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Found 42 results

  1. I can have pdf show inline or, as an unopened attachment in a note. I can open the note in a separate window and try to read the pdf inline without opening a new program to read it. The problem rises that while the text is the correct size in the new window of the note, the pdf is shown very large inline this means I can see only a third, or half of the pdf in full screen mode in the new window of the note. So, I cannot comfortably read it. Is there a way to resize the pdf while it is shown inline? If there is no such feature now can I expect a feature to be added for this? Plus, I think it would be easier if we could annotate the pdf while it is shown inline without having to open a new window for annotation every time.
  2. It would be fantastic to have an Undo option available alongside the Clear Annotations button while in annotating mode. Do we still call them buttons? I don't know. Option works too, right? ? * An Undo button would allow us to undo the last action(s) instead of clearing them all. I am using Evernote PLUS on PC, Mac, iPhone, and iPad & just signed up for the free trial period of PREMIUM I believe. Exciting! Thanks.
  3. Hi All - I am having major problems annotating PDFs - can someone help? This started today (first time I've tried to annotate a PDF in about a week) - I right-click and choose "annotate this PDF" and it just keeps "thinking" (circular icon keeps spinning). I kept cancelling and trying again, restarting, updated the software, trying on another computer...then I finally let it keep spinning while I walked away for a while. I came back to see this error, attached. I re-downloaded the PDF from the webs source and re-saved into another note and it still didn't work. I finally clicked "Annotate a copy of this note" and I WAS able to annotate the note and save...however, when I went back to open the annotation window, I got the same error again. I tried other notes in my notebook - some work and some don't. I can't find a discernible pattern. What could this be? I'm using Windows 10, just updated to the latest EN Windows client. By the way, as a side note I really dislike the new PDF viewing interface that rolled out a month or so ago. It's a terrible viewing and usage experience. Navigating in the note and getting to the correct spot in the PDF is like trying to get around in a minefield. Extremely frustrating. Anyway, can anyone help me trouble-shoot this annotation issue? Thank you!! Darren
  4. After pasting in a screen cap from Skitch into a note, most of the time (90+%), I can't annotate the image inside of Evernote for Windows. If I click on the annotate button or select Annotate from the menu it does nothing. I've figured out a temporary (but convoluted) workaround. The "Annotate a Copy of Image" option brings up the annotation window. If I close it, delete the new annotate image note, I can the reliably annotate the original image I pasted into Evernote.
  5. How do I change the font and remove bold in the annotation text?
  6. Hi! I am currently on MabookAir with MacOS HS 10.13.3 When I annotate, if I click away from the annotation window it automatically closes and saves the changes, even if I have a split screen view and am taking notes in another EN note. It's super annoying to have to open up annotation and find my place again if I wish to take notes as I go or do absolutely anything for an even a moment outside of that annotation, EN or otherwise. Is this a bug or an infuriating design flaw?
  7. I'm a researcher and I spend a lot of time reading and annotating papers with my thoughts and comments. I'm trying to use evernote to save on printing them out and also to keep them all together. When I use upad or penultimate with my stylus, I can free handwrite on the pdf. However, when I annotate a pdf in evernote with a stylus, the programme "smooths" the line I draw making it difficult to handwrite. Further, if I handwrite I often will double tap the screen in the process of writing a word, meaning that the previous stroke of the pen is selected for deletion (try handwriting t, or h, in annotation mode). In order to continue writing I have to tap somewhere else on the screen mid word or letter and then go back to it, which slows me down and makes annotation unusuable. Can evernote fix this by having a handwrite annotation option on pdf annotation? This is vital if I'm going to write comments on a pdf, I don't want to type as I find doing so on an ipad slow and unweildy. Further small point - when I open a pdf to annotate, the "arrow" is the default annotation tool, to save time, it would be better if evernote remembered the last tool you were using and opened with this onel. I note this has been an ongoing problem since 2014 for researchers trying to use evernote, and will push people onto other platforms:
  8. improve the annotate pdf text highlight features so the highlight snaps to text, in the same way chrome web clipper alread annotates text. currently annotate pdf highlight text is freehand and highlights look ugly. see attached for two examples - the neat snap to text style highlight from webclipper, and the more ugly freehand version from annotate pdf
  9. Hi All, Just seen the way Annotate PDF puts Cover Page showing what annotations made. Is this really a benefit to the End User? It seems to me I am just usually eager to get to the information. Cheers, Pablo.
  10. I'd like to be able to search for text while annotating a .pdf. As it stands, I have to close out the annotation window, open the .pdf in Preview (I have a Mac), search there, and remember where it is if I want to highlight it in annotation mode. I'd also like to be able to make notes in a separate note while annotating, such as when I am reviewing a trial transcript for an appeal. The inability to do these makes using Preview instead of EN's annotation deature an attractive choice. I loooove the annotation summaries though, so I generally annotate in EN.
  11. First of all, it took me forever to find out how to crop a photo in Evernote. Put "crop photo" into the Search menu and nothing really relevant pops up. Please fix this. You call it "annotating" a photo. I call it crop. Ask any photographer if they annotate or crop. Second, if I have to crop, say, 30 photos, for instance, I have to manually pick each photo from the annotate menu, do my crop, save, go back to annotate menu and repeat. You could cut down on the number of steps required if I could just go to "next" photo (EN automatically saves my previous crop) and do my adjust. Next, adjust, next, adjust, next, adjust, etc. EASY, instead of always forced to return to the little annotate icon to pick another photo. Third, I take a lot of photos sitting in class of whiteboards and TV displays and LED projections. A lot of times they can be hard to read because the color balance is way off, or the contrast is low, or color is washed out. PLEASE add a set of simple tools where I can adjust the quality of the photo. AND be sure to enable me to apply that adjustment to each photo with a simple paste command. I do not want to have to do it manually again for each of those numerous photos in that notebook. Thank you, I hope this will be forwarded to a development team there.
  12. Hi, I've been using Evernote on a MAC and iOS device but recently started using it on Android with a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet. I'd like to be able to annotate PDFs and images that are in Evernote using the Galaxy's S-Pen. I see that Skitch seemed to be the way to do this before, but it's being end-of-lifed. How is this done now? Thanks in advance for any and all help, Mike
  13. Riptide360

    Photo Captions

    Please consider adding the ability to attach text info to photos and other graphics inserted into an Evernote. In word processing and desktop layout apps you can easily add a photo caption to an image that moves around with the graphic. In Microsoft OneNote you can select an image, right click on it and add a link as well as alt text which lets you give it a name and description. In Evernote you offer the ability to annotate this image, but this is adding the text on top of the image, something that is a cool feature, but not what many folks want to do (think of a newspaper where the photo caption is at the bottom of the image and folks are trained to look for it there). Please consider adding the ability to add a photo caption that is text that shows up centered at the bottom of the image. Please also look at letting folks add text info to the photo that is actually embedded into the photo's EXIF info and can now travel with the image (this is something photographers do to add copyright and photographer notes). thanks, Stephen Inoue
  14. Dear Evernote community, I use Evernote for my research and often annotate images with text, arrows, lines etc. (example attached). Is there a way to change the default fonts and arrowheads in this tool to a more professional looking set of fonts? I also tried Skitch but it seems like it is the same annotation tool as the default one. Please let me know if there already is one. If not, is this something that Evernote can provide in the future updates? TIA, -Saur
  15. I'm using android app version 7.9.6 First of all If i take a picture in the evernote app, it's a much lower resolution to begin with than the phone's picture capabilities. Even if I import a full resolution image into evernote, after annotating it the picture is re-sized and the resolution looks horrible, to the point that if it's an image of smaller text it makes it illegible. This basically makes the annotate feature useless. This can't be the expected behavior can it? I noticed someone in the mac forum had a similar issue back in May. Does anyone know what's going on or is evernote planning to fix this?
  16. emily.barraball@gmail.com

    Annotate wont appear

    I hover my mouse over the image and annotate doesn't appear. It also doesn't appear when I right click on the image.
  17. I've seen another post on this issue in the Skitch thread, but I'm not sure if this is the same issue or not, so I'm posting it elsewhere. I'm using Evernote for Mac v5.5.2, and for most PDF documents that I'm trying to annotate, I get an "Unable to Save Document" error when I try to close it after annotation. A few PDFs have annotated and closed just fine...but I hate spending a good deal of time annotating something only to find it can't be saved. Does anyone else have this issue and/or know if there's a fix/workaround? Thanks in advance for your help! ~Wes
  18. Hi all, This might already be a feature and I just haven't found the right shortcut yet. If not, would it be possible to add a search function to the tools for annotating pdf's? I have some pretty big documents and it would make working my way through them a lot easier. Thanks!
  19. I not entirely sure if this has been discussed already or is already a feature of Evernote. I would like to be able to create links for a certain part of PDF documents (say some of the annotated parts) just like we create note links. This might seem like a very specific request or something that may not be very useful for all users. I would like to explain why I am asking for this feature as then maybe other users could develop their own ideas around this feature request. I read a particular newspaper online/offline using the newspaper's PDF version. As part of my news analysis study, I need to be able to categorise relevant news articles (to create a clipping of sorts) to the relevant notebooks for detailed future analysis of a particular issue. Considering that Annotate feature already makes a summary of the PDF document, I think we can build on that to allow note links. (Annotating newspaper PDFs which have multiple columns is very easy to do with Evernote). Say for example, there is an article on social issues, I would like to be able to add that article in the social issues notebook that I have. Now I understand that there are different types of annotations like boxes, lines, arrows, stamps, highlight, draw, etc and adding note links for each of these annotations may not be ideal. But ability to add note link for at least one of the features like boxes could be just right. Splitting PDFs into smaller ones via third party apps may not work as newspaper articles on a particular page are all not covering the same issue/reports. A simple link would be an amazing feature for me. Even getting the link of the particular article online and then clipping that using the web clipper is cumbersome as I would have to search and locate the relevant article, then clip it, then assign it to the right notebook all the while assuming the article can be accessed online through the browser. Sometimes, these articles may not be posted online or may only be available on the print version and the PDF version. I could otherwise read the print edition, and snap a photo of relevant articles and then categorise it but for online editions, this would links to annotated parts would be a boon. I'm pretty sure people who use PDF documents regularly would appreciate this feature. Or are there other ways of doing this? I would appreciate any tips/tricks!
  20. I was informed that there is no way to delete multiple pages in a PDF in annotation mode. I know that deleting a single page in a PDF in annotation mode is available. I would like to request the Evernote team to allow deletion of multiple pages in a PDF in annotation mode. In another forum, I was explained as to why deleting multiple pages in a PDF attached in a note might be an inefficient way of using my upload allowance. Nonetheless, I feel this feature might make Evernote simpler and more powerful for users.
  21. nathanadams

    Evernote Web PDF annotation

    Hello, Thank you for reading this post. I'm traveling with my chromebook and using Evernote web (basic subscription/plan) I've uploaded a PDF to a note and want to annotate the PDF in evernote web. I'm not able to figure out how to do that. How do I do that? Thank you.
  22. Just became a Premiium member and have tried using annotate on both the Mac and iPad. When entering text after selecting the "a" at the side of the page the text I have entered is formatted very large and takes up too much space. Instructions say to click inside the text or highlite the text and a slider will appear. I don't see this. I would like to reduce the size of the text in various saved pages. I've tried going up to the menu at the top of the page under Format but changing the font size there doesn't affect the annotation. Any help you can give would be appreciated.
  23. When annotating an image in iOS Evernote app, the annotation tool does not ignore the user's hand print resting on the device screen. Using the iPad Pro pencil it gets confused and you end up with unwanted annotations from where your hand was resting. The same problem does not exist in the pen drawing functionality (not sure on its offical name - the icon at the top of an evernote document where you can draw freehand) when creating a new sketch in an evernote document - there, the pen and hand work flawlessly.
  24. I installed the program and managed to annotate images. When I shut down my PC and restart it, I click on the 'Annotate' box, and nothing happens. I have tried clicking out of the note and onto another, but that does not work. To get it to work I have to re-install the program, but the things mentioned above repeat themselves. Is there any way to solve this?
  25. Highlights is a Mac utility for extracting PDF annotations and converting them to portable formats (Markdown, HTML) or archiving them in Evernote. When you open a PDF in Highlights the highlighted text, comments and image selections are extracted. If it is a journal article, the app fetches metadata for it automatically and embeds it in the PDF. You can then open the neatly formatted highlights in Evernote directly as regular notes (ENML-files). This way, you can have a PDF library on disk and an easily searchable summarized archive in Evernote. Highlights can also be used for working with PDFs and notes in sync. You can highlight text and select images in the PDF, have them extracted in real-time and then add comments to the extracted highlights and have them synced back to the PDF as PDF comments. To simplify literature reviews, Highlights will lookup references you underline in the PDF and link them if possible. For more information check out the website highlightsapp.net. The app is available in the Mac App Store for 9.99$, but I have some promo codes to share with you, so grab them while their hot: http://tokn.co/4q8bpq6c http://tokn.co/3nszfkjxhttp://tokn.co/cjbgyx2whttp://tokn.co/psu68yq2http://tokn.co/r2zct9u9