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Found 21 results

  1. Dear Evernote Community, We are happy to announce the beta release of our Akreet product. http://beta.akreet.net Akreet is a unique way for user to organize and visualize their Evernotes. Our philosophy is deliver tools that can allow users to get the most out of their own content. We are looking for any and all feedback. Got an idea on how we can better improve the categorizing and visualization experience? Tell us about it, we’ll build it in. A few videos to get your started: What is Akreet? How to Akreet.
  2. I'm using Evernote on iPhone and Windows laptop. The problem is that I lost 3 notes during last few days. When I open some random note either on phone or laptop, I see the content of another note, so the previous information fully disappeared. I don't have function of history of notes and I checked web-version of Evernote. What can I do to prevent such a problem in future and can I restore my notes if I didn't make export of notes before?
  3. About a month ago after an update I noticed one of my notes was showing content in the preview bar but the note itself was empty. How can I fix it? It doesn't appear to be happening to any other notes. Thanks!
  4. I wanted to add a note to my Evernote and I created the note + I can see the title, but I cannot write anything and when I click on other titles, I cannot see the notes or click to write something new. It doesn't work. I see the titles plus the text, well, as much as I can see on a preview on the side but when I click, there is nothing there, except the title. It works perfectly on my phone, but not on my laptop. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Tanja
  5. Hi I am not sure if evernote stores every file I attached to notes in my computer locally, or all data is uploaded to cloud. Latter in my position would be so nice, so I can preserve much more HDD capacity for my other needs.
  6. I request a keyboard shortcut to search intitle. Currently I must type: 'intitle:' before most of my searches to get to Notes i specifically titled so I could find them lol. EG: I make a note called: work, & tagged: work. I search: work Other notes containing 'work' in their body appear before the one titled & tagged with 'work'. - I would prefer tagged/titled first if that makes sense? For now this dirty ahk does the trick to search titles (just made it, sorry if not working well for you) but it's not perfect and surely other people search titles?: !^e:: send, #+f SetTitleMatchMode, 2 WinWaitActive, - Evernote, , 2 sendinput, intitle: return
  7. I often use the Evernote Chrome plugin to quickly capture content that I'll want to read later on. I often have 5-15 minutes free throughout the day. Having a "time to read" icon or number that reflects how many minutes it would take on average to read the content would be really useful to me. I would get more done with Evernote from the perspective of making good decisions when to dive into it.
  8. Hi I was upgraded from Basic to premium account and after a year was moved back to basic account All my notes were intact except one note where there is no content - as I now have basic account I can't use notes history to retrieve content Please can you advise how I get content of this note back - if I upgraded to Premium would note history have missing content? Thanks Phil
  9. Dear all, need your help....please.... have been working in evernote and love it since years. This morning it suddenly crashed. Submitted the record to evernote as proposed and restarted it: It is all EMPTY. OMG Hope that anybody out there knows what to do know - can't be...can it? THANK YOU!!
  10. Hi All I am making a WPF application where I am giving the user a TextBox to enter the Text. The user can select the Text Color and Text Size. I tried using ENML Writer to write this text as content. ENMLWriter writer = new ENMLWriter(); writer.WriteStartDocument(); writer..WriteString(TextBox_text); // passing the textbox text as it only accepts a string, No styles,size,font color,etc writer.WriteEndDocument(); // Create a note locally. Note myNote = new Note(); myNote.Title = "Sample note from the Advanced world"; myNote.Content = writer.Contents.ToString(); So I have two questions: 1) How to create a content that also has the style(Size,color,etc) of the different text.For example, How DO I Create the Content for this kind of TEXT? So, How do i generate the Content for my Evernote Note if user writes the above text using ENML Writer(or In any other way). The point is that the text should look same when taken in my app and viewed in EverNote Client/ Browser.\ 2) How to write the content if the note should have above kind of text, images,etc also[As far as I know they can be added as resources].In short How do i generate a proper Note Content in such complex situation? Thanks!!
  11. Hello, I am trying to get content of Public Notebook that has been Shared with a user. I succeed in getting user's Linked Notebooks content that have been shared with user privately. I am getting notebooks by $linkedNotebooks = NoteStore->listLinkedNotebooks(); Then i separate data in two sets of object, first set has sharedId attribute (Shared Privately) and second set does note have sharedId (sharedId = null). For second set I apply next logic $userStoreHttpClient = new \THttpClient('www.evernote.com', '443', "/edam/user", "https"); $userStoreProtocol = new \TBinaryProtocol($userStoreHttpClient); $UserStore = new UserStoreClient($userStoreProtocol, $userStoreProtocol); $user = $UserStore->getPublicUserInfo($linkedNotebook->username); $sharedNotebook = $this->NoteStore->getPublicNotebook($user->userId, $linkedNotebook->uri); <==!!Exception gets thrown here!!!and so on.... Exception has message "[identifier] Publishing.uri[key]nevernote", where "nevernote" is value of $linkedNotebook->uri. In documentation for function UserStore.getPublicUserInfo (https://dev.evernote.com/doc/reference/NoteStore.html#Fn_NoteStore_getPublicNotebook) i have found that uri should have value Notebook.Publishing.uri bit object $linkedNotebook does not have "Publishing" attribute, nor i am aware how to obtain Pulic Notebook as Notebook object. Tnx for your help.
  12. We've seen Springpad bite the dust, Catch before that, etc. What if EN would have to toss the towel in the ring? In which format should one export one's notes to be able to import them into another app? EN state that the enex format allows import into any other app. But I have not come across an enex import option in other apps. So which is it? I have the Windows version of EN, but this question is pertinent to the Mac version too I imagine.
  13. hello everybody i have a question about how to display the note content i dont know how to use ENML into my code and to show my note content
  14. I am new to Evernote and slowly but surely figuring it out. I just set up several notebooks and was attempting to forward some emails into them. The email went to Evernote successfully but went into the default account. An example subject line was Reading Plan @Metcalf. Even though I indicated (I think) that it was to go to the notebook titled Metcalf, it went to the default account. What am I missing? Thanks!
  15. Hello I'm also writing content for my website by integrating images in shared Evernotes into CMS articles, such as the following UML video workflow
  16. Newbie to the Evernote API, but as I understand it, to find notes containing or tagged with 'rubyonrails' I'd first do a call to NoteStore.FindNotesMetadata (specifically with a filter.setWords('rubyonrails') ), then iterate through the results (guids?) and grab the content with NoteStore.getNote (or NoteStore.getNoteContent ???). (And all the above within the context of the user has Oath credentials) 1. Is there a way to do this in one go instead of multiple API calls? 1B. All I want is the title of the note, body (will truncate to first 100 words), guid (so they can open it) and last updated date. How do I limit the data returned to just that much? 2. My goal is to create a set of records from the user which match up to keywords they've set, show them just enough info for each note so if they want to see the note they can open it. is there a concept/filter so I can pull new notes or notes created after the creation of a given note? 3. Looking for sample/examples of doing above in Ruby on Rails 3.2.x - Found the Sinatra example on github, but what about Rails? Thanks in advance,
  17. Can you adjust privacy settings, like make your content private or public, for free account? Or must you go premium for this facility? I can't seem to find any icon/facility for this? On a free evernote account, is our content automatically private? Can we adjust?
  18. Wishing Evernote to add a new function that when users want to make a reference or to mention something they had ever noted in their Evernote, they could make not only a link to the whole note but a link directly to the exact place in the contents, cause a note could have thousands of words sometimes, it's too hard to find some highlighted sentences inside. And of course the rest of the contents will be still editable, very handy if the hyperlink can be copied and cut and edited from both sides. Maybe the appearance of the hyperlink would be something like the highlighted mark in the Evernote Clearly, popups may appear when mouse arrow across. Hope to get attention.
  19. Hi, when i use other note tools, it can show the ms word doc/slides as the contents in the right contents panel, not only as the attachment of a note, does our evernote support it? thanks, Emre
  20. Is there a way for me to show the "invisibles" or the "document source" while I am editing the body of a note? Given that some notes may have some incumbent formatting (imported from OneNote, copied in from an HTML doc, etc) it is not clear what the document formatting for a particular line, character space, etc is -- I would love to be able to see, control, and troubleshoot why a section of content is not formatting properly. I have tried to use the "SIMPLIFY FORMATTING" but for several cases, it did not work. EG: take a note that exists in EN that has formatted HTML on it. Try to paste in some text (flattened in TEXTEDIT or TEXTWRANGLER) at the top of the note and I would expect that "plain text" would flow across the width of the open window. It does not. it appears to flow within a cell of a table that is about 100px wide. It's like there is a hidden table there. Now, I can scroll to the bottom of the same doc, paste in the same text, and it will flow as expected across the whole screen. Copy and paste that text to the top of the screen again gives the constrained column effect. So, If I was in MSWD, TEXTWRANGLER, BBEDIT, etc -- I can see the "hidden" characters. If I was in a browser, I could select "show source" and get the insight on what coding was behind the scenes so that I could see where certain formatting was happening. Is this possible in the text editor section of EN (mac)? TIA .. Giant Mike
  21. Hello, I'm trying to create a note and add some simple text to its "body" (content). I'd like to know if the c# library presents any way of doing this without actually creating an ENML string. I found that the opposite operation - getting the note content as a text actually exists in some way but I couldn't find a way of creating one.