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  1. I like the option to set the default clip action (in the general options). Unfortunately it seems it cannot be set to the screenshot option. Will this option be available in the future?
  2. Why would y'all get rid of clearly then "replace" it with this add-on version to clipper?? It's useless and infuriating. I can't modify the setting of the simple article...WTF y'all. Also this isn't reddit I don't see why you're treating feedback as if its a discussion where people have to login to vote on it! Who really thought the average internet user cared enough to do that, wow great Idea omg amazing /s <-- (implies sarcastic tone for the sentence before it). I only logged on to make sure you got this feedback, not read through the thousands of posts....Seriously this and the lack of customization (which by the way was the only reason I download and kept the Clearly extension) makes never wanna use any evernote products again. I don't want my articles to look like they're on paper. No I want them to be on a black/charcoal background with light greyish lettering in the SIZE and FONT of my choosing so that it is most comfortable and works best with my eyes not y'alls! -srslythisisntreddit srslythisisntreddit
  3. hi, i would like to take the pdf's filename (taken from the url) as the note's title. it is very annoying that i have to manually select the url's filename-part, copy it and then insert it in the notetite field in webclipper. this makes more sense for me than naming the note after the domainname, the way webclipper is doing it (e.g. "PDF -"). so webclipper truely is able to get the whole url, then is should be possible to take only the filename-part (using some regex magic or sth.). i understand that getting pdf's meta information or title description could be hard to get, but the filename of the pdf is even better then naming after the domainname. i want to request the described feature for further development. a better naming for clipped pdf-notes could be possible. best regards diemo
  4. I got sick of the annoying pop-up notification with Web Clipper and uninstalled it. I didn't find anything in the options to disable it. If there's a current or future fix, I might eventually install it again if I think of it.
  5. Hi, Please do technology watch on KiFi, it was FAR FAR the best web clipper EVER but unfortunately, the start-up has been bought and their service shut down as always... All the people I know who have used KiFi would pay for it a lot now it does not exist anymore. Some features: - When you go on a web page, there is nothing to alarm you if you SAVE or SHARE this page - you do not have any conversations on the page web, you can not have any conversations on each web page - you can not have access to any page you saved Best regards
  6. chrome

    Hi there, If you clip a PDF with the Evernote Webclipper the note gets no title despite the PDF file itself has a title. Why not use that? Is it impossible to read this PDF metadata in Chrome? Regards, Bram
  7. Web clipper extension in Chrome results in AVG threat alert. Extension v6.12 Chrome v 58.0.3029.110 (64-bit) Mac 10.12.4
  8. It would be great if Evernote had a feature with the web clipper if I could record short or long videos to give to team members instantly etc... it would be great to have features like: Jing or this app:
  9. Hi All, Here is a tool for converting Chrome bookmarks to Evernote. Worked well for me, let me know if any bugs and will try to fix. Note: for PC users, not sure about MAC. Credit: I forked this work from another chap and updated it. Enjoy! Keir
  10. I love the new Evernote Web Clipper. My one issue is that I am unable to take advantage of the keyboard shortcuts as the shortcut for taking the screenshot is the same as deleting a message in Gmail. Every time I delete a message in Gmail, Web Clipper takes over my browser with a screen shot and the Skitch arrow. While Gmail does allow me to change my shortcuts, I don't want to because of the design of my keyboard, and it is already in muscle memory. I use Gmail far more than Evernote. Unfortunately, Evernote Clipper doesn't allow me to change the shortcut for screen shots or just disable that one short cut, it is all or nothing. Please allow editing of keyboard shortcuts as you can in the Evernote Desktop Client.
  11. Hi! First, I like the new look very much The problem: I'm doing all of my Evernote searches straight from my Chrome address bar as well as from a few desktop applications (which fires up chrome and does the search via address bar). But all that broke with the new version, all I need is the new search url. Couldn't figure it out from the source code. This breaks my workflows a lot... The old adress used to be For those interested there's an old blogpost showing this: Thanks, David
  12. For school use, I wanted to clip all my assignments, lectures from blackboard but it stuck at the clipping phase to the point that it never clip. Not sure if it is a problem of my computer cause I had no problem clipping from other websites. Sorry if this post could have sound stupid or have been a waste of time and Thank You for spending the time to read this post.
  13. Since a few months ago, articles on cannot be properly parsed by Web Clipper in "Simplified article" mode. Only part of the content is parsed. Separators usually stop the clipper from continuing to parse the rest of the content. Images will only show up if they have been loaded, i.e. if I don't scroll to the image, it would not be loaded from Medium's servers. The tiny thumbnail images, shown before an image fully loads, are included in the Simplified article content. A good example is this Medium post:
  14. after web clipping on chrome, if I click somewhere on chrome, the black status window at the right-top disappear. I wish it does not disappear. Now I have to wait for about 1 or 2 minites since I cannot make sure that it is certainly synchronized, and also even after 1 or 2 minutes, I am not sure whether it is ok. Anybody do not think so? Thanks!
  15. Apologies if there's another thread on this but a search only turned up two and they're both locked to comments... Neither had a solution for me - happy to be pointed to the right place! I'm running Chrome ( 57.0.2987.133 (64-bit) ) on a 2014 MacBook Pro running MacOS 10.12.4 and version 6.12 of the web clipper. My issue is that on every start of Chrome I get the "Quick Start" page being displayed in a new tab - address is I also see, very briefly, a different URL that ends with "?FirstRun" or something like that before this page is displayed. No matter what I have tried - clicking all the way though, closing the tab, clearing cookies (As suggested by others on the Firefox thread I found) and disabling the extension. But none works. Each time I restart Chrome (usually due to power off) the Quick Start tab appears again. I noted that, through manage extensions, there was an inspect view link pointing to the webpage but I couldn't delete it and it disappeared when I disabled/reenabled the extension. If I click all the way through the quick start there's nothing to say "don't show me this again" (or if there is it is hidden). I can't remember exactly when this started but I assume at the last update of the web clipper... I'm also running Ghostery and Adblocker Plus but I've paused both of these, restarted Chrome, let the quick start run, restarted chrome and the quick start is back. So they don't appear to be blocking whatever mechanism is being used to confirm 'first run'. Any clues as to what to do to disable this behaviour? The other threads that mentioned this issue were related to always having to log in to the web clipper but I don't have that issue. Thanks in advance for any help.
  16. I am using Web Clipper 6.10.1(35f63f9)/11.00.926 on Chrome 54.0.2840.99 m and Windows 7 Pro 64.. Every time I look up from my work Web Clipper has that familiar red dot. But actually now that I have click on it to get the above version number it is once again logged in... I am confused this is very different behavior than in the past
  17. I've tried researching this on my own and haven't found a good answer. Evernote says the keyboard shortcut for strikethrough for Windows users is Ctrl+T, but in the Chrome browser, Ctrl+T is for a new tab. Is there a different shortcut for Chrome users? Or can you create your own shortcut?
  18. Chrome

    Hey Guys. Love Evernote, especially for storing and editing PDFs. The issue is that Web clipper takes forever to save PDFs to Evernote. It's actually quicker for me to save the file to downloads and then copy it into Evernote. Haven't used this feature in a while because of this. You can do better! Other than this, keep up the epic work!
  19. Hi, I would like to make a feature request. The default behavior of the web clipper is to create a new note with the selected content in a given notebook. A separate note for every little clip is not always necessary. So, why not include an option to append the clipped content to an existing note. It would be somewhat similar to merging 2 notes, only difference being, the process is now automatic and on-the-fly, instead of being manual. PS: Sorry for the poor English. Thanks, The-Droidster
  20. After typing short cut keys for web clipping, error message attached below shows. But clipping starts and it works. When I click clipping extension button, its message doesn't show. How can I erase it or is it bug? I use MacOS Sierra Ver 10.12.4, iMac Late 2013.
  21. Hi everyone, can you help me with this?I love Evernote but I have like 100 open tabs between my laptop and my android tablet (yeah, I know... I just can't help it! !lol even using OneTab I always end up with lots of tabs!). These are tabs/links tha i want to bookmark on Evernote quickly but dont want to create new Evernote Notes each time I save the URLs using the web clipper., this tool does not allow to pick particular Notes, just Notebooks, and thencreates a new Note, which i dont want. I want the URLs that I want to bookmark on Evernote to go to specific Notes that I have created a long time ago. (please see screenshot, it's how I want them to be in the end). Currently I'm copying + pasting all the URLs and web titles by hand and then leaving Chrome, opening Evernote and going to the specific Note where I want to put the URL , but doing this takes forever, specially on my tablet!. I'm using the free Evernote version.. I checked some integraitons with Pocket, IFTTT, OneNote, but I believe its always impossible to pick specific Notes, is this correct?Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  22. When using the web clipper - I noticed that the source URL from where the content is picked up is not included. I think it will be great to have an option which says "Include source url" or similar. Please note that the OneNote clipper already does this. OneNote clipper also an option to only bookmark the URL which is something that can be provided as well.
  23. I find myself constantly using the web clipper in order to save information that I want to read later, but don't have time at the moment. Wouldn't it be nice to have the option in the web clipper to put a reminder, so we can get to it at a later date?
  24. Hello, I am not able to add tags for shared notebooks: "Tags not supported". It does not work on Chrome (44.0.2403.125 (64-bit)) WebClipper version: 6.5.3 nor on Safari (same version). Do you have a solution for this? Thanks!
  25. Hi y'all, Our development team is currently investigating an issue where the notebooks list is not loading within the Evernote Web Clipper in Safari and Chrome. If you're experiencing this issue, please submit a support request with the following information: If this is occurring in Safari: Send the activity logs from the Web Clipper: 1. Open Safari and click the Evernote Web Clipper icon in the toolbar 2. Select Options 3. Scroll down to Error logs and click View Logs 4. Copy/Paste the log information into a text file 5. Attach the text file in your ticket submission If this is occurring in Chrome: Send the complex log from the Developer Console: 1. In Chrome, enter chrome://extensions/ in the address bar 2. Enable Developer mode 3. Find Evernote Clipper 4. Click on the link background.html 5. Open the Console tab in the newly opened window 6. In the main browser, try to open the Clipper and load notebooks. 7. Return to background.html window and send us the Console contents in your ticket submission Thank you for your patience while our Technical Support Team and development team work together to help get this resolved.