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Found 30 results

  1. Hello, all. I'm new to Evernote and can't wait to get started, but I'm confused about something. It seems that after I created my account, I have access to a web version, so why is there a download feature? Do I need to download on all of my devices? I want to use Evernote on my desktop and laptop (macs) and on my iPad and iPhone. How do I go about getting them to all access my Evernote account? Do I need to download on all devices or does Evernote work web-based in the cloud? Thank you.
  2. MaheshTZ

    Box Integration

    Request to have integration of Cloud service - '"BOX""
  3. Hi I am not sure if evernote stores every file I attached to notes in my computer locally, or all data is uploaded to cloud. Latter in my position would be so nice, so I can preserve much more HDD capacity for my other needs.
  4. I recently noticed that box Inc. started using Google cloud vision technology, it would be amazing if Evernote could also implement this groundbreaking technology so we can use objects within photos as search content as well. Also other AI plug-ins, like recognizing calander dates and meetings would be helpful too!
  5. Hello everyone, Longtime Evernote user, but I'm new to the forums so apologies if this is somewhere that I missed when searching. I just setup my printer for Google Cloud Print, and I'm wondering if Evernote has the ability to work with that very helpul feature. This would be for printing to my printer when I'm not on my home wifi, but when I'm at the local javahouse, etc. I know there's an obvious work-around (import note into Google Docs and print from there)--but I was hoping someone had an easier answer. Thank you
  6. Hi all, I am currently having an issue with the searchability of documents when using the Scansnap Cloud service. I am currently using an Scansnap ix500 scanner. WHEN I DO USE SCANSNAP CLOUD (WIRELESS) Currently, I have Scansnap Cloud set up such that all documents go straight to Evernote (as can be seen in the first attached picture). However, when the documents arrive in Evernote, they are not searchable/OCR'd. WHEN I DON"T USE SCANSNAP CLOUD (WIRED) When I have a wired connection and send the documents to Evernote through Scansnap's "quick menu" (from the included software CD - see the second attached picture), the documents arrive in Evernote and are indeed searchable (OCR'd). Why am I having this issue? At first, I though that the WIRED option runs the OCR on my computer and THEN sends it to Evernote (whereas under the WIRELESS option there may be no OCR on the Scansnap Cloud server side before it is sent to Evernote). However, doesn't Evernote have OCR capabilities on their end as well (and so it shouldn't matter whether the document has been "pre OCR'd" before arriving)? Or is OCR only a premium feature?
  7. So how do you do this I want a physical hard copy of all my evernote notes and attachments in an evernote readable format backed up onto my local hard drive exporting out notes just exports XML which is simply going to be text based notes, tags, among other things - but not attachments or how can i back my attachments up easily
  8. I want to make a proposal. I would appreciate, if EN would store the data of citizens of the EU in the EU. I know all the standard bla bla, how safe the data is. In fact it's not. Safe Harbor is over and we have now the Privacy Shield. But this is more or less the same, only with an other name. So as a non US citizen I don't have the control over my data. EN is holding the encryption keys and with the Patriot Act and FISA many people can have access to my data. And En can even be forced to keep the access secret. Some US companies even get money from the NSA for the access to the personal data of the customers. Legal backdoors. I don't know, if EN get also money for this, but after the last price "adjustment" I can imagine, that EN need badly money. Microsoft started to solve this problem by offering cloud services in the EU. This would be a feature that would be worth the price "adjustment".
  9. I want the ability to export (and import) notes to cloud servixes such as Google Drive and Dropbox. This would help me because my teachers don't like Work Chat and I don't know why. They want me to upload my notes and homework to google drive. I think this feature would be helpful for everyone. There should also be auto upload so evernote could automaticaaly upload my notes.
  10. Hello! What's main difference if I check Cloud Service when activating API or not? And can I change this option after API key was activated and how it affect my users? Another question. I have android app and tizen-wearable client connected to android app and getting Evernote data. If I redirect this requests to Windows web server will existing api key work? Thank you!
  11. Hi Everyone, I would first like to say that I love Evernote. Everything about it has been super helpful for my life, my work and my family. I am totally paperless and Evernote has allowed me to clear my head and focus. I would also like to say that I am currently a beta tester for all things Evernote, including Mac, Windows, iOS and Scannable. Lately, I have been reading plenty of articles talking about how Evernote is going down the tubes and is a horrible experience. (http://chambersdaily.com/bradleychambers/2015/10/18/learning-to-leave-evernote) People are leaving Evernote for services like OneNote and Apple Notes. With everybody talking bad about Evernote and all of the recent changes within the company structure (new CEO & a ton of layoffs) I have been worrying about the future of my Evernote and my lifestyle therefore I have been trying out all of Evernote's competitors just in case we hear one day soon that the service will be shutting down. I understand from a lot of the outward facing people at Evernote that they are hard at work re-building a lot of the infrastructure and trying to focus the product. I would really like some sort of sign that the company and my life's workflow won't suddenly end in the future. What are your thoughts? Are we all in the same boat? Thanks Nick
  12. Hi Evernote community, we just finished the integration of Evernote in our iOS App Quick Access. Quick Access allows you to search all your favorite cloud services with a single query. It connects directly to SharePoint, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and Evernote. Website with more details: http://quickaccess.thinkelephant.de/ App store link: https://appsto.re/de/hP6K4.i Any feedback & suggestion is appreciated – we want to move forward! The next version will also include Twitter and Office365.
  14. Hey guys. I have the latest version on Evernote on PC, and only 445 of my 601 notes seem to be syncing to the cloud. I've tried reinstalling, relogging, emptying my trash, and waited for a couple patches after looking through similar discussions on the forums, but it made no difference. The 445 notes that sync do so perfectly, but the ones that don't are just there. I don't know what's going on. When I generate a share URL for the unsynced notes, they appear in the cloud and in my other devices fine, but it doesn't save the changes I make to them afterwards. And the cloud just seems to not sync notes really randomly, because not all notes in one notebook have this issue. I submitted a support ticket this time last week, but I have yet to hear back from the team.. which is weird since I've already received a number in an email. Hope some of you here can help me! I've also attached my activity log just in case. Thanks Evernote_5.8.3.6507_20150213.txt
  15. Hi, I'm looking into EN to see if it fits our company's needs, so I did some searches but I couldn't find a definitive answer on whether it is possible to have Evernote save and sync data locally / in a Cloud folder? If so, does it still sync between EN OS X, EN iOS etc versions? For example: Could I use Evernote on my Mac, making it safe my data without uploading it to the Evernote servers? Even better: To Dropbox or iCloud or whatever cloud service I like? For example 1Password let's me choose where I place my sync folder. Of course, it still syncs with the iOS app / other platform versions. I'd want to do this because I like to decide for myself where our company's data is stored.

    How to scan directly to EN cloud.

    I would like to avoid storing all my scanned documents on my computer. Is there a way to have them go directly to EN cloud? I can't find anything in settings.
  17. Have been struggling with the php sdk for months and was about to give up and switch. With the new cloud sdk I could get up and running in minutes. Love evernote but believe an API rises or falls by keeping devs happy. Just my two cents .. and please give Laurent-Sarrazin a big pay rise !
  18. I am a new user to Evernote and I am very intrigued. However, I am also very very Cloud averse. Just look at the hacks into credit systems with banking grade security. It is the principle of privacy that is key, as nothing I am storing is of great import or value to anyone but myself. Therefore, everything I put into EN is saved to my HD. Not in the cloud. So why do I get the Note Synchronization dialoge asking for my password every time I open EN? None of the boxes 'Options, Sync" are checked. Just wondering. Thanks, cjamt
  19. Hi my Evernote doesn't sync/ Doesn't push PC to Cloud. I've tried many times and checked various setting and I don't understand why it doesn't work Cloud to PC works Ok. Thanks
  20. Hello, Can I store my Evernote notebook database in a 3rd party cloud storage ie. my Google Drive account (my Google Drive account is locally accessible via a synced folder on my various computers)? I have the necessary storage space in my Google Drive account - other than possibly making Google mad with what I'm doing, is this possible/allowed by Evernote?
  21. Interesting application. One problem is that I can't use it with my job because I can't just sync data to external could. Is there anyway to use this and sync without the cloud? Any suggestions on how to get around this rule ? Thank you in advance. PS I tried copying a content.enml file which didn't seem to work. I would think that I could manually copy files between Android and PC but it doesnt seem easy or apparent.
  22. Hello everyone, I am having trouble trying to initiate a share of a note. I am using the following code : String tag = (String)v.getTag(); String evernoteId = tag.replaceAll("share_note-", ""); ns.shareNote(evernoteId, el); and am then getting the error below (In response from evernote servers). 04-07 09:21:14.706: W/System.err(20480): java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: shareNote [class java.lang.String] 04-07 09:21:14.706: W/System.err(20480): at java.lang.Class.getConstructorOrMethod(Class.java:460) 04-07 09:21:14.706: W/System.err(20480): at java.lang.Class.getMethod(Class.java:915) 04-07 09:21:14.706: W/System.err(20480): at com.evernote.client.android.AsyncReflector$1.run(AsyncReflector.java:60) 04-07 09:21:14.706: W/System.err(20480): at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:1080) 04-07 09:21:14.706: W/System.err(20480): at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$Worker.run(ThreadPoolExecutor.java:573) 04-07 09:21:14.706: W/System.err(20480): at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:856) Anyone have an idea of why this happens ? Thanks a lot for the help
  23. I hope you folks will try to understand this. I don't need any of the premium features. Were I to upgrade, it would be for only one reason: to keep Evernote robust, and just because "you're you". I like Evernote because it's a powerful dumb data handler. I don't use the word "dumb" in an insulting way. It's actually a *compliment*! Evernote simply does its job: it's all about the user. The user's data is "here" (wherever the user is) and Evernote moves it "there" (to Evernote). Then whenever the user is "here" again (maybe the same place, maybe somewhere else, on a different device), Evernote moves it from "there" to "here". Simple as that. No fluff, no guff. I sincerely hope Evernote doesn't go fancy and build ties to Facebook and Twitter and Google Plus and Microsoft and...whoever. I want, just, Evernote, *pure* and simple. Evernote is power. Evernote is the ultimate cloud service. KISS.
  24. Evernote's head of Data Products, Mark Ayzenshtat, announced a major new feature for the Public API in the video linked to below: Related notes, notebooks, and tags. In the video he offers a quick usage example for developers, that of a utility that integrates with your E-mail, showing you notes related to the E-mail you are currently viewing: http://youtu.be/pLMvoH-FRlc?t=26m58s I suggest watching the whole video. It's a rapid-fire entertaining and informative look at the thought processes and principles behind Evernote's analysis of user usage patterns and the new features that analysis creates: -- roschler
  25. I have some concerns about the security and reliability of the place where my private data is stored. What cloud server company does EN use, and, equally important, what portions of that data can EN personnel access, or "see?"