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Found 44 results

  1. i am unable to add row to table , i dont see the dots to expend the table am i the only one ?
  2. Hi there, After an upgrade on High Sierra, the following issues discovered almost straight away. 1. In snippets view the top most note title is not show (see screenshot) 2. Recent notes now part of shortcuts?? and also can't be removed (screenshot is attached) 3. In list view search results are not displayed I hope Evernote team can fix it soon, because they are really annoying.
  3. Nice @EverNote, you update date us to a 7.0 and 7.01 (mostly so you can become slack and telegram like, which most don't need or want), and manage to blow up my shortcuts. All gone now. I assume I have to start them over. How did this pass beta? Seems like this happened some other time to me. I'll repeat my standing recommendation for EN's for long term survival. Fix what you have running now. Stop adding "features" that few value while helpful things like being able to control note merges on a Mac go unaddressed. Let's see, some things unneeded we now have... Spaces, AI reading my notes by default, that always wrong related notes suggestions feature. Just focus on making core work. At least take a year to focus on squasing bugs. As it stands I'm gone as soon as another note group has a good web clipper. EDIT: Its worse than thought. I can no longer add shortcuts.
  4. When I try select text beginning from within the text, it works as expected. When I try to select text from below or above the text, the cursor just kinda jumps around along with the height of where I move the mouse, even though I'm clicking and holding in exactly the same way I always do when I select text. It just doesn't work with Evernote. Selecting text is an ultra basic feature that should just work. It's 2018! Every other editor has this capability; why does Evernote choose to be the exception? Why does the company insist on moving buttons around and changing color schemes at the expense of the ability to select text? Selecting works just fine in Sublime. See?
  5. I'm very disappointed and frustrated about this I tried a thing or two on the community forum but nothing works. But it is displayable when saved as png in windows. But when trying to import it again on evernote it is still the same. Thank you for those who'll help <3
  6. MBader

    unbold-ing text

    On a Mac, bolding text before typing works with Command/B. Unbolding works the same way. . . except if you type Command/B to release bolding but need to type further unbolded text. Releasing bolding with Command/B works if followed by the space bar, but bolding returns if bolded text is followed by the tab key.
  7. Hi I have using Evernote web app on two laptops for work and personal use. Anyway. I am facing problems like data redundancy and login session time in evernote web app. Key Info - Windows 10 Using with touchpad instead of mouse Using mobile dialup connection instead of DSL Problem Facing While creating a note, the mouse jumps up (okay its any issue with touchpud) and create duplicate note like around 5-6 notes as seen in screenshots. All my saved data for current working note are lost and the most updated is sent to top-most note. Its same with the office laptop without touchpad. Another problem I am facing is whenever I close my browser I need to login again to evernote. I am using direct google plus login, it is in no way related to device specs and they way I am using. Looking for a way to solve.
  8. I select New Note and it flashes then disappears. Nothing more to say... I can't open a new note. Can anyone help me with this? AM
  9. hey dudes! first of all Thank you very much for your hard work! Love Evernote! But an annoying thing happened where the check boxes that should be aligned with it's associa ted text, the checkboxes are now on their seperate lines. This seems to have happened to several hundred notes... see the difference here: aand this not so good:
  10. Hi! I was working on my notes an entire week giving it format: some tables, colors, bold typography, nothing unusual. In the App of my Mac all was looking good until I checked the iOS App and the "Web App"; that nice format has gone, in the iOS my notes looks very different, the Web App is an entire mess, all is completely unorganized. The worst came when I update anything, the minimal thing that I modify in iOS or Web App just ruined all my notes in the Mac App too. This is exactly what I wasn't looking in a notes App, can someone tell me how to fix this?, and taking advantage please recommend me a true Note Taking App. Thank you very much!
  11. Vinu_RK


    When recording a meeting (via record feature of evernote) from an android phone, if there a pop up the recording is closed. Ideally, it should continue and not get disconnected.
  12. When I spend a lot of time making a matrix or table of so many rows and columns of fixed widths to make copies of, to then fill in the blank cells, the "Fixed Content" formatted cells should be able to be locked so that when I reopen them on the Desktop version (Mac OS) or the Smartphone version (iOS) they all are identical (isn't that the whole idea bending cross platform support??) and the formatting that I have painstakingly created is not only retained, but also locked and unable to be changed, and only the blank cells can have text entered into them. Perhaps Im expecting a Note taking app to act like a input accepting forms application or database input form, but whats the point of being able to create Tables when they end up all screwed up every time you open them? I've been told to make them shared notes, but I am not sharing anything with anybody, I am the sole user. If that will fix the problem great, but what a kludge solution begging for a better solution. I've been told to use Excel or Word to create the Tables. So why have a Table making function if it doesnt work, effectively making a a beta tester of the Table functionality?
  13. First I'd like to say that it took me WAY too long to find out how to make a simple forum post. But my main purpose of this post is to ask why there isn't an easier way to report bugs. As I write this post I still haven't been able to figure out how. There should really be a simple link or button on the app as well as the web version to quickly and easily report bugs. I've come in contact with many bugs that may not be app breaking but are quite annoying. That combined with the fact that reporting these bugs are not easy causes me to just stop using apps all together, which I don't want to do because I love it. I understand that this is your app and company and I would never presume to tell you how to run it, but being able to easily report bugs is good for everyone.
  14. I am fairly certain I fall into some kind of elite victim status as an Evernote user because I have nearly 28,000 notes. There is an ongoing problem with the Mac clients and sync - they are unusable during sync and it takes a long time with that many notes. (I am a developer so may make assumptions about how things work from that perspective.) There appears to be a phase during sync in which the entire app is locked up. It is unresponsive to commands, a cmd-N for a New note has no effect until sync finishes, typing has no effect etc. This phase may not affect people with fewer notes. I suspect Evernote has a fundamental architectural flaw in its reliance on the Javascript-based editing engine. One manifestation of the problem is that there is a lockup of sometimes as much as 30 seconds even before the sync progress spinner starts to change colour and turn. Notes that I select or open in a separate window show up with blank content and remain that way - I have to close the window or choose another note in order to force a refresh. I am getting frustrated by this and related iOS performance issues to the point where I am seriously considering quitting Evernote and moving to One Note. I have been a loyal paying customer for years and recommended it continually but these problems cause me to come to a complete halt in my working lie way too often. I am now trying to work around it by only ever doing manual sync. It's a very sad state of affairs to be reduced to that.
  15. APenNameAndThatA

    Fix Evernote So It Works

    How abouts removing the bugs from Evernote? So, like, when I THINK I saved a PDF it actually saves? Or basic functionality like being able to check the web version from an iPhone?
  16. 1. Good grief, people. For God's sake make it POSSIBLE to report a bug. I don't expect a response, I just want to point out that it exists. 2. My version is (303788). But I had to type that by hand, because it can't even be copied, much less auto-filled into a message. 3. You can press Ctrl-K to add a link to text, but once the link is in place, Ctrl-K no longer works to edit the link. 4. You can right-click to edit the link, but when you do, the text that was there before is replaced by the link.
  17. [Not quite sure where to post this.] I'm following the fairly active thread, linked below, but I'm getting too many email notifications each day. So, last week, I changed my notification preferences to "One email per day with all new content from that day." Yet, despite doing so, I continue to receive individual notifications for each, new post that's added. Whenever I log in and view my settings, the correct option is still selected. The software is simply ignoring the option I've selected. Admin or moderators, can you please look into this?
  18. I downloaded recent update version on two different laptops running Win7 and now, I am having problems on both of them. Evernote client start and freezes immediately and I cannot open any of my notes. I still can access my notes through web browser or on iPhone. Is anybody experiencing the similar problems?
  19. Good morning, I restored a computer completely from a time machine backup that is about 3 weeks old. After the restoration, HUNDREDS of my local notes are without content. They include notes that have attachments, notes that are text only, new, old, recently updated, not recently updated. There is no rhyme or reason to which notes are blank and which aren't. They appear in the notes lists along with all of the other notes, and they still have titles (some have thumbnails of a generic pdf, if there was a pdf, but not all that had a pdf do) but when I click to view them or when I open them, they are utterly blank. They don't have the usual "click here to edit"; it's as though that entire section had been cut out. It can't be edited, and it can't be viewed. I've left it run for days, I've tried everything you could imagine (moving the notes, deleting all of the other notes (offline, of course) to see if they would eventually index (and then re-restored the time machine backup again after that), I've searched the library/.../ accounts/... folder that usually contains the attachments have have had no luck. I am terrified that I will not be able to recover these notes. Some of them are extremely important to me. So far I've lost hours trying anything I could imagine and searching forums, but I would be fine losing another dozen hours if it means getting my notes back. I've searched for the missing pdfs using the finder's search in the library in the hopes that would point me to the location of the other missing notes, but nothing. It's like they never existed... except they clearly did, as their titles are still there. I could use any help those of you with experience with this could provide to try to recover these notes. Thank you for any help you can provide,Mary
  20. I've read several related requests to fix the text editor in Evernote. Many ask for further details about what the problem is. I'm sure I'm not the only one to keep hitting these bugs. (1) Cutting and pasting lines: Type four lines of text in a new note (even just "a", "b", "c", "d"). If you select, say, line "b" by moving to the front of the line, hitting Shift+Down to select the whole line, Ctrl+X to cut, then move down to line "d" and Ctrl+V to paste you get a blank line inserted after it! So it somehow copied *2* linebreaks. Why? The only other way of selecting the whole of line "b" before cutting it is to hit Shift+End, but then when you cut you get a blank line left there and when you paste in front of line "d" you *don't* get a line break. Please fix this - it makes it much harder than it should be to rearrange lines. (2) Bullets: Create a note with two bulleted lists, separated by some text. Cut or copy an item from the middle of the top list, and paste it after the second list - you get a weird gap between the two. Why is that? So now paste it in the non-bulleted line before the second list - you get it separated from the second list by some non-bulleted text. That's OK, you think, I'll just delete that line in the middle, but again you get this weird gap between them and you have to concatenate two items and then hit enter to get a bullet in front of both again. (3) Check boxes: What's up with those? Half the time when adding more items to a list of checkboxes I either end up with two checkboxes before an item or none. Sometimes hitting enter after a checkboxed item creates a new line starting with a checkbox, but sometimes it doesn't - I haven't found out why, but it seems to happen when you come back to a previous list of checkboxes - if you enter a list all in one go it generally does what you'd expect. (4) Formatting and paste: A number of times I go to paste some text into a note and the format *should* be the same and everything should line up but it doesn't, and I end up with bullets with slightly different indentation, or slightly different bullet size (has the font gone wonky?). Could a developer at Evernote *please* just get assigned to fixing the bugs throughout the text editor (or could one of them show their altruism and moonlight/do a skunkworks project to fix the text editor for all of Evernote's thousands of users)?
  21. markjl

    windows Evernote table bugs

    Hello I have problems with tables in Evernote PC desktop version v4.6.5 Sometimes cannot add columnsSometimes text is all squished up with no spacesHow to cut and paste a line in a table?Thanks if you can assist
  22. Ever since 5.8.5 beta release, ctrl+backspace no longer deletes WHOLE word, instead it works just like normal backspace. I just updated to 5.8.5 general release but the bug is still there. This little universal shortcut has worked wonders and I only noticed how much I value it until it's broken in EN. I've gone back to v5.8.4 for now, EN, please fix this ASAP, it may seem like a small bug but it's one of the most valueable productivity tricks.
  23. With the latest update of Evernote, I'm having some formatting issues that are really affecting the way I take notes on my MacBook. Every time I try to change my text to be bold or underlined by hitting ctrl+b or ctrl+u etc, I start typing but the program immediately reverts back to its normal setting, so I don't even get a single character typed in bold. They only way I've been able to change my text is to type it out and then go back, highlight it, and change it there, which is incredibly inconvenient when I'm in the middle of class. Has anyone else had this problem? Would anyone be able to suggest a solution? I have tried quitting and re-opening the app to no avail.
  24. When you go into edit mode, the Evernote Android client likes to frequently remove spaces from lines, and in more rare occasions make changes to the layout (particularly font color) as well. Removing spaces most frequently happens right after urls and colons (and a few other punctuation marks as well). The Evernote Android version that this occurs in is the most recent (5.3(1053033-public-com.evernote)). The unintended layout changing is not as bad as it was a while ago so I'm guessing you're aware of the issue and made changes in recent versions, but this particular behavior does remain
  25. I don't remember when I first started to see "Upload allowance resets in less than one day" in the Evernote app on my iMac at home, but it was before Xmas eve (12/24). Yet as of this morning (12/26), the same message was showing. Clearly it has been more than 1 day. The app also says I used up my monthly allowance of 60 MB. When I came into my office this morning, the Evernote app on my iMap said, "Upload allowance resets in 29 days." Well, at least one of them is keeping track of time. But this iMac is not keeping proper track of my usage. It's reporting that my current monthly usage is 57.2 MB, even though I haven't added anything to Evernote since the reset because I was at home, and my app there was saying I had used my limit and my account had not yet reset. So I looked a third place, online by logging into my Evernote account on the web. Only the web site is correct. It says the upload allowance resets in 29 days and that I haven't used any of my monthly allowance. Clearly there is something wrong with the Mac app. The two machines aren't even consistent with each other, and their information is wrong but in different ways.