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Found 40 results

  1. Hi, how can I restore deleted notes? Thanks
  2. LoquiturX

    Hiding Format Bar

    I now have a format bar on Evernote on my Android phone. Don't know if it is new or if I enabled it somehow but it is taking up way too much territory on my screen. I researched how to hide it and found a reference to clicking View in the Evernote menu bar which would permit customization of the tool bars but I can't find an option for "view" anywhere - either on my Android phone or my Windows professional 7 laptop. Can anyone give me some more direction on how to find this or otherwise get the format bar off my screen? Thanks!! Susan
  3. Hi, quick question; i'm adding Notes retrospectively and want to have the origin date associated with the note as opposed to the created date. How to do that? Cheers
  4. I have over 35K notes and I'm having sync issues which tech support is working furiously to fix (thank you). However, I'm just wondering at one point EN simply has trouble handling a certain level of notes. Thoughts on this? As you can tell, I'm a very early user of EN. Bill
  5. Evernote Version 5.0.7 Mac Version 10.8.3 I am new to EN and somewhat new to Mac. I have read many posts on backing up Evernote and they all say my files live in the following location. Here is an example: On my Mac (OS X 10.7.4) running EN Mac 3.3.0, the path to the Evernote folder is: /Users/<userID>/Library/Application Support/Evernote Again, I am not that familiar with Mac. I go to Finder and see my name there which I click on. At the bottom of the window it does indeed say Macintosh HD>Users>my name But none of the files listed under my name are Library, though it does show iPhoto Library. What am I doing wrong? I have also done searches in Finder for Library, Application Support and .enex with no matches or incorrect matches found. I am not worried about backing up as long as the documents are on my computer, because I have regularly scheduled TimeMachine backup. I just want to make sure the documents are on my computer so they can be backed up. And I want to be able to find them. Signed Evernote and Mac novice.
  6. MrsHeroicline

    Locating Reminders

    How do I get reminders to show up on the Windows App? It seems I can only see them on the web app but then I can't use CTRL + ; to date and time stamp my notes which I use often.
  7. Hi all, I have the same problem that others voiced already back in 2017: "whenever I log into the computer Evernote also starts even though I do not have this option checked in preferences. I believe that the length of time it takes for Evernote to load hinders my ability to immediately work. The time that Evernote takes to load when I log on is unreasonable long and I would like to change this. How can I turn off loading when I log in? As I said previously, this option is NOT checked in preferences." Sadly all posts evolving around this very topic are closed for further comments, and the promise was that the Evernote Team was going to look into it. Can somebody please clue me if there is a solution? ( The box to lauch on start-up is unchecked! )
  8. Example: under "All Notes," it says Add photos You can add photos to your notes from your Gallery. Then "Try It." No matter if I click "Try it" or click the "X" button, it eventually comes back or other tips do
  9. No longer able to access the “Food” app after upgrading to iOS 11 on my iPad. Receiving message that developer needs to update app however there are no updates available in the App Store. I have 150+ recipes that appear to be lost forever, please help.
  10. The following is true for any type of attached files. I will use Excel for my examples... Case 1: Paste ANY.XLS from outside EN two times to a note and rename one of them to NEW.XLS: Bug: Both copies of the file will get the new name NEW.XLS Bug: Name change of the other file will not be seen immediately (ANY.XLS seems to be active...) Case 2: Paste ANY.XLS from outside EN to a note and rename it to NEW.XLS. Then paste ANY.XLS a second time to your note. Bug: Second copy will get the name of the (renamed) first one (both are seen as NEW.XLS) Case 3 ("combination use case"): Cut&Paste an already attached file ANY.XLS within a note, rename one of them to NEW.XLS. Double-click the renamed file NEW.XLS to edit its content. Exit Excel to save the changed file. Bug: EN shows the unchanged file ANY.XLS as NEW.XLS (false) when changed file NEW.XLS is re-imported. Bug: Both files do have the same content. Original content of ANY.XLS is lost.
  11. As the title says I want to directly import an ENEX file containing quite a number of notes. When I import a ENEX file it seems that it gets imported to the Personal side and I have to copy it to the Business manually. But I want to import the notes directly into one of the notebook in the Business. Is this possible? Am i just missing something? Thank you very much for reading my question.
  12. Dan Kennedy

    Locating Shortcuts in Mac app

    Shortcuts have stopped working in the last couple of updates to the Evernote Mac app. They work fine on my phone and on the web. What's up? Thanks Dan Kennedy
  13. Hi! I'm having some issues with my credit card, which means Evernote is about to downgrade my subscription from Premium to Basic. I'd like to go back to it as soon as I fix things with the bank, but the question for now is (as in the topic): - Do I lose any data when downgrading subscription? Or just things like upload limit, search options etc.? - If I do, how can I back it up before downgrade? As for now, I exported all notes to html and copied whole database from C:\Users\[PC Name]\Evernote\Databases. Is it enough? I know it may sound a bit paranoid, but I'm very attached to my notes, thanks for any help!
  14. Hi, How to change an email address of Evernote to short name or another name with premium account? So, it's very hard to remember that address ( ...............@m.evernote.com )😅
  15. Why, when I log into Evernote.com to access my data, is Evernote trying to set third party cookies to DoubleClick.net and Tealiumiq.com? DoubleClick is an ad tracking company. What are they paying you for when I open my notes? I am not sure what Tealiumiq is even after going to their website. I am continuing to block their cookies, and uBlock Origin is blocking DoubleClick scripts.
  16. Sorry - please ignore this question. I found the answer right after I wrote the question. I'm a new user but I've read that the only way to avoid syncing selected notes or notebooks is to set up a local notebook. But I can't find information on how to set up a local notebook. I'll be putting some notes in my pc that I do not want to show up on my iphone. Can someone tell me how to do that? Thanks.
  17. Christine T

    How to create Stacks in Evernote Web?

    I am trying to create stacks in Evernote Web. The instructions say to simply drag one notebook on top of another to create a stack. But I am unable to drag any notebook. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I am an organization freak, and not being able to do this is driving me nuts! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  18. Any suggestions for dealing with Note Conflicts? I will mess up and forget to close a document on one tablet and then open it in another thus creating a Note Conflict with a link to view original document. Would that be the document saved on Tablet A or Tablet B? I get confused just thinking about it... Is there a help topic on this or any suggestions from the users here? Thanks! Steve
  19. Hi everyone, I used to be able to change the creation date of my notes but can't find this functionality anymore. I tried to do so from my iPhone and Windows PC. Did they remove this function? Your help is much appreciated. Thanks Sophia
  20. I just noticed the "{ }" (braces) icon to the right of the highlighter icon in the note menu. Is it new? I don't recall seeing it before. (see attached screenshot) What does it do / What is it for? When clicked it appears to insert a field of some sort. I'm unable to find anything about it. Thank you.
  21. Hello Everyone, Today we're announcing the availability of version 6.13 Beta 2. You can download it here or check for updates (make sure you've opted in to get Beta updates from Options.) Please check it out and let us know what you think. Thanks, Nick and the Windows Team at Evernote ----------------- Release Notes for Version 6.13 Beta 2 Note: Versions 6.13 is supported in Windows OS versions 7 and up. Improved (cumulative changes since version 6.12): - Encryption between the client and server has been beefed up. - We let users save audio locally if they’ve exceeded the note size - Users are prevented from making content changes when the Evernote client database is locked by another process (e.g., antivirus scanner) - Evernote client asks once and remembers when you don't want to see a "note move" notification. - Messaging to alert the user when they're approaching their notebook limit Fixed (cumulative changes since version 6.12): - The cursor stays in the note body when the user navigates away from the title field - Files can be consistently reattached after deleting or undoing an editing action - Print behavior works consistently between the main note and single note view - Work Chat no longer flags an inbound message as a new thread when it’s not - Notebook count is correct - Large lists of notes and tags are scrollable as expected - We gracefully handle when some video cards incorrectly report their capabilities - Some users were intermittently unable to add a new note. We patched that. - Numbered lists keep their numbering sequence intact consistently - Drag & Drop of files and documents from Evernote to other apps - Keyboard shortcut for renaming Notebook Stacks now consistently works - Note statistics remain on screen when expected - And of course: Misc. other product bug fixes and improvements.
  22. After browsing I clear cookies and cache of my firefox browser but everytime when I open firefox evernote web clipper ask for login credentials each time. I'm fed up with this. can you solve this issue please?
  23. Over past 24-48 hours the icon to print Evernote notes disappeared from the page (running latest version 8.12.xxx). Thoughts from the community? Thanks,
  24. Wondering if there's an option I'm missing or a term I haven't found while searching here in the forums. When I select a note in one notebook, and then jump around to other notebooks, when I return to the original notebook, the position always starts over at the top. This is frustrating for notebooks with many notes. I use Onenote more frequently, but have recently returned to Evernote for work and Onenote does this. Thjanks, W.
  25. Hello, I am a student of Gdank University of Physical Education and Sport (Poland). I wanted to try Evernote Premium for students, but is not possible for me since I cannot enter the email of my university. I found other universities of physical education from Poland that are able to have the discount. My question is if it's possible to add mine to be able to have access for the discount? Sincerely Hubert