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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, I have submit API activation for several times and several days, but no any response, even no an email confirm. Is there any Evernote employee here? Could you help to activate my API (customer key: klib). Thanks in advance. BTW, does App Notebook really work now? … If yes, does it works on Sandbox env? I tried …[...] but no effects. BR, Jason does App Notebook really work now? … If yes, does it works on Sandbox env? I tried …[...] but no effects.
  2. Hi Few weeks ago I have started using Evernote Sticky Notes. Everything was fine till last weekend, when the app failed to sync on one of my laptops. To deal with that I deleted my user account connection and tried to request new activation link from Evernote, but after clicking button, only thing, which I got is error: Remote server returned an error (411) length required. I have tried to reinstall Sticky Notes, uninstall and clean register, uninstall, clean register and install older version of Sticky Notes, and nothing is working. Requests for activation from Google or Dropbox are working. Anyone have any good advice?
  3. Where can I request for an extension of the given API Key Permissions. As well as request to change of the application name of the activated key. I was approaching devsupport but the forwarded me to the forum. I've seen a topic to open a ticket, but where ? Rgds Felix
  4. Hello I have already sent this 2 times via support tickets and have not got any response. It looks like there is a problem with your two-step verification activation process becasue every time I write my mobile number in the field choosing Norway(+47) I get a red message from the box that says "Enter a valid phone number that can receive SMS messages". I use this number to receive many verification SMS from lots of companies worldwide including Google, Microsoft, Paypal and many others. It looks like using a mobile number from another country works (I have tried with the mobile number of some family members in South America) but I need to enable two-step verification with my own number in Norway. I was using two-step verification with the Google authenticator app until february 2015 without any problems but i had to disable it because I physically changed my phone. Any help is greatly appreciated because the Evernote support has been useless with this issue. Thanks.
  5. I submitted a request to activate my API key On Friday, Jan 3 and again on Tuesday Jan 7. I didn't receive any confirmation that the request was submitted successfully, nor any other information since then. How long do these requests usually take to fulfill? Should I have received a confirmation message when the request was submitted? Thanks, Joe
  6. I am trying to set up a business account on the sandbox server following the instruction on these instructions: Visit the business account creation page on sandbox. Create your business account by selecting Annual invoice as a payment method. Open a ticket to request the business activation.I completed the steps and got an email saying that I will be verified in 1-3 business days, but it has been a full week. Am I missing something? Do I just keep waiting? It seems odd to have to be verified for a test server. Do I need to give them a credit card?
  7. Hi, I requested API key activation yesterday via web form. How long will it take for it? A few days or a few weeks? Thank you.