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Found 16 results

  1. If I make a bulleted list in Evernote then try to copy and paste it into Microsoft Word the formatting goes all wonky. The bullets lose their hierarchy in Word (they all appear left justified) though they still maintain their style. There is no simple way to remedy this. This undermines Evernote's role in Office-related workflows. Add onto this the recent dramatic loss of privacy which allows Evernote employees to read my notes and it may be time to just switch to OneNote. Even if you paste it as unformatted text it still includes hyphens at the start of every line. Any way to get a bulleted list to be formatted correctly when pasting into Microsoft Word and other MS products?
  2. I just updated the desktop version 7.1 for Mac, and discovered that bullets from itemized lists are disappearing when I copy and paste to Mac Client email (version 9.3). This works fine when copying and pasting into Word or Gmail. It also works if I copy and paste from the web version as a workaround, but this used to work before. Has anyone else seen this? Would appreciate assistance. I have tried to downgrade the version but was unable to since notes have been created with this newer version. Please see screenshots below: Screenshot of Evernote Desktop: Screenshot of email with bullets missing:
  3. Hello everyone, I thing it's necessary to add this basic feature to the service ! Add some icons like arrows, stars, geometrical shapes etc... like we can see some on Google Docs ! Screenshot Thank you !
  4. With a recent update on iOS it now seems the only option for bullet points is numbers whereas before you could have dots. Am I missing something?
  5. I like to use bullet lists a lot. Makes it more clear that you're starting a new point. On the other hand, I hate that there's so much ''wasted" space on the left side. In evernote it's about equivalent to 8 or 9 spaces Would be great setting in evernote, that the user can specify how many spaces (?) the list enumeration should be
  6. Michael Brunner

    Evernote formatting menus

    I love Evernote and use it extensively. One of my frustrations is that the iOS menus are so hard to read. Visibility is so bad that I literally have to guess which item I am selecting. The menu I am talking about has bullet points, numbers, check boxes and indent and outdent. I am always guessing because they are so hard to see. The menu color is black and the item color is dark green, so no contrast means hard to see. Hard to see means hard to use. The same is true of the text formatting menu where you select underline, bold, italics, etc. The worst menu item are the boxes and indents and outdents. When selecting these, it actually changes the document, so if you make mistakes you need to undo them. A second problem related to the check boxes is the location of the cursor. Many times I try to place the cursor right after the check box, which is quite tricky. Sometimes you can only place the cursor to the left of the box (which makes no sense to me, since I always start my list with a box and put text after it). If by miracle, I can get the cursor after the check box, often times when I start to type the text appears to the left of the box (before it instead of after it). I use the check boxes a lot. And it is so frustrating that I usually have to go and sit down on my PC and iMac to fix the bullet lists there. I would love these seemingly little usability fixes to enhance my Evernote experience.
  7. I just want to erase a bullet and this is what happened. It started to get so frustrating.
  8. I love EverNote and think it's a remarkable product, but HATE the buggy editor! Everytime I try to do any sort of mild formatting (indenting, bullets, etc.), the formatting gets trashed shortly after. This is especially true if editing the note on multiple platforms (Windows PC, Android, website, etc.), defeating the idea of having your notes on all devices. Steps to Reproduce Problem: 1. Open up the EverNote Windows PC application 2. Create a new note containing checkboxes and multiple indent levels (like a multi-level to-do list) 3. Sync the note 4. Open EverNote on an Android phone and sync 5. Open the note created above -- it looks fine, as it did in Windows 6. Edit the note -- indents are replaced by a thin vertical blue line 7. Make a change to the note and save -- indenting is all messed up with skipped lines, etc. 8. Edit the note again -- checkboxes are now gone too See attached screenshots. This is horrible! I would love to be able to trust EverNote, but these sort of bugs makes it very untrustworthy, as I'm affraid that I'll lose content. Is EverNote ever going to fix this?
  9. krugr7

    android The TAB Key

    Hi Evernote, First I would like to say you have an amazing product, and I have temporarily converted from my original OneNote deployments to Evernote. It truly works exceptionally well except in one small regard... ...The TAB Key.... I use outline formats for my notes as I find it easier to keep track of things. Through the Website and Windows client this is fine, as I can use the TAB key to indent to the next lower level and Evernote will automatically put the bullet in a next space appropriately. I will say that the formatting support through OneNote still has some other advantages in this regard as they have more options for font support, bullet layout etc., but we can save that for another discussion. The problem with the android client is that it doesn't recognize the tab key. That being said, yes, I know that most android devices don't even have a tab key to begin, such as my HTC EVO Shift, however my ASUS Transformer does via it's keyboard docking station, and I am sure so does Apple given the various Bluetooth keyboards that are available. The second part of this issue is that when I create an outline format via the web or Windows client, and may have several sub notes and bullets under the main start of the outline, I can view it just as I created it inside the Android client. However if I attempt to "edit" that particular note, all previously created and saved formatting is immediately lost and all lines are shifted back to standard left. I would like to see this small issue corrected at some point. It is my last hold out to fully converting over to Evernote. Regards
  10. It appears there is a bug having to do with the list indenting. If I create a new bullet list item, I can adjust its indent level to any level I like using the indent buttons or using tab and shift-tab. However, if I try to do this on a list item that was automatically created by pressing enter (for instance, any list item after the first) then I am restricted such that I cannot bring the indent level back any farther than where I started. So...if I am adding items to the third indent level of a bulleted list and I want to go back to the second tier to keep adding items there, I have to make a brand new list item. I cannot simply shift the indent over to the left because as soon as I go past the third indent level (the level of the automatically created bullet from the last time I hit enter) my bullet disappears entirely and I am left with an indented, but not bulleted list item. This bug does not appear to happen with numbered lists. This makes it annoying to make bulleted lists at all and at times I find myself avoiding Evernote merely for the convenience of making lists somewhere that works (which turns out is most any other word processing solution, even google docs or a web based email...).
  11. Create a couple/few bullet points of text. Copy everything (Ctrl+A). Remove the text of a bullet point. Paste into here and... viola, double bullet to the knee [screenshot attached]. If you select it and tab forwards and backwards (shift+tab), you will see it remains there. It can be removed by altering any of the pasted text, hitting the windows key and... other witchdoctor methods. The behaviour isn't present in MS Word versions nor in this forum text editor. Using Evernote (275519) Public on Windows 8.1Pro64-bit.
  12. Ever since the 5.6.0 release of Evernote for Mac the formatting of bullet lists on the Mac App has changed, such that there are no longer any additional spacing between the lines preceding and following the first and last item respectively of the bullet list. It is now inconsistent with the iOS app, which still shows an additional spacing equivalent to that of a blank line before and after a bullet list. This inconsistency can lead me to inadvertently keep changing the formatting of my notes by manually inserting or removing these additional blank lines to make them look better on the device I am currently looking at the note with, which gets very annoying. This is illustrated in the attached image of a note with bullet lists in Evernote for Mac, with the iOS version of the same note overlaid on the right of the image. If the new formatting introduced in the 5.6.0 release of Evernote for Mac is intentional, then can you please update your iOS app to format the bullet lists in the same manner!
  13. I've had this nagging problem for years where I can't get bullets to space properly. What I've noticed is uneven spacing within a single bullet list object (although I'm unaware of a "reveal codes" to be sure these are really one object). I'm not trying to modify the spacing globally - I'm fine with the default line-by-line, but I'd also be fine with 1.5x or double-spacing. Check out this image with a single bullet list (whole list in yellow, there's some pre- and post- text in there to make nice clean bounds for the list). The spacing seems to be "regular" in this case (not doubled or anything like that). I would expect the same spacing between bullets of the same depth and ones of different depth, which is generally the case. The expected behavior when going from Indent Level 1 back to Indent Level 0 is a match amount of space after the IL1 line as from any other IL1->IL1 or IL0->IL0. See the orange box to show an example of correct, usual, and generally expected behavior. Unfortunately I quite frequently find what happens highlighted by the pink arrow, where a step down from IL1->IL0 causes something akin to 1.5x line spacing. When attempting to fix this I often get the double-bullet behavior shown in blue. The green sections are "everything all good, captain!". I've obviously already tried Simply Formatting to clean up any unseen cruft, but that doesn't work. My only workaround to-date is to flatten the list then manually go through and re-indent everything (which is a terrible solution, especially since EN doesn't have a mass-indent command like Word does). Thoughts on what's wrong and how to fix it? Thanks!
  14. Hi everyone. I am a big fan of Evernote and depend on it for my every day life. With the heavy usage, there are features that I would like changed for a more effective performance. When using the copy and paste feature on Evernote (Android), Evernote limits selection when bullets and numbers are involved. I do not see the point in doing so and I know that the application on windows does not have this limitation. So if I wanted to copy all of the words in the example above. I would first have to select "example:" copy and paste it into wherever. Then Select "I work with bullet points a lot." Then copy and paste it into wherever Then Select "When I try to copy and paste the bullet points" then copy and paste it wherever Then Select "I am only able to select one bullet point content at a time" then copy and paste it wherever. Process is the same if I want to bold everything or highlight, etc. In other words, it takes a process that should take 5 seconds into something that can take 5-10 min depending on how much content and bullet (or number) points I want to select. By the way. If you remove the bullets, you still CANT select everything at once. The app believes that the bullet is still there and will not let you select all of the content at one time. Please FIX!
  15. First I would like to thank you guys for developing this excellent piece of software and services =]. A bug has been bothering me since I bought a bluetooth keyboard to facilitate typing to Evernote Android. Reproduce the problem: Connect a bluetooth keyboard. Create a new note. Type something and make a bulleted list with indentation, like this: List of Great Evernote feature Simple Fast Search Including OCR! [*]Share [*]and others..... Now Disconnect the keyboard, and all indentation are, well, flattened. List of Great Evernote feature Simple Fast Search Including OCR! Share and others..... The problem also happens both when you connect or disconnect the keyboard. Thanks in advance for looking into the issue System Info: EN 4.5.1 on Android ICS on HTC One
  16. I have to say, I love HTC Notes on my Jetstream tablet (and on my rooted HTC Incredible)! I actually prefer it to the Evernote app for Android thanks mainly to these reasons... Integration with calendar allows me to link a note with a meeting. Awesome! Time stamping - I can start recording audio when my meeting starts, then when I enter a written note a time stamp is automatically set. This means that i don't have to listen to the entire recording to remember what folks were saying when i jotted down my text. Awesome! The highlight feature - I can long press some text within my note, then select "highlight" which is included in the copy/paste menu that pops up. Awesome! Typing inline... I can't stand the text editor box that opens at the bottom of the screen in the Evernote app. I'd really prefer if the Evernote Android app had these features so i could use them with any Android device. What do you think Evernote? I bet you could even do better. ;-) Here are a couple of my dream features... In addition to "highlight", The long press menu would include my other must have format options... Bullet, Checkbox, and Bold. Calendar integration on my Android would also sync up with my Outlook desktop calendar. Super Awesome! --JoshC