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Found 59 results

  1. I'm using Evernote Mac client. The thing is, for months since Evernote have updated the design to tasteless UI, typing on Evernote have become very annoying. I'm a fast typist, and I love to be able to move my cursor using directional key (up, left, right, down) quickly. But, when I start typing on Evernote for a few minutes, the keyboard response will become super slow compare to when I just start typing. The slowness happens when you hold the directional key down to navigate through multiple characters, to the point where moving mouse or repeatedly click the navigation key has become a faster method. To solve this, I have to click any other note and get back to the current note I have been typing and the cursor will become faster again, for another few minutes. If Evernote's core product is the note-taking, then this should be priority.
  2. I noticed around 2 weeks ago Evernote was extremely slow. I thought one of my notes was getting to large and I created a new one. Things seemed ok for about a week and it happened again. Evernote has not worked properly in almost a week. When I open Evernote I must wait for at least 30 seconds before I can get a response from anything I try to do within the program. When I open a note I must wait the same length of time before I can edit the note. Evernote does not work properly using IOS, Windows, or Android. But, the delays seem somewhat less using an IOS device. I have not noticed any other issues with any of my devices. The problem seems isolated to Evernote. I really like the program but if this continues I will need to find something new. Thanks
  3. Howdy, EN Power Users: I have read a consistently growing number of threads expressing that EN is increasing in calousness towards its subscriber base... causing some of it core supporters and power users to call it "enough." https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/65693-moderation-and-member-leveling-changes-to-the-forum/page-2?locale=enhttps://discussion.evernote.com/topic/56066-six-points-to-avoid-me-and-others-switching-to-onenote/page-2#entry298468https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/25230-alternatives-to-evernote From the time you've taken to research, which applications are you finding to be the most VIABLE replacements or alternatives to EN for Power Users? (Links would be appreciated.) Most of us have witnessed poorly managed companies drive an exceptional product or service into the ground... and in this case it would directly affect EN users. I use EN to run my business (Win + Android)... so quality, stability and user-friendliness are critical... would prefer to avoid a Titanic mishap well before entering the ice field. Thank you in advance for a prompt and detailed response. Alan
  4. Regarding ticket: 2144222 After losing my smartphone in July I have been unable to log in to Evernote on any of my devices. Recovery codes are not working and customer service rep could not tell me why (“that’s strange behaviour”). I had one MacBook which could still see all my notes (years and years of notes). With the failure of the recovery feature on iPhone and web app, the customer service rep told me to log out of my Evernote account on my last MacBook, and export my notes to a new account. This seemed super risky to me, so I emailed him back confirming that I would not lose access to my notes forever: He responded with: So I took the plunge and logged out. Then Ctrl + Option + Cmd + E did not work. Customer service rep claims that the local export feature was disabled between him confirming it was safe and me logging out!!! This is fairly distressing. I have years of very valuable notes in my Evernote account. Both business-related and personal. And finally, after all this, all the CS rep could comfort me with was: Is he joking? I can prove that I am the owner of the account by any means necessary. I have backup codes that for some reason are not working. Can anyone advise how I can regain access to the notes in the account?
  5. Previously when there were conflicting modifications in Evernote notes a duplicate note was created in separate "Conflicting changes" notebook. I've just noticed that this behaviour seems to have changed in newer versions and the conflicting content now occurs at the bottom of the note. So far I've found two notes in my library with conflicting modifications from back in January and February. I never received any notifications of these conflicts and the notes have since been edited so it's impossible to see what the original conflict was! Please, please, if there conflicting changes please give me a notification when it occurs so I can fix it without losing data. It's impossible to do months later. And just putting the conflicting changes at the end of a long note does *not* help! I won't notice it and it isn't easy to fix... I preferred the old system. At least creating a duplicate note made it obvious that a conflict has occurred!
  6. Developers, please please add the feature of changing the theme or skin, the new design really hurts my eyes. and I really don't like it at all...
  7. ascolletti

    Table Frustration

    When will we ever get proper tables in Evernote? This should be core functionality which would dramatically improve the user experience with the product! Specific issues I'm fighting with include: - Unable to insert rows to a table created. Note: This is hit or miss at times. Usually works on mac more consistently- Unable to resize table columns on demand- Unable to color table rows/columns My Environment:Windows (275837) - PrimaryOS X 6.013 (451658 App Store) - Alternate Workarounds involving jumping between environments should not be acceptable as a workaround. No one wants to or should have to leave their primary environment, go to an alternate environment, i.e. Web, etc. and then back to their primary environment to simply update a table. Trust me, I love Evernote and really enjoy working with it despite some core limitation, but seriously, this has type of functionality is far to long coming.
  8. I use the camera extensively in my notes for work, and the quality of pictures and ease of use was awesome. I take a lot of photos of employees as they work for a company newsletter, and I was able to use my phone exclusively for this and it allowed me to stop carrying a digital camera with me at all times. After the most recent update, the camera features have changed, and it is not as user friendly as it used to be. The zoom bar has been removed, and the camera now struggles to focus as quickly as I need it to. Also, the picture quality doesn't appear to be as sharp. Is there any way to change the camera settings back?
  9. This pertains to recent fresh setup - including evernote - on an ios 7 ipad 4, an ios 8 iphone 5, and an android 4.4.2 galaxy note 2 ... I have a fast fiber optic broadband and halfway decent wired and wireless connections ... my other uses have not had similar bandwidth/download/upload issues. 2.1 GB (total) of notebook data in my two offline notebooks took just shy if 48 hours to download on the initial sync if freshly reset devices. This was done independantly over the last few weeks. similar result in each device. The larger of the two notebooks has about 3200 notes. I've noticed similarly long upload times for file attachments. The maxumum for a note (iirc) is 100 MB. This has taken around 45 to 90 minutes to sync. I've been a moderate premium evernote user for a few years now and my ever evolving system organisation has come to the point where I wanted to use evernote to truly 'capture everything' so I can be nearly paperless. With a 4GB monthly upload allowance, theoretically unlimitted total storage (as far as 4GB a month goes) ... etc... this seems exactly a fundimentally intended use of the service for which I pay.... However. In practicle terms I must reconsidder this entire strategy and therefore the evernote tool. Given the consistently slow upload and download connections with evernote servers the 100 MB note limit and 4GB upload allowence is of no practical relevamce. I could not organise my data with such a cripling limitation. I've seen from other threads others have had similar issues. Evernote is a fantastic and flexible tool with wonderful potential. This issue however sabatoges much of it and makes me now consider finding another solution and canceling my premium subscription. I am located in London, UK. Perhaps there is a way to optimise my network path to local mirrors or some such??? my account was originally and still is a USA account in $$, This might be relevant perhaps if I'm routed through servers in California where if I had a UK £ account I'd be routed to more local servers and see much faster connections ... Thanks for help and consideration to help improve a great product if possible. -DL
  10. MuhammadSaleh

    Performance Issue

    Hi, Is it me only or other people think that Evernote on Mac is very very sluggish ! Mainly I'm talking about how it scrolls and the overall performance For example take a look at the scrolling speed of Spotify and then get back to Evernote and test it again.. it doesn't look right (It's like other apps uses GPU for that but it uses the CPU maybe ?) I have: MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014) with Yosemite 10.10.3 installed I also mentioned here that the left pane is useless but I'm not sure if anyone is really listening Also now after not seeing any changes for a while I'm a bit curious about the development road map of Evernote for Mac and if anyone is even aware of these issues To be honest I think that the whole Mac client needs to be rebuilt.
  11. To Evernote Development team: The teeny tiny icons next to notebooks/stacks/tag shortcuts in the navigation sidebar are way too small and too gray to distinguish from one another. Could you please: 1) Make the icons larger/more distinguished. Color or even some sort of shading would help. 2) Allow for setting a color for the icon/label, for easy picking out when I'm navigating the sidebar. 3) Color coding elsewhere, such as for notes, the tags themselves, and notebooks. These colors could automatically carry into sidebar shortcuts. Thank you, Judd Volino
  12. With each new version in the last year or two I've received little of value in the upgrades yet I've seen an annoyingly large drop in quality and usability where it counts. Simple note editing has gotten more buggy. For example, encryption features are worse than when it began. My mac and iphone cannot even read my encrypted notes anymore, only on Windows. I've lost encrypted notes a couple of times and had to go back to history. I can't add a hyperlink into an encrypted note anymore because as soon as the link dialog pops up the crypt collapsed and the link goes outside. None of this was an issue before. The suggested notes that keeps popping up at the bottom alters the view of the current note and is also *very* disrupting to flow. A nice feature, pretty, and I bet it took a lot of developer hours to implement but with no consideration to how it disrupts the user flow I had to disable it - wasted time that could have been spent fixing bugs. I am a developer, so I bet like most devs, Evernote's devs are more excited about working on new features than spending time getting the existing and oft used stuff working better. We've all heard the Pareto's Law (80/20 rule). All these features are in the 20% used category and are causing regressions on the quality of the features we use 80% of the time. This is where I felt Apple was great in the past, they focused on that 80% of what is used and spent twice as much time making it perfect as say Windows would, so everything is well thought out....not as much superfluous features but each feature a masterpiece. I need to return to version 4.2 or something. That brings up another point, every install/upgrade still fails with an error! I have to go find the MSI deep in my profile temp folder and execute it manually. Been that way since 4.4. Lot's of people are in the same boat here...why hasn't this been fixed? Kind of critical isn't it? Sure, there have been some cool features added - like the Chat, better Notebook sharing, etc. I've converted a number of people to Evernote in the past, including my business partner so better interaction with friends was wanted. I was looking forward to these new features yet I find they came and I haven't needed them as much as I expected. Rather than reap the rewards of these features I can't get over the loss of quality to the core product. I used to be a product evangelist. Now I no longer recommend Evernote to anyone and that is sad. My converts are saying the same thing so only my business partner is left anyway. I love new features, but not if they are breaking old and needed functionality. I'm a premium user, if the quality of Evernote's usability continues to fall over the next year I am abandoning it for something else. Please work making the core better. Sit your developers or testers down and have them *really* use the product. I want to be an evangelist again. Colin
  13. cjshaker

    Selecting text is buggy

    On my 64 GB iPhone 5S, running IOS 8.3, Evernote IOS app version (and on previous versions), when attempting to edit a note, it usually takes me three attempts to get the Select/Select All/Paste menu to open and stay up. The first two times I touch the screen, the Select/Select All/Paste menu will open and then immediately close, but on the third attempt, it stays open. Every once in a while, the menu will open on the first attempt, but that is unusual. Thank you, Chris Shaker
  14. We do a lot of note merging for our business. Just wondered why in the world the automatic text size is 28 point! Between the text and the colored bar it takes up a lot of wasted space. Should be a setting in evernote to change this, but I have been unable to find it. If the setting cannot be changed, this should be a fix.
  15. Presence? Work Chat? Shared Notes? Evernote business? Context? Why is my simple, personal note-taking solution getting bloated with all of these features that are totally irrelevant to me? I started using EN in 2007 to keep my notes and web research on multiple machines, synced through the cloud, and I have never wanted to use it any differently. I can't imagine ever using it with another person, let alone as yet one more chat platform! How many chat platforms do we need? Worse, I pay the same as someone using all those features! In fact I probably pay more than a single seat in an EN business license. It's time for an Evernote Personal Edition; for me and everyone else who wants a personal notetaking solution that syncs to the cloud. If EN doesn't do it, then they are a prime target for a disruptive solution that sweeps in with simpler software to take all of EN's non-business users, like me. Ironic: EN started as a somewhat disruptive solution because MS Word was too bloated to start up fast and take notes. And now EN is the slow bloated solution ripe for disruption. I hope they bring on the Personal Edition soon.
  16. Hello, I am a frequent Evernote user and it supports many of my life and work information needs, on computer and mobile. I do appreciate the continued hard work of Evernote staff to maintain such a high quality product. Just based on such a great benefit which Evernote provides me I should be glad to pay the extra few dollars a month for a Plus or Premium account. My complaint has to do with the reason I'm almost forced to go to plus. Lately (Fall 2015) there has been frequent site downtime for maintenance. During this time, syncing does not work. The prolonged syncing prevents me from accessing my grocery lists for example. I wasn't traveling to the mountains out of internet range, but simply going around the block to the grocery store. But my mobile phone would not be able to access Evernote during site outage (for maintenance). Therefore I am paying for Plus membership with offline storage, not to compensate for lack of Internet coverage, but rather because Evernote is down frequently for maintenance and inaccessible for update. I'm just disappointed about being coerced in such a manner into paying for a Plus account. Nathan W
  17. drtimhill

    iPad Poor UI Design

    Does anyone else but me think the UI design in Evernote is truly abominable? -- Fonts are generally very small, which limits legibility. -- Color for fonts is low contrast, making it even harder to read. -- Confused mess of sliding windows and overlay screens with no coherent design cues, model, or rationale. For example: I know I have a note on an item, and I want to read it. So I do a search. Now, depending on where I am in the Ui I get a VERY different UI presentation of the search box. After entering a search term I get a list of matching items. Click on the note to view .. and... It appears in an overlay window. Not the main notes window .. an overlay. Why? What good is this to me? if the only way I can view notes is in this restricted window, what is the rest of the UI for? I cannot find ANY way to simply use a search to filter the main set of notes by the search (like the desktop versions). I guessing there is a way, but good luck finding it. Who thought this design was a good idea? What were they smoking at the time? As far as I am concerned, the entire iPad UI is an exercise in frustration and utter amazement at the total lack of intelligence in the UI design. To be blunt, I hate it. --Tim
  18. Dear Evernote, Its been real. We've had our ups and downs. I remember when I introduced you to my mom in 2011, and then my now wife shortly afterwards. I brought you into my family. There were growing pains while we learned to work together. You lost my files a couple times, your syncing was perpetually buggy, and you started to put too much makeup on instead of focusing on your core strengths. But we still stuck it out, and were able to get through it. Believe me, there were times where I looked at other softwares longingly, but I thought of the commitment and deep bonds that I thought you and I shared. I bought all your books. I shopped in the Marketplace. I know who Bretty Kelly and Daniel Gold are, and a host of other people who have made a living touting your name. But I'm sorry to say, that I can't go on living like this. I thought we were ready to take it to the next level today. In fact, I committed whole-heartedly. I upgraded to Business from Premium. I brought my employees on board. And how do you treat me? You lose my notebooks when I "convert to business", resulting in many more dollars in loss than I paid for the business subscription, and then ignore my supplicating emails for help. It only took a day to see the real you, a bloated, grown-too-fast company that used to spark such hope in my soul. I now realize I should never have believed your silver tongue about making my business life effortless. And now I have paid the price. Don't get me wrong, I'll always remember the good times we had together, but I need to move on. Maybe we can make it work someday. With (formerly) all of my love, Lost and alone P.S. Does anybody know how to help me get my 1900 evernote notes and their attachments into Google Apps?
  19. Jackolicious

    mac Evernote for Mac 6: Design Feedback

    Hey Evernote land! We've just launched a newly redesigned Evernote for Mac and we'd love your feedback. There has already been quite a lot of discussion, so let me sum up what we understand from it so far: Text contrast: We've attempted to improve text legibility significantly from version 5. This is directly in response to your feedback. We have several upcoming updates that take even further steps to respond to your feedback and bump contrast even more! Light background: With the new version, we have adopted many of Apple's design queues from Mac OS X Yosemite (10.10). Lighter backgrounds and translucency (what Apple calls Vibrancy) are among the design themes for Apple's new OS (our new home). We've worked closely with Apple and their design guidelines to craft a beautiful new look without removing any existing functionality. Users on Yosemite should now see that Evernote fits right in. Users on 10.9: we’ve heard your feedback and you should see more contrast coming back to your UI in versions 6.0.2 and above. If you have any additional feedback, please feel free to voice it below. Please keep the discussion constructive. We read every post, we put our hearts into this product, this is our life's work, and we love your feedback. It only helps us get better.
  20. Something annoying has happened on my IOS evernote twice and I was wondering if it can be fixed! I have a list of things to do.. e.g. Type something Eat something Mow something Then I want to turn it into a checklist.. I highlight it all then click the tickable bullet point button. Then all the text disappears and I just get a single tickable bullet point in it's place. Why would anyone select text in order to delete it with a bulletpoint? Word never worked like that and Word is how we're programmed to think! I'm sure the obvious answer is 'select each one and press the button', but this is really faffy on long lists... The other obvious answer is 'create the list with bullet points to start off with', but whatever, sometimes I just dont and this is a bit annoying when it happens (frequent evernote user here!) I was on the android version until a month ago so perhaps the 'select' 'bullet point' combo is where I learned it. Anyway, once my epic list is deleted, I want to 'undo', but I can't!!! I understand you wouldn't want an undo that could unmake the work of others in collaborative things, but for a simple error like this it would really come in handy. Summary: - please allow selected text to become bulletpointed - please give us an undo button
  21. For a long time I have disliked the small, unadjustable font Evernote uses for text on IOS. Not only is it hard coded so that the user has no control, the font size doesn't respond to Dynamic Type, Apple's system for accessibility. I have seen complaints over the years in this forum, but apparently Evernote has no interest in changing. Which puzzles me - simply bumping the font size would seem to be an easy change, and it is hard for me to imagine anyone would complain. Of course a more proper response would be to give the user some control over font size, or to at least follow the Dynamic Type guidelines. So I'm curious - are there people who think the font size used by Evernote is just fine the way it is, and would object to making it bigger, or allowing the user some control?
  22. I have an Evernote Plus subscription. It's installed on my iPhone 5 iOS 8.4, my PC desktop, and my PC laptop. As much as I like using Evernote, it gives me a big problem: about once/month I tap the icon, the Evernote splash screen shows up- then it disappears, back to the iPhone home screen. Double tap the iPhone button, there it is, open- but, again, when I tap the "open" application, it appears for a second, then gone again, totally useless. The only way I have found to get it working again is to uninstall/install it, which just doesn't work when I'm counting on it for instant info in a meeting or in a store. I'm beginning to regret the money I paid for Plus- apparently it doesn't buy me direct support from Evernote staff either, I have to rely on the kindness of community members. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  23. Stop development, work only on bug fixes for a year, please, please please It is a shame that this is happening: Copy from a note to paste into another, it was a bulleted list, did a select all, copy, made a new note, and paste. It pasted as indented, not bulleted, and with an extra \r\n\r\n between each item. Pasted into a plain text editor and I got a double tab indented list that was two newlines apart as in \n\n. I then removed the indenting, regex deleted the newlines other than one, selected all, and pasted it into my note without trouble. Copy and paste while maintaining the formatting, or in this case, not maintaining it, sure would be nice. The app gets slower and slow to launch The app gets slower and slower to sync I don't believe there is no encryption and our data is stored in the raw? The Safari web clipper is perhaps the best interface to the app, but it is degrading and falls on it's face often. The FireFox extension is terrible, not even a resemblance to the Safari one. The Chrome one is just as bad, which to me, there is no excuse for as chrome is so much more open about their development extensions, whereas Apple gives you very little you can do with their extensions yet EN made an awesome one. But it needs to be maintained. Slow typing all of a sudden The minute, it is cool, and I use it to slam a note in and not get in my way, but there needs to be some basic prefs like the web clipper. Default tags, ability to add tags, title and body copy seperation. Some of the data that makes it in there is just terrible the way it juts truncates the data as the subject and pops another copy in the body, this of course is assuming the person is going to go into EN and edit it some more, wasting time that need not be wasted. Constant little pop ups here and there, despite my preferences being set right, that ask me if I want EN to advertise to me, or if I want to do this or that with EN. I would like it to leave me alone. I paid for a year, and would love to use the product and not have it selling to me. Your bookmark maker in Safari, when you make a bookmark, the image it grabs is cropped terribly. Scale it down and crop from the center, at least you have a chance at that point. Also grab a favicon and then you can start looking for the iOS icons, which are 246x256 or larger, you can grab those. It is how 1Password does it, and you should see my list, it is beautiful with hi-res icons for every listing. Bookmarks should use the sites logo or icon, almost all of which have mobile versions now, so those are of substantial size, whereas in the past, a favicon is probably too small and would look terrible. Add encryption, please. Is there a copy of all my "cloud" data also stored locally? If so, what is the point of that? I assume it is a caching mechanism, but really does it need to store all the data? Seems a little redundant. Further, often it has been suggested, by support as well, that if you run into encryption issues, delete all you data from EN and let the cloud download it again. What if some of those were offline notebooks? I assume you just lost them? Or can you somehow reconnect an offline notebook back to evernote? The format the notes are saved in needs a lot of work as per my next request. A descent export feature, and lets do two things, backup, where you can backup, take that to any machine, restore, and will be 100% where you left off. An export option so if we need to move to another app, we have the ability to. I would suggest moving your data saving format to JSON and call that your export. I am fine with that. Anything from bash to php can modify JSON in a way that hundreds of thousands of people could develop importers for their apps. Is there an API? If there is, can one call ALL the data and make it so that I could use that as a way to make a backup EN and a export EN file format? What about local notebooks? Is there any way to convert local notebooks into cloud ones? Why is there no way to turn a cloud notebook into a local notebook? If I can do it by hand, you should be able to do it much faster with direct access to the local and remote datastores. Right now, an offline notebook, I can simply select all an move them into an online notebook. An online notebook, I can select all and move them to an offline one. The trouble is, you can tend to be moving a lot of data, and I get error in my actual notes that say something about a sync conflict and it mines my data or duplicates it. You have to sit there and wait and make sure 100% has synced. If that is the case, then there needs to be some work done on all those areas. Corruption is bad, and under no cases would I ever consider that a design decision and hear the "we will add it to the feature request list" which is insulting. Background sync, all apps do it now, dropbox, any app where you can add to it without opening the primary app. I do it all the time in several apps. In the background, it syncs away and does its thing. I don't have to open time machine every time I want to make a backup, it just does so, and does not need the app open to make it happen. I think we need a background sync app that starts on login. That way, you won't hardly ever get the "are you sure you want to quit right now?" alert, as most of your stuff would already be synced. This would be great for the quick clipper and the browser extensions. Finally, full consolidation of the Mac App Store App and the downloable app. They need to be the same, or discontinue one. Oh, and clean up my directory system, you have folders all over the place, some of which are even empty, and you store files and preferences all over the place. Why not just one folder in app support and that is it? Even under the new sandboxing stuff, keep it all in the sandbox where it is supposed to be. Here is a list, I have put stars in front of the ones that I understand have to be there as there is no other place to put them and have them work, like a browser extension. Unless you put all your data in one place and uses siblings to the other locations. This is only 22 locations ( sort of ) there were well over 200+ if you include all the items in those folders, crash reports, cache data, etc. ./Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote ./Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/accounts/www.evernote.com./Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/logs/./Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/logs/thrift/./Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/skus/www.evernote.com./Library/Application Support/com.evernote.EvernoteHelper./Library/Application Support/com.evernote.EvernoteHelper/logs/com.evernote.EvernoteHelper 2015-04-06 23-30.log./Library/Application Support/Evernote-Backups./Library/Caches/com.evernote.edam.usage./Library/Caches/com.evernote.edam.usage/www.evernote.com./Library/Caches/com.evernote.Evernote./Library/Caches/com.evernote.Evernote/Sparkle/Evernote 451655/Evernote_RELEASE_6.0.13_451655.zip./Library/Caches/com.evernote.EvernoteHelper./Library/Caches/com.plausiblelabs.crashreporter.data/com.evernote.Evernote./Library/Containers/com.skitch.skitch/Data/Library/Caches/com.evernote.edam.usage./Library/Containers/com.skitch.skitch/Data/Library/Caches/com.evernote.edam.usage/metrics.evernote.com./Library/CoreData/com.evernote.Evernote./Library/Group Containers/Q79WDW8YH9.com.evernote.Evernote./Library/Group Containers/Q79WDW8YH9.com.evernote.Evernote/Evernote./Library/Group Containers/Q79WDW8YH9.com.evernote.Evernote/Evernote/quick-note/my_USERNAME-HUH-why___Evernote./Library/Preferences/com.evernote.Evernote.plist./Library/Preferences/com.evernote.EvernoteHelper.plist This is my short list of bugs. I would not really call them features, but just things that a product of this maturity should have by now. Thank you for taking this into consideration.
  24. Electrochem

    Version 7.7.7 crashes?

    Since downloading the new version on my iPhone (iOS not upgraded), the program closes whenever I try to take a photo of a business card. It takes the photo, shows the photo and then immediately crashes rather than saving the image or translating the text. Suggestions/ideas?
  25. Hi The tag page in Evernote has a grey background, with the tags a slightly different shade of gray, and the text a slightly darker shade of grey. I can't read them, there isn't enough contrast. Any chance you could change the colours, or at least make them user configurable? For your referencem, here's a tool to check whether contrast complies with various accessibility legilslation http://snook.ca/technical/colour_contrast/colour.html Thanks in advance