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Found 41 results

  1. I use (307027) Public (CE Build ce-43.0.4829) From March or April, all my records containing scanned business cards look like empty in the preview/quick edit window (). If I double click the record and open it in a separate window, everything looks fine, and I can see and edit the record. The small image of the card in the list looks fine as well. But I usually edit my records in the right window without opening it in a separate window, so the bug is a big problem for me. A month ago support answered that they are aware of the bug, but nothing seems changed.
  2. Hi, I have just discovered the Evernote business card scanner - this is a great feature and now going through my tower of cards on my desk. However, the issue I have is that when you scan the card and it doesn't say recognise the address or that there is an address field, there is no option to add a field afterwards on the desktop app once saved or on the Android app after you take a picture of it. This is frustrating and should be an easy fix! I end up having to manually type the address in the note, which doesn't have a nice hyperlink and inconsistent with the other cards I have saved. Am I missing something - this seems to be possible in iOS. Surely the ability to add a field in the business card note should be easy to build in? Any help appreciated!
  3. How does one edit the automatic reply email sent from ever note to contacts once their business card is scanned? I find it a bit much to have big evernote ads on the emails, is this a feature for only Pro users or none at all? Also, how does one connect to LinkedIN from the app on Mac OSX? Thanx!
  4. Adding a new contact by scanning a business cards is smooth. So far I couldn't figure out how to deal with two sided business cards in an efficient way, though. It's been discussed in the past here, but I'm not sure if the info found in those treads still applies for recent app versions. Two sided card, may have the same information gain in a different version. Or the basic information is spread over two sides. (perhaps not always a good idea, but I can't change the world). Thanks in advance.
  5. One of the primary reasons I buy Evernote Premium is to scan business cards. The OCR text is then easy to add to my contacts. However, back at my Windows desktop I often want to add notes to the business card, edit an OCR error I did not notice when first scanning the card, or add a personal e-mail or phone number not on the card. In version, I was able to edit the text, but there was a bug that kept resetting the cursor back to the home position in the comments field. In version 6.8 they fixed that bug by not allowing me to add notes - not exactly the fix I was looking for! I currently work around this by creating a new note and merging it with the scanned card, but it would be easier to make changes directly to the original business card note.
  6. Hello, Please add two sided business card scanning to Evernote for Android. It's already on the iPad version. Android users need it as well. Many business cards today have printing on both sides or notes are written that need to be recorded. The workarounds do not work. Thank you, Lee
  7. I scan all the business cards I receive into Evernote using the camera. Are these images saved on my phone? Or just uploaded to Evernote? My phone is almost full so I try to limit image space usage .... and never have found Evernote business cards ... so I am curious if they are there or not. Thanks! AG
  8. Hello, Evernote peeps! Long time user, first-time discussion poster. I use the business card scanning feature a lot, and love it! I somewhat recently noticed that the contacts were not syncing to my contacts on my phone like they used to. I have tried to force the sync, I have tried turning the feature off then back on, and I have uninstalled/reinstalled the app, and still nothing! The app responds and tells me it has synced contacts, and in the settings, everything is set up properly. I have access granted to contact from Evernote... and I have searched the web high and low for someone else with this problem, and I think I am all alone. I need help. I will be at a conference in a couple of weeks and really would like this feature fully functional by then. Any input, feedback, suggestions would be great. PS: I did upgrade to iOS 11, and have the first update already. I am also a premium user.
  9. I stumbled upon the business card scanning feature. Very cool. Somehow I added my email, and now it sends an email every time I scan a card, which I don't want. how do I have EN stop sending emails to my newly scanned cards?
  10. \jonathan chambler

    export business cards to contacts

    Hi, I have taken pictures of business cards which have been saved in Evernote in a notebook Business Cards. I didn't set up for them to be exported to my contacts. How do I now get them into my contacts without having to manually add them. Now that I have set up business cards to be added to my contacts when I take a picture of a card it is saved as a business card and added to my contacts. I want to add the business cards that were not added. Regards, Jonathan
  11. wcruzes@yahoo.com

    Business cards (Rotate 180)

    Presently there are only 2 options in business card edit. rotate clockwise or counter clockwise.. I would like a rotate 180 to avoid having to rotate twice to achieve correct orientation
  12. The version 8.0 business card note is even less functional than the previous versions. In previous versions in iOS it was easier to make modifications and additions to fields and in even older versions you could make desktop modifications and it would still sync. So far, I can still make desktop modifications on the mac desktop but not on windows. Could you please bring back the old business card functionality? If I can't add in annotations, except via the phone, it becomes extremely inefficient. I would roll back to a previous version if I could. I don't buy the excuse that you can't get it to sync with the phone fields, because clearly this still works for the Mac Desktop and used to work on Windows.
  13. Hello, I've turned on Save to Contacts however prior to doing so, I have already scanned 800+ business cards into my evernote. Is there a way to easily export these ALREADY SCANNED cards? Andy
  14. Sometimes scannable doesn't recognize information like emails. I find that if scannable doesn't recognize an information, there is no way to manually add it in. Is there a trick or a solution to this?
  15. Where does scannable store scanned business cards? Does it store it as JPG or TIFF to the local contacts app (eg Contacts for Mac) when you save it?
  16. I would like three features added to the Business Card Notes. 1) The ability to create note links in the note field. At present time, when I try to copy a note link and paste it, only the text is pasted and there is no link. This would be useful to attaching notes, such as interviews and related subjects to a business card. 2) The ability to add new fields from the desktop application. This functionality is only available from the IOS app and not the desktop app. 3) The ability to create a new Business Card note if I don't have the physical business card to scan. Sometimes all I have on a person is an email signature to create a business card entry, but the program won't allow this without a physical card to photograph and import.
  17. I was all set to start scanning business cards via Evernote. Made sure all my settings were correct and then came to a realization it wasn't going to work or at least it appears that it won't work. I currently use an HP notebook running Windows 10. I use Outlook for email but my contacts are on my iPhone 6 backed up to iCloud. I like this because if I look up a contact and want to telephone them all I have to do is touch the number or the address if I want to use the GPS. The problem is that I can scan my cards using the Evernote camera and have them logged to my Outlook contact but I don't use Outlook for contacts so what I scanned wouldn't be in a usable location. If I don't scan to contacts and leave the cards in Evernote I gain the tagging ability but lose the dialing and GPS features I currently enjoy with iCloud and iPhone. Am I doing everything right or am I overlooking something that would let everything mesh in peace and tranquility? Perhaps there's a box I need to check or uncheck somewhere. Is anyone else experiencing the same delima or better yet, has anyone found a solution to the delima. I would sure appreciate the help if anyone has any. Thanks, Dan Light
  18. Hi, I want to scan and subsequently export business cards from my iPhone to Windows Outlook contacts. To do this I export the contacts as VCFs and send them via E-Mail. In Outlook I open the VCF and store it in my contacts. However, some information is lost. Especially the twitter handle and LinkedIn link are lost. Is there a way to export business cards and reataining this information in the Outlook contact?
  19. Hi all, We released Evernote for iOS 7.15 earlier today. This release focused on offline notebooks, business card scanning, and fixing some bugs and crashes. Oh yeah, and Passcode Lock is now free for all users! Notable fixes and improvements: Passcode Lock is now free for all users To enable Passcode Lock, go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock > Turn Passcode On After entering a 4-digit passcode, you can also choose how soon to require a passcode as well as whether or not to use Touch ID (on supported devices) Offline Notebooks improvements (Plus / Premium users) Within a notebook, you can now make the notebook available offline directly from the overflow menu ("• • •" button) New indicator on the Notebook list screen for notebooks that are available offline New progress bar on the Notebook list screen for notebooks that are in process of being made available offline Send business card contacts to Salesforce (Evernote Business users) Evernote Business users with Salesforce accounts (Enterprise or higher) can manage their Salesforce integration on the Evernote account settings page on the web (from your desktop) Once the accounts are linked, these users will have the option to "Add to Salesforce" from existing business card contact notes or after capturing a new business card After selecting "Add to Salesforce," you will have the option to create a Salesforce Lead or a Contact Please see How to scan business cards into Salesforce for more detailed instructions Notable fixes and improvements Share extension / Clipper: Improved clipping from iBooks Improved panning and zooming smoothness in note sketches Updated PDF viewer to address several top crashes Updated Settings > Support > Getting Started Guide You can download the Evernote for iOS app from the App Store. As always, please let us know what you think. Cheers!
  20. Hi, The auto scan function is really great on Evernote! I have only one outstanding problem with that, which is: Linkedin token expires almost anytime I open the app. It would be great if I wouldn't have to login a complex password each time I want to connect with somebody after closing the app following card scan. Nevertheless, main point of this message is not that. The Auto Mode is great! What would be even better is to be able to SCAN MULTIPLE CARDS AT ONCE and then maybe edit them individually as usual. Is there any ongoing work around that? Another great feature would also be dictation of recorded audio ( such as conference softwares ) but that maybe too much to ask Keep up the good work and keep the updates coming! Best, Server AGIRMAN
  21. 2016 05 03 Evernote Premium / Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Hi, My Evernote app stopped linking my business cards to Linkedin. It worked perfectly for months, all of a sudden it no longer links. The odd thing is that it still grabs the photo from Linkedin. Does anyone have a fix for this?? Thank you! Paul Hargraves
  22. When adding business cards to Evernote, there appears to be no way to add fields (i.e. phone, email, address) within the desktop application. I'm aware it can be done in IOS, but the desktop application is missing this feature. Since I do most of work within the desktop application, I would rather be able to add fields within it, rather than having to switch back to my iPhone to accomplish the task.
  23. lars-anders@rolfhamre.se

    ScanSnap Business Card formats

    When scanning a business card, the content it extracted into separate pieces of information. Is there a way to get the information in .vcf och Outlook Contact format?
  24. I just created a LinkedIn Profile, to be able to scan business cards with evernote. I'm currently in a state of frustration, because it does not work for me at all. I dont know if i'm doing something wrong, so if thats the case i hope someone can help me. I scanned 3 cards. So far so good, OCR was "OK". Then i tried to add some more details, but the app has no button (that i could find) to add more fields, like a field for the mobile phone, home address, etc. I could use the fields the OCR already found, but that's it. So, i tried to edit the contact info in evernote web, because the web interface is more powerful, or so i thought. The Web-App did not let me edit the notes at all, it just said that the notes were created "in a different app" and i cannot edit them. Can anyone help? In this state, using the feature is kind of infuriating, because i'm running form one "not-possible" to the next.
  25. Repro Steps Place a business card on a clean surface (no cluttered background) Clock on Photos icon at time of main page on app (observe Capturing) (frequently cards are recognized as documents) Click the save drop down and choose "business card" observe crash Note that 8 out of 9 of the last attempts have failed. One has succeeded. I have submitted the crash reports.