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Found 5 results

  1. I wanted to let everyone know that our SureNotifier service is now out of beta and into official release. Thank you to those forum members who participated in beta testing and provided us with valuable feedback - we really appreciate it! For those not familiar with it: in a nutshell, SureNotifier notifies you via email and mobile push notification whenever your shared notes change. You can choose which notes to monitor, and choose how often to be notified. SureNotifier works with both Evernote Business and personal shared notes. It lets you define groups of Evernote notebooks or tags, called Notification Groups. For each of these groups, you can say how you want to receive notifications and how often. For example, you may have an important project that uses three different notebooks, so you could choose to be notified of changes in these notebooks by push notification on an hourly basis. You may also have some other notebooks containing general reference material, so you could choose to get notified about changes to those notes via email once a week. SureNotifier also brings together on one screen on your mobile device a list of the Evernote notes in each of your Notification Groups, with the most recently changed notes at the top. This lets you focus on what’s recently changed among your most important notes, and with one click, open the note directly in Evernote.
  2. Today we're releasing a public beta of SureNotifier for Evernote Business: a service that keeps track of and notifies you of what notes have been changed within your Business account. Now you can always know when your colleagues are updating notes that are of interest to you. You'll know who changed each note, and when. The basic service is free for all Evernote Business users. To sign up or get more information, please visit www.surenotifier.com.
  3. alex espana

    How can I get Notifications?

    How can I get notifications that a team member has edited a note? This is critical!!!! Please help
  4. Hello. I use Evernote and loves it - very very useful app. I will like to make one suggestion that to me will add a bit of bite to this already well done and developed app. I would love to see a feature where one can link friend(s) to a particular Notebookor Note. This way, a notification/alerts can be sent to persons linked to that Notebook when new Notes are added or amendments made to an existing Note, or postit/anotations can be added to photos or to other contents in a Note Notifications will pop up via the Evernote sytems tray icon on PC, and in the same way BBM, WhatsApp etc notifications show up on Mobile devices. This will allow Evernote users to share and collaborate on Notebooks/Notes making this wonderful app even more powerful. My fiance and I are using Evernote to plan our wedding, it would be wonderful if we could share one Notebook, getting notifications/alerts/messages as we collaborate on wedding plans. Ooo, I get excited just thinking about that being a possibility .
  5. Finally!!! XNOTIFICATIONS!!! Available right now with a 10 day trial period. Our application provides alerts for any new or changed notes within any notebooks you specify. It is quite an app! Please check it out at www.xnotifications.com. If you use shared notebooks this app is great! Be notified of any changes when a colleague, friend or family member makes changes to your shares. And if all of this was not enough, we have provided the ability to forward out those notes you are monitoring to email. So YES, you can now get your content, from the best information capturing tool in the world, into your favorite web service, like your ticketing system. Please download and install it. Test it and provide us feedback. Thank you very much. You may email info@xnotifications.com for support. We will respond within 24hrs.