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Found 38 results

  1. JimJo

    mac Edit business card?

    After scanning a business card (with ScanSnap Evernote Edition), most of the card data is correctly populated in Evernote. I can do small edits, but cannot figure out how to correct data that was missed. For example, Evernote correctly picked up 2 out of 3 phone numbers, but I cannot seem to add the 3rd one to the Evernote card record. Evernote also missed the URL on the card, and I cannot figure out how to add a URL field (do I need to put that in the notes section?). Is the business card functionality really that immature (alpha? pre-alpha?), or am I just being really dense? both?
  2. Hello there Among the numerous useful features that vanished with this "upgrade" to 8.0 version, I just found that i cannot manually upload the details of a business card to my contacts. Running on latest iOS and iPhone 6 Tassos
  3. I have Linkedin linked with the Evernote Premium business card scanner. When I scanned my own card, in addition to the work-related info from the card, I also saw 2 personal email addresses that I have on file with Linkedin. Are these personal email addresses visible to other users of 'Evernote business card scanner', or just me? I don't want others to see this. I'm not a sole-proprietor, therefore obviously I have my personal email in my Linkedin account. Any suggestions? (this would mean some modification to my Linkedin account I presume) Also, I liked the option of emailing the person my contact info, but it requires changing my evernote email address to my work email. I won't do that, Evernote is my personal repository. Not sure why I can't just define a new email address for that purpose (after authenticating it of course). Is my only option to create a separate evernote account just for work? (which obviously is a pain to be switching in/out on your phone) Thanks! justin
  4. Hi, I've been scanning business cards -- creating notes -- at a conference today. When I go to edit them in the desktop app (much easier to type), Evernote will not save my edits. I hit "Save" but when I return to the note, all my edits are gone. The same problem does not exist with notes that are not scanned business cards; I can edit these notes on either platform and syncing works fine. This is a problem because I can't rely on Evernote to save my edits. I'm losing valuable business contact information. Suggestions? Thanks.
  5. Hello, some of the business cards my assistant scanned to Evernote were saved as notes, not cards. Can I save the notes as business cards so the text will be recognized without having to delete & rescan? Thanks!
  6. Good evening, I had the free version for almost a year and wanted to up grade to be able to convert business cards. I went on info.evernote to see a version comparison. They showed that I could get that with the plus and premium version along with other features. I bought the plus version but now it looks I can't convert the business cards. Thwy say I need the premium version???Is it normal? If so it is a wrong info. What can I do now?
  7. Currently, when I scan a business card, I have the option to send my contact details to the new contact as email text. However, it is not sent as a Contact File (in popular formats) for the new contact to quickly click to add to their contact list. Is this planned for the near future. I understand other business scanning apps include this feature.
  8. I recently set up my ScanSnap Evernote scanner. Began capturing business cards. The scanner is quick, but in some cases assumes the wrong note type or captures an image in the incorrect orientation. These are not huge issues on their own, but it does not seem to be entirely intuitive how to edit this information once it is loaded into the desktop application. For instance, I cannot change the orientation of images if they are associated with a business card, I cannot update information in automatically generated fields, and I cannot change another kind of document to a business card. If these features are currently available, they do not seem to be intuitive. Has anyone else experienced something similar or have advice on how to workaround this issue?
  9. I just downloaded EN and thought this would be a default feature. (I.e. Zoom in on someone's signature block and screencap) and "submit" to the camera for recognition of contact information just like it was a business card. If this is NOT a feature, I respectfully request it be added. Thank you.
  10. Hello, I love how Evernote scans my business cards and digitizes the contact info. I need to export this list of email addresses and names into a CSV file. I have a Free plan, and I use the web client (not the desktop apps). Can someone tell me how to do this? Thanks!!!
  11. Hello, I'm facing an issue with the business card feature of Evernote. I just scanned a business card and the note created ended up taking more than 5Mb of space. This business card has normal physical dimensions but the background is dark/black with many different shades, so it might be the reason why the size became so big. I have scanned other dark business cards with darker background (but more uniform shades/monochrome) and it reaches barely 1Mb, which is still decent. I have changed the image resolution option to small on Evernote, but it doesn't seem to affect the business card feature of the app. How to make these business cards scans smaller ? Note: I'm using Evernote on iPhone 7 with iOs 10.3.2
  12. yesterday I upload the business card in evernote. But when I use evernote today I found that my business card picture was gone. Only picture why???
  13. joie@joieseldon.com

    Allow Identifying Scan as Business Card

    I've just started using Scannable today. One frustration is that if Scannable doesn't recognize a business card as being a business card, there's no way to tell it otherwise. If it isn't automatically detected, there should be a way to tell Scannable, "Hey, that's a business card!"
  14. I take a picture of the card with my iPhone and edit the fields in evernote so that mobile phone, work phone, title, etc... are correctly selected/labeled. However, when Evernote saves it to my contacts the field mapping is all screwed up. Work phone is now 'home' and mobile is also 'home'. Some of the fields also don't seem to carry over like title and company. It all seems pretty random. I was excited to see this feature come out, but if I have to go in and remap fields for every contact, it's not worth it. I've tried it with Linked both connected and disconnected with the same result. What am I missing here? Jeff
  15. Some notes created from scanned business cards do not show the image of the card. The card image appears in the list preview, but not the note itself. This is quite puzzling and frustrating as the purpose is to have the card retained as a reference.
  16. Hi all, I have previously scaned a copy of my business cards in to jpeg file. Is there any way i can import these pictures into Evernote Business Card, with the format looking like those from Evernote's card camera. Also, for android, is there anyway to scan the back side of a double-sided business card? Thanks!
  17. Hello, Some questions regarding Evernote 8.0 for iOS (iPhone): How do I add the back of business cards? I used to be able to take a photograph of the front and back of business cards. I don't seem to be able to photograph the back of business cards since the new release. Is it possible to minimise the keyboard when entering a note? I don't seem to be able to do this since the new release. How do I crop photographs? I don't seem to be able to do this since the new release. Why does Evernote ask me to enter my App store password each time I open Evernote 8.0? Regards, Ben
  18. Hi all. When I take pictures of any business card and then save it into a note with my Android Phone, randomly sometimes the card image appears below the contact details and sometimes not. Why? Do you have same behaviour? Thanks
  19. Alongside today's announcement from both LinkedIn and Evernote, here are some resources to get you going ASAP with business card scanning. CardMunch users: you should at some point receive an email notifying you of the transition, with options to take. If you opt for Evernote, you'll move into an import process where you'll enter your LinkedIn info and receive 2 years business card scanning. You'll also receive an email when the import is complete. CardMunch cards will be translated into Evernote contact notes and placed into your default notebook. We have a Getting Started Guide for CardMunch users here: http://evernote.com/evernote/guide/cardmunch/#1 Anyone else: if you are on LinkedIn and would like to start using the Evernote business card scanning feature, activate your LinkedIn account in our business card scanning options, located here on Evernote IOS: Settings>General>Camera>Business Cards. This should also net you 1 year of business card scanning with Evernote. A full rundown of business card scanning on Evernote IOS is here: http://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#/article/53057988 Get the latest version of Evernote IOS in the app store (7.3.4) for the latest improvements to business card scanning. Finally, business card scanning will be making its way to Android in the not too distant future, and is in development.
  20. I recently noted that my new business card entries are Read Only (Read-Only). These are notes created by taking a photo of a business card with my phone. Because they are Read Only, I am no longer able to correct errors in the OCR and add notes as I did previously. This seems to be a default setting which I did not choose. Is there any way to turn off the Read Only condition? Alternatively, can I create business card entries that aren't set as Read Only? By the way, I've tested this using both an iPhone and an Android phone to create the business card note. The result was the same in both cases.
  21. Business card scanning on iOS and sharing on OSX (to contacts app) have a number of problems. Hopefully these can be addressed in a future update. Scanning in iOS: 1. Company name and title fields often not populated 2. Only part of the address shows up in the address field; zeros in the postal code show up as lower case o's. It seems impossible to insert line breaks into the field once populated. 3. Various pieces of information are often left out, but this varies quite a bit from card to card. 4. Phone number categories labeled on the card in spanish (e.g., "directo," "celular" etc.) are not used to classify the numbers properly in Evernote. (I'm using the English version). Share->Save to Contacts in OSX: 5. Only one line of the address field is imported to contacts. Even copying and pasting manually gives poor results. Usually -- but not when copied from Evernote -- OSX Contacts is able to parse addresses pasted into the address field into the proper subfields: street, city, state, etc. I even tried pasting the address into the Contacts notes field first, then editing there before pasting into the Contacts address field.
  22. When using Evernote on iPhone 6, and using the camera to scan business cards, what happened to the "Connect on LinkedIn" option? It does not appear as stated in this KB article: https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/53057988 I have downloaded Scannable but I can't figure out if that can be set up to automatically invite my new contact to connect on LinkedIn.
  23. wmark_stanley

    Business Card Scan Not Worker

    When I attempt to take a photo/scan of a business with Evernote camera I see that it is "detecting" and I hear the camera "click". But then the camera shuts off, and I'm out of Evernote to the home screen on my iPhone. This used to work - its been a while since I tried to scan a business card - but now ... nada. Using iPhone 6 Please help.
  24. I have the Evernote app on my Macbook Air as well as my iPhone. On the MacBook, when I open a business card note that was created on the iPhone, click the arroe next to the share button, and select "save to contacts"- nothing happens. I can not find the contact in my MacBook contacts. Does anyone know where it went, what I need to do to get it into contacts? Is there something that I need to set in the preferences for either the Evernote app or Mac contacts? Thanks.
  25. I was using Evernote the other day to add in business cards I got from a conference. I was wondering if there is interest in other users being able to add their own titles into fields in the contacts section. For example, I had a business card that I scanned in and wanted to add the field title "Toll Free" instead of having the generic "work", "home", "main", etc.