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  1. Is it possible to upgrade to evernote business with the same email address of an existing account?
  2. My email is associated with a deactivated business account (last active in November 2015). I have a new company wanting to add me to their new business account, but they are getting an error message saying my email is already associated with a business account. Question: How can I disassociate my email with the old (no longer active) business account so I can accept invite into a new business account?
  3. Exporting Notes

    I am trying to export/backup a notebook from the Admin Console with 1981 notes within it. However, it only seems to be exporting the most recent 250 notes. Has anyone else experienced a limitation like this?
  4. Initially I tried this in Personal Edition but not available and I don't yet know if it is available in Business edition as of yet because I first wanted (assumed) I could export all my content and that content is divided to Notebooks. Each Notebook is an area of specific research. If I'm researching Microsoft Server 2016 and SCCM that would be different than Exchange 2016. Those are two notebooks. If I share one or the other with others it needs to be related just to those specific topics and not have any notes of anything unrelated. Lot of notebooks, lot of shares. I have concluded that you simply cannot create a Stack and share the stack and let the team choose. I'm hoping Business Edition will do this otherwise it has no value for me beyond me. I cannot use it as a archive/KB/collections of information by relative topic and keywords. If I'm missing something I'll post in feature request. Now, I opened the Business account assuming I could export my content. I downloaded latest Windows build. Exported the content. Logged off, back on as Business account ID, imported the content and none of the Notebooks or Stacks imported. Just hundreds of notes (just started using the product). I read a KB article about then logging to Web as my personal account and performing a "Move" notebook option that doesn't exist for me. Is this a upgrade? Because at this point I would, like to share what I've build in the test environment and port that to the Business account, not have to create 50 Notebooks and move all that content around. I have not been using the tool very long but I have created a lot of notebooks and lot of content that once shown to management would demonstrate my point versus what we are using today. Knowledge is power. Organized knowledge quickly found, in technology, power and bonus check. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction or simply state what I'm trying to do cannot be done and I'll first test the ability in Business edition to share out Top Level notebooks that are high level like "Exchange" and then under that Category I need Exchange_Security, Exchange_2016, Exchange_Online.... Just minor examples but some technologies get very fragmented. Like "Two Factor", then notebooks under that for specific technologies from Google or other. This combined with the ability to save PDF's and have everyone aggregate there research to a single structure is the value for my team right now. And I'm sure there is much more.
  5. Document Management in Evernote

    Feel free to tell me if I'm straining the limits of Evernote, but here is what I'm trying to do: I am preparing a brief to be filed in an appellate court, and I am using EN to prepare the supporting appendix -- basically, several hundred PDFs that I will be citing to in the brief. I have the individual PDFs in separate notes all in a separate notebook in EN so I can easily find them and work with them. But now that I am nearly ready to prepare the appendix itself, there are some preparations I need to perform on the PDFs, e.g., OCRing them and numbering them. Sure would be nice if there's a way to OCR them in a batch without subjecting a staff member to the repetitive-muscle-disorder-inducing task of opening, OCRing, and saving all of them one by one. Are there any tricks that might help?
  6. I'm using EN Business in my law practice to help synthesize facts from a case file. I keep case file documents in one notebook, and build case facts in another notebook. The limitation is that it is difficult to toggle back and forth between my documents notebook and my facts notebook. To open a document, I have to go to one notebook; but to create a fact, I have to go to another notebook. Back and forth, back and forth. Sometimes I will use the web interface. But that is limited because the shortcut keys are different or unavailable, there is no highlighting function, sorting functions are limited, etc. One or both of the following features would be a great help: 1) Allow opening multiple instances/windows of Evernote. 2) Allow creating a business note via the shortcut-key Control+Alt+N. Currently, Control+Alt+N will only create a personal note. And Control+N will only create a new note in the current notebook. I need a way to create notes in a different notebook without having to leave the notebook I'm currently working in. Please advise. Thanks, Tim
  7. Notebook not visible

    Evernote Hi,The notebook that I use the most is not visible in the notebook list at the left. I can find it if I do a notebook search, but it is not listed.Please, let me know how to fix this.Thank you
  8. Hi there - I am a Recruiter and use Evernote to keep track of my candidates. My notebooks are becoming very crowded. My Staff Accountant folder, for example, has 450 people in it. Some of these candidates are ACTIVELY on the market - meaning, they want to see every possible job that makes sense. Is it possible for me to "highlight" a note title in bright yellow, so that when I am scanning through my note list, I can quickly and easily see which candidates I should be viewing first to see if they are a match? My notebook is becoming very cluttered and hard to work with. as many candidates are in different stages. Colors would help me quickly organize and prioritize. Thanks, Nick
  9. Not sure if you're going to approve this post. However your Support system directed me to the forums to express my feedback I got a survey from Evernote earlier today about Evernote Biz. I'd like to provide feedback on the survey itself. I'm a paid user of the personal version, for context. I've been an Evernote user from the beginning and really support you guys. I got about halfway through the survey and decided it was a waste of my time: * The length of this survey is inappropriate - you're essentially asking for a favor from your users so you shouldn't expect more than 5 minutes of our time. * The exercises you pose require more thought than you should ask from a user for free. I really got fed up when I saw you asking for feedback on how to name pricing/feature tiers. To ask your own userbase that kind of question is unfair - you should either pay users for a focus group or just decide yourselves. That kind of question is definitely the purview of a product management team, not your users. Regardless - rock on Evernote. Just please be more thoughtful of your users when sending surveys.
  10. Whenever I try to synch my notes on my new macbook air, the sync is incomplete, many directories are empty, while there full of notes on my old macbook, and on my evernote web account too, and on my iPhone is perfectly complete too. I updated all in my macbook, evernote, iOS. Reboot, de-install, re-install, clean the trash. But stills..
  11. Hi, I want to be able to 'seal' a shared note in my business by changing the permissions to 'can only view'. I can do it for a whole notebook but not for an individual note in a shared notebook with default permissions set to 'can edit and view'. Is there any way around this? Thanks, Luis
  12. Hi I am in the monumental stone business. I want to upload headstone photos into Evernote and be able to search them by name. Say, I want to document a whole cemetery and be able to find a headstone by the inscription. It is working with photos I have loaded with the EN camera I was wondering the best most efficient way to do this. I was going to use my DSLR and Adobe lightroom/Photoshop. I could load them onto sheets with multiples on there and reduce the res to suit EN and its OCR feature. Can anyone help with this. I did search the forums without much joy.
  13. I am a Premium On Sept 25th 2017 I signed out from Evernote on my Android mobile (I wanted to do this as I was wondering about security issues). I was warned about something about losing cache info but I thought all would be OK as I have Evernote on my PCs at home and iPad. I was left with 4 or 5 notes. Since then my notes have not reappeared despite my syncing attempts. I tried removing Evernote on the mobile and reinstalling but no luck - same few notes left as before. My notes are not in the Trash either. I tried to go on PC - Running the Evernote program I can see all my notes there, but if I go online (in Chrome) to Evernote (i.e. Evernote Web), I still have the same list of only 4 or 5 files So, I thought I'd try to send you an email, but of course I had to negotiate your help (OK, that's reasonable - you're trying to reduce the load of email queries). But there was no way offered after going down all the options, and not finding an answer, that I could contact you. I'm a Premium customer - this is totally unacceptable I feel. Please help me and when you reply, let me contact you back directly. I want to know that I'm paying you for a decent level of support. Thank you
  14. I am no longer able to create note links while offline on my Mac. Is this a feature change or a bug? (Either way, it is killing my workflow productivity when traveling).
  15. Business account suspended

    Hiya The business account for my organisation has been suspended. We had an invoice arrive during school holidays which was only caught recently. Our finance manager spoke with someone from Evernote earlier this week who assured us service would not be disrupted after we clarified we did not wish to end our subscription. Payment definitely gone through when checking the bank account. Obviously our staff with notes on the business account are keen to get it reinstated. I have raised a ticket: #2212833 If this could be resolved as soon as that would be great Thanks in advance.
  16. Fatal error

    I've been getting a fatal error while opening one of my notes that's extremely important to the job I'm on. A box opens suggesting that I send the Log error to evernote and I do But zero response. I've also sent a ticket in for this issue. If I cannot open this not I will have lost days of work. I hope Evernote will look into this topic now and I exhausted my option with this program. Attached is the Fatal error log . Regards, Neil Platon Evernote_exe_6_6_4_5512_20170908_160918.txt
  17. I submitted a problem on 23 Aug and still no reply from anyone at Evernote. Very disappointing support and no solution to my problem. Is everyone else having the same issues? The chat service is of no help as they can't resolve anything and say that they'll pass this on and come back to me. If this level of support continues, then I shall have to look at taking my custom somewhere else.
  18. Where are you, support team? This freezing/color wheel issue seems to be pretty common. You must have a quick fix for it, right? Where did you go? Thank you. Bill Mount Sep 8, 05:41 PDT As I'm typing in a note, Evernote freezes and presents the color wheel. This happens at random times, but unacceptably frequently. Things will unfreeze after a minute or so. Attachment(s) Evernote_454874_2017-09-08.txt
  19. There is no real time collaboration. And I cannot see any announcement, that this flaw will be fixed in short time. I used Evernote for years. Now I started to work with Evernote Business in a small team. And to my great surprise I noticed: Evernote is not a collaboration tool. In a setting where everyone has a prepared note with agenda and additional information for a meeting, only one person can use this note do add content, decisions taken and tasks. The other users cannot edit the document. Even worse: We cannot agree on one person taking all the notes, because Evernote constantly blocks and gives editing privileges different participants. This is a no go. Evernote - advertised as a tool for collaboration - lacking real time collaboration leaves us with no other option than moving our system to OneNote, Dropbox Paper or GSuite/Google Docs. For me Evernote just became Nevernote.
  20. Zapier and NotebookGUID

    Hi I use Zapier and Evernote quite a lot and I want to now use Zapier to create notes for me automatically into my Business account to share with colleagues at work. With my personal account I can get this to work without any issues. However when I try to use it with Evernote Business it keeps coming back with an error about wrong NotebookGUID. I use the same method to get the NotebookGUID for my personal and business account. Also, when I log into Zapier to connect to a notebook it only lists my personal notebooks and not the Evernote Business notebooks. I sign into Evernote Business with the same username and password as my personal account and I am the Admin for Evernote Business. Any ideas how I can get this working?
  21. Deduct Money From My credit card without OTP

    Hi Evernote Team, Today, i got mail from my credit card team that INR190/- deducted from my credit card without generating OTP(One time Password) on my android.Sir/Maam it means it saves details of my credit card.And your policy describing that you don't know more about third party payment.Now sir I have some queries and please reply on that 1.Is any company has a right to auto deduct money from anyone account without his concent.If not then i want my money back ASAP. 2. Upto when you will deduct money from my credit card i.e. 12 Months/24 Months OR upto when I have evernote OR even after uninstall/deactivate my evernote account. 3.What is the process for not deducting monthly payment by you-Uninstall app/deactivate acc/any another process. 4.You are very genuine company and it is spreading all over the world so why you don't have a single contact no on which customer contact 5. I want to stop all services auto renew process what should I do please suggest 6.As your record you genuinly reply much people.Hope you will reply me as soon as possible in simple method My account details-
  22. I've been using Premium for work as a solo user since May. Today our tech guy decided to open a business account for our company. After accepting the invitation and joining our business account, it seems I have a basic business account. The basic account does not serve my needs, I need the premium benefits. Am I missing something, doesn't a business account have the premium benefits? Or is there a premium business account he needs to purchase? Hope I'm just missing something.
  23. Hey everyone, My desktop Evernote has the option of 'convert to business notebook' inactivated. Otherwise I can access my business account normally and all functionality seems fine. Any ideas?? Thanks
  24. Hi there. I want to share my "paperless workflow" scheme here to get some feedback, if any. thank you. Naz.
  25. I am having trouble editing an imported Word document. Please assist. I receive an email with a .docx file attached with a meeting agenda. I want to open on my IPAD and use my Apple Pencil to take notes during the meeting. I am able to open the .docx and import it into Evernote. Then the problem starts.. .I am able to open an "sketch" and pencil in my notes but am not able to work on the original document that is present in the note. What am I doing wrong, or what do I need to do differently. Thank you tksail