have first priority, not what Evernote "thinks" should have priority. Second, it constantly pops up with the same "Context" as I continue writing my note. Users aren't thick. They get it. Don't keep popping up with the same thing every few seconds. "Context" is a good feature, however, get back to the drawing board and think like a user this time: don't get in the user's way and don't be annoying. One more thing: let the user decide the outside sources to use. Many of use who use Evernote are professionals in our respective fields. I would find the feature much more relevant if I selected the sources which are relevant to me, not the general purpose sources that Evernote "thinks" are relevant. Again, user first, not Evernote. Thanks! Mark Evernote user since May 2010
  19. i like evernote

    other Feature: Context

    Thank God there's a way to turn off the new Context feature. Evernote--I don't want you scanning my notes for any reason. I love the product but I value my privacy over the ability to access my data from any device. If you can't offer me privacy then I'll use something else.
  20. Do You Find Evernote to be a Polished Writing Tool? Evernote CEO Phil Libin was quoted today at the annual Evernote Conference as saying the following. From Evernote Unveils Evernote Context by TechCrunch: I guess this really caught me by surprise since I've seen nothing but complaints about the Evernote text editor. And, the response has often been that if you want a writing tool, or a word processing tool, then go somewhere else. The Evernote Editor seems OK for most note taking, but it doesn't even offer the basics of what one would need for writing and formatting serious documents, articles, etc.. I certainly wouldn't call it "polished". Far from it. Seems like if “Evernote wants to be the best place for writing”, it has a long ways to go. What's your opinion of Evernote as a writing tool? Please indicate the EN Client you use. I use EN Mac.