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Found 65 results

  1. Hello. When I click + and click Camera icon to start taking pictures, it automatically snapshots and captures photos without me clicking anything. I believe it does that when it "thinks" there is a document. But the recognition is far from perfect. I would rather just aim and focus and click the shutter myself. Are we that lazy now even clicking a button is intolerable? 1. There is a setting to turn off auto camera capture right? 2. Also is there a setting to turn off auto document processing? I just want a picture of every paper.
  2. The card scanner with evernote is great, except that it doesn't actually create useful contact information because I'm unable to export or manipulate the data that I scan in. I know that community members have hacked together a couple of third-party workarounds to this over the past few years, but isn't it about time to get this incorporated as an actual feature of Evernote? Seems like a no-brainer to me...
  3. In the multi-shot mode (which I want to use to avoid photos taking up gallery space), if I have the flash setting icon to "always", the flash only works for the first photo. Subsequent photos are underexposed and blurry. Anyone else see this? Galaxy S7.
  4. My skitch camera capture program was doing fine until i had the new mac update 10.12.12. After the update, the skitch camera capture is not working (abeit the count down is shown and a click sound comes, but only with a black out screen). I have latest version of the skitch. I also uninstalled and re-installed the newest version - nothing is helping out. Please guide. thanks
  5. Love Evernote, long-time premium user... I've just upgraded to a new iPhone 8+ and discovered that the Evernote camera interface doesn't support the telephoto lens. I frequently use Evernote for note taking at conferences and presentations, and it's great to be able to snap a photo of a slide as part of my notes. I'm frequently seated far enough from the screen that the telephoto (2x) lens would be the best choice for a clear image, but Evernote's camera interface is one of the very few that does not give the ability to use the second camera. The iPhone 8+, X and many Android phones now have a second telephoto lens, would love to see Evernote add a simple toggle to the interface to use it.
  6. Hi, Whenever I use Evernote to take a picture with the camera, the attachment fails with "Unknown Error Occurred", and nothing gets attached. I've tried this multiple times in various ways: Taking a photo note using the Widget -> Fails all the time Opening Evernote, then taking a photo note -> Fails all the time Opening a new, empty note, then putting a Camera attachment -> Fails more than half the time Having an existing note with an image or a camera attachment, then putting another Camera attachment -> Fails all the time Having a new note, or an existing note with a Camera attachment, then attaching a image from Gallery -> Succeeds all the time Why is the Android Evernote so buggy? I'm really surprised, I would have thought this is a really standard workflow.
  7. Hi EN Enthusiasts, Wondering, am I the only one who is currently battling with the EN IT Support on blurred images with EN mutishot camera on Samsung Devices: "Ever note multishot camera blurs images irrespective of what I do and how good lighting around it. IT creates an issue with recognition and document processing. This is in manual mode. In Automatic is gets even worse. Once I turn off the Evernote Multishot and switch to native system Samsung Note 5 camera - the pictures are much crispier. However the Evernote functionality is lost by doing it. Now I have to got to CamScanner to do the right cropping of the documents and then importing them in Evernote which is very tedious and lengthy process. It first happened since Evernote upgraded to 'scannable' version of photo functionality. Please help as it wastes a lot of of my time." Got a response from EN it was due to 'shaking' I am not very comfortable to accept for a god sake: It is easy to say the blurred images are from shaking - however on my Samsung device it is rarely possible to get a reasonable quality irrespective of shaking WHEN using any of the built-in functions of Evernote. As I mentioned in my original case, all is good when using the system camera, BUT the EN functionality is lost. I have tested today it on my wife's Android device (Samsung S6) as well and managed to get similar issue. Cheers, Stas
  8. Hi I am using the post-it camera to digitize some post-its of our brain storming session. Unfortunately the orange post-its are recogniced as yellow ones. But sometimes if the camera was very unsteady, moved too much or some other reason the post-it gets recognised as orange post-it. I noticed that the app filters the text and puts one of the Evernote Post-it background colors afterwards. I attached two pictures which where actually taken from an orange post-it and one example which is actually quite shark picture but is also orange. I was not able to reproduce that again other way than havily moving the camera. I suggest to allow the user to select the post-it background color after taking the picture or inside the notebook. Would be a great way organising our team boards this way.
  9. Hi, most of the time I need to capture monochrome documents and I think most people do. But Evernote often saves it as a color picture, because it recognizes some color dot. This needs more space and reduces the document quality/contrast. So my wish to the Evernote team is a Monochrome Document Mode! Thanks! Michael
  10. When using Camera to take a Document photo, the app correctly identifies Document and automatically takes photo, but then goes into a cycling mode and eventually fails with Error Failed to Load Photo. Tried multiple times restarted iPad and app with same result. Device: iPad Pro 9.7" with ios10
  11. How do you notify Evernote of a problem? Recently when i add a photo or document it just crashes the app after the photo is taken and is not in notes when app is reloaded.
  12. Hi all. When I take pictures of any business card and then save it into a note with my Android Phone, randomly sometimes the card image appears below the contact details and sometimes not. Why? Do you have same behaviour? Thanks
  13. I use the camera extensively in my notes for work, and the quality of pictures and ease of use was awesome. I take a lot of photos of employees as they work for a company newsletter, and I was able to use my phone exclusively for this and it allowed me to stop carrying a digital camera with me at all times. After the most recent update, the camera features have changed, and it is not as user friendly as it used to be. The zoom bar has been removed, and the camera now struggles to focus as quickly as I need it to. Also, the picture quality doesn't appear to be as sharp. Is there any way to change the camera settings back?
  14. Annoyed User

    Camera attachment BRICKS devices

    After 2 or more years of using the paid version of this app, I cancelled my subscription. Why? Because the app causes errors across my devices, I load to capture a document that I need for my business, the first shot sometimes works... But by the second shot.... My phone is in boot loader, repeat boot loader, the phone could have 100% battery and still not restart, if you have less than 50% battery then you dare not use the app as it my phone needs a PC connection to be restored/ restarted. So is it your device? NO... My poor phone has undergone testing and flashing on numerous occasions, I swapped to iphone... same problem, iPad... Same problem, LG latest phone... Same problem, latest Microsoft... Same problem, brand new tablet with only Evernote installed... Same problem. This app has something seriously wrong with the code, I am very disappointed that the time has come to purge Evernote from all my systems, recall all devices within the business, flash them and find an alternative for our business needs. Since I ended my subscription I find that Evernote does not offer Support to FREE customers, they didn't pay attention to any of my correspondence while I was a member and this is a shame. 2 Years ago I was immensely satisfied with all its great features, which I'm going to miss... But like the rest of the world, I need my devices and apps working correctly. If someone can suggest an alternative vendor that has customer support, I am looking to be able to scan a document and view it across the business, possibly something compatible with Dropbox. Thanks
  15. Facing frequent freezing of evernote with iPad pro. 1. while using camera for scanning documents. Again.. the same functions provided by Evernote in Scannable works like a charm.. same feature in the mother applications "Evernote" fails every time I use it. 2. while making support ticket.. Yes. . you read it right.. If someone wants to create a support ticket out of it please do so..
  16. I was trying to scan some hand writing notes by taking picture with my phone. However, sometime it can only save as photo instead of document. Saving as document obvious will be clearer. When I try to change the save as to document it will be completely black. Do anyone else encounter the same kind of problem? Is there any trick to trick the Evernote camera to let it recognize it as a document?
  17. On a recent update the android app has started naming all pictures taken "picture". This results in a situation where by it's not functionally possible to drag and drop single images out of the desktop app onto your computer; as after the first you will get a same filename error and have to manually rename each image after it's been dragged out of the app. I understand that you can export all attachments and it will put a number sequence after each but if I've got 10 images in the note but I only want to grab a couple this is also needlessly time consuming.
  18. Samsung Galaxy S4; OK to use "document camera" to save up to 2 pages...anything more than that causes Evernote to hang/crash. I can take "photos" of as many pages as I want without problems...but if I use the designated "document camera" it will ALWAYS crash after more than 2 pages. (version 5.8.5/ build AM_585_1151). What's the point of having a designated 'document camera' if it doesn't work??? anyone else having this problem?? Any fixes available?? Thanks!
  19. Hi, On the last two beta releases it seems that scanning and saving as a document is broken. The picture is fine but hitting save as a document gives you nothing but a black rectangle. Anyone else having the same issue? (Version 112 beta on Android Marshmallow 6.0.1)
  20. Hi, I had until the last couple days been using the 1x4 widget and had a tool on it for a document scanner (camera). Yesterday I tried to use it and the tool was gone from the widget. I supposed it was probably due to an update. I read in the help docs about using the camera but when I create a new note and choose camera, I see no swipe-able options to choose Document mode or Camera mode. It appears the same as when using the standard camera with no Evernote specific features apparent. When I take a photo of a receipt placed on a dark contrasting background, all I get is a large photo jpg that shows the background rather than a clean cropped image, and the text is not digitized either as it used to be. I'm using Evernote 7.8.2 on a Motorola Moto X 1st generation phone I used the document scan camera feature a lot for receipts. I hope I can fix this... Your help is appreciated
  21. I've been trying to synch multiple images as notes from my iOS, but when they show up on my Mac, they have been lumped into one big note. I need each image to be a separate note. Is there a way to separate them on my Mac, or can I only synch them one at a time? Thanks!
  22. Whenever I take capture a document, I focus the document within the centered area in the document camera interface but Evernote captures the area outside the document as well, like in ordinary camera mode, leaving me to crop the photo every time. Is it supposed to be this way? Also, the latest Android app took away editing features. Now documents captured have to edited by a third party app. Not a major issue but definitely slows down speed.
  23. HI All, I have a Galaxy Note 4 and I take a lot of picture notes for work. I noticed that once I hit around 3 pictures per note, every time I try to add more pictures to that note my phone will shut off and restart. To be specific, it won't shut off when I press the camera icon, it does it when the camera is active for more than 3 to 4 seconds. Is anyone else having this issue?
  24. Hi all, We released Evernote for iOS 7.7.11 this morning, and it should be available to everyone in the App Store shortly. This release contains an updated camera SDK, improvements to iPhone 6 Plus camera stability, and some fixes to iOS 9-specific issues. Camera improvements Updated camera SDKiPhone 6 Plus stability improvements - you may notice a lower resolution preview image while captures are processing, but the overall camera functionality is much more stableiOS 9-specific improvements Quick Note buttons on iPad are sized to fit the new landscape Calendar/Widgets viewVarious crash fixes (emailing a note, etc.)You can download the Evernote for iOS app from the App Store. As always, please let us know what you think. Cheers! PS: If you are running iOS 9 Beta and encounter issues, please leave feedback on this thread: iOS 9 - Main thread.
  25. Hi all, We released Evernote for iOS 7.7.10 this morning, and it should be available to everyone in the App Store shortly. This release contains a major update to the note list screen, an updated camera SDK, and share extension improvements. iPhone Note list changes New note button at bottom of note listsTap once to expose Photo, Text, and Reminder quick note buttons - tap one of those to create a new noteOr tap and hold the new note button and drag your finger to one of the quick note buttonsIf you change your mind, tap the X that appears in the bottom middle to close the quick note actions and return to the note listNote list view options are now in the overflow menu (bottom right)Notebook info is now in the overflow menu (if you're in a notebook)Shortcuts have moved to bottom left of note listReminders have moved to top of note listAdditional notable changes Changes to the way note attachments (audio clips, PDFs, etc.) are rendered within a note to workaround an issue that was treating the attachment as part of text and removing the attachment when using autocorrect or auto-suggest Share extension improvements including better handling of titles from Notes and web sites as well as improved performance for large web pages Updated Work Chat architecture in preparation for future features - this will necessitate a down sync of all messages on first launch after updating to 7.7.10 You can download the Evernote for iOS app from the App Store. As always, please let us know what you think. Cheers! PS: If you are running iOS 9 Beta and encounter issues, please leave feedback on this thread: iOS 9 - Main thread.