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Found 10 results

  1. I was feeling frustrated by EN's lack of support for colors for text in the app, so after checking around the forums for a bit, I realized I could just make my own note with colored text and share it as a way for anyone who wants to get some colored text into their notes to reap the rewards of my small effort. I realize it's not perfect yet, I just threw it together real quick. But theoretically one can go to my note on my my postach.io blog and copy some colored letters/numbers and use them on any platform. Cheers everyone.
  2. When creating a sketch in Evernote for iOS, one can choose only from 10 colours, and they are ... uhm... unsubtle. Could you please please implement a colour-picker in that panel? A lot of other note-taking apps do. They even allow one to save a new colour to the swatches.
  3. Hey Evernote, I just think it would be sooo GREAT to allow for COLORS in the background of my notes, sometimes. I think it is GREAT that my font can have a different color, but what about and why not allowing for a background color of the whole note? Thanks, so much. Keep up the GREAT work.
  4. zsvnc

    Bad Design

    The design is pretty ugly. Must be a more understandable color palette. White and light green colors, the eyes are exhausting. You need to change the shades. More special fonts should also be brought. Fonts such as "ş, Ü, ğ, ö" look very ugly in the titles.It also does not match the font sizes you used when working in the "Evernote Windows" program.
  5. ToniCSR

    Note highlighted

    Hi, I'm sorry for my English, I translated from French to English via Google Translate... So my request is to have the opportunity to highlight a note so that we can better get used to it when working on a big project by immediately recognizing the notes that require our attention and those that seem to be not important in the 'immediate. Here is the illustration of my idea : Please, take into account, Thanks to all the Evernote team for creating such an application, I use it daily and I am very satisfied! ToniCSR
  6. I would like to organize my notes better with colors. The biggest thing that makes my organizing hard is that I cannot select the color for the text I enter by mobile. It would be an enormous advantage for me and help me to take all my texts to Evernote instead of Google Notes
  7. lexie hans

    more handwriting colors

    i love this app and the features but i think it would be awesome to add an array of colors for pen & highlight for the handwriting feature on android
  8. Evernote for Windows allows for the assigning of different colors to Notebooks but not for Mac... why???
  9. Hi, I have Evernote for Mac version 5.0.7 (400993) and I noticed that when I copy colored text and try to paste it somewhere else (within the same note or into another note), the color gets lost. Just to be clear, this is the text before I copy it: "some random text" and this is the same text after I paste it: "some random text" It's a rather annoying bug, would be great if you could fix it. Thanks!
  10. I've noticed that I have many "to do" notes spread throughout different notebooks, different projects, etc. But when something is HOT I mark the to do in red: - Task 1 - Task 2 - Task 3 I have a few reds in different notes. I'd love to have a note called NOW where all the reds from different notes are appended automatically. So, I create a new task in red, it goes to the red note, I erase it, it erases itself from the "aggregator". The same concept could apply to a RED notebook where new notes are copied automatically according to a tag or color, etc. This could be customized (which note, which notebook, and which color) Is it too crazy? ANY TIP OR SUGGESTION to simulate this and have all my "now" in one place?