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  1. ANSWERED 2018 Calendar Templates

    We love using the yearly calendar template for keeping track of projects happening at the same time or overlapping time. Is there a 2018 template available yet?
  2. I like to schedule Evernote ideas in my calendar on macOS to plan my day's activities. If I drag the note to Calendar, I can move it around to the right day and time, which is really useful and in keeping with the way macOS works for its own stuff. BUT the link that it creates becomes the event title (which gives no clue to the note's content) and this link to the note is inactive. Can Evernote change the way that the 'Title' and 'Add Notes, URL or attachments.' fields line up with the Evernote? So that: Event Title = Evernote Title Event 'Add Notes, URL or attachments' = Evernote link.
  3. The former feature where a note title was suggested based on any calendar entries (in my case, exchange server) was VERY helpful. I used this feature on a daily basis. I prefer to take handwritten notes at a meeting, then take a snapshot at the end of the meeting, which gave the note the same name as the meeting as listed in my calendar. This was ideal and saved a lot of time.
  4. built in calendar

    this would be an awesome feature rather than using third party apps ken
  5. Start calendar date on Sunday

    In most applications the calendar date starts on Sunday, not on Monday. It would be nice if we could switch the start date. Best regards
  6. Limiting Google Calendar syncing

    I've grudgingly accepted that Google Calendar is the only way for our team to keep track of what we're scheduling when. Oh, how I wish there were a full-function EN calendar! Whining aside: I understand that when I create events or reminders in EN, it will sync with the gcal. But I have private notebooks as well as shared notebooks in my EN. I want only the events/reminders from my few shared notebooks to show up in the team calendar. I've poked around looking to set that restriction, but haven't found it. Is it possible? Thanks!
  7. I love using evernote but the reminders feature is very poor. It feels very much like an addon rather than a true feature. I use evernote for everthing and would love to get rid of using e.g. calendar and tasks in outlook and focus on Reminders in Evernote. Some of the issues. 1. the reminders don't have an easy way to switch off/cancel when its been seen. E.g. it stays as a red mark on the app. Often I don't want to delete the whole note just to get rid of the red reminder icon. 2 I would also have a shortcut into reminders from email or the other webapps such as the @XXX feature that is added when you want a note to go straight into a specific folder. I believe reminders can be a much more powerful tool 3. Reminders could also have multiple options for saving at different priority levels.
  8. Hello, After the latest Evernote update my notes have lost the connection to the calendar. In the past, every new note would correspond to the time slot in my diary. As a result, new notes would already have the right titles, whereas now every new note simply has a 'Title' in the title and has to be renamed manually. This takes time. Could you please advise how to reestablish this connection with the calendar as it used to be very helpful in the past? Thank you.
  9. I've just setup Cronofy calendar connector, which seems to work well (https://appcenter.evernote.com/app/calendar-connector/web-apps). But honestly, I'd be just as happy with a Reminder calendar I can subscribe to that puts a read-only all day event in my Google Calendar.
  10. iCloud Integration

    I love the integration now between Google and Evernote. I would love to see similar integration with iCloud and/or the macOS Apps Calendar and Reminders. The idea is simple enough (though I know execution is far more difficult ): If I create a checklist in a note, it can sync to the Reminders app, a due date would appear in Calendar, and a meeting in Calendar would allow for a meeting note to be made in Evernote.
  11. Calendar

    Please please please create a calendar for Evernote and the ability to sync with google. Our team loves Evernote but the only issue is giving the team a daily/weekly calendar inside of Evernote. This would be amazing. Thanks.
  12. Calendar

    I'm doing projects and there are many deadlines to follow up, hence it will be very helpful if there's more organized way to have an overview of past and future notes mapped onto a calendar. It's like a to-do list but more detailed, such as project planning notes, daily logs, meditation journal, etc. Hope you can see the importance of this and will be quick to be implemented in the next update. Any reply/feedback will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  13. I would love it if Evernote had it's own calendar app, writeable for use with Penultimate, and useable with the other Evernote apps such as Scannable, too.

    Sorry for the rookie post but I am trying to print out the calendar templates (monthly) and I can't seem to get them to format 1 month per page. What am I doing wrong? I'm on a Mac if that matters. Thanks!
  15. If I posted about this already, I apologise. If I didn't post it before I also apologise. If someone else suggested it here, I'm sorry that I'm now taking credit for finding it. In fact let's just start off with me being really, really, really sorry and move on. Then, on a happier note.. I liked Transpose, because it was, until very recently, a database to which you could add structured information, and process and display it online in various ways. It's now closed down, but I found a new contender. Airtable. Which is a spreadsheet to which you can add data. It's also a relational database - you can link new facts to stuff you already know - and a calendar (if you have dates in there somewhere) and a KanBan chart of items sorted by various options. In fact it's quite a little powerhouse of collaboration and connectability which I'm initially using for one project as a trial. Too much information for detail, but Transpose Airtable* would mean (forinstance) that if I was arranging meetings throughout the year on different subjects at different venues, I could have one database of venues, one database of subjects, and one database of details and dates, linking to the relevant subjects and venues so I don't have to keep entering the same information over and over for each event. I can share the Calendar view with my customers so they know what's coming up in their area, and if they sign up with one or other venue I can use their sign-up form (created in Airtable) to look-up or populate their customer record for my information later. I can use the KanBan view to keep me on track with support material for each event. It looks really good. Obviously do your own due diligence before you invest hours setting up your own system, and (just for information) I get all my data together in Evernote before I set it up in Airtable and they support Zapier, so I should be able to arrange to copy details across rather than enter it twice. It's an app worth Evernoting, even if you don't need it now. (Just to confirm - I have no connection with them!) PS Evernote - the relational database thing is what they call 'transcopy' in Wikis, where you show some or all the content of one note as part of another. If only Evernote did that sort of thing I wouldn't need to use third-party software... * PPS - Oops.
  16. I use Evernote mainly as a journal, and, at times, like to look back to specific dates. This is helpful for anniversaries, holidays, etc. Having a calendar feature across all devices and being able to recall notes on a specific date would be welcome addition to my Evernote experience. I looked around a little but didn't quite find this type of feature in the forum(s). Thanks for any suggestions and apologies ahead of time if similar requests have already been posted.
  17. dynamic calendar

    First of all, sorry for my grammatical mistakes. In my opinion ,one thing will make a big difference on experience of evernote users: it is the insertion of a calendar. A type of calendar that when you insert a new note and especificate a time,See it weekly or monthly calendar your note,to remember you that you have a important appointment for that day. I think this idea will make a great impact on users,because it will create a dynamic and comfortable environment on program.
  18. 2017 Calendar

    When will the 2017 Calendar be released?
  19. Hi guys, How can I synchronize the Apple Calendar with Evernote? Thank you for help me.
  20. Please find a way to make all text in Moleskine notebooks extractable & importable into other uses/applications (like calendars & To Do Lists). At present, it's supposedly "searchable." However, the search never works for me. This was the whole reason I got the Moleskines & Evernote Premium. As I understand it, it's supposed to only be searchable, and it simply inserts images as a jpg (rather than doing anything with the text.)
  21. PLEASE - PLEASE - PLEASE: Please develop a product (similar to the discontinued Moleskine Daily Planner), that would allow us paper-calendar/planner lovers to integrate our calendars & schedules with Evernote & Outlook/Calendars/ICal. Here are my specific requested features/options: I would like to be able to write (on paper/old-school) my daily agenda/plan and to-dos on a hard copy daily (hour-by-hour) planner. I want to be able to scan that planner page, and have it sync with Evernote. I then want Evernote to convert that text (via OCR) into digital format - I do not want a scanned image/jpg of my calendar, that does me no good. I then want to have that digital plan uploaded / sync'd into my Outlook calendar (or maybe an Evernote calendar/planner than can be sync'd via the app, or another means like IFTTT or Zapier). I plan on paper, but execute off of digital/Outlook in my case. For this to work, the paper needs to be scannable into Evernote, and it must have an app integration that is OCR friendly. Furthermore, it would need to recognize preprinted dates and time blocks (hours), in order to synchronize with calendars. I want it to pay my bills and clean my house while we're at it... (Kidding... but yes, I realize I'm asking for a lot!) While I'm dreaming big, I would love to see Evernote partner with companies like these - which have easily acquired & quality daily planners (I like the ones that are small - pocket & personal sized, and that have the hourly time slots for appointments and such. Extra bonus if they also have a daily "to do" section.) MOLESKINE DAILY PLANNERS (You once offered this - where did it go? http://www.moleskinerie.com/2014/10/meet-the-moleskine-evernote-planner.html) Molekine's Daily Planner, with small/portable Colour/Color A Month Pocket Planners (#1 Request): https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B015NG45CE/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 or via Moleskine at https://store.moleskine.com/usa/en-us/planners/2017-monthly-planners/12-month-color-a-month-planner/p981?ic=fe9MEQ%3D%3D Or even Moleskine's Daily Pocket Planner: https://store.moleskine.com/usa/en-us/planners/2017-daily-planners/12-month-daily-2017-planner/p1017?ic=WEqrnA%3D%3D They even have them in Peanuts' style: https://store.moleskine.com/usa/en-us/planners/2017-daily-planners/12-month-limited-edition-peanuts-daily-2017-planner-pocket/p978?ic=WydEOg%3D%3D Really, I'd consider any other quality planner with daily / hourly planning options from Covey, At-A-Glance, Day-Timer, etc. Fellow users - PLEASE take a second to VOTE on this. The more votes it gets, the more likely they are to add this feature. Thanks!
  22. 2017 Calendar

    Does Evernote plan to continue releasing calendars? The 2016 calendars worked well and I would like to continue using them, but I have 2017 appointments already piling up and Evernote has not released any 2017 calendars. I've tried using MS Word calendars and pasting them into Evernote, but Evernote chokes on the formatting. Thanks, Tim
  23. Expansive Reminders

    I did a brief search and didn't find any user-suggested themes along these lines; Evernote needs a more expansive reminder system. Repeating reminders, reminders by day of week, location, application launch, website launch, multiple reminders for one task/note, alarm settings and a calendar by which to set said reminders, or it needs to integrate with a system that already performs these services. If it isn't ever on my mind, my notes are pretty much useless to me. I need something to keep me up to date. Right now I'm using GTasks for everything and it's note-taking system is dismal in comparison. I really love Evernote's system for note-taking, it's brilliant.
  24. Windows 10 UWP Concept

    Hey guys! Have you thought of designing a Universal Windows Platform app? It will mean that we will get a better app on desktop as well as mobile! Here is a concept that I came up with! Being an avid Evernote user, I added a few features/suggestions that would increase productivity further! Let me know how you find it!
  25. The missing applet that Evernote needs the most is a time tracking extension, widget, or app add-on the could be used for tracking time or billing. Since I use Evernote for keeping notes about each assignment, it would make great sense to place this info in the same location.