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Found 2,202 results

  1. How to get rid of the following error from the Safari console? safari-extension://com.evernote.safari.clipper-Q79WDW8YH9/afb9990e/_locales/en_US/messages.jsonFailed to load resource: The file “messages.json” couldn’t be opened because there is no such file. I don't like error when opening console. Browser: Safari Technology Preview, Release 26 (Safari 10.2, WebKit 12604.1.12) OS: macOS Sierra 10.12.3 Thanks.
  2. Chrome

    I installed the Evernote clipper a few years back and to be honest only used it a few times. Now, when trying to open my Chrome browser, I get the message "snipping tool for Evernote has crashed. Click this balloon to reload the extension" On clicking the 'balloon' the message keeps reappearing and Chrome no longer works Do you think this is a virus? I am not tech minded but ok with the basics. I am using IE to write this message. I use Windows 10 and can also use Edge (not my favourite). I would like Chrome to work again but don't know how to get it back. Sorry if this has been posted before (I couldn't find anything on this) Thank you in advance Annie x
  3. Opinion: Web Clipper Needs Ability to Define "Keyword / Tag SETS" - similar to Adobe Lightroom CC. I find that I consistently enter a combination of Keywords / Tags for certain types of articles / media that I added to Evernote via the Safari Web Clipper. I then recalled that I can in Adobe Lightroom CC create "Keyword Sets" that aggregate multiple tags / keywords so that I do not need to apply them with separate keystrokes / clicks. Its a Huge Timesaver, and for me could be a big time saver with the Evernote Web Clipper. One would name a Keyword Set & populate it with multiple tags from Evernote ... then with a single shortcut or click apply all of those keywords to a given clip. I could have multiple Keyword Sets for a variety of "typical" articles that I clip. One could argue that I could create a single keyword that aggregates all of my desired thoughts into a single keyword. But them I am left with a more difficult task when I want to dissect my data later by keywords. For me keywording / tagging is a Big Deal, and important to my workflow. So please take a look a Lightroom CC and their keywording approach. There may be an even more effective approach, but I am not familiar with it (perhaps even within the current Evernote ... pls inform me if that is so). I do know that the current Web Clipper is insufficient for what I use it for. Finally, I realize Smart Filing is available, and I do have it turned on, but it turns out that it is Not that Smart. It does not aggregate my desired tags in the way I expect. About half the times it puts in the wrong tag, and then I have to remove it, then Add what I'm looking for ... so it can be actually counterproductive. Would be interested if others would find Keyword Sets useful, especially in the (Safari) Web Clipper.
  4. There doesn't seem to be any way to permanently dismiss the annoying little web clipper "nag" to "try it out" every time I navigate to a page with a PDF download or reader. Yes, we can click the X box, and the nag disappears. But it reappears persistently... even after we have "tried it out." We don't always want to use it. Give us a switch to permanently turn off the nags, at least after a "first-time" use. Thanks.
  5. We are constantly looking at ways to ramp up security to reduce incidents and risk. We recently disabled Flash on most machines. Web Clipper no longer works. The Android App, I believe, runs Flash Free. What is the roadmap for the Chrome browser plug-in, or do I need to find another tool to replace Evernote.
  6. hi cannot automate clipping with bettertouchtool or keyboardmaestro because the shortcut is only triggerd if pressed for a while (no matter which one i chose). that's an issue, please fix it. thanks, lino
  7. hi does anyone know how to hide description and top comments? sometimes it's checked, sometimes not. oh, this sucks soo much...
  8. On this page: No matter how I try to clip the page, either "whole page" or "article", it's not saving the photos. I find myself always having to verify the page in evernote web everytime I save something, because I don't trust this tool to capture the actual page. Is this a known problem?
  9. Hello, I tried many times and in different Firefox profiles. Evernote web clipper can't clip anything from I tried clipping pages from in Chrome and it works flawlessly. So, bug in the clipper for FF? If people from Evernote are interested I can send Event Logs.
  10. Hi, The web clipper is not working on my Mac with Safari. This problem has been on and off for a week or so, but now it is permanent. I uninstalled it and then installed it again. It doesn't work. Web clipper is enabled under the Preferences/ Extensions. Is there anyone else who is having this problem? Thanks!
  11. I'm a big fan of clipping Wikipedia pages. I have found recently that some embedded images are not rendered in Evernote after clipping. Often these are inline equations in .svg format. See excerpt screen shots of the same content, from the page Tropical Cyclone, and from my clipped page in EN. I am using Windows 10, and this happens in ALL browsers on this platform. Ironically, my iPhone can clip this page perfectly after I request the desktop version. What gives?!
  12. After Chrome updated to v56, the Web Clipper is now severely broken. Specifically, when you click the mouse pointer on an option within the Web Clipper UI, the action that follows your click does not correspond to what/where you clicked. The Web Clipper thinks you have clicked somewhere different to where you have actually clicked. For example, clicking on the green 'Save' button does not initiate a save action but instead selects the 'Simplified article' Clip option. Similarly, clicking on 'Full page' does not select Full page clip style but instead selects Options and opens the Options dialog. This behavior is 100% reproducible.
  13. When I clipping a Wikipedia page which contains several formula, eg."加密演算法 ", the format present in Evernote would be extremely weird. Please fix this. ---- 当我使用 Chrome 中的网页裁剪插件来裁剪包含公式的维基百科页面时,印象笔记中的样式会变的非常奇怪,请修复。
  14. I'm having a problem with the web clipper that seems to have started just today, possibly yesterday. When I click the evernote clipper button in Safari (Mac Mavericks), absolutely nothing happens a large percentage of the time. some URLs that this happens on: it does work on, so the clipper is "working" sometimes, but for many many URLs recently absolutely nothing happens at all. Thanks
  15. EDIT: UPDATED 2/17/17 Hi y'all, Our development team is currently investigating an issue where some users are having trouble logging into the Evernote Web Clipper in Safari. When this issue occurs, a tab or window opens and closes and an error appears stating "You must sign in using the Clip to Evernote toolbar button before you can make clips." If you're experiencing this issue, please ensure your Evernote Web Clipper is updated to version 6.11* and your Safari Privacy settings are set to either "Allow from websites I visit" or "Always allow" (Safari > Preferences > Privacy > Cookies and website data). *If your Web Clipper isn't updated, please reinstall the extension by following these steps: Open Safari and select Safari > Preferences from the menu bar. Choose Extensions > Evernote Web Clipper > Uninstall. Quit and reopen Safari. Open Safari and install the Evernote Web Clipper from If prompted to choose between installing the extension from the Safari Extensions Gallery or directly from the developer, choose Install from Developer. Navigate to Safari > Preferences > Extensions > Updates to ensure you have the latest version of the extension installed. If your Evernote Web Clipper extension is updated to version 6.11 and your Privacy settings are set to 'Allow from websites I visit' or 'Always allow' and you're still experiencing this issue, please submit a support request so our Technical Support Team can help investigate this further.
  16. Chrome

    Hi, I have decided to use Evernote and one of the most amazing things is the linkedin clip. With my brand new installed web clip I can't have linkedin profile pages captured. I can't find any reason other than the new linkedin layout. Is there any problem with the clipper and the new layout of linkedin? Regards.
  17. Hello, I am not able to add tags for shared notebooks: "Tags not supported". It does not work on Chrome (44.0.2403.125 (64-bit)) WebClipper version: 6.5.3 nor on Safari (same version). Do you have a solution for this? Thanks!
  18. Hello ! The clipper works very well for me most of the time, but the other day I tried to use it in an online catalogue and it just won't work. It does work on other tabs in the same session, just not on that particular website. It doesn*t work on the general list, like this nor on the individual items pages like this one Is there a way to fix this ? I wanted to signal it to evernote but I never managed to actually find the form to report it... Thank you for any help
  19. I thought the previous version of clipper was fun enough (constantly being asked to sign in, suggestions to "why not clip this PDF" on every single PDF opened) but it's now not working at all. When I click the evernote button a new tabs opens and ends up at URL This quickly closes leaving me back on the page I wanted to clip but nothing else happens. I've already tried reinstalling the extension (now on 6.11), restarting browser, clearing all evernote cookies/local storage. Update: This was resolved as follows: Uninstall the Evernote Web Clipper in Safari by navigating to Safari > Preferences > Extensions > Evernote Web Clipper and choose Uninstall From the menubar, choose Safari > Clear History and choose All History > **Clear History On your keyboard, press ⌘ command + ⌥ option + esc simultaneously, then select Safari and choose Force Quit Restart your Mac Open Safari and install the Evernote Web Clipper from If prompted to choose between installing the extension from the Safari Extensions Gallery or directly from the developer choose Install from Developer. Navigate to Safari > Preferences > Extensions > Updates to ensure you have the latest version of the extension installed
  20. I'm very pleased to announce Web Clipper 6.9.3 for Firefox. Thanks to the new 'Web Extensions' API in Firefox we're able to jump from version 6.2 to 6.9.3 and provide you the same feature set we have on other browsers. Moving forward, we'll be much quicker to update it. (We'll submit 6.10.1 for review today). To install Web Clipper for Firefox, go to: This new version works in Firefox 49 or later. For older versions, please visit the extensions versions page and download Web Clipper 6.2.
  21. The button "Get webclipper for safari" leads to 404 page for me. Is anyone having the same issue?
  22. I hope this is the proper way to report a problem. If not, please tell me what the appropriate way is. I have seen this bug numerous times while clipping recipes. One such example is the page at A recipe typically contains a list of ingredients, each of which starts with a numeric value. For example, see the screen shot Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 5.46.40 PM.png (attached). When clipping such pages using the Simplified Article option the numeric values are omitted and the ingredients are shown as bullets. For example, see Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 5.47.45 PM.png (attached). The desirable outcome would be to leave the numbers in creating in "unformatted list" (<ul>). OS X El Capitan 10.11.4 (15E65) Chrome Version 50.0.2661.102 (64-bit) Here is the HTML for the list shown in the screen shots. It seems fairly straightforward. <section class='ingredients'> <h4 class='section-slug'>Ingredients</h4> <ul> <li itemprop='ingredients'> <span> 2 </span> <span> large eggplants (1 1/2 pounds each), peeled </span> </li> <li itemprop='ingredients'> <span> 6 </span> <span> tablespoons <a href="/taste_tests/489-all-purpose-vegetable-oils">vegetable oil</a> </span> </li> <li itemprop='ingredients'> <span> </span> <span> Kosher salt and pepper </span> </li> <li itemprop='ingredients'> <span> 2 </span> <span> garlic cloves, minced </span> </li> <li itemprop='ingredients'> <span> 1/4 </span> <span> teaspoon dried oregano </span> </li> <li itemprop='ingredients'> <span> </span> <span> Pinch red pepper flakes </span> </li> <li itemprop='ingredients'> <span> 1 </span> <span> (28-ounce) can <a href="/taste_tests/231-canned-whole-tomatoes">whole peeled tomatoes</a>, drained with juice reserved, chopped coarse </span> </li> <li itemprop='ingredients'> <span> 1 </span> <span> slice <a href="/taste_tests/270-white-sandwich-bread">hearty white sandwich bread</a>, torn into 1-inch pieces </span> </li> <li itemprop='ingredients'> <span> 8 </span> <span> ounces (1 cup) whole-milk ricotta cheese </span> </li> <li itemprop='ingredients'> <span> 1 1/2 </span> <span> ounces grated Pecorino Romano cheese (3/4 cup) </span> </li> <li itemprop='ingredients'> <span> 1/4 </span> <span> cup plus 1 tablespoon chopped fresh basil </span> </li> <li itemprop='ingredients'> <span> 1 </span> <span> tablespoon lemon juice </span> </li> </ul> </section>
  23. As described, when I go to clip an infographic or larger picture file, Evernote downscales it into a grainy, almost useless picture. Is there any way to fix this?
  24. Web clipper in Chrome Android doesn't really work. Has two options, either "Create new note with text" (all this seems to do is create a note with a link in it) or "Clip full article", which is even weirder. Attached is a screenshot of part of an EN note created with the Chrome Android web clipper, "Clip full article" option. Most of it is basically illegible and it's not set up like the original article. Other clips come through as long vertical strings of illegible text. These problems don't always happen but they happen enough to make me say it's pretty unreliable. The only other option is apparently to just save a link. Very similar unsatisfactory results with the EN web clipper in Ghostery browser Android. The substance of this idea is . . . Can't this stuff be fixed? In the EN web clipper I use in Opera browser on my laptops, there is an option to create a note as a "Simplified article", which works great, basically moves images to be inline. Why no option like that in the Android version? What's the deal with the "text" option? Is that what it's supposed to do? .
  25. Hi! I am not able to save any articles into other notebooks than "First Notebook". When I search for other notebooks no suggestions come up. Tags work just fine though. I am using web clipper version 6.8.1 on Chrome. Has anyone encountered a similar problem? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards, Mikael