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Found 14 results

  1. How do I add Evernote app as a complication for an Apple Watch Face? I have Evernote installed on the watch and iPhone and they work together. But I want to make Evernote more quickly accessible on the watch by adding it to a Watch Face as a complication.
  2. Hello, I just got an Apple Watch and installed the Evernote app. Creating a note from the watch does not capture the GPS location. Is it possible to add this feature? Thanks, John
  3. On my Apple Watch when I press the microphone for audio nothing happens. What is this meant to do? Have the latest evernote and watch os. -Bob.
  4. Jacnk Honcho

    No notifications from Evernote

    So I setup some reminders with Evernote on my Apple Watch. When the specific time hit I don't see any reminder though. Why is that? I tried to follow this https://www.cydiageeks.com/fix-apple-watch-not-showing-notifications-or-duplicate-alerts.html but it wouldn't work 100%. Anyone have similar trouble? How do i go about this? Thanks,
  5. Anton Grigoryev

    Audio notes on Apple Watch

    It will be nice and easy to record audio notes on my Apple Watch. Now it just converts the voice into text. But I need to record a voice note and save it in my Evernote account as a new note.
  6. mysticalgarbage

    Reminders for Apple Watch

    I think it's very strange that reminders in Evernote do not push to Apple Watch. I feel like this is an obvious feature and there isn't much of a reason to use the Apple Watch app if you don't get notifications. Additionally, it would be wonderful if there was a more granular selection for setting a reminder time - currently there is only This Evening, Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Month. This would be my go-to Apple Watch app if it had these features!
  7. coolgrandma

    Apple Watch /Sync

    Just got my Apple Watch and set up on my iPhone 6+ to "Show App on Apple Watch". It is "installed" and it opens. However, it does not update along with my iPhone. When I open a note on my watch, it is really really old! [It's a shopping list that I have changed many many times since the one displayed.] I have tried turning OFF/ON both iPhone and watch. Uninstalling/Reinstalling Evernote from "My Watch" on iPhone. "Searching" for note instead of looking at what is there. I also tried 'Keeping in Dock" and "Remove". Is this a bug, or is there a solution?
  8. prophy


    When I use the search function on my Apple Watch, no results are found! Is there anybody else who knows this problem?
  9. Using the Apple Watch Series 2 with watchOS 3 and an iPhone 6S with iOS 10, both with most recent versions. Evernote opens OK on the watch and I can see some notes (not the most recent though). When I try to do a search, as soon as I tap on a search word, the app crashes. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Evernote app on the watch. Same thing happens. Anyone here having the same issue?
  10. I'm trying to use Evernote on my Apple Watch. I see a list of recent notes on my watch, but when I open one of the notes, it is blank. None of the note content I see on my phone is appearing in the note on my watch. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling a number of times, but it has not helped. I also tried emptying the trash notebook as I saw this suggested somewhere, but this didn't work, either. Any suggestions on how I can get the content of my notes to appear on my watch?
  11. Cuando hago una búsqueda desde el apple watch con watch os 3 la app se cierra directamente. ¿Conocíais el fallo?¿Sabéis si se arreglará en breve? Me parece que evernote en el watch ganaria muchos enteros si se aprovecharan las nuevas capacidades del watch. Gracias
  12. JonoSheff

    Apple Watch Crash

    I have just got my apple watch and i am running the latest update of Evernote on my iPhone 6 however when i try to launch Evernote on my apple watch, it launches and i see the menu for about 2secs and then it closes. I have reboot both apple watch and iPhone and uninstalled the app on the apple watch but still get the same behaviour
  13. Currently, it seems that the Watch app is unable to pull new data through the phone app and the only way to populate a new note to the Watch is to view the note on the phone and then wait for it to be pushed to the Watch. This works, but it would be great to have a "Recently Added" option where the Watch would pull in the last few created notes on launch without the user having to launch the iPhone app. Also, does the search function ever work? I've never had the Watch app successfully search for anything.