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Found 69 results

  1. Help! I love using Evernote but I can no longer type properly on it! So ever since an update a few months ago, I don't recall exactly when, whenever I type in Evernote android, it's been crazy glitchy. I can type smoothly on every single app on my phone except Evernote so I'm pretty sure Evernote's the issue here. Examples of glitches are: - typing "i" gets deleted after hitting spacebar - backspace on a word adds letters to the word? they --> backspace one letter and the word becomes --> theythe - deleting an empty line before a paragraph deletes the first word of that paragraph - cursor jumps around like when I try to move it - cursor also jumps to a different spot in the middle of typing (I didn't touch anything weird, like it'll jump up way to the top so no way could I have scrolled all the way up in the middle of typing) I can't remember all of them right now but typing is randomly slow as well. Also, my phone has lots of memory because I clean it up at least once a week, deleting cache and other files etc Does anyone else have these problems? Are they fixable?
  2. Is it possible to sketch in the Evernote PC app?
  3. Please watch the enclosed video. When I open the Evernote iOS app, do you see how late the app opens? After the last few updates, Evernote iOS has started to work seriously slowly. The Program is opening late and there is a problem with the notes. Video.MOV
  4. I use Evernote on an Android phone and a Windows 8.1 laptop. Primarily it's on my phone. When I do use it on my laptop, I am always frustrated because I try to use my expensive touch screen and it doesn't work. Today I decided to take some time to find out how to somehow enable touch. That's what opened up a whole can of worms. I see that there used to be an Evernote Touch but it was discontinued. I see that there is an Evernote app in the windows store now and the desktop version has been discontinued. Wait, I HAVE the desktop version and I just downloaded an update today. I am so confused. Please tell me that Evernote is sophisticated enough to be able to use it with a touchscreen on my laptop. Sincerely, Kimber
  5. First Problem About Font: I really hate the Evernote app. If there's one strong alterantif, I won't use Evernote again. Now, in the "Evernote Web" app, some 12 of my notes seem to have been prepared in 14 fonts. When I look through the Windows app, it all looks like it's written in 12. This program is really freaking out. All my buddies complain about similar problems. I don't want to do any more experiments. Please make an update hurry. Second Problem About Font: This is definitely a bug. It's a matter of update, believe me. I wrote in the table, tried it in the new note, or wrote it in the ongoing paragraph. The problem is that the "Evernote iphone" program appears to have a font size of 12 when the small font is set. In fact, the Evernote installed on the computer has a size of 10 fonts, but the phone says it's like it's written at 12. How did I know that? I tried in order. When I set up 12 font sizes in Windows Evernote then there's no problem. Because the little typecharacter from the phone adapts immediately to it. But if we make one step smaller, it doesn't matter 11 or 12. Then again it seems as if the iphone is writing at 12. Well, it doesn't actually say 12, but it's the way it looks. Like the photo I had before. I say it's a little complicated, but I can tell you there's no other way. * Windows Evernote If font 10 = IPhone Evernote (when writing small) looks like 12 but it actually writes with 10 (when l look at pc). * Windows Evernote If font 11 = IPhone Evernote (when writing small) looks like 12 but actually it is written with 11 (when l look at pc). * Windows Evernote If font 12 = IPhone Evernote (when writing small) looks like 12 and it really writes with 12. Third Problem About Font: I erased Evernote and seduced him on the phone and on my computer. The writings came in the size of 10 fonts and the character "Segoe UI". Everything is normal. However, I enter a note from the phone (you can see from the enclosed photos) and see how big it looks from other posts. At first, I thought you were writing a different size font. But when I go through the computer and look at it (the yellow mark) I see that it's a font that's 10 written on it that's not different from the others. But it looks like it's still bigger on the phone. This is seriously disturbing. I hope I can be descriptive. I'm sorry for my bad English, by the way. My native language is not English. Finally: This is literally rude and disrespectful. I'm a "premium" user. There are millions of "plus" and "premium" Users like me, which means "Evernote" makes millions of dollars a year, thanks to us. And what does he do for our problems? I have almost 100 emails about this "font size problem". They're stalling you with Mail traffic. Everyone is turning on each other. No results. Why can't I get a quality service from my premium purchase? The only thing Evernote needs is a rival. He acts like a spoiled little boy, Evernote. All they need is a strong opponent.
  6. In several reading apps it’s possible to set it so what you’re reading doesn’t “go dark” or “go to sleep” after a time of inactivity. Many times I need to look at Evernote and make notes elsewhere, and it’s annoying to have to touch the screen a million times just to keep it “awake.” Can we make this setting an option?
  7. danacan2010

    Apple vs Android app

    Morning, This is my first time posting anything regarding Evernote. Recently I switched from an Android phone to the iPhone 8 plus, running 11.2.1 IOS. I've been a paying Evernote client for at least 8 years, always with an Android device. So I write because I'm so disappointed in the Apple app version. So many steps to tag in the Apple app with no batch options. It has me asking why continue to pay for the service when the features I've come to love in Android are just not there for Apple - and why not? Tagging in the Apple app version is clunky and time-consuming so I avoid it until I have my laptop. There has to be a way to bring the Apple app more in alignment with the superior Android app. Others have posted this same question so maybe if enough people speak up Evernote will listen and take action. Please help....Dana
  8. I had evernote on my phone under googlemail before it became gmail. I then wanted to put on my Windows pc. Downloaded onto windows and ZERO notes or notebooks (used my gmail account which automatically should have synced to googlemail one that created the account). Looked at my phone and they're there. Deleted app of phone and pc again and reinstalled and re-logged in, now both have ZERO notes and still sync yet it's empty. This happened last night and the CHAT for some reason is still unavailable. I'm on a basic account but have probably 75-100 notes in there over the last 4 years or so. I need a solution. I've checked the trash but it's EMPTY EMPTY EMPTY. I had the newest app on my phone befoere deleting it and logging back in. I don't want to revoke my old access as that I feel is recoverable by the team to use those notes. But nothing and no one on twitter is helping. Really stuck, really want back my years of notes.
  9. Adding word count to Evernote Android/iOS app will help Evernote keep users who would otherwise use other apps because of the lack of this simple yet essential feature on Evernote. All kinds of writers depend on this feature! Journalists, content writers, students with writing assignments, short story writers, novelists, and so on. Add word count to Evernote Android/iOS app please. It's 2015!
  10. GoalBike

    Evernote PC app size

    How do I find out the file size of the Evernote PC app (from the windows app store; if that makes a difference)
  11. Develop an Application or integration into: http://hubdoc.com/ and http://IQBoxy.com and http://www.receipt-bank.com
  12. I don't know how to end writing / editing notes in the Evernote App without leaving the note. I want to edit it and then continue reading it! I wished there was a button for that. In Apple's "Notes" for example you can click "Done". Or sometimes there is a keyboard symbol in the app and when you press it, the keyboard vanishes and you can continue reading / scrolling down your notes.
  13. I loved the Presentation feature on the "old" Evernote app!! I used it daily to read my many notes on my phone and tablet and to be honest it was one of the main reasons I purchased Evernote Premium! I don't understand why the Presentation Mode is only available for the PC now.. And I would like to have the feature back please!
  14. ・Evernote 版本已更新為最新版本 ・目前作業系統 iMac OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 ・異常狀態如附件內容
  15. I suggest a way to have the same configuration (Tools > Options) in all my devices. Maybe exporting a *.conf file or syncing between all my devices not only notes, but also configurations, notebooks and tag colours, etc. The idea is not to have to repeat at home every single adjust or preference changed at work and vice-versa. Thanks!
  16. You need to make it easier for your Evernote users to lobby app developers to get their apps working with Evernote. Back in the day Evernote really had the app developer's mind share the way that DropBox has it today. Your best users have dozens of apps they use that they would love to see working with Evernote! My list: Wunderlist: Ability to sync lists with a Wunderlist Notebook on Evernote would be powerful. Tweetbot: Ability to archive my Tweets with Evernote for archiving Suru: Beautiful visualizer for Tasks and sub tasks TextTool2 - Full blown iOS TextEditor. Would make a powerful front end for Evernote users needing it. Printer Pro - A great utility for getting things printed. Would be nice to have Evernote in places to print from list. Jot (Just Open & Type) - The concept is good, but this app isn't it. Ideally an encrypted text entry app that synced encrypted secure notes with Evernote would be a really good API to let developers implement in their apps. Soulver - One of the great notepad calculators could bring doing back of the napkin calculations to Evernote. PDF Expert - Seriously the app I use to highlight text in PDFs. Pseudo competes with Premium, but a little friendly competeration would be good. TextDetective - A simple scan to text app that would benefit from being able to share to Evernote (Share not even enabled, but text detection is good) I would put your product manager and evangelist back on the job of getting 3rd party support for Evernote back to legendary status. You gave up ground to Google Docs as the world's online word processor, DropBox for storing ***** on the cloud and OneNote for unlimited data and Note Taking mindshare Come on, they don't even have a platform outside of Windows and there is no reason why Penultimate can't be a Microsoft Surface app and bring the fight to their own platform. The way to win this is by being a super stable API for 3rd party apps that need to edit, share and store notes - Evernote!
  17. Amigos, de tempo pra cá, venho desfrutando dos recursos do Evernote e tornando minha vida mais simples e produtiva. Esses dias, pensei numa forma de compartilhar documentos com clientes. Sempre que um cliente nosso nos solicita uma cotação, temos que abrir um doc do Word e fazer isso, depois imprimimos em PDF e o enviamos. Isso, de um tempo pra cá, vem tomando muito o tempo, pois sempre é necessário que façamos isso através do PC. A forma de criar e compartilhar uma proposta comercial pelo Evernote esta nos dando um resultado sem tamanho. Economia de tempo e mais comodidade para que recebe a informação. Colocamos a mesma proposta, que estava no Word, em uma nota do Evernote. Segue abaixo o link para que vejam que simples, porém, está dando um resultado gigantesco. Tempo hoje é dinheiro, não é? Fazemos a altração de valor nesta proposta pelo celular e apenas compartilhamos o link público com o cliente. Legal, não é? Segue link modelo: https://www.evernote.com/l/AIo0XV5Fah9Hx6J9hnBPN3jWvzy_kLWCxi0 Quem tiver outras ideias semelhantes a esta, serão bem aceitas. Abraços. Erico F.
  18. Enzome

    Choose text cokour

    I really need the possibility to choose the text colour I want to write something. I have (and I really use ut) this feature on my PC and BlackBerry app, but I can't do on my android tablet. Someone else needs this feature as I do? Thank you to the staff for this useful programme. Good job!
  19. On my iPhone, I have a red flag with a figure 3 in it in the corner of the Evernote app. But I can't see any notifications. Can someone please tell me how I get rid of them?
  20. Hello evernote team. Could you please add the option to remove a reminder date from a note without removing the reminder from the note? What happens to me is that I use a saved search returning all notes that have a reminder on them. This is my "to do" list. Sometimes while viewing my "to do" list, I need to remove a date from a note but still need that note to have a reminder on it. Currently my only option is to remove the entire reminder, then go search for that note to add a new reminder that does not have a date attached to it. Also, if a date is applied to a reminder, can you please show that next to the reminder when viewing a note automatically, instead of having to click on the reminder and change date options to view the date/time? Thanks evernote! -Steven
  21. Dear Evernote team, I’m doing research for an upcoming app development project I’m working on. Mostly in comparing native vs. cross-platform mobile apps. Multiple sources claimed that your mobile apps (that I really admire, thanks for this great tool ;D) are indeed web based cross-platform development. Can you confirm this? Thanks for the help! Best wishes, Peter
  22. macneilpi

    Sign PDF

    I would love to have a saved digital signature and initials in Evernote that allows me to sign and annotate PDFs. At present I can markup a PDF but I can't store a signature like I can with Adobe Fill & Sign or in my Adobe apps. Is it possible that Evernote could get more PDF editing capability?
  23. frankieismyboy138

    Can't Log On through iPhone App

    Hi - I managed to lock myself out of my Evernote iphone app and now can not for the life of me sign in again! I've used the reset password function through the app and keep getting a message saying a reset link has been sent to my email but I haven't received anything yet and have done this a few times. I've gone onto the web browser version and changed my password through my account there, but when I try to use this in the app, it still doesn't work. I've also deleted the iPhone app and reinstalled it, to no avail. All I want to do is somehow contact Evernote to get my account reset (but not lose all my data), but can't find any contact details for them anywhere. I'm on a free account. Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere! Thanks in advance for your help.
  24. Hey Evernote Team, Thanks again for your awesome product! I'm a long-time premium user. Would you please consider a simple setting in the iOS app that allows users to start typing new notes in the title? I would envision the setting to be a toggle under General/Notes/"Start cursor on title for new notes", or "start typing in title". That would save me so much time! Thanks, Craig
  25. On a recent update the android app has started naming all pictures taken "picture". This results in a situation where by it's not functionally possible to drag and drop single images out of the desktop app onto your computer; as after the first you will get a same filename error and have to manually rename each image after it's been dragged out of the app. I understand that you can export all attachments and it will put a number sequence after each but if I've got 10 images in the note but I only want to grab a couple this is also needlessly time consuming.