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Found 16 results

  1. Regardless if using a stylus or Apple Pencil, it would be extremely useful to be able to extend the drawing area in all directions (left, right, up down) and create more space for drawing. It is too small today and I can't fit everything I need into a single screen sized drawing.
  2. HI EVERYBODY I take notes when visiting customers, and add them to my Evernote (later on) writing by keyboard, this means I do the job twice. Now, if I buy IPADPRO+APPLE PENCIL will I be able to write notes down DIRECTLY, and then register them ? and/or, will EVERNOTE be able to convert my writing to letters like if I used the keyboard ? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help, ciao !

    Bug: Losing Sketches

    Hi Evernote, Surely this has been reported before but I couldn’t find anything on the forums. I am having an issue with the iPad Pro, sketch tool, and Apple Pencil. Essentially, if I leave the app for more than a few minutes, say to respond to a message, or multitask in a different window, I lose the content of my sketches. This has happened to me at least ten times now. It’s deeply frustrating. I’ll use the tool to brainstorm lecture slides and then all of a sudden, my slides will be gone!
  4. I find the PDF annotation features in Evernote slow and cumbersome on iOS with Apple Pencil. The Pencil annotation features in PDF Expert are near perfect for me, so I find myself exporting PDFs within Evernote notes to PDF Expert and then returning them once annotated. This is a cumbersome process. In particular, when you choose the pencil tool, there is a significant delay when you put pen to screen. I am often 1/2 way through a word before I realise that the 1st couple of letters did not register in time. Can we have this fixed please - or else better integration with PDF Expert?
  5. I would like to see an improvement when using the Apple Pencil with the Penultimate app. First, I would like the option to have the pen NOT be pressure sensitive. Pressure sensitivity is great when drawing, but a consistent ink flow is better when writing. Also, for general writing, I feel the 01 pen size is too thin and the 02 is too thick. I would like a size in between. Thanks!
  6. Nedrod

    Apple Pencil Not Working

    I am using Penultimate 6.2.3 on my iPad Pro 10.5. My Apple Pencil is charged and connected. The app was used with an Adonit Jot Script and it still shows in the settings. I can't get the pencil to work. I can use it to select, but it will not write. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I sure would appreciate it. Thanks
  7. Hi there, I've been a loyal Evernote user for a number of years. I really love the app and use it for all of my notetaking needs. I've recently bought an Apple iPad pro and Apple pencil. I'd like to use those with Evernote to take handwritten notes to keep alongside my regular typed ones. Is that possible? If not why not? If not, when is this functionality coming? Best wishes, Pete
  8. One feature that Penultimate lacks, and I think is a pity as it's an excellent usability feature, is the ability to only draw with the Apple Pencil, but allow for single finger scrolling. At the moment you have two finger scrolling, but I find that I often end up with small artefacts during writing with false finger pickups (even the heel of my hand can cause issues). For this reason I actually use the Apple Notes application, and export those in to Evernote as images instead; it's a better experience there.
  9. I’d really like to have you add the Apple Pencil - without the pressure effects - so that anyone who has an Apple Pencil won’t have to buy two styluses.
  10. I have started using Evernote for hand written notes more with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil but am frustrated by the small area that Evernote presents for scribbling in. If I was using Penultimate I get to tap at the bottom and on to a new page quickly, but in Evernote we have to close then tap the pen scribble icon again to add another section and cannot scroll through the whole note without tapping done again. Is there a way to have a longer note taking area, that is in portrait layout not landscape layout when using the Apple Pencil or other stylus on Evernote on iPad? Martin.
  11. Something seems to have changed in the last week or so with Evernote on the iPad Pro. I make notes and draw sketches using the Apple Pencil. The app is now attempting to auto-correct every hand-written mark I make, and this is very much undesirable and a productivity killer. After drawing a line, Evernote automatically straightens it, or turns my "o" into zeroes, and any number of other similar corrections. If I click the Undo button, Evernote reverts the auto-correction to my initial sketch, which was my intent anyway. The app was not doing this earlier this week. What has happened? How do I disable this "feature"? Did I inadvertently change a setting? I have looked through the settings menu but do not see anything that seems relevant. Help. Please.
  12. Tagano

    Japanese and Chinese writing

    Hand writing is cool, but it not seems to be adjusted for Japanese or Chinese language. The width of each line of characteristic is not always same, that made me difficult to keep beautiful lines. In English or other alphabet language, it is no problem.
  13. Anyone having an issue with handwriting - some letters, numbers, and marks disappear, leading to write and rewrite and rewrite. The issue for me is in the letters M and S and A. Number 5. And some others, but these are the ones that I have noticed the most. Specifically using iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.
  14. I've been using Penultimate to take notes in classes and do research especially with the split screen functionality on my iPad Pro. Unfortunately, Penultimate has a problem with the position it tracks the Pencil on the screen, when the app is on the right side of the split screen. The tracking of the Pencil is such that it draws the Pencil trace about a centimeter below the Pencil. This makes it quite hard to use the Pencil as a writing or a drawing tool, and negates much of the convenience of using the same tool for note-taking and research. It works perfectly well, when Penultimate is the only app or it is the app on the left side of the split screen view. It's only when Penultimate is on the right side that the Pencil tracking is off-kilter. As the tracking seems to be off only in this instance, could you recalibrate the app for this eventuality?
  15. treywestmusic

    Annotation Needs Improvement

    Hi everyone - a few feature requests that I was told to post here... I upgrade to Evernote premium largely to be able to mark up PDFs with my Apple Pencil on my iPad. I've noticed significant limitations. First, it's quite cumbersome to switch between interaction methods (e.g., highlighting vs. handwriting) - it's cumbersome to have to click several buttons and make multiple selections to highlight vs. write. This just takes too long when you have a lot of reading/writing. It would be hugely helpful to have multiple notation style icons that remain on screen so you can just click one button to change interaction style. Second, navigating the PDF while in a highlight mode is cumbersome. I realize you can use a two-finger scroll, but more often than not evernote fails to pick up my intention and simply remains put. Sometimes, if I don't hit the screen with exactly two fingers at the same time, it highlights or writes all over the page. In other notation programs, such as PDF expert, this isn't the case - it's much more effectively optimized. Third, you should consider adding some sort of highlighting tool other than just a marker. In Kindle, for example, highlighting behaves differently, and I can actually look up a list of highlighted text on a separate page. The evernote version simply treats this as me "drawing" over the text - there is no "smart" interaction. Fourth, formatting does not get "saved" when switching between notation modes. For example, if I click on "handwriting" from the highlighting mode, the font color stays yellow rather than reverting to black. Same with adding text - the text color would be yellow, rather than remembering my setting that all text should be black. This means that even after navigating menus to select "text" after "highlight," I have to change formatting every time I switch back and forth (font size, color). This is obnoxiously time consuming and inefficient, and I can't quite figure out why anyone would want it this way. In short, PDF markup is hugely import - for students reading articles, professionals, etc., and is a core feature of evernote premium, yet it behaves very poorly, even after months of the Apple pencil being on market. Can we expect an updated interface and notation feature set coming soon? This is critical to my use of evernote premium. Thanks
  16. Hi, I would like to makes notes and add sketches to existing notes with my Apple Pencil. Is this possible and if so how? If I try all that happens is the pencil moves the page about, if I click the drawing icon it just creates a new page. Am I missing something or is this feature not available yet?