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Found 96 results

  1. Hi, Google just launched a new app that replaces Google Drive called 'Backup and Sync'. I just wondered if it is at all useful if you for whatever reason wants a "third" place to keep a copy of the database. I'm not really willing to pay for time machine or an external drive during this time. I just pointed the app toward the Evernote database in the Application Support finder folder. Might this disrupt something or is it a safe way to backup a database?
  2. Why not to accept EPUB as a exchange format? Even more, why not use EPUB as the real format for all system? It is time to assume that Evernote is not an notetaking-App, is a online-white-paper-App. We are who decide if we are writing a short or long text, temporal or permanent, personal or public and son on. In both cases, we will need formatting tools to create this text, this writing. For many, Evernote is the updated version of windows notepad-app for this 21st century, but we need more than that app. Doing this you will have the solution for many questions: - Title, headings, subheadings: great to write more than two lines of text! - Style format (colours, fonts): avoiding untidy notes - Tablet of content/index: navigability trough large and dense notes - Export/import option as EPUB: rather than ENEX format or HTML files - Storage option: any place as one file, that is EPUB - Online minimalist EPUB editor: simply text without see any html code - No printers, no paper: users just need and want digital content So finally, Evernote will be a huge online place where you can start with a minimum note of one line. Then, you can go far adding more text and contents, creating a report, a diary. Even, completing a novel or a thesis by parts or doing all in one place. Then, if someone need further publishing software, there are many applications (Indesing, QuarkPress, etc). All of them ready to create printings and more developed solutions for experts. Nowadays, for real digital life, nobody needs a old fashion formats like DOC or PDF, which are prepared to be "printed" in a paper or in a screen. For many of us, with a Evernote is more than enough. Google knows it. They have GoogleDocs that in fact is an editor of super-html, that is, EPUB. There you can download it in EPUB format (however you cannot upload EPUB to there...). Even Evernote already knows this, because in fact, ENEX format is a kind of compressed html, that is again, a kind of EPUB format.
  3. Hello, I am a co-founder of Backupery, we are making local backup software. I am glad to present you Backupery for Evernote application. It is a lightweight application that makes automatic backup of Evernote notes to local hard drive. Here are some highlights: The application is very small (~700KB) and easy to use. Backup is started by scheduler, so a user doesn't need to run it manually. We don't send any bit of your data beyond your computer, so all your data belongs to you only, forever. The software works without internet connection (it is essential if you are travelling, for example). Since the app utilizes Evernote-standart export technology (ENEX), no third-party tools are required for restoring (Evernote client is enough). Since we are using ENEX-export, the app backups local (unsynchronized) notebooks and unsynchronized notes. You could read more and download the application here: It is for Windows only for now, but we are working on Mac version also. Any questions, suggestions or ideas are highly appreciated, please let me know here, or use Best, John
  4. Hi I run an old version of Evernote ( I have been taking notes for several years and it has been good. Upgrading to Windows 10, I am unable to install this version of Evernote. I keep getting an error. Something about "failed to load a dll:enlnst" and Setup terminates Has anybody seen this problem? So I then thought of installing the latest version, export all my notes from the previous version and import it in the new version. In the newer versions, it is unable to import older note version files. So does this not work? Am kind of stuck now.. Any help will be most appreciated. Thanks Vasu
  5. Issues with Restore of Evernote HTML Backup (Export) Some users are exporting their notes as HTML as their primary Evernote backup. I have found the EN HTML export has severe limitations and is NOT well suited for restoring your Note(s). Evernote offers two formats for export: ENEX -- ✅ recommended for backup and restore HTML -- ⚠️ not suitable for restore The ENEX format works very well, and stores/retains most of your Note metadata (see below for details), EXCEPT for Notebook. For that reason, many, including me, recommend exporting Notes for each Notebook to a separate ENEX file, with a file name the same or similar to the Notebook name. Restoring a Note from a EN HTML Export (based on EN Mac 6.9.2) (this is for Evernote 6.9.2 (454158) on macOS 10.11.4) There is NOT an import option to import HTML files So you have to drag/drop each HTML file to the Evernote icon in your dock The new Note created from this drag/drop, has these issues/problems/missing data: ⚠️ NO metadata is imported. This is a huge loss. ⚠️ NO attachments are imported. This is a huge loss. NO EN checkboxes are imported. The original Note formatting is NOT restored. At a minimum, extra blank lines are inserted ⚠️ Evernote Note Metadata NOT Imported from HTML Export[1] Tag(s) Created Date Updated Date Source URL Location Reminder Author Evernote Note Metadata NOT Stored in neither HTML nor ENEX Export Notebook GUID (used to identify, and link to the Note) Sharing data (NOTE: Prior versions of EN Mac did NOT retain the other metadata. But with Ver 6.9.2, all is retained and imported, except for the 3 items above) Footnotes: Curiously enough, most of the Note Metadata listed is stored in the HTML Export. It is just not used by the drag/drop import process. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ References: Backing up and restoring Evernote data (Reference article) How to back up (export) and restore (import) notes -- Evernote Knowledge Base How to back up and restore your data in Evernote for Windows EN Mac ENEX Export/Import Test Two major backup strategies that can be used with Evernote
  6. Restoring Notes From a Mac Time Machine Backup As far as I can tell, there is no easy way to restore selected Notes from a TM backup. If you know of an easy way, PLEASE post it here -- all us Mac users really need it. EDIT: Thu, Jan 7, 2016 Since I posted this thread, I have written the following procedure: How to Restore Selected Notes from Mac Time Machine (TM) to EN Mac GrumpyMonkey and I got into a discussion about this in another thread. Our discussion was really off-topic for that thread, so I decided to start a new thread where we all could properly discuss this very important subject. I'll start with a quote from GM: GM, I would love for the process to restore selected Notes from TM to be easy. Maybe I missed something in the links you provided, but I read them all, and none of them really provided an EASY solution. In fact they all discussed how difficult/hard the process is. If I missed the easy restore process, please point it out. The problem really starts with finding the Note, or Notes that you want restored. Although the Notes are stored in files, the file name is NOT the Note Title or anything usable to the end user. In fact, I could not find the Note Title anywhere, but maybe I don't know where to look. And what if you want to restore a whole Notebook? How would you find all Notes for that Notebook?? Even if you are luck enough to find the Notes you want to restore, using TM to restore them will be a short-lived victory. As soon as you sync, your restored Note will be overwritten from the EN Cloud Service (see the quote from Ref#3). So, if you know of one source that provides detailed steps to easily restore selected Notes from TM, please post it. Here is what I found from your links: 1. 2. 3.
  7. Just for posterity... For those who stumble across this thread via a forum/ Google search, here's a straightforward blog post on how to back up and restore your Evernote data: The premise is the following: "Syncing's not enough... syncs can go awry. Cloud services can go down. Here's how to ensure your notes are there when you need them."
  8. Evernote desktop takes a copy of a note "several times a day". When this occurs is unclear. This is Note History My need is to take a copy of a note at important times. Like I'm going to lunch. Or I'm about to make some major changes to this recently created note and so I'd like to ensure that I have the before and after version. So the request is to add a manual history shortcut key. When pressed, another copy of the current note only is added to the history, if its changed, just like the automatic history. It uses the same mechanism as the current Note History. This runs on the server. So the short cut needs to sync the current note, instigate a history copy on the server and update the local note with the new history copy. You could also help to mitigate sync failures by allowing a user to choose to have every note that is synced copied to history too. Maybe per Notebook. A user might then be able to check the history to see that at least a copy has been held locally. Given that sync may fail quietly, its good to be able to eyeball the saved history. I note that history is kept for deleted items too. Thats cool. I didn't expect it.
  9. I would like to manually backup my EN database files. I couldn't find them in what I thought was the correct location, so I clicked on Open database folder in About Evernote and this took me to a folder entitled located in Library/Application Support/com.evernote.Evernote/accounts. In the folder there are two folders, one entitled props and the entitled with a number only. The latter one has a bunch of files and folders in it, including some with interesting names like atlas, chunks, purgatory and puppetmaster. Do I need to copy all of these or is there a particular file and folder to locate? I was looking for a file that ended with exb but I can't find one...
  10. Hi all !! I'd like to completely backup my Evernote installation (notes and settings) in order to restore them on another computer. Is there a way to do it? Have a nice evening
  11. So how do you do this I want a physical hard copy of all my evernote notes and attachments in an evernote readable format backed up onto my local hard drive exporting out notes just exports XML which is simply going to be text based notes, tags, among other things - but not attachments or how can i back my attachments up easily
  12. Evernote Backups

    If I want to backup Evernote from the directory location, as opposed to exporting an ENEX, which files do I select?
  13. Is there a way to backup your Evernote data?
  14. Here's an Applescript you can use to back up all your notes into individual .enex notebook files. Only have 6.0.5 Direct Download version, so I can confirm that it works on that version (both on Yosemite and Mavericks). Be sure to set your osx username and that you set a valid path. with timeout of (30 * 60) seconds tell application "Evernote" activate set myFolder to "/Users/USERNAME/Desktop/EvernoteBackup/" -- path to backup folder delay 7 -- need some time for EN to launch if it's not already running. Raise number if needed. set myNotebooks to every notebook repeat with selectedNoteBook in myNotebooks set theNotebook to (the name of selectedNoteBook) set theNotes to every note in notebook theNotebook set myFile to (myFolder & theNotebook & ".enex") export theNotes to myFile end repeat end tell end timeout
  15. Hi folks - just scared myself to death and am wondering whether this was just a Senior moment or was really a serious mess-up on my part.. Any views or experience on what would happen if you click a large backup ENEX file while Evernote is running? For reasons to do with previous tests and fixes I have an old ENEX file on my desktop. It's a backup of my default notebook from weeks ago. I also have a couple of 'template' ENEXes (as discussed in other threads) for a diary note and other things. They all have the standard green/ elephant icon. In total I have about 30 icons showing for various documents and folders - I'm not a tidy worker. This morning I wanted a new diary note and absent-mindedly clicked the icon, and waited... and waited... and then realised I clicked the wrong icon: I'd hit the default notebook ENEX, not the diary note. Evernote had locked up, and I had a horrible feeling that it might be about to replace my current Default notebook (22,060 notes) with a version from a few weeks ago with a few hundred fewer notes and lots fewer edits. So I killed my wifi connection and tried to close the Evernote window. Windows 10 told me Evernote wasn't responding, and I took the option to close it anyway. Restarted the app (and the wifi) and everything seems to be OK - but did I come close to disaster, or was I just overreacting? Evernote may have been about to come up with the usual 'where do you want to restore these items to?' dialogue and -apart from tying up system resources- I would have done nothing worse than sidetrack myself for a while. On the other hand... I'll test it out on another account when I have time, but until then any ENEX files I'm not actively using are in a folder where I can't accidentally click them! Moral: Don't keep backup ENEX files anywhere they might get clicked accidentally. And drink more coffee in a morning...
  16. Hi everyone! I'm creating a little python application you can use to backup your entire evernote. Basically it opens a little dialog with all your notebooks, ask yuo for a local directory and you can choose wich notebooks to exports. The application will create a directory with the notebook title, an md file for every note in that directory and if the notes has attachments the app will create a directory with all the attachments inside it. This dir will have the name of the note. I would like to hear your opinions: 1- do you think it could be a useful application? It is for me, but I don't know if someone else could find it useful. 2- do you know if there is already something around doing quite the same things? and, maybe for the future, if you want to try it, let me know! Thank you! David
  17. I recently found an old harddrive with an Evernote database and backup files circa September 2006. The Database folder has these 4 files in it: Evernote.enb / Evernote.eni / Evernote.enl / Evernote.enr The Backups folder has 6 backups each with different dates. The backups have an .enex and .xml extension. When I attempt to import any of these backups I get the following error: Could not import notes, error: INVALID_ROOT (Error in line 2, token "EVERNOTE") Please report this problem to Evernote support. I don't have the version that was used to create these notebooks, and I can read the XML files but the code makes the notebooks nearly impossible to read, or extract in that fashion. Lastly, I did find the file in another post. In attempting to convert the database, given the time period it's reasonable to assume that the database is from Version 2.x. That didn't work. I can re-run the program to recreate the error as I don't have it handy right now. If it's pertinent my system specs: Windows 10 Pro 64bit / 32GB RAM / Intel Core i7 3.4GHz.
  18. Hello, I know there is no Evernote client for Linux. For the moment I am ok using Evernote Web. But I would like to know if there is a way to backup the notes and store them locally as text files. I am on Debian (Jessie). I found GeekNote but I am not sure they provide that feature. Thanks
  19. Optional complete backup

    Hello, this is a feature i'd really like implemented Is there anyway to backup all my notes in my device (in text format, readable with other programs/apps on mobile) without copying them all one by one? That would be very time consuming I'm thinking maybe a feature that lets you backup everything to a file in the most standard format possible just for safe keeping in case of something happening to your account or simply losing all of them. I keep so much in my evernote that i am concerned about this, i will probably do this manually soon, but a feature would be much appreciated. I'm sure some people would appreciate it as well.
  20. to solve the problem of the archiving and show up the result as well the tags.and still have to see the old article in the web clipper or sear results. what I want like to put all note now into an archive and the start over all again. the but is, that I still need to have access to the notes in the archive. and if possible also have all tag move the the archive . the suggested way to do Thank you for contacting Evernote Customer Support. My name is Olegs and I will be happy to assist you today. I understand you would like to archive all of your current notes but still have access to them when you need to. 1.) At the moment the only way to archive/back up your notes/notebooks would be to export them out of Evernote as an Evernote XML (.enex) and then to import your ENEX (.enex) backup files to restore your notes and tags back into your Evernote account when you need to. For more information on how to back up (export) and restore (import) notes and notebooks [click here]( 2.) If the first option does not work for you, then the are few work arounds you can use to separate/archive your notes without exporting them out of Evernote. * Assign a Tag of "Archive" to ALL notes you would like to archive and don't want to include in Searches (use search term "-tag:Archive" to any search you want to EXCLUDE those OLD Notes-tag:archive). * Move ALL Notes to a Notebook, or Stack, named "Archive" (for example). the result of option that is the closed Option not work still see the old article and tag. The actual request is to make is possible as requested not see the old article and tag ones they are in the archive. it wanted can see by selecting the option to search in the archive as well t hen atou als soo the tags forr mthe arichve. so you can use evernote more efficient and still have access to the old stored in fmration.
  21. Dear Evernote! I love your service, and am actively promoting it to acquaintances. However, there are two backup-related features I am missing. If you fix these, my Evernote experience would increase significantly. Situation: In becoming a heavy user of Evernote, I am more and more dependent on the safety and security of all my files stored in the service. If I, or other users of shared notebooks, accidentally delete files, I do not want to risk losing them forever. Therefore, I now export my notebooks manually once a week. Still, this kind of backup is cumbersome, and at the mercy of human memory of remembering to do it. Furthermore, all backed up notes from many different notebooks are all squeezed into one backup notebook, making my Evernote backup files messy and unorganized. I therefore have two suggestions for you, which I hope you will consider. Suggestions: 1. Adding an integrated scheduled / automated backup option that would automatically take backup of all, or selected, notebooks daily or weekly. 2. Allowing users to export Evernote notebooks in an organized manner that includes one's initial Evernote structure, i.e. keeping one's distinguished notebooks, with accompanying notes, in the Evernote backup file. Would you consider these suggestions? Best regards, a passionate Evernote user from Norway. Ps! With regards to scheduled backup, I tried third-party app "Evernote Exporter" (, but could not make this work. A solution to suggestion 1 could be similar to this.
  22. We need backups!

    We need backups! We all love Evernote. I do - and i'm just a beginner. Just started a month ago with my paperless life and enjoying it. My ScanSnap iX500 does a great job (after disabling Appnap in the software on Mavericks). Still I have to get rid of typical paper habits. In a classical paper administration everything has a order and a place. The Evernote way is searching to create the view you want for just that moment. It works and it is better most of the time but it still feels a bit counter intuitive. So far about the passion we all share. Now some hopefully productive feedback. I'm a cloud fan. I backup my software via Arq to Amazon's Storage service. With 1Password I have secure passwords for every account. If I can use the cloud I probably will. But, the cloud can fail. A company can go out of business - or - the company can ***** up his storage platform and lose data. The Evernote client is not the most stable piece of software ever made, it could fail and destroy data. And, I can fail too! I can delete a notebook that was not suppose to be deleted. I can select notes and make an error. All of this should not be a big drama if I can make backups of my Evernote notes. Evernote should really make it possible to access my Evernote data in an easy way. Create daily snapshots server side and make it possible for my client to download them. I can then push them to Amazon or another backup service. It is really weird and a big problem that there is no easy way to backup my data. Yes. I know you can export notes in the client. But this is not something I can't automate easy. I don't want to weekly manually export notes. I want to be able to access a snapshot of my notes automatically. If I can change one thing to Evernote it would be this. If you agree with me please let we make sure Evernote knows we want this problem solved! Bram
  23. Export Fails After 6 Notebooks

    I'm using an AppleScript (from the former Evernote Ambassador) to export each notebook to its own ENEX backup. For some reason, the script fails every time after exporting the same 6 notebooks. It never gets to the seventh. I can't even figure out if the seventh is corrupted or contains a un-exportable note because EN isn't exporting in alphabetical order. Help? I use notebook organization, and EN's bulit-in export ignores notebooks. Thus, I need a backup system like this script that does per-notebook backups without failing. Here's the script, the exported result up until the failure, my list of notebooks. You can see that the export starts with the "Project..." notebooks, and even those out of order, so I don't see a way to predict the notebook causing the export to fail with the confusing (because the script was using the existing directory) "no such file or directory" error. set curDate to do shell script "date +'%Y%m%d'" -- Change the path below to the location you want the notes to be exported set exportPath to "/Volumes/Documents Drive/Crucial Files/Systems - Global/Evernote Backups/" do shell script "if [ ! -e " & exportPath & " ]; then mkdir " & exportPath & "; fi;" with timeout of (30 * 60) seconds tell application "Evernote" repeat with nb in every notebook of application "Evernote" set theName to the name of nb set matches to find notes "notebook:" & "\"" & theName & "\"" set f to exportPath & theName & "-" & curDate & ".enex" export matches to f end repeat end tell end timeout
  24. I'm looking at using Evernote for important business files, etc. If I decide to do this, I need to know that there is a backup happening somewhere in case something happens (such as a crash, Evernote disappears, you know, things you don't want to happen). Can anyone help me be reassured that I won't lose my files should the unexpected happen? thanks!
  25. Hello all Evernote lovers, I am just curious if anyone would be interested in an offline application to export and backup all your notes from Evernote to HTML/PDF. No monthly fee, no complex process, no need to share your password with anyone. Just a simple application to export your data in one click. I wrote a very simple tool for my personal needs and I will be happy to share a first beta version and add a few features if needed. Pleae let me know if you are interested Cheers, Jerome