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Found 2,292 results

  1. Hello, After the last update of Firefox for macOs, Evernote Web Clipper stopped working. Firefox 55.0.3 (64-bit) Evernote Web Clipper Thanks, great work.
  2. I want to highight my text in web clipper (specifically Firefox) but I can't seem to do it. Even with the Evernote shortcuts of CMD CTL H, that is not available. Or CMD OPTN I. Any thoughts? Highlight would be huge for me.
  3. Evernote and web clipper are great products. The least reliable aspect of web clipper is capturing the article's publication date when capturing a "simplified article." I only get dates in like 50% of my captures, which is a real nuisance. Please fix this.
  4. latest version of Mac OS, Safari and Evernote web clipper. Web clipper doesn't work. Goes to login page, but even after login still doesn't work. There is a black dot beneath the elephant icon. I would suggest fixing this!
  5. I have had the problem with the red dot for 6 months. I have most recent Firefox ( and have tried various clipper add ons . The clipper has a red dot. At beginning of session I click on it. It asks for google user name and pword which I enter. Then pop up closes. But nothing else happens and red dot still there.If I try again it it momentarily opens then closes. I have to use the old 6.9.3 for it to work again. Even then it stops working as soon as I later close the browser and reopen it. I have turned off all add ons (except clipper) in case of some clash. It is most frustrating and renders clipper unworkable.
  6. I've been reading that Google is considering phasing out the Gmail interface and pushing everyone to Google Inbox. I've been going back and forth between Gmail and Inbox. I've been trying to force myself to use Inbox more, and with the new feature in the Calendar app on Android to create reminders that show up in Inbox and in the Calendar app on my phone (and eventually the web), I'm seeing a need to use that side of Gmail more. However, the Web Clipper doesn't seem to know how to clip individual emails from Inbox. Is this something that will be fixed any time soon?
  7. Web Clipper and Tor

    First, it's taken me nearly an hour to find any forum that had the ability to create a new topic. I have been going in circles. I'm probably not in the correct forum, but I can't afford to spend another hour just trying to find how to ask for help. I added the Web Clipper to Tor. When I click on it nothing happens. It appears to be the latest version. It installs from within Tor. I tried to search for Web Clipper for Tor or Web Clipper for Firefox. There are links, but it only seems to have me install Firefox. I did see on the Firefox website it has a rating of 2 stars, with most people saying that it just doesn't work. Since I can't install it, I couldn't even leave another "doesn't work," review. Does it work? What do I need to do to get it to work? I've got a Macbook Air with the latest versions of OSX, latest version of Tor, latest version of the daily newspaper, etc. Help me, Evernote Gurus and/or technical staff.....T'oure my only hope!
  8. I would like to see a simple option during the webclip to allow for the removal of pictures from the clip. I do a lot of research clipping and just need the text for reference, not the images. Also cuts down on storage space required. There is a product that do clipping of articles called "Print Friendly" at that has such a feature. When they do their clip, it has a check box to allow removal of pictures form the clip. This cleanly removes all pictures and grapics from the clip leaving a very clean text clip with formating. This would be a great function for both the clipper and may as an editor options on Evernote itself, since it is ofter difficult to clean up the clip by way the formatiing goes on the editor. I am going to ask them if there product could put a store to Evernote option as an option. By the way, is there a way to display the html code on the editor, like the html toggle button on most web based editors.
  9. I frequently browse my subscriptions, add to my Watch Later, and finally watch my saved list. If I want to remember something, I clip to Evernote. The new YouTube interface has been up for a while now—couple of weeks—and I hate it as much as the next user. This morning was the first time since the change that I tried to web clip. It's broken. Five weeks ago, I saved my most recent working YouTube clip. When you click the link, you should see the format including title, URL, publisher, image, description, etc. This morning, the option to save a YouTube clip is gone. I decided that best option was to save a broken bookmark clip. I realized that the title and links are correct; however, the description is from another video in my list, and the image is from an altogether different video in my list. That's not going to work. Is this happening to you, too? What's the best workaround for the interim? When will this be fixed?
  10. The amazon web clipper is awesome (although it sometimes misses images), how about one for stack overflow which nicely formats people answers and comments? And special code formatting would be good.
  11. Evernote and web clipper are great products, but they almost never capture embedded twitter posts when using the "simplified article" capture. Capturing twitter posts is an important aspect of how I use evernote for my job. Please fix this.
  12. Hi there, @evernotehelps suggested I post this here – I've recently begun to use the Brave browser ( and so far think it's pretty great. On Safari I'm a big fan of the webclipper and would love to see it implemented for Brave as well. Any chance that might happen soon?
  13. YouTube changed its layout. Before the layout change the Chrome Web Clipper recognised the page and saved a nice looking web clip with all the needed information. After the layout change the Web Clipper does not provide the option "YouTube" any more. Please make the YouTube option available again. My current Clipper Version: 6.12.2 (6a10d4b/
  14. I use the Web Clipper a lot to create Notes. When I do, the URL is available in the Note. It seems that if I email the Note from within Evernote, that URL is not included. If it's not, I'd *like* it to be included as I often email Notes to people who are not already Evernote users.
  15. The clipper is working fine for me, clipping and syncing articles perfectly. EXCEPT - Every single time I clip a page, my browser jumps back to that tab to show an error message saying: "The Clipper couldn't start on this page. Reload the page and try again. If that doesn't help, contact customer support." I have no idea why it shows this because in fact the Clipper always does start on every page! Anyone else having the same problem?
  16. When I enter text in the Tag field of the web clipper they appear backwards, for example if I want to type Photoshop the text enters as pohsotohp. I made a movie to show you. Any ideas? I uninstalled the web clipper form Safari. I installed the developer version and the version from the Apple Gallery. Both are version 6.9.4. Is there any hidden files I need to delete to completely uninstall? I noticed it kept my user name and account settings after the uninstall. Maybe a suggestion to completely uninstall. Thanks, Paul Safari Technology
  17. The Web Clipper does not work. I have tried all sorts of methods, but I can not. Please tell me how Link up.
  18. I thought the previous version of clipper was fun enough (constantly being asked to sign in, suggestions to "why not clip this PDF" on every single PDF opened) but it's now not working at all. When I click the evernote button a new tabs opens and ends up at URL This quickly closes leaving me back on the page I wanted to clip but nothing else happens. I've already tried reinstalling the extension (now on 6.11), restarting browser, clearing all evernote cookies/local storage. Update: This was resolved as follows: Uninstall the Evernote Web Clipper in Safari by navigating to Safari > Preferences > Extensions > Evernote Web Clipper and choose Uninstall From the menubar, choose Safari > Clear History and choose All History > **Clear History On your keyboard, press ⌘ command + ⌥ option + esc simultaneously, then select Safari and choose Force Quit Restart your Mac Open Safari and install the Evernote Web Clipper from If prompted to choose between installing the extension from the Safari Extensions Gallery or directly from the developer choose Install from Developer. Navigate to Safari > Preferences > Extensions > Updates to ensure you have the latest version of the extension installed
  19. Is it possible to clip a page when in Firefox Reader View. The normal web clipper works great 80% of the time only giving me the info I want but some articles have adds in the middle of the page and the clipper copys that as well while in Firefox reader view it eliminates all of that but I am unable to clip the page thoughts?
  20. Other Email issue

    Internal error. Please, try again and contact the Evernote Support. I cant save my emails from Outlook
  21. Firefox Can't log in

    I can't login in Evernote web clipper 6.9.3 and Firefox 50. When I type in my credentials and press login, I get the message "unknown error".
  22. Hi! Found nothing in the search, so here proposal: A 1 click "Pocket" style way of clipping, where you could just hit 1 button or keyboard shortcut, and save the page. If possible with pre configured options (Article, Page, Bookmark, etc.). Of course ONLY as an additional way to clip, NOT replacing the current way.. At the moment it is multiple times faster to save a page to my pocket, then to clip it to EN (Of course even without ANY tags, notes, etc.). I do understand the difference between those 2 services, but i think it would still be possible to avoid the tedious way of 1. Click on EN button 2. Wait for UI to load (Takes 1-2 secs till ready to operate even on my fast mid-premium) desktop, not to speak about my older laptop, or those 2GB/4GB windows tablets 2. Check the current clipping format 3. Check target folder 4. hitting save button Some ppl may dont mind, when they only use clipper causally or for private, non extensive use, but for power users, and professional use, this can get a pretty slow and therefore annoying workflow, when one needs to do research for example, and save more then 1-2 pages at a time. And those power and pro users are the ones, that buy the subscriptions mostly. Causal users are most times happy with a free plan. Therefore i think EN should seriously think to target us more, and develop EN potential, where it still stands like years ago. In times like these, where many of those users use their browsers with multiple, often dozens of tabs open, such a batch like option would come REALLY handy, and REALLY save time, nerves and money, and be something REALLY beneficial for many of us. I have been an EN fan from their start on Android, and still have some hope for it, even after feeling burned with lack of focus on core product improvement and lack of listening to the community, as i know many here feel the same. And i do know that EN team has been busy with work on the software and backend core software. But i hope this promised focus on improving EN instead of wasting time and money on BS side Apps will sometime soon come to fruition. Seeing how OneNote catches up, it may be too little, too late. But I hope I am proofed to be wrong on my feeling.
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  24. Chrome Buttons on Navigation Bar

    The Notebook and Tag buttons have disappeared from my navigation bar. What should I do?
  25. Firefox Firefox WC eats memory

    98% of the reason I'm an Evernote Premium user is so that I can clip Web content in Firefox. While version 6.10.2beta2 works best for me, it and beta1 and 6.9.3 all include a dealbreaker: an increase in memory used until the browser becomes unusable and needs to be restarted. This memory grab proceeds slowly, even if I'm not actively using the browser (maybe due to unattended activity by Gmail, Facebook, etc.). Using the browser heavily makes the memory grab happen much faster. When I say memory grab, I'm talking about 1.5 to 2 GIGAbytes (according to about:memory) on top of my initial startup size of about 600 MB before the browser gives up the ghost and becomes unusably slow. Disabling the Web Clipper makes the problem go away. Re-enabling makes the problem happen again. Uninstalling and reinstalling all three versions makes no difference -- if any of those three WC versions is active, the problem occurs. Right now I'm copying URLs to Chrome and using its WC, but that's not a particularly convenient process for a frequently-used feature. Firefox 50.0.2 (latest) and latest Win 10 Pro. Anyone else having this problem?