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  1. I work on a 2016 MacBook Pro with MacOS High Sierra and Safari Version 11.0.3. Noticed this morning that web clipper is no longer doing its thing. Get spinning wheel on trying to clip a selection or whole email page. Need to restart gmail page to remove the wheel. Clicking on elephant icon leads me to having to log in again. Reinstalled web clipper, removed cache/cookies/history, force quit Safari and restarted, all to no avail. Help? It worked so nicely until recently (currently premium user).
  2. I work on a 2016 MacBook Pro with MacOS High Sierra and Safari Version 11.0.3. Noticed this morning that web clipper is no longer doing its thing. Get spinning wheel on trying to clip a selection or whole email page. Need to restart gmail page to remove the wheel. Clicking on elephant icon leads me to having to log in again. Reinstalled web clipper, removed cache/cookies/history, force quit Safari and restarted, all to no avail. Help? It worked so nicely until recently (currently premium user).
  3. Web clipper of previous version was not working at all, used to show the message of 'clip failed'. But the new or updated version is clipping well like the second last or third last versions of Evernote. But the only problem I'm facing now is that the format of clipping is already too simple and complicated. The text and every data including heading, sub headings, body, etc all are coming in same line and not aligned at all, making it very difficult to read and manage the note. In order to maintain the note I have to edit it and manage everything myself, unlike second and third last versions where the page on web which I used to clip, gets saved as it is, including the page color. There only drawback was that sometimes the whole text or table contents were not totally viewable but after Simplifying formatting the contents are viewable but alignment was bizzare. *Evernote should have this facility of clipping the web page as it is, while keeping the full content including tables and charts as it is, if any, in alignment. Without Simplifying the formatting. I hope that Evernote team read my post and take my suggestion. So that all Evernote users including me can have a better experience on Evernote than ever before. For example, the link of web page I clipped is mentioned below https://www.draparajita.com/medicines/homeopathic-remedies-for-fungal-infections/97/ And how it clipped that I'm attaching a portion of the clip as screenshot. Please go through it.
  4. Muchas veces queremos sacar una captura de pantalla a elementos que no alcanzan a entrar en la pantalla. Otras veces queremos que simplemente teniendo un texto seleccionado y haciendo click en el clipper podamos crear una nota con solo ese texto. Many times we want to take a screenshot of elements that do not reach the screen. Other times we want that by simply having a selected text and clicking on the clipper we can create a note with only that text.
  5. Chrome chrome windows

    When I try to capture emails or images in google chrome windowed apps like gmail, it is not possible for 2 reasons: 1- I don't have the evernote extension button available due to windowed gmail 2- throw the context menu it is not possible to initiate the evernote capture extension the same way it should happen when you press the elephant button. ... it also not possible to start the capture extension throw keyboard shortcuts. I kindly request evernote 2 situations: 1. to start the capture extension throw the right click context menu (in onenote extension this is possible) 2. when I capture images/favorites or other kind of content throw the right click context menu to be possible to choose notebook of destinations as well as add tags Thank you for your time
  6. We all know that it is a struggle to modify a webpage sent to evernote using the clipper. Most pages begin with huge fonts and finding a way to enter a note above that, with text only and maybe a horizontal line to easily distinguish our notes from the clipped page is a struggle. The beauty of Web Clipper is that it includes the "Remarks" box that allows us to do just that: anything typed in that box displays at the top of the clipped webpage, giving us a nice area to add our own notes - and it has the horizontal line to boot. I often forget to include something in the remarks box, or I'm in rush. It would be great if I could set the clipper to always include something in that box, like "My Notes:" so that every page I clip has that editable area at the top that I could expand on when I have the time. Come to think of it it would be great to also include something like that when we "share to Evernote" on our Android phones.
  7. Opening the same PDF on Dropbox on Chrome -> we clipper works and I can take screenshots Opening the same PDF (saved to local) on Chrome -> cannot open web clipper Really? ... Are there any fixes for this? I bought the premium so I could do things like this without having to install third party programs. Slightly frustrating.
  8. Hello, I've been using Android clipper perfectly for a long time. I've just migrated from Samsung S8 to Samsung Note 8 and the Android clipper just stopped working. It is now always showing Clip Failed icon and Clip Again function does not help at all. The only difference I noticed between the two platforms is the minor version of Android which is 7.0 in S8 and 7.1.1 in Note 8. Evernote has exactly the same version in both phones. The problem is not website sensitive, it fails regardless of the source. Any clues? Regards, Eduardo
  9. Safari Automatically archive webpages

    Everybody, I am looking for old automated process to automatically clip via the Evernote extension every single webpage I browse. Would like to do this in the background if possible. I have attached a link to a piece of software that does something similar but not with Evernote. http://www.proxy-offline-browser.com https://github.com/ludios/grab-site I know it sounds crazy but I frequently need to access previously archived webpages of sites that I have visited and it is cumbersome for me to clip each page manually.
  10. Would like to know if I've already clipped a web page. This could be done by searching the URL of notes in my local evernote and if the URL exists a badge appears in the clipper or when I open the clipper to clip a notification exists. To speed up the searching an index of current URLs could be kept on the computer. It's possible a web page could have been changed since I clipped it. Possible solution is to store web page modification date, compare it to the internet version and evernote and display if there has been a change to the page. Even that isn't perfect, but would be a good start to keep duplicates down.
  11. Hi, I use Evernote Web Clipper to save web articles but sometimes I forget that I have already clipped a certain article and I clip it again, effectively creating note duplicates. So I think it would be great if Evernote Web Clipper had an indication on it's browser icon that I have already clipped a web page, to avoid clipping it again. It just has to look at the web page's url for each clipped article. Thoughts? Thanks, Stavros.
  12. Just before I include the details of the bug, I just want to say I'm amazed that you're required to pay in order to submit a bug report! I don't need support for this issue, I just want to submit the details of the bug. Anyway, here are the details: Your activity log: 13:44:47 GMT+0000 (GMT Standard Time) (ERROR) /background.html: https://www.answerthepublic.com/, https://www.evernote.com/shard/s71/u/0/notestore, EDAMUserException, {"errorCode":11,"parameter":"Attribute \"nodecheckid\" must be declared for element type \"a\"."} at j (/js/main/Submitter.js:3:3540) at Thrift.BinaryHttpTransport.<anonymous> (/thrift/thrift-binary.js:3:7128) What you are doing when the crash occurs: Clipping a website as a Bookmark. A description of what is happening: Receiving the error message "Cannot save clip", and the website is not being clipped. What version of Evernote you are using: 6.13.2 (Evernote Web Clipper) A list of all the steps you took before you contacted Evernote Support: Logged out, and then logged back into Evernote (via the Web Clipper) Searched through your Help & Learning section Checked if there was a new version of Evernote (which there wasn't) Checked your status blog (where the latest message was "All systems are running smoothly") Uninstalled, and then reinstalled Evernote Web Clipper (from the Chrome Web Store, via the link at https://evernote.com/products/webclipper/) Device & operating system: PC & Microsoft Windows 7 Professional (64-bit) - Service Pack 1.
  13. Hi Evernote Team, I am getting the problem when I am trying to clip the jupyter notebook from here: https://github.com/iit-cs429/main/blob/master/lectures/lec02/Indexing1.ipynb I have tried following: Article - In that case document contains "Viewer requires iframe." Simple page clip - Evernote clipper takes long time to generate a preview and does nothing Full Page clipper - In that case document contains "Viewer requires iframe." I have tried following browsers: Chrome Firefox I want the note content to be searchable. Can you please help me overcome this problem. Thanks, Kinshuk
  14. I've been using the web clipper for 2 years and is fabulous but I had to format my machine and now I added the bookmark but I can't see it. I have no web clipper.
  15. I've loaded a bunch of old PST files in order to move some emails over into Evernote. A drawback is that no matter which "from" address shows in the email, the clipper only picks up the default email address from the client and uses that. So if the email was sent from john@doe.net it won't list that anywhere. Instead it will show as having come from mycurrent@email.address Any tips? Workarounds (for a couple of hundreds of emails...)? Or know of another way to get email from either PST or Mbox into Evernote? Outlook 2016, Evernote 6.8.7
  16. Often when I use the clipper in Chrome, I get this warning message; "The Clipper couldn't start on this page. Reload the page and try again. If that doesn't help, contact customer support." I haven't figured out what it's about, and why it doesn’t show on all websites/URLs. Any ideas whats behind this warning? Thanks.
  17. Hey guys ! I was wondering why I couldn't find lots of other discussions for this topic. Am I doing something wrong or does anybody else doesn't get sharp screenshots with the Webclipper? It annoys me a lot so if anyone has a solution for me, I really would appreciate it a lot ! Thank you in advance I attach one example
  18. Safari Safari memory leak?

    My web clipper has become unusable. Whenever I load it (latest version of osx and safari) it starts using like 9-12GB of memory and locks up safari with 2min+ page loads. Anyone else having this problem? Any suggested fixes? I have reinstalled it twice.
  19. Chrome Add tags to wep clipper

    When I clip say a Photo to Evernote, I can't immediately set tags on it so I have to open Evernote to tag it. This is very tedious.
  20. Firefox Clipper opens blank window

    Did Evernote ever fix the "feature" in FF that it opens a blank window if it is installed on your machine? It took me hours of research to find out some time back that the only cure was to dump clipper off my computer. I am wondering if they ever made an effort to fix this. Also is it safe to install now or are there even newer and better bugs that will make me hate my life.
  21. Chrome Web Clipper can only clip the first page with pictures, the next pages are only texts
  22. Hi there, Web Clipper Addon lets my Safari 11.0.2 on High Sierra 10.13.2 crash completely, I could not even close Safari anymore, not even with force quit. Had to turn off the computer and restart before removing the addon. Any similar experiences? Any solution to the problem?
  23. Hi, something that I don't like about the Evernote web clipper is the maximum size of its input fields: note title tag Scrolling is a pain in these little input fields! This applies to Safari & Chrome, which I use, and probably all other browsers. Please make those fields grow dynamically.
  24. Hey folks, Web Clipper doesn't clip the entire URL if I try to make a bookmark , or whatever else. URL's I'm talking are fairly large , but why is Web clipper cutting them off ? Example URL I'm trying to save - https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Sunscreen-Air-Cushion-BB-Cream-Concealer-moisturizing-foundation-Whitening-flawless-makeup-bare-Air-Magic-For-Face/32733243984.html I can always copy/paste the URL , but what is the point of using the extension then if I have to do the job twice ? Any fix for this, or any settings ? Thanks
  25. Chrome Clipper captures the wrong article

    Okay, so I can only confirm that this happens on both Mac and Windows, I cannot say if this happens on any browser or website. But particularly when I view an article in Pocket, and use the web clipper (most often happens with "Simplified Article" feature), there are a ton of bugs. The two most annoying ones are 1) When selecting Full Article or Simplified Article, Clipper previews the wrong article that will be sent to my Evernote. It typically previews the last article I clipped, forcing me to refresh the page. 2) When selecting clipper, almost every time will it fail to pop up on the first click, even though the web extension logo changes. I am forced to keep clicking it on and off until the window pops up that lets me click my options to clip that website/article/bookmark. This happens with other websites too, but mainly Pocket. Extremely annoying. There are a ton of problems with the Web Clipper that need to be addressed, please please PLEASE address them soon.