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Found 62 results

  1. HI there - My request is to include color coding for note titles to help easily identify a particular note or the importance of it, depending on what system you design for yourself. I'm familiar with the color coding for tags - but I'd like to be able to color code the note as it shows up in the main list. I have hundreds off notes and essentially run my business off of Evernote. As my collection continues growing, the system is almost becoming cluttered and useable. Being able to color-code would correct this issue overnight. Thank you, Nick
  2. Even with syncing religiously EN can create conflicting modifications. Please consider allowing the ability to see specifically what text is in conflict by changing its color. Thanks
  3. Say I highlight text blue in multiple notes as a form of tagging text down in notes, does there exist a third-party tool that will let me see all the text from multiple notes (displaying like it's all in a new note) highlighted with that color?
  4. I've been an Evernote user since the beginning and I can't imagine my workflow without it. HOWEVER, the lack of color options is astonishing. Color is the basic methodology for people to I.D. something quickly, regardless of language. Please bring back or introduce some color tagging/coding options for Notes or Notebooks. When you have a lot of notes/folders, it would be alot easier to find what I'm looking for by sight of color.
  5. Dear Evernote team, Your product is excellent however the color scheme is quite boring. Please add a rainbow color picker with a variety of options for coloring and styling our notebooks and notes. Also, please consider adding syntax highlighting or support for code. The product itself rules! Keep up the hard work. Thank you!
  6. Currently you can change the color for a notebook, but only for the title of a notebook. My suggestions is to make some color changes in the UI if you selected a color-coded notebook, such as the highlight color of note-selection, note book title background on the middle column, the tag background on the third column. Currently it's a light blue color across all the notebooks. version, Windows 10 desktop app
  7. Drop-down color selector would be great. It's a bit cumbersome to highlight text, click the color icon, select the color, then close the color window. I'd like to see a drop-down where I click once, it shows my saved colors, and when i click one, it goes away.
  8. Add optional color-coding for tags in Evernote for Mac, so that a note with the tag "Needs work" could appear highlighted in red in my notebook, while a note with the tag "Done" could appear highlighted in green, for example. This functionality already exists, as I understand it, for Windows, but it has yet to be added to the Mac side.
  9. Some notes are more important than others. Some are "main notes" in a notebook with general content. And some I want to find more quickly for a week or so. Then I would love to be able to flag them with a color or a pin or whatever...something that highlights them. Maybe additionally a smart notebook with all highlighted notes would be great.
  10. Hello, I am a heavy user of hotkeys, especially when I'm editing notes. For example, the highlighting text format style which has the control+command+H hotkey. Would be possible a hotkey for the last color used? Something similar to the highlighting text. Even if the button already available on the Style Bar could keep the last color used, it would be great. Today when we choose to format the color, it opens a new window and then we are able to finally change de text color. That's a lot of steps/work. So, the idea is offer 1) select and keep the last color, like in MS Word 2) create a hotkey to format the style color, similar to highlighting/bold/italic text format style. Thank you very much!!
  11. When taking notes it would be nice to have a permanent pen option (like Lotus Notes had, or maybe still has). This is convinient when for example you have taken notes in a meeting, but you want to add some comments (in another color) afterwards. Now you have to change the color of the text you typed individually.
  12. I am working on a project in OneNote and certain sections of text are in different colors. It would be nice if we could do that in Evernote.
  13. There doesn't seem to be colour on IOS - or am I missing something? I routinely use colour to code headings in my notes when working in Evernote for Windows, but I don't seem to have this option in IOS? Is this on the cards?
  14. Is there a way to change the table's line colour and background within evernote?? Thanks in advance
  15. I am trying to figure out how to use the new "Style" attribute of folders to color code two Notebooks that I have. I can change the text style and the text color for individual folders, but there doesn't seem to be a way to change these attributes for the entire Notebook. What I would like to do is to select a color and a text style for all the folders in one notebook (i.e. RED and BOLD), and select a different COLOR attribute for all the folders in another Notebook. So far, I have only been able to do that one folder at a time. And if you choose SET THIS [STYLE] AS THE DEFAULT STYLE, it changes ALL folders in ALL NOTEBOOKS to that style. There must be a way to use the style attribute to distinguish folders in one notebook from folders in a different notebook, visually. Ideas and suggestions, please! I have way too many folders to do this operation one folder at a time! I tried selecting multiple folders before changing the STYLE attributes, but that option does not seem to be enabled. HELP!
  16. It would be nice to be able to change the color of the notebooks individually. I organize this way in another iOS app and have found it very useful. Any chance of adding this to the final Mac version 5?
  17. I love the addition of styling/coloring the tags for tags and notebooks. I would like to suggest an addition to this feature - the ability to: Change the color swatches that are shown Select a color that isn't one of the swatches
  18. Buenas tardes, me encantaría saber cómo cambiar el color de interfaz de la app Evernote Basic para MacOS X El Capitan. Muchas Gracias.
  19. Is it possible to customize the colors available when styling tags and notebooks? I'd like to be able to: Change the color swatches that are shown Select a color that isn't one of the swatches
  20. I'm really interested in the new tag style feature, and I'd like to make use of it. I use a lot of tag hierarchies, and so what I'd like to do is to assign the same style to a given tag and all of its children. For example, I'd like to make my financial tag and its children financial.receipt, financial.bill, and so on green. However, when I multi-select them and set a style, only the tag that I actually right-click on gets the selected style. If the parent only has a couple of children, that's not a problem - I can single-select each and set them individually. But when the parent has a lot of children, that's a pain. Anyone figure out a way yet to assign a style to multiple tags at once?
  21. Hello, It would be very useful to be able to have Notebook names, in Notebook tree, each with a customized color. It would allows to quickly search visually for the desired notebook, specially when you have dozens and dozens of notebooks created. Two examples in attach. Cheers, Hugo
  22. I've recently started using Evernote again, I use to hate it in the past because it was so heavy and cumbersome, but the iPad app was so impressive it got me back on, but now that I've moved all my notes to it and have several notebooks I use, I'm shocked to find that Evernote does not have any COLOR options. How is it that there's no option to pick a color for each notebook, and then whenever you look at a note there is a hint to that color to help me quickly recognize which notebook it belongs to. It will make Evernote so much more appealing and it's something that almost every other organization app has. Where can we add this to the suggestions box?
  23. Hello All! While I know Evernote isn't tailored for coders, I've tried to set up my EN styling to help. For instance, I use a mono-space font as default this way when I paste in code, things will look readable (or familiar, at least). I use Sublime as my editor of choice, like many other programmers, and Sublime will colorize your code as you type to help visualize what's going on. While I don't expect EN to do something like this, I was wondering if there was a script or some add-on that could accomplish this. Here would be the workflow: Paste code into a new note Select the code (or portion of text) you'd like to colorize Run script or add-on The selected code is now colorized as in Sublime and other text editorsDoes something like this exist? Is it possible to create this in the EN universe? Not really sure of what can and can't be done here in EN land, but I'd sure like to find out! I've attached a screenshot of the colorization in Sublime for a visual reference. Thanks for any tips and constructive comments!
  24. I just got started with Evernote and am really struggling with both how boring it looks and how much more difficult the blah interface makes it to use. Am I missing something? I've looked everywhere for ways to customize the colors on my screen or be able to add personal aspects, or to be able to organize things using color cues that match my memory and thoughts about how I group different aspects of my life. I have been using Trello, but wanted to change to Evernote because it seemed more flexible. However, I just don't know if I can live in this gray world, and I don't know how anyone can remember or find things only using word tags without any kind of color organization. All of my Trello boards were different colors, and I found a way to add photos to each list I made so that the photos looked like headers and stayed visible at the top of each list to keep my page vibrant and also to provide me with instant visual cues of what to click on, where to add things, where to see things. Don't get me wrong -- I'm a writer and editor, and text is fantastic. But I'm also in my fifties and getting a little visually challenged, not into gray/black/white, and definitely into things that look sparkling and alive. If something is going to take up real estate on my screen, it needs to look warm and inviting and pleasing and colorful and fantastic. I keep watching tutorials and reading tips and thinking -- where is that button I push to give me some....teal? Please let me know if I am missing the obvious -- I'm crossing my fingers!
  25. Feature request - I'd love to see some kind of feature similar to InDesign's Paragraph and Character style functionality. I understand this might not be really considered as a good feature for Evernote in order to avoid feature bloating (too many features, leading to poor UX/UI), but in case isn't hasn't been considered, here it is! I was just writing out my notes for a speech, and I've been highlighting all the quotes from others I'm using in red, and at the end I wished I had done it in a different color, so now I have to go through one-by-one and change the colors. With Character styling, I could just change it in one place.