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Found 40 results

  1. Michael B.


    Allow contact information to be entered without the use of a business card.
  2. The card scanner with evernote is great, except that it doesn't actually create useful contact information because I'm unable to export or manipulate the data that I scan in. I know that community members have hacked together a couple of third-party workarounds to this over the past few years, but isn't it about time to get this incorporated as an actual feature of Evernote? Seems like a no-brainer to me...
  3. i have a lot of clients and use their names as tags for the notes I make at our meetings. when they email me i manually move the emails across with the evernote outlook assistant and then I tag them manually. I want to know if there is a way for evernote to identify who the sender is and then auto generate a tag for that email so that I can move it over from outlook into evernote a little more easily? Thanks Simon
  4. I use the card scanning feature, and then write in notes about how I found the person in the Evernote "notes" field. Please create a feature to sync with the IOS contact "notes" field as well. Thanks
  5. I just downloaded EN and thought this would be a default feature. (I.e. Zoom in on someone's signature block and screencap) and "submit" to the camera for recognition of contact information just like it was a business card. If this is NOT a feature, I respectfully request it be added. Thank you.
  6. Hello, I love how Evernote scans my business cards and digitizes the contact info. I need to export this list of email addresses and names into a CSV file. I have a Free plan, and I use the web client (not the desktop apps). Can someone tell me how to do this? Thanks!!!
  7. Facu Puig

    Contacts Template

    I see now that in the web versión of Evernote, if you connect your Google Calendar you will be able to use a template for meeting notes. Is there any plans for the same kind of template but with contacts? When you scan a business card, the information is placed in a nice template that can be really helpful if is used even without scanning a card. Why? Well it would be a great relationship tracker and a great way to build a own CRM. And also it would be great if it can be synced with gmail contacts back and forth to keep the information updated in both systems. Thank you.
  8. I take a picture of the card with my iPhone and edit the fields in evernote so that mobile phone, work phone, title, etc... are correctly selected/labeled. However, when Evernote saves it to my contacts the field mapping is all screwed up. Work phone is now 'home' and mobile is also 'home'. Some of the fields also don't seem to carry over like title and company. It all seems pretty random. I was excited to see this feature come out, but if I have to go in and remap fields for every contact, it's not worth it. I've tried it with Linked both connected and disconnected with the same result. What am I missing here? Jeff
  9. \jonathan chambler

    export business cards to contacts

    Hi, I have taken pictures of business cards which have been saved in Evernote in a notebook Business Cards. I didn't set up for them to be exported to my contacts. How do I now get them into my contacts without having to manually add them. Now that I have set up business cards to be added to my contacts when I take a picture of a card it is saved as a business card and added to my contacts. I want to add the business cards that were not added. Regards, Jonathan
  10. Hello, I run a business that involves *lots* of mobile in-person sales (we're a distillery, we sell booze to lots of restaurants and liquor stores). I've got Evernote set up for a bare-bones CRM so I can tag leads and customers by city and status (sampled, follow ups, blah, blah, blah). What I'm wondering is if there's a decent integration or workflow that anyone has for moving info from Google Maps / Apple Maps / vCards into Evernote notes -- basically so I can quickly clip a bunch of cocktail bars in a given area. The Evernote Web Clipper on Google Maps mysteriously leaves out the Phone Number, so it's not that useful. Apple Maps is great for this because you can create a contact from any location, but besides Apple's Contacts app just chunking the literal vCard file into Evernote it doesn't really integrate. The 'share' contextual from Apple Maps also doesn't show Evernote as one of the options. Anyone know a good way to do this? Thanks!
  11. I noticed a bug when it comes to exporting Evernote business card contacts to Apple Contacts. When exported from the iOS Evernote app, the contacts will show up in the Apple Contacts app, however they will NOT sync to iCloud if the contact contains a photo. I was able to troubleshoot this problem on my own and discovered that the photo was causing the syncing error. When the photo is deleted from the iOS contact card, the sync resumes to iCloud.
  12. Hello, I've turned on Save to Contacts however prior to doing so, I have already scanned 800+ business cards into my evernote. Is there a way to easily export these ALREADY SCANNED cards? Andy
  13. Hello everyone, We are switching to Evernote Business for all the positives that Evernote brings. I am running in to an issue - how do I sync my existing Outlook contacts with Evernote Mobile so that I can use my Outlook contacts as the "Send to" in the chat feature? Anything helps - thanks everyone!
  14. Please build a bridge to export contacts in Evernote to Microsoft Excel. The lack of that feature is THE MOST FRUSTRATING DEFICIENCY for me and others I've spoken with. Thank you!!!
  15. I can scan business cards into Evernote and have them import nicely into Outlook 2013. And in my Evernote Contacts Notebook, I can even see the business card and a photo if they have uploaded their photo to Linkedin. I have not been able to have the photo go into my Outlook contacts folder. But recently one individual's photo did show up in my Outlook contacts. I don't see anything that was different about this contact that allowed the photo to appear in Outlook. It would be nice to have all available photos flow into Outlook when I scan the business card into Evernote. Any ideas on how to make this happen and how it happened with one individual contact? Thanks. Bob
  16. wmark_stanley

    Business Card Scan Not Worker

    When I attempt to take a photo/scan of a business with Evernote camera I see that it is "detecting" and I hear the camera "click". But then the camera shuts off, and I'm out of Evernote to the home screen on my iPhone. This used to work - its been a while since I tried to scan a business card - but now ... nada. Using iPhone 6 Please help.
  17. Hello Does anyone know how to extract Contact information from notes in bulk? Ie: Name & Email Addresses to export to csv. file? Thanks, Kerry
  18. I have the Evernote app on my Macbook Air as well as my iPhone. On the MacBook, when I open a business card note that was created on the iPhone, click the arroe next to the share button, and select "save to contacts"- nothing happens. I can not find the contact in my MacBook contacts. Does anyone know where it went, what I need to do to get it into contacts? Is there something that I need to set in the preferences for either the Evernote app or Mac contacts? Thanks.
  19. I use Outlook 2013 with the Evernote plugin, on a laptop running Windows 8.1. On Outlook's "My Contacts" list, the Contacts folder is the one where all my "real" contacts are stored. But there is another folder called Evernote, which I did not create - at least not intentionally. It contains a "contact" for every note that I have in Evernote - even ones that were not created using the Outlook plugin. This became a problem when I synced Outlook contacts to my Droid Turbo - and all these Evernote "contacts" were populated as Phone contacts. How do I stop Evernote from creating Contacts in Outlook? Do I disable the Evernote Outlook Contact Connector but leave the Evernote Clipper for Microsoft Outlook enabled? Will deleting these Outlook Contacts have any impact on the notes in Evernote? I've done a few tests as a trial, and it doesn't seem to impact the notes in Evernote. But it makes me nervous to delete them all when I don't fully understand how this syncing occurred, or why. Thanks for any and all suggestions about how to resolve this. And if you have suggestions about preventing these Evernote contacts from syncing to my phone, that would be great too. I've attached 2 screenshots. I'd already moved the Evernote contacts folder to trash before I thought to do this. The Outlook Contacts screen shot shows you where the Evernote contacts folder used to be. It appeared between the Christmas Card Duplicate list and Business Contact Manager. The second screen shot shows the Evernote folder, with each of Evernote notebooks and every single note.
  20. What steps can be taken to delete work chats and unused contacts? However simple this must be, the procedure escapes me. (MAC 10.10.1) Thank you for any assistance.
  21. MartinKoenig

    Tag words

    Hi All I'd like to use Evernote for my coaching work. After a coching session I write up my notes into the customer notebook. When I write a name of a person or company my coachee addressed I'd like to tag the name (in the text). Over time it would be very useful when I'd have a list of tags, could select one and get a summary of all text sections where that name was tagged. Searching after a name would not be helpful since I'd like to use it withhin a session and there it must be quick to be able to select form a list of tagged names. Also it would be nice to have alle names appear in a list, would jog my memory. Does anyboday have an idea how to achieve this? Thanks for your help. Martin
  22. I am using the Mac app. I tried to email a note, and a pop-up opened asking if I wanted to add my address book so to share notes. I clicked "no" accidentally, and now I cannot seem to fix this to add my contacts at all. I have uninstalled the app, and re-installed it, and synced with the web version. I also revoked access in the Security area of my Google account, disconnected it from the Evernote account, and then reconnected them. None of this has helped, and I cannot find anything that will add the contacts. When I open the menu to share a note, the address book is empty and there is no option to add them from my Google account. I have looked through Preferences and Settings and I've found nothing. I also looked in the Knowledge Base but I did not find much help there either. Can someone please help me?? I actually like Evernote, but this is a simple thing that should not be hard!! Thanks!
  23. Timothy Schouten

    Notes for Contacts

    I have been looking for quite a while for an app that can easily help me make notes on conversations I have had with many individuals throughout the week, which in return will help with better networking. Here is an example of what I mean: I meet Bob. Bob tells me where he is from, where he works, about his family, etc. He gives me his contact information At the end of conversation I write his contact in my phone. After he is gone I turn on android phone and write notes about conversation. A week goes by and I am expected to meet this person again. I can't remember the information he told me. I search his name in Evernote and the notes about the conversation we had is easily found. Now Google contacts does have a place for notes, but there is a bunch of steps to find the note section. I also can't make reminders with that information. If this can be accomplished where I can keep all my notes on my contacts as part of Evernote system it would make interactions others and networking much easier!
  24. I work for a talk show and we manage a huge amount of guest contact information. I have experimented with other available options to manage contacts but I already use Evernote to track projects and assign tasks to our staff. The information we have for guests is basic. Name, title, a variety of contact info, area of expertise, picture, and the last time we had them on the show. Is Evernote Business or Premium capable of facilitating a large amount of our contact info in a way that's easily changed and searched?
  25. Is it possible to have en parse contact info like the business card scanner and then save to ios contacts? For example, I forwarded an email to Evernote and the email contains the email signature of some one I want to save to contacts. Is there a way for en to parse the text into contacts?