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  1. I am just wondering why specific features are not available to all devices??? For example - I often use an iPad, and Macbook - especially for work. I can make tables on my Macbook, but not on my iPad Pro.
  2. I know a fair bit of people use Google Drive and Google Docs. A lot of my clients who are prospective Evernote users are loving that. What I have gotten asked about a few times now is iCloud Drive integration and full support of .pages, .keynote, and .numbers file formats that Apple's iWork productivity suite uses. I have a few clients that are solitary and swear by those apps. I assume more have to be out there. I know I use Pages on occasion to make flyers and such. So what I am suggesting is support for those Apple iWork file formats in full, like Microsoft Office and Google Docs. If the iWork app is installed on a device then the file opens appropriately (like MS Office formats), but, otherwise, it would open via the web on (like Google Docs do). I can not imagine people outside of macOS and iOS using it. But, just in the case that they did is why I suggest the latter. Thank you for your time.
  3. The ability to grab/drag the scroll bar on iOS, instead of swiping up/down. This also avoids the issue of accidentally clicking text and opening the editor while scrolling
  4. Color-coded tags for Mac

    Add optional color-coding for tags in Evernote for Mac, so that a note with the tag "Needs work" could appear highlighted in red in my notebook, while a note with the tag "Done" could appear highlighted in green, for example. This functionality already exists, as I understand it, for Windows, but it has yet to be added to the Mac side.
  5. Hi, Please integrate with Siri for reminder tasks such as this app: It saves me tons of time to add a reminder to Evernote and keep all reminders at one place. Evernote will subscribe to Reminder app in its way, to make sure all reminders will be imported to Evernote correctly.
  6. Camera attachment BRICKS devices

    After 2 or more years of using the paid version of this app, I cancelled my subscription. Why? Because the app causes errors across my devices, I load to capture a document that I need for my business, the first shot sometimes works... But by the second shot.... My phone is in boot loader, repeat boot loader, the phone could have 100% battery and still not restart, if you have less than 50% battery then you dare not use the app as it my phone needs a PC connection to be restored/ restarted. So is it your device? NO... My poor phone has undergone testing and flashing on numerous occasions, I swapped to iphone... same problem, iPad... Same problem, LG latest phone... Same problem, latest Microsoft... Same problem, brand new tablet with only Evernote installed... Same problem. This app has something seriously wrong with the code, I am very disappointed that the time has come to purge Evernote from all my systems, recall all devices within the business, flash them and find an alternative for our business needs. Since I ended my subscription I find that Evernote does not offer Support to FREE customers, they didn't pay attention to any of my correspondence while I was a member and this is a shame. 2 Years ago I was immensely satisfied with all its great features, which I'm going to miss... But like the rest of the world, I need my devices and apps working correctly. If someone can suggest an alternative vendor that has customer support, I am looking to be able to scan a document and view it across the business, possibly something compatible with Dropbox. Thanks
  7. Dear Community: I have spent HOURS trying to find an answer for this so PLEASE don't flame me if I missed it. I really tried! I have been using Evernote Premium on a Mac Retina 5k for a little over a year now and have noticed that recently it is auto-tagging one particular web-clipping. Not any others, just this one. I clip a lot of news articles, and for some reason, whenever I clip from the Washington Post, it auto-tags it for me! Which is AWESOME. But I can't figure out how to replicate it! I don't even know how it started! Can anyone tell me? THANK YOU! ~ Annie
  8. Oi gente. Uso o Evernote para macOS Sierra 10.12 (tenho um MacBook Air). Contudo, há algum tempinho, surgiu um defeito (bug): o app Evernote carrega sozinho quando ligo o computador. A opção "Abrir o Evernote quando eu entrar em meu computador" está DESABILITADA, mas ele ignora essa configuração, e abre assim mesmo quando ligo o computador! Uso a versão mais atualizada, tanto do Evernote quanto do macOS. Esse defeito surgiu com a atualização anterior do Evernote. Quando saiu a atualização atual, achei que o problema seria corrigido, mas não foi. É só comigo que acontece isso???
  9. I have been using EVERNOTE for the past three years as a platform to organize the knowledge I had acquired as an intern in a field of medicine in the medical university. the knowledge base has grow to hundred of notes and tags and is very important for me. I have also connected few of my friends and students to the application. When I started using EVERNOTE, it was completely free, and that was one of the reasons I choose EVERNOTE instead the other application in the field. recently, EVERNOTE had changed their policy for basic users, so we can synchronize only two computers for each account. I am using four different computes on a regular bases and this change in policy is really a disturbance to the flow in the use of the application. I am asking EVERNOTE to reconsider the change of policy because this change to current users is unfair and feels like a deception. In that note, your Hebrew support is very bad, and it is virtually impossible to write notes in Hebrew, It is worse when you need to combine English and Hebrew. I wish to thank you for your excellent application in hope that you reconsider the change in policy. Hope to get your respond,
  10. ¡Hola Evernoters! ¿Quién vió el Keynote de los anuncios de Apple? ¡Están emocionados por todo lo nuevo que está por venir? Definitivamente yo sí y no puedo esperar a la versión definitiva de iOS 10. *cough cough* y la actualización del iWatch que incluye Pokemon Go *cough*. Nuestro blog ha publicado más detalles de que es lo que se espera de Evernote. Desde la salida del primer iPhone y iPad, hemos estado trabajando para tener nuestros productos al par y disponible para cualquier nueva actualización de iOS. Con cada una de ellas, nuevas posibilidades de funciones se hacen disponibles lo que también es emocionante para nosotros. Puedes encontrar la publicación del blog aquí y puedes descargar ya nuestra versión 7.17: Adicionalmente, hemos incluido mejoras en esta versión que atacan ciertos problemas reportados recientemente en relación a la vista de notas y ciertos problemas de sincronización. Si experimentaste estos en los días recientes, esta actualización es importante. Espero la disfruten.
  11. Evernote v 6.8 (Apple App Store)

    I have Evernote v. 6.8 on my Mac. In this version (downloaded from the Apple app store) I am missing sharing feature. I cannot share a notebook. The only button i have is a "upload" button for which I can only send _invites_ to people. I had this issue pop-up before, but it was corrected with a upgrade. Why is this recurring? I would like a permanent fix to this issue. Thank you for your time and consideration on this matter.
  12. Hi Everyone, I would first like to say that I love Evernote. Everything about it has been super helpful for my life, my work and my family. I am totally paperless and Evernote has allowed me to clear my head and focus. I would also like to say that I am currently a beta tester for all things Evernote, including Mac, Windows, iOS and Scannable. Lately, I have been reading plenty of articles talking about how Evernote is going down the tubes and is a horrible experience. ( People are leaving Evernote for services like OneNote and Apple Notes. With everybody talking bad about Evernote and all of the recent changes within the company structure (new CEO & a ton of layoffs) I have been worrying about the future of my Evernote and my lifestyle therefore I have been trying out all of Evernote's competitors just in case we hear one day soon that the service will be shutting down. I understand from a lot of the outward facing people at Evernote that they are hard at work re-building a lot of the infrastructure and trying to focus the product. I would really like some sort of sign that the company and my life's workflow won't suddenly end in the future. What are your thoughts? Are we all in the same boat? Thanks Nick
  13. Linking Notes

    I know there is not a suggestion spot for Evernote so I am putting my suggestions here. I think that you should be able to connect between notes easier. At work, I have a lot of relate-able content with different clients and I want to be able to put a symbol or something and then start typing the name of my note, kind of like tagging someone or hash-tagging (#notename, @notename, <note name>), and it automatically bring up the list of your notes as you type. Another suggestion would just be to have a right click option to link to note and then be able to pick directly which note to link rather than copy and past link notes back and forth. Also, I work with PCs at work and I have a Apple at home. The capability with Outlook on a PC to directly send your emails to Evernote is outstanding. It has the option in the menu bare for you. However, in the Mail for Apple, there is no option directly in the program itself. It isn't that much of a hassle to copy and paste the email, but I would enjoy the convenience. I think the interface of the Evernote is a little too simple and it limits the capabilities of the program. I love it and I will continue to use it. I just hope that they continue to update and reface it to have better capabilities.
  14. Evernote notes to Apple Notes

    I want to switch back to Apple Notes and need a way to export all my Evernote notes into Apple Notes. Any thoughts?
  15. Dealing with Apple iOS 8.4 Update

    10 Common iOS 8.4 Problems & How to Fix Them07/02/2015 By Adam Mills @ Apple has just released iOS 8.4 Update. IMO, the best way to deal with any update, but particularly an Apple iOS update, is to wait-and-see!Don't rush into it. Wait and see what issues are reported by other users. Apple iOS updates can also break some features of some apps, or even entire the entire app.This has happened to Evernote on a number of occasions. Evernote is usually quick to respond, but even so I would wait at least 1-2 weeks after an iOS update to see if there are any Evernote issues reported. Having said all that, the above link to an article by is an excellent article on how to fix many issues caused by the iOS update. Of course, BEFORE you update iOS, you should to a full backup of your iOS device in iTunes, and you should always do the iOS update with your device connected to your Mac or PC running iTunes. Here's a brief quote from
  16. Hello, Excuse me if this has been addressed in another topic! Yesterday, I read about serious-sounding iOS and OS X vulnerabilities that allow attackers to gain access to the resources of one application from another. These vulnerabilities may also allow keychains to be cracked and the resulting services/applications accessed. My questions for the Community and for the Evernote team are: - Do you believe Evernote is vulnerable when devices are compromised, as suggested by the articles below? - Does Evernote plan to release an Evernote update specifically to address these vulnerabilities? - Are you currently aware of malware making use of these new vulnerabilities? Thank you for any input you can provide! Regards, Sam References: - -
  17. Seems all of a sudden my AppleMail app lists most of my "To" emails as going to Evernote Upload Evernote. This is where I would normally expect to see my name in the "To" column for emails sent to me. Emails sent to others that I have been copied on or included in the list of receivers are not shown but any email sent direct to me shows up in the column view as to: Evernote Upload Evernote. How do I get back to seeing only my name listed there. I don't know what caused Evernote to move in on this program.
  18. Hi folks, I am new to Evernote. I have found that there are sometimes differences between the Apple App Store version of software and the web download. What are the benefits of one over the other (the Apple App Store version versus the Evernote web download version) ? Are there any missing features or limitations in the App Store version? Thanks! Stan
  19. I'm a software engineer and use Terminal in OS X all day. When I try to select text from my Terminal and use the right-click 'Add to Evernote' I get odd spaces in evernote that make it very difficult to read. What Terminal shows would be this: mysql> describe mysql.servers; +-------------+----------+------+-----+---------+-------+ | Field | Type | Null | Key | Default | Extra | +-------------+----------+------+-----+---------+-------+ | Server_name | char(64) | NO | PRI | | | | Host | char(64) | NO | | | | | Db | char(64) | NO | | | | | Username | char(64) | NO | | | | | Password | char(64) | NO | | | | | Port | int(4) | NO | | 0 | | | Socket | char(64) | NO | | | | | Wrapper | char(64) | NO | | | | | Owner | char(64) | NO | | | | +-------------+----------+------+-----+---------+-------+ 9 rows in set (0.01 sec) But what I see in my OS X Evernote has spaces like the attached image. When I view the note online using Evernote Web, it looks fine. Any idea what is causing this? Thanks
  20. Hi all, first of all "HI" I am the new guy 2nd About myself: I am an Evernote user for approx. 1 year and have recently moved to business for my startup. As hard as I try loving EN , being a long-lived IT-Specialist (and yes I do in an ambiguous way) I cannot work with it without constantly having small nitty annoying issues. This said my recent issue is: I am using EN for mac on Mac with Yosemite. Attaching PAGES and NUMBERS documents to EN Notes works which is why I want them there and not in the terrible icloud. However one half of the iworks attachements i upload are displayed by EN preview the others are shown as zipped thus cannot be worked on. Does anyone know when they display and when they don´t and how to stabilize this behavior reliably? Further more: I seem to be unable to remove an attachment of a .pages or .numbers document once it is in the note. What am I doing wrong? Is it really impossible? Also just noted that dragging and dropping from an icloud-drive folder to EN is impossible. Why? Thanks for help all of you AndiB
  21. I currently use EN on 3 devices: Mac (Yosemite), iPhone (8.1) and Samsung Note 3. Everything has been running well until about 10 days ago (some days past Yosemite upgrade). Both mobile devices: Every time I use EN, it closes down for unexplainable reasons. When re-activated it comes up with a message about 'closed down unexpected and needed to report back to EV'. Annoying, but not disasterous. Today when I tried to open EN on the Mac, I got the following message : "You can't open the application "Evernote" because it may be damaged or incomplete" And alarm bells started to ring Does this mean I can't trust that information in EN? And should change to another more stable solution? Or are there problems with Yosemite/8.1 which EN haven't fixed yet because they have do not have enough resources to keep everything up to date, and that it will be fixed 'eventually'? Anybody have a suggesting? Thank you in advance, Peter
  22. Are we going to see in the near future the Apple´s Handoff/Continuity technology on Evernote? It would be great to see our notes immediately synced after writing anything.
  23. Apple CEO Tim Cook interview by Charlie Rose The full interview is now available for viewing online. It is a fascinating interview, revealing a lot about both Tim Cook and Apple. It's the first time I've really seen Tim Cook open up and show some emotions. Among other things, he emphases Apple's commitment to: SecurityPrivacyBeing eco-friendlyDiversity Anyone interested in discussing the interview?
  24. This is my second post (please see the following link for my first: respecting the same issue: Bullets and list functionality. Actually, for the sake of accuracy, I should rephrase the previous statement to "sheer lack of functionality of bullets and lists". I was an avid user of Evernote. I absolutely loved it. The syncing feature and ease-of-use are second to none. Sadly, I no longer use Evernote for my daily note-taking due to a single and ongoing systemic flaw in the software: Lists! I must reiterate the absurdity of a software provider, such as Evernote, priding itself on being an unparalleled tool for organization and taking notes, having ZERO functionality in the outlining category. I need not bore any potential readers and forum members with the specifics; they are easily found and discussed ad nauseam on other topics and websites. However, I will quickly summarize the problem: When taking notes on my Macbook Pro using the desktop software (version 5.6 Beta 9), I am utterly disappointed when attempting the expectedly simple function of copying and pasting an outline (whether bulleted and/or numbered) from Evernote into Microsoft Word, and vice versa. I was intending to utilize Evernote as a note taking tool during law school. As a side note to any possible Evernote employees reading this post, I am not the only disappointed student forced to utilize other, and admittedly inferior software, to accomplish a task that your entire business model was built and conceived on. I am asking, once again (I decided to throw in the towel after this post) for the following functionality: The capability of taking notes utilizing your built-in bullet and/or numbering tools in the Evernote desktop software. Then, the capability of copying and pasting these numbered/bulleted lists into Microsoft Word and vice versa, without the formatting being completely and utterly annihilated. Lists lose their tabbed spaces. Bullets seem to disappear at a whim. When importing from Word into Evernote, lists do not reproduce even close to being useful. In short, Evernote is useless to anyone interested in outlining functionality (I ponder the percentage of current customers listing the outlining functionality as one of their favourite motivators for using your product). Finally, this entire mess could be easily and elegantly remedied by adding another extremely important tool: an automatic Table of Contents. I am attempting to copy and paste my Evernote lists into MS Word for the sole purpose of creating an automatically updateable Table of Contents. To wrap things up, please fix and/or add the requested tools for your loyal customers! I beg you! I will pay for the premium version if you accomplish this Herculean task of software engineering! I will send you e-cards publicly thanking you for your achievements akin to man's first step on the moon! Please... Please... Do something about this. It has only been 2.5 years since customers have made you aware of this issue. If I were currently in an MBA program, I would use this very experience to write a comprehensive case study, which would ultimately and convincingly conclude with an analysis about the ignorance of customer desires and the promulgation of the rather hilariously hypothetical new marketing slogan for Evernote: "A note-taking tool without the basic tools for note-taking". (Excuse the lack of enthusiasm in the above paragraphs... You may be able to gauge my frustration from my cynical style of writing. I assure you, I am grinding my f****** teeth).
  25. Who's Upgrading to the new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus? I’m very excited to be upgrading to the just announced iPhone 6 Plus (64GB). I'd love to hear from others also are upgrading, or considering it. Combined with iOS 8 and Apple Pay, I think the iPhone 6 is going to be a great machine! I really hope Evernote will take advantage of the new iOS 8 features to allow 3rd party add-ins to other apps like Safari. Having a fully functional web clipper in iOS Safari would be awesome. With the VerizonWireless trade-in allowance of $200 for my very old iPhone 4, I could get the iPhone 6 (4.7-inch) for free, but I wanted the larger, 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus with lots of memory. It has Retina HD Display of 1920x1080 with 401 ppi. So it will cost me $200 to upgrade (2-yr contract). And Verizon still has very competitive rates along with the best true 4G LTE coverage by far. Even better, Verizon is upgrading its systems to XLTE — much faster. When I go out I usually take my iPad Mini with me so I can read my books, view market graphs, etc. I expect the iPhone 6 Plus to eliminate that need in most cases. From Apple: Looking forward to seeing your thoughts.