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Found 56 results

  1. I'd really like an option to just add a PDF as a note rather than as an attachment on the note. It's pretty trivial, but when I'm saving something that's just a PDF (like sheet music for example) it's a little inconvenient to have to open the note and then click the attachment. Thanks!
  2. Dave7

    tiff image files

    Recent versions of the Evernote Mac client no longer automatically display tiff image files that are attached to notes. Instead of displaying the image, there is the icon for an attached file with a name like "Pasted Graphic 14.tiff". The web client does not have this problem.
  3. Hi, I noticed a few problem in version (306921) that really need to get sorted. First when I click on the snippet of a certain note it takes much longer than in previous version to load and show the note. The second problem is with the icons of an attachments which look bigger (look at the printscreen below). I also noticed that pdf-s are now only able to be shown as attachments, not sure if this is an error or just premium option from now on. It would be nice if you guys sort this problems ASAP. Thanks and have a nice day!
  4. Joe Loves Watercolors


    Can we PLEASE finally have an opportunity to decide which attached photo Evernote shows in its Snippet view? Snippets are supposed to aid the user in quickly finding the note he wants; they shouldn't be designed to allow Evernote to override what the user thinks is the best representation for its snippet. Evernote doesn't need snippets to find things, people do.
  5. Hi everyone, I am a premium user and I used to be able to annotate my PDFs. This feature seems to have been removed from all my devices running with Windows 10. I can read them but I can no longer edit or annotate them directly in my notes. Reinstalling and/or updating evernote as well as loging off/on do not solve the issue. I used to be able to annotate on at least 1 device. When I logged off and back on, I could no longer do it. I did not find any option or feature related to this situation in Evernote. How can I solve this situation? Thank you
  6. It seems that every time I tried to attach a "Word" file OR any "text" file, the attachment would go blank after a few seconds. So I cannot view the document or attachment UNLESS I open it, I am not sure why, but nothing's wrong with "picture" attachment. I have attached a screenshot below. Anyone knows what's going on? All help is much appreciated, Thx!
  7. Hey fellow users of Evernote, I am a fairly new user and I was wondering if there is any ways to attach a document as so: And not it's contents, for the above picture I have renamed its fileextension from .txt to .txte, but is there some sort of option / method to simply have a .txt document ATTACHED and not just copy paste all it's content? I dont want 100+ pages of text in my note, but just the attachment ATTACHED to the note.
  8. hcuddihy

    Attachment problems

    I recently started using Evernote Premium. I noticed that xlsx (excel) attachments are blank. Quickview brings them up until you close that view. But the large file area is blank. The attachment appears for a moment when first attached then vanishes leaving blank space. If I resize the window even a millimeter the file appears and is usable. I am on a mac desktop with latest update for osx and evernote. I believe this is a bug but I don't see a formal bug report area on any web site.
  9. Hi, As a new Evernote user with a recently purchased premium account I have been enjoing the evernote experience and icnreasing my grasp on the software across all platforms. All of a sudden, after a note with multiple pdf attachments (15 or so) with the size approx. 75 mb in total, evernote DESKTOP started to operate sloggishly especially in attempts to work on that particular note. I cannot delete or change this note for a while as I shared its link with collegues. I see there are similar posts with regards to Evernote slowing down and this is incredibly alarming for me. I have gone thorough nearly all similar posts and performed CTRL + Help optimizations and some other setting sync changes as suggested by other users. Nothing helped. Am wrong thinking this is what you get from EN eventually? As I am recent EN user with just 300 or so notes, is there a recent fix for this kind of issues I might not have seen? Is it best to migrate from Evernote before I have more notes than I can handle transferring other medium. Thank you
  10. I want to find all notes which have a MS Word document attached to them. I have tried to search for: "resource:application/msword". But it only finds 3 notes, although I have hundreds of notes containing MS Word attachments. I am searching in all notebooks, so the problem is not that I am accidentally searching inside a notebook without MS Word documents attached. Strangely, I have no problems finding notes with pdf attached using: resource:application/pdf. When I search for "resource:*" it does find many notes with word attachments but also a lot of notes with no MS Word attached to them (as expected). Any ideas to what I might be missing? Using Evernote: on Windows 10.
  11. Longer attachments names always get cut, which is very annoying when trying to find stuff. There's plenty of space to make the box wider, or even just make the text size smaller. But 16 character is not enough most of the time.
  12. As title, I have created about 20 notes in OneNote that I want to import them to Evernote. Each OneNote note contains a pdf files, and some screen capture image. I used the Evernote import function found in the Windows Client (version : Import --> Microsoft OneNote. Things are working smoothly, and a local notebook is created with all the imported notes inside. I browsed through the imported notes, the screen capture image is imported successfully, but some of the PDF were not import, only the pdf filename is found in the note (e.g. <>), I tried restarting Evernote and those pages still have their pdf files missing. Anyone experienced similar thing before? Thanks!
  13. 매일 발생하는 오류 때문에 돌겠군요. 1. 노트가 제목과 미리 보기는 멀쩡한데 내용이 작성한 다른 노트와 바뀌어 버립니다. 바뀌고 뒤죽박죽 되기도 하고요. 하루에 한번씩은 발생하는데 미치겠네요. 프리미엄 만료되서 플러스로 바꿨는데 내역 보기가 안되서 이 버그 발생하면 복구를 할수가 없어서 울며 겨자먹기로 프리미엄으로 전환했습니다. 2. 특정 노트가 첨부 그림이 보이지를 않는군요. "attachment" 라는 글자만 보이고 그림이 안보입니다. IOS 에서만 그렇고 PC나 맥으로 보면 멀쩡하네요. 일단발생하면 그 노트는 심지어 노트를 지웠다 다시 올리고 에버노트앱을 재설치 해도 마찬가지네요. 그러다 또 잠시 제대로 나오기도 하고요. (첨부 참조)
  14. Hello everyone, On Tuesday I got my Mac, this is the first time I use Mac OS. In the beginning, everything works fine; however, when I started to write essays, the problems show up. Since I have stored a lot of WORD and PDF files, they are ALL shown in "pages". As I want to scroll down in the note, I have to right click and choose "show as an attachment " so that it would be easier to scroll faster. It's quite annoying. I already chose to show as attachments in the preference/setting. I think if it is related to my syncing, which has not finished yet. So the second question will be "how to keep the program working", because it will close the screen itself and seem not doing anything. Thanks for your replies. -- Screen shot: https://goo.gl/odYgQZ
  15. Suggestion: Make clipped screenshot image names unique. Current state: Every cliiped image is saved in evernote as attachement to note with the same name ScreenClip.png Why it should be suggested way: because if you save different clipped images to the same folder you always get same name OS dialog and should manually handle renaming routines. Mereover there are some software such as Atlassian Confluence that can not handle same name attachments to the same page. This seems obvious but Evernote over the years lack this super usefull feature. As havy user of Evernote screenshot clipper and skitch markup I struggle of same name ScreenClip.png of all clipped images. Usual workflow is as follows: 1. Make some actions within the the software I need to document, clip a number of screenshots to evernote using clipper. 2. Annotate this clips with skitch right frome the evernote usung hover annotate button. 3. Begin writing documentation in Atlassian Confluence and drag and drop annotated clips right from evernote note window to the browser. The problem with that is that all clips has the same name, whis is impossible to confluence to handle. So I need first to save clipped image on disk, give it unique name and then drag and drop it from disk to browser.
  16. I really would like to be able to manage multiple attachments in a single note, moving files between notes and so on, when I'm using Evernote on my iPad or on my Android phone. I guess there are workarounds for this, but it would me amazing to have a flexible system which would let you copy and paste files between notes, or move attachments inside the same note, for instance.
  17. Would like to have it be an optional 2-step process to delete PDFs and attachments from notes. Currently it is as easy as deleting text. Would be nice to have a pop-up saying "are you sure you want to delete this attachment" with the standard option box of "do not show this message again" if the user doesn't want the 2-step process. Or perhaps make it so the user has to drag the attachments to the trash manually (where they can perhaps recover them at a later time). At the moment if I hit the backspace button too many times and delete an attachment, the best solution I can find is to try to hit "Undo", but that only works short term (i.e. if I don't leave the note).
  18. I decided to use Evernote for keeping all my PDF's which I need for my work as a physician, there are many of them, 5-20 pages each. I decided against Papers-3 because Evernote lets me add personal notes, pictures, movies etc. much more easily and also accomodates all the other relevant information of daily live. I want to add a couple of PDF's as attachements to each note, some of the notes contain up to 10 PDF's. It quickly gets confusing if I use the "view in line" option, I don't want to scroll through endless pages to get to the PDF at the bottom of the note. I use the view "as attachment" option to get a nice overview of the different PDF's in each note. The problem is, that the space for the title is way too short, so I can't really identify the individual PDF's within a note without actually opening it. The title of the "in line" view can span the whole width of the screen, which I would also prefer for the "as attachment" view. I would suggest, that one can choose if the whole title is displayed in the "as attachment" view or not. Like that one could have like a list of PDF or attachment titles in each note. For people in science who deal with lots of PDF's, myself I have over 2000, I am sure this would be very helpful and much appreciated!
  19. Hi Evernote, I'm not sure whether this is a bug report or a feature request, but when an attachment is edited (e.g. a PDF) and saved, the note is updated and the scroll position within that note is reset to the top. In a long note, it becomes quite frustrating to have to keep scrolling back down every time an attachment is saved. Would it be possible to alter this behaviour to maintain scroll position when an attachment is saved/edited? Thanks, Jamie
  20. Greetings. I know that I can search inside office docs. However, when I type a word I know it's inside an office doc I can't see where Evernote found the match (see the note with the power point file); instead, I get the file highlighted. I suppose Evernote is saying: "I found your keyword here". I saw this feature on Mac in this great tutorial (minute 12:30): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WAabg7ZsQI How can I set Evernote for windows to show me Office docs as in the tutorial, so I can see the exact part where Evernote found the keyword? Thank you.
  21. How can I permanently remove an attachment that I already deleted from my account? Weeks ago, I sent a image from my iphone to my evernote email inbox account. I deleted it almost immediately after using it.. The image (attachment) no longer resides on my phone, ipod, or desktop account. I have confirmed that the trash is empty and all devices are synced. However, when I just went online (web evernote) and went to my profile Home > "My Attachments" the document still shows up under my account. As stated It was deleted weeks ago. I've been googling for an hour and been through several blogs and see issues on attachments but it in this case, I just want to permanently delete an attachment I already deleted and not have it show up in my quota. It's taking up space for my attachment quota but it was deleted weeks ago but still remains. "see picture" I didn't even realize there was such a small attachment limit (500 kb) but regardless can someone show me how to delete it from my account. This could also be a security issue given I thought the file was deleted weeks ago. Thank you for your assistance in advance
  22. Hello all! I start class this Monday. In order to prepare, I wanted to try and stay organized this year by creating my own agenda, class list etc, and decided to keep them in Evernote as attachments. However, something happened (I don't know what exactly, it happened way too fast) and somehow, one of my attachments copied itself onto all of the my notes (even the ones in other notebooks). The top picture shows the documents after one of the attachments copied itself (sorry, the titles are in French). I tried deleting the attachments from where they were saved in my Evernote file on my computer, but it only deleted the original files (as seen in the bottom picture). It's not a drastic problem, but as you can guess it's a bit of an annoyance as it messed up a few of my tables in other notes, and sometimes it will randomly open. Deleting it doesn't work, so what should I do? Thanks in advance!!
  23. caffreyr

    Updating Attachment file name

    I have an attachment, a MSWord doc, which is updated from time to time. I change the date in the header, and want to change the Word Document to also reflect the date, so when I look at it I know it's the most recent. But, the attachment data and header is updated satisfactorily but the file name is not. When I save it, it goes to some strange area with, I think, some sort of system-applied area. Thank you for suggestions or am I asking the impossible?
  24. Hi all, first of all "HI" I am the new guy 2nd About myself: I am an Evernote user for approx. 1 year and have recently moved to business for my startup. As hard as I try loving EN , being a long-lived IT-Specialist (and yes I do in an ambiguous way) I cannot work with it without constantly having small nitty annoying issues. This said my recent issue is: I am using EN for mac on Mac with Yosemite. Attaching PAGES and NUMBERS documents to EN Notes works which is why I want them there and not in the terrible icloud. However one half of the iworks attachements i upload are displayed by EN preview the others are shown as zipped thus cannot be worked on. Does anyone know when they display and when they don´t and how to stabilize this behavior reliably? Further more: I seem to be unable to remove an attachment of a .pages or .numbers document once it is in the note. What am I doing wrong? Is it really impossible? Also just noted that dragging and dropping from an icloud-drive folder to EN is impossible. Why? Thanks for help all of you AndiB
  25. I've just started using the new Google Drive integration for Mac OSX and when I attach an image from Google Drive it crops the images in the preview it gives. I would much rather it showed the full image. When viewing on Android, the preview shows the full pic, so why does it not on Mac and web too? Also, for pdf attachments the user can right click and select "View as attachment" to stop the pdf preview being shown. It would be good if Google Drive images also had this option.