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Found 1,187 results

  1. In my research, I clip a lot of newspaper and blog articles from the web. I love Evernote Web Clipper's simplified article view, but it doesn't include the article metadata like the post author and post publication date. Please include these crucial pieces of information!
  2. The extension seems like leak 4kb memory per seconds on each opened tab. env: windows 10 15063 chrome 59.0.3071.115 Evernote Web Clipper 6.12.1
  3. Those super annoying sticky bars on websites that scroll with you really trash clipped notes because the HTML is kept in there and you get that stupid bar in your note! Thought about using this javascript before you clip to kill the bar? Came from this site, but thought it would make a good addition. I try to remember to do it before clipping, but don't always remember.
  4. I have a problem with the Web Clipper that is making it unusable as a complete research tool. When I clip articles, it frequently loses the attribution within the page. That means that I can't tell who wrote the article. Not useful. Here are some links to articles for which this happened within the past few days: Clearly, Evernote should not be deleting this information when it saves the articles. To be really useful, it should be emphasized as a special, searchable field. This has been true for a long time. I'm kind of amazed that a tool that is so close to useful continues to have this bug.
  5. Hi! First, I like the new look very much The problem: I'm doing all of my Evernote searches straight from my Chrome address bar as well as from a few desktop applications (which fires up chrome and does the search via address bar). But all that broke with the new version, all I need is the new search url. Couldn't figure it out from the source code. This breaks my workflows a lot... The old adress used to be For those interested there's an old blogpost showing this: Thanks, David
  6. 20:19:46 GMT-0400 (EDT) (ERROR) /background.html:,, EDAMSystemException, {"errorCode":4,"message":"Resource","rateLimitDuration":null} at j (/js/main/Submitter.js:3:3509) at Thrift.BinaryHttpTransport.<anonymous> (/thrift/thrift-binary.js:3:7128) 20:19:58 GMT-0400 (EDT) (WARN) Some frames seem stuck, continuing with what we've got. at c (/content/frame_loader.js:3:502) 20:20:06 GMT-0400 (EDT) (ERROR) /background.html:,, EDAMSystemException, {"errorCode":4,"message":"Resource","rateLimitDuration":null} at j (/js/main/Submitter.js:3:3509) at Thrift.BinaryHttpTransport.<anonymous> (/thrift/thrift-binary.js:3:7128) Tried it on Safari too.
  7. Chrome

    Hi - I am a newbie to this - I have been trying to save this article as it has some very useful comments in the section below about variations on the recipes. Clipper seems to just clip the article itself. How can I copy the comments too? Many thanks
  8. Problem : Because the product currently doesn't have one, I wrongly clip the same web page twice or more. Solution : Evernote Web Clipper should have an indicator that shows whether the web page currently being viewed is already clipped or not.
  9. Web Clipper is very useful, but currently in order to save a web page, it can only work if it can save it directly into a notebook on the cloud. But most companies block the access to evernote site; and thus directly block the use of web clipper at work. Recommendation: It should only save the web page nto a Notebook on the computer. When the computer then or later is connected to the Cloud (evernote account), syncrhonization between desktop and cloud account should happen. Seems an easy fix. This is a basic feature and is implemented in all cloud synchronized applications (icloud, google drive; box, dropbox, etc).
  10. I found that on every computer - Mac or Gnu/Linux - after installing of Evernote Clipper - browser lost some speed of loading of every page. And I found why - and I think that this is incorrect design of software - in the source code of Clipper I found that your extension (that I love to use - like Evernote at all) inject HUJE portion of js into memory - even when user does not use extension now: Quote from official documentation about developing of extensions for Chrome: Caution: Consider using event pages instead that persistent false.
  11. It would be very useful to see a little number or image on the Web Clipper icon in browser, if the current URL I am visiting is already in my Evernote notes. It has happened several times that I clip a website only to find out later that it was the second, third or fourth time I clipped the very same website into Evernote. I hope this is useful for everybody. Thanks!
  12. I'm sure you've been told this a gazillion times, but the web clipper -- while generally useful -- desperately needs a way to optionally prevent duplicate clips, or at least to warn users before they make them
  13. Clipping articles on Quora using Evernote web clipper has become quite difficult. Can the Evernote team please look into this?
  14. Chrome

    I recently switch computers and am reloading everything. On the old machine when I clipped a YouTube video, the Clip area had an option for YouTube. I no longer have that. Is there a setting that I need to adjust? Thanks.
  15. I'm having problems with the web clipper right-click context menu being greyed out in Chrome on my MacBook Pro. Usually the problem gets fixed when I click on Evernote in the address bar and/or reload the page, but now it seems to persist. I've tried restarting and updating Chrome, rebooting computer, disabling and reinstalling the extension, logging out of Evernote and back in. Address bar menu works, but doesn't have the "clip image" option I use.
  16. Hi, I am using Chrome 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit) and Windows 10 pro. The clipper responds but does not store any information (no succesful clipping dialogue). Reinstalled but the problem reoccurs. Is this after a Windows update? I noticed that I can clip if I don't use tags... Unsuccesful attempts do not appear in the error log.
  17. ...if 'After clip' radio button option set to 'w/o Related notes'. Also, it would be nice to be able to Clear accidentally set reminder right from this very popup:
  18. I have been using the web interface with CHROME. As of today, I can no longer get past my login. When I try to log in in goes to blank screen. I am able to sign in with Firefox & Safari (on MAC). From, go to "sign in" from upper right, and goes to blank page. I am able to sign-in on this Forum page, but not Evernote. I restarted Mac, cleared cookies and same thing is happening. From the attached picture in Chrome - just goes to blank screen.The links & bookmarks that I have take me to same blank screen. -lastest MAC 0S: 10.12.3and latest CHROME: Version 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit) HELP ??
  19. For some reason, some web pages with a dozen images only transfer the first images full size, while the rest are transferred in miniature size. This is a web page that has this problem: After the 4h image, the rest are miniscule. I selected Simplified Article. How can I get them all the original size, like the first 4? See partial screenshot attached. I use Windows 10, Chrome and Web Clipper 6.12.1 (2874309/ Thanks!
  20. Often -- but not always -- the Clipper creates multiple copies of whatever webpage I'm clipping. Most recently, it happened with this article -- . The clipper created three copies of it. Any idea what's going on? I tried deinstalling and reinstalling the Clipper, but it still causes problems -- sometimes, not all the time.
  21. Could someone tell me how to completely uninstall enclipper. Whenever I backup my laptop with SyncToy I always get the message that SyncToy cannot read from enclipper_date.txt - which always shows as a "failed" file - because it is being used by another application. I have no applications open when I backup. So I just want to get rid of it off my machine completely. I am using Win10, Chrome and/or Edge. Any help appreciated in advance.
  22. Chrome

    1) When using webclipper in Chrome to capture a screenshot on Twitter or Instagram, after I take the screenshot the page is either refreshed or I'm taken to the top of the page. As a result, If I've scrolled down 2-3 days, I'm then transported back to the beginning. This is a problem when scrolling through thousands of images. The page should remain exactly where I took the screenshot. 2) The other issue is, why doesn't webclipper remember my last action? In other words I have to manually select which notebook it goes in every single time. If I'm clipping art to the notebook "art", the default notebook presented is "recipes" no matter how many clippings in a row I clip to "art". This seems basic to me.
  23. Was there a recent update to Clipper for Windows/Chrome? I ALWAYS want my notes to go to my @INBOX notebook with no tags. yesterday, I thought it had stopped working, but then I realized it had changed my prefs and was "smartly" filing them in random notebooks with random tags. Can our prefs be saved so when there are new versions, it gets our prefs from our cloud account so I don't have to go hunting again? I personally which there was one setting that disabled all "intelligent" things in Evernote. No context, smart filing, smart tagging, suggestions, etc. it is never useful and just gets in my way, and it is frustrating to have to turn this all of per client and then to have it turned back on for some reason as happened here.
  24. Hi, I would like to make a feature request. The default behavior of the web clipper is to create a new note with the selected content in a given notebook. A separate note for every little clip is not always necessary. So, why not include an option to append the clipped content to an existing note. It would be somewhat similar to merging 2 notes, only difference being, the process is now automatic and on-the-fly, instead of being manual. PS: Sorry for the poor English. Thanks, The-Droidster
  25. I have seen several seemingly dangling posts regarding the slow nature of web clipper. Please forgive if this is redundant. I use web clipper on safari and chrome and it takes fooooever to clip pages, by this I mean 8-15 seconds. This basically stops me dead in my tracks especially if I am surfing and scanning for lots of info to triage later. In contrast, I have used other clippers like pocket and it is basically one click and done [as a detail with pocket, i am saving the whole page, not just the link so its apples to apples comparison] Could you please post your comments if you have similar issues so that I know I am not doing something wrong. And even better, a solution would be great !!!