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Found 18 results

  1. I search for a term and it doesn't find all the instances of that term, and I know because I manually find what I know is there, and sure enough it didn't bring that up in the search results. The term could be inside a note or the title of a note and it doesn't bring it up. For example searching for the name "Jung", and the search result only brings up one note where I have quotes by Carl Jung, and I know I have more than that, so i find the others manually, and there they are. I've not had this problem before with Evernote, is it a bug in the new version? I can't contact them because I only have the free version. Evernote: Version 6.13.1 MacOS Sierra 10.12.6
  2. Copy and pasting text from Evernote occasionally, includes the html for spaces within the text. See attached. This never used to happen in previous versions. Evernote: Version 6.13.1 MacOS Sierra 10.12.6
  3. I started using evernote and want to ask here before I dump this app. I wrote a note with like 10 lines of text. For some reason its only showing the first two lines of my note and the only way I can see the rest is if I use arrow keys and move down the text. But even then it still only shows 2 lines...How can I fix this?
  4. I am so depressed by the way Evernote on my mac is not working! I conducted the recommended upgrade and the Evernote I used to love now sucks! I cannot even create new notes in existing folders. The only thing I can do is create "tags" for a note that I am unable to create. I have no idea what you did, but you have ruined what was a great cross platform, cross product app!
  5. APenNameAndThatA

    Is Evernote Going Broke?

    When I download PDF's onto my iPhone, I like to sync them. A window comes up with space for a title and tags, and a button called <save>. I press save and go on with my browsing. But the PDF does not always sync. Recently, to try and fix this, I reinstalled Evernote, waited for the PDF to fully download, put in a title and a tag, and waited to give Evernote time to save/sync the PDF. No dice. 12 hours later, the attachments come up empty on the iPhone, on the PC, AND on the web client. I can't even check the cloud/version on my iPhone. And this from a company that has a section for feature requests? From a company that is supposed to "never forget". It never remembers. I read on a testing site that Evernote had laid off lots of staff in Europe. ? how true or not. Now, tell me, if a company is NOT going broke, will it's product not work while it inquires about new features AND has its old features not working, basic features not available, and rumors that it is laying off staff? I HATE Microsoft, but...
  6. APenNameAndThatA

    Fix Evernote So It Works

    How abouts removing the bugs from Evernote? So, like, when I THINK I saved a PDF it actually saves? Or basic functionality like being able to check the web version from an iPhone?
  7. I love EverNote and think it's a remarkable product, but HATE the buggy editor! Everytime I try to do any sort of mild formatting (indenting, bullets, etc.), the formatting gets trashed shortly after. This is especially true if editing the note on multiple platforms (Windows PC, Android, website, etc.), defeating the idea of having your notes on all devices. Steps to Reproduce Problem: 1. Open up the EverNote Windows PC application 2. Create a new note containing checkboxes and multiple indent levels (like a multi-level to-do list) 3. Sync the note 4. Open EverNote on an Android phone and sync 5. Open the note created above -- it looks fine, as it did in Windows 6. Edit the note -- indents are replaced by a thin vertical blue line 7. Make a change to the note and save -- indenting is all messed up with skipped lines, etc. 8. Edit the note again -- checkboxes are now gone too See attached screenshots. This is horrible! I would love to be able to trust EverNote, but these sort of bugs makes it very untrustworthy, as I'm affraid that I'll lose content. Is EverNote ever going to fix this?
  8. I was on here a couple of months ago because I had spent $1000 between Evernote Business accounts and a Evernote scanner. 2 MONTHS ON THEY STILL DON'T WORK. I live in the UK so between the time zone difference and non responsive support, I have traded, on average ONE email EVERY TWO DAYS with "support". By the way, I still can't turn on Linkedin integration or it crashes my machine!!!!!! I collect a lot of business cards and bought the scanner for the main purpose of the fraudulently sold integration of Linkedin. I also expected that after spending so much of my hard earned cash with these clowns, I would get $1000 worth of service. I haven't. My 2 month odyssey ended with TERRY O sending me a WORK AROUND, which was basically don't use the business card function and store all BUSINESS CARDS IN A PERSONAL ACCOUNT!!! You have to understand that for over a month so that I could scan stuff, they had me using an alternate account, which I transferred all the notes from the other day. Well, all my notes came in but were NOT in notebooks so I SPENT A DAY MOVING THEM AND CREATING NEW NOTEBOOKS IN MY OLD ACCOUNT. I have reinstalled snapscan and evernote dozens of time, and as of TODAY I still can't turn on Linkedin integration!!!!! SUPPORT IS NONEXISTANT, PRICES ARE EXTREME FOR WHAT YOU GET, DO NOT START USING THIS SYSTEM FOR YOUR BUSINESS UN;ESS YOU WANT TO PAY TO BE A BETA TESTER.
  9. I have tried to re-install and wait for the indexing of notes since the update now and it's still completely broken. Trying to work with Evernote while it takes 5-20 minutes to open a note and most of the time it looks like the CSS has broken completely and the note itself has no formatting and the content is all over the place. I have contacted your support with no response and it's getting extremely irritating, please advise. What do I do to get it working again? This is a pain!!!
  10. Hi EVERNOTES - has anyone understood why the web clipper in safari etc shuts down after a while and how to restart it? I click on the icon but it does not respond. If i right click the mouse - I am told - You must sign in using the Clip To Evernote toolbar button before you can make clips. However, when I open ever notes - im automatically logged in. The issue is a bit of a pain as I am unable to clip something at the time - time and time again. Richard
  11. I recently tried to use Evernote on Windows 8 for the first time, and found I cannot edit notes at all, as they were created with rich text elements. All it will let me do is add an annotation at the bottom. As it is a to do list that I'm trying to edit, this is pretty useless. Is there any way to fix this without having to copy and paste all my notes and create new ones with the Windows 8 app? Will that even work? Thanks for your help.
  12. stirwise

    ios Lost all my markup

    I spend a good chunk of the day yesterday marking up a PDF in skitch. When I opened it this morning all of my markings were gone, save for the very first. What happened? Where did all my work go? I can't use this software if it's going to delete or overwrite my work at random.
  13. Hello, My comptuer has just crashed and I'm not sure how to get the notes that were located in my personal notebook back. Any informaiton on how to get these notes back would be appreciated. Thanks, Jennifer
  14. I've been having issues with the webclipper in FFv21 and I tried to uninstall it. The uninstall doesn't seem to have worked since it's "stuck" and still says Evernote has been removed, and never actually clears it out (even after a dozen restarts of Firefox), and there are a number of Evernote named files/folders in my FF profile that remain, so I don't think the uninstall of the addon did much of any actual removal. (see screenshot #1) I tried re-installing the addon, and it downloads OK, but fails when installing saying "Firefox can not modify the file needed" (see screenshot #2) I'm pretty savy, and would tackle manually uninstalling if I knew what files & wher to rip it out of the profile. Any help? I can post any debug logs or additional infor you want, just let me know what you need!
  15. Hello, I'm using evernote to study and taking screenshots of particular parts of PDF books that I use to study. Now I was hoping Evernote would automagically OCR the screencapped images, but I've checked on the notes I've took several days ago and they still haven't been put through the OCR recognition system. Am I right in believing 3-4 days is more than enough time for the OCR to work on a free user account? Are there some criteria that a screenshot must reach to be OCR'd? I guess I just can't figure out what could be causing the problem . - TTTrouble
  16. Please fix the bulleted/numbered lists!! The bugs are numerous, but basically, get it to work reliably as most other RTF editors I've seen so that hitting tab or shift-tab DOES WHAT IT IS SUPPOSED TO DO!! Please, don't make me explain this as it should be VERY OBVIOUS to the most casual observer - the lists are broken, I use them EXTENSIVELY in my notes AND THUS it renders your application useless!! thanks, Joel
  17. Hi! Evernote hasn't been syncing on my Macbook Pro Retina (OSX Lion) for the last week. Apparently there's some invisible note called "Untitled Note" which I can't see and thus can't delete. Help! Activity log down below: 2012-09-08 19:24:58 sync [ENSyncEngine] DEBUG: -[ENSyncEngine backgroundSync] -- noteStore: https://www.evernote.com/shard/s236/notestore 2012-09-08 19:24:58 sync [ENSyncEngine] INFO: Contacting Evernote server... 2012-09-08 19:24:58 sync [ENSyncEngine] INFO: current update count: 45 2012-09-08 19:24:58 sync [ENSyncEngine] INFO: session count: 0 2012-09-08 19:24:59 sync [ENSyncEngine] INFO: Upload used from server: 70895 2012-09-08 19:24:59 sync [ENSyncEngine] INFO: Nothing to pull down from server. 2012-09-08 19:24:59 sync [ENSyncEngine] INFO: Uploading changes... 2012-09-08 19:24:59 sync [ENSyncEngine] INFO: Sending tag changes... 2012-09-08 19:24:59 sync [ENSyncEngine] INFO: Sending search changes... 2012-09-08 19:24:59 sync [ENSyncEngine] INFO: Sending notebook changes... 2012-09-08 19:24:59 sync [ENSyncEngine] INFO: Sending note changes... 2012-09-08 19:24:59 sync [ENSyncEngine] INFO: Syncing note: <no guid> 'Untitled Note' 2012-09-08 19:24:59 sync [ENSyncEngine] ERROR: exception adding note 'Untitled Note' to server 2012-09-08 19:24:59 sync [ENSyncEngine] ERROR: Sync exception: EDAMNotFoundException(identifier:"Note.notebookGuid",key:"af9fa006-cbf7-4d87-8209-7cb7db059829") 2012-09-08 19:24:59 sync [ENSyncEngine] INFO: Sync complete. Hope anyone can help me with this! Thanks in advance!
  18. This just happened recently: Whenever I enter full screen in Evernote, whenever I open a note, it opens a non-fullscreen window version of the note (as opposed to the fullscreen window, which it's supposed to do), and it then kicks me out of the full screen space, and won't let me back into it. The only way out of it is to quit the application. If I try to Cmd+tab back into it and click it real fast (before it boots me out of the space), the program usually crashes. I wiped out the preference file in ~/Library/Preferences but the bug is still there. This is EXTREMELY annoying. Updating the app didn't work either. What do?