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Found 19 results

  1. I would like to use Evernote to create checklists and project plans. Being able to have nested/indented checkboxes and nested/indented numbering would be ideal. For example, allowing numbering at all levels, e.g.: 1. a. b. 2. ...etc... Allowing checkboxes to be indented would be very useful as well For example, with [] substituting for the Evernote checkbox: [] [] [] [] I think this functionality could be easily implemented. Obviously full outlining functionality, as popularly requested in another thread here, would be ideal, but this functionality is simple and would suffice in the meantime. Thanks, Erik
  2. Eric Orsbon

    Reset Checkboxes

    I use several recurring checklists, and it'd be great to have a button to reset/un-check all of the check-boxes within a note. For example, I have a list of things I do every Sunday for a weekly review, and it would be great to be able to un-check them all with one click when I first sit down to work on it each week.
  3. Hi All, I am BRAND new to evernote and I was wondering if there was a way to have evernote copy all the checkboxes I make in a note and combine them into a separate note that I could use as a to-do list. That way I could have individual notes from separate meetings, but since all of my check boxes (or tasks) would be copied and combined into one easy access note. If this is not possible, how could I suggest this to Evernote. I would be totally willing to upgrade to premium for this service. Thanks Casey
  4. In the latest update of Evernote, on the Ipad, you have to press the "list" icon, and then specify from a sub-meny what kind of list you want, whereas in the previous version you had access to list-type directly from the top of the keyboard. There is plenty of room there for icons ( now it's just white space where the icons used to be, ) so I see no reason for making it a 2-click operation to make a specific list, when you could just selct list-type directly. This also accounts for the "tab-level" functions as well. I am writing because I take a lot of notes during meetings, and this new hierarchy of list-functions really slowed down my workflow
  5. I used to love using [ ] to add checkboxes in notes but the feature is so erratic now. Example, using a completely blank note: Type "erratic" Move cursor in front of erratic and type "[ ] " to insert a checkbox. Checkbox inserted and a line break added for no reason Move cursor in front of "erratic" and hit delete. Line break goes away but the list is now unstable. Hit enter again and the "c" is removed from the end of erratic, when the cursor was nowhere near it. For bonus points if you do this in any sort of table, then you can't get rid of the extra line break at all. So basically can't add checkboxes to existing lines of text without causing issues.
  6. Checking off boxes in an Evernote list on an iOS device is one of the most consistently frustrating things I do with my phone. Tapping a checkbox requires a great deal of precision; worse, if you miss the box, the on-screen keyboard appears, which you then have to tap to dismiss before again trying to tap the box you were aiming for. I have average or perhaps slightly smaller than average fingers, and average or perhaps slightly greater than average dexterity, and yet it is not uncommon for me to miss the checkbox I'm aiming for 2, 3, 4 times in succession (My all-time record: 7 consecutive misses.) And keep in mind: Missing a checkbox 4 times means tapping a total of 7 times just to check an item off a list. Now extend that problem across a 30-item grocery list, and the result is that my most common interaction with the iOS version of Evernote is a consistently miserable experience. There's a simple solution: Please make checkboxes bigger. Ideally, allow users to adjust checkbox size themselves.
  7. Love Evernote. Would love to be able to cut & paste rows. Here is a walkthrough of what I'd love to see: http://screencast.com/t/QyWPywYgvh
  8. Since the new update, the checkboxes no longer turn blue when checked off. Very hard to see and not as easy to use. Much easier when boxes turned blue indicating that item was done. Does anyone have any ideas?? I need help because I use the To Do check list every day. Help?
  9. mshields

    checkbox feature

    I can't be the only one who has discovered that the check box feature is very temperamental. This is especially so while using it on my iPad (Air - i.e. the newest). For no reason at all, hitting either the back space or enter will result in checkboxes being added in a row as opposed to in a column which is how I would always want them to be. If I thought that the beta version had worked this out, I'd happily give it a go. The other thing, unless I'm missing something - entirely possible, is that I find it lame that while I can check a box indicating that item on my to do list done. I cannot delete all of the checked items. I have to go in and delete that entire bullet item. In short, it's not at all very user friendly. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  10. Running Evernote 6.0.3 on Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10.1. To-do checkboxes have changed so they are harder to see after they're checked. Previously the check box would turn blue when you checked it. Now it stays white. I would like to be able to change this so I can see what's checked off more easily. Thanks.
  11. I'm using Version 6.0.3 on a Mac running OS X 10.7.5 I just upgraded Evernote and the To-Do Checkboxes really aren't visible or useable on the Mac. I can see them after I synch with the Android. I've attached a screen shot: Any ideas how to fix this?
  12. Is anyone else experiencing technical difficulties since updating to the latest version? My notes are a mess, especially those with checkboxes. There are gigantic gaps between items, which makes scrolling thru a list nearly impossible now. I've had to just turn off the checkboxes altogether. I've also been having ongoing syncing issues with Evernote, but now with these style issues too, I can't even look at these lists and see what I'm looking at. I am so disappointed. What can we do about these issues? Are developers working on it, or can we go back to the old version?
  13. I am using an Acer C720 Chromebook and therefore must use Evernote Web. I cannot find any option to include checkboxes in my lists. Am I missing something or is that feature not included in the Web version?
  14. Hello, Following feature should be out of box, but still hasn't been implemented, so I'll try posting here. Use case is when selecting a few lines of text in a note and hitting the "checkbox" button, a checkbox should be inserted at the beginning of each line and existing text should stay as was. This works on desktop apps, this is also the behavior for every desktop productivity application. On iOS version of Evernote, this deletes all selected text and replaces it with one checkbox. IMO, this needs to be addressed. Thanks
  15. I love Evernote and I love using TSW with it. I do have a minor yet annoying problem with my use of checkboxes. I have a note for every day of the week, and I keep them in the Shortcuts bar. Each note has a list of tasks with checkboxes, some of which are actions including note links, links to my calendar, my email, etc. I check off each task as I complete it. At the end of the day, say, Thursday, I uncheck (delete) the checkboxes, easily accomplished by Selecting All, then hitting the checkbox icon (or SHIFT + COMMAND + T). I then want to reinstate the checkboxes, unchecked of course, so I can use the same note for the following Thursday. So I hit the checkbox icon again, and empty checkboxes do appear, which is good--except that there is no longer one checkbox per line, but the lines are interspersed with random lines that contain single checkboxes. It is annoying to have to go back and delete the unneeded checkboxes. Here is what THURSDAY looks like at the end of the day: [for some reason, correct image does not appear] Here is what it looks like (on the Mac, not online) after deleting the checkboxes, which is fine: [for some reason, correct image does not appear] But here is what it looks like when I reinstate the checkboxes on the Mac using the icon or shortcut: [for some reason, correct image does not appear] [Well, obviously, I don't know how to post an image on this forum. Is there somewhere I can go that will tell me how to do it?] I wonder what the problem is?
  16. As a former user of Springpad I'm wondering if it's possible to do this in Evernote: In Springpad I had a master list of grocery items with all items checked. When I wanted to create a shopping list I would uncheck the items I needed. There was a option to display only the unchecked items. That was my shopping list. While shopping I would check the items as I added them to my cart and they would disappear from the unchecked item view leaving only those items that I still needed to pick up. The checked items wouldn't be removed from my master list, only from the unchecked items view so my master list remained unchanged. Is there a way to create similar functionality in Evernote?
  17. Folks, would it be possible to fix the behaviour of the Ctrl-Left Arrow and Ctrl-Right Arrow keys at the beginning and end of lines in Evernote Windows Specifically, the undesired behaviour is this: with the cursor in the middle of a line, Ctrl-Left Arrow will move the cursor to the beginning of the current word, then if pressed again, the beginning of the next previous word and so on, EXCEPT if the next previous word is the first word(*) of the line or if the line has a Checkbox (*). Then Ctrl-Left Arrow moves the cursor to the beginning of the last word on the previous line. The expected behaviour is Ctrl-Left Arrow will always move the cursor to the beginning of the first word on the current line before it moves to the previous line. The inverse is true for Ctrl-Right Arrow. (*) The behaviour is inconsistent if there is no Checkbox on the line. Sometimes behaviour is as expected, sometimes not. Simplifying the formatting (Ctrl-Space) restores the expected behaviour if there is no Checkbox on the line. However, Checkboxes always produce the undesired behaviour. After some cutting and pasting of text with Checkboxes, even lines without Checkboxes will start to exhibit the undesired behaviour again. Thanks. Cheers!
  18. Hello, I've been using Evernote for over a year and recently upgraded to Premium. I have a list that is shared but the check MARKS in the checkboxes are not being synchronized. Any edits to the list, including checkboxes get sync'd fine but not the actual checkMARKS. Is this a known problem? Thanks
  19. When I try and print notes that have lists with checkboxes, everything on the note prints except the checkboxes! When I send the note via email, the checkboxes show up just fine. They just don't show up on the page when printed directly from Evernote. How can I fix, or is this just a glitch in Evernote? I am on a Mac, OSX 10.6.8.