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Found 411 results

  1. When I type, I get a putt putt and stutter for no reason. Please help me fix the lag delay, it's just an uncomfortable experience. Windows 7 Desktop Client Latest version of Evernote Trash is empty Restarted machine after reinstaling Logged out of client and back in (but I didn't restart in between) Plenty of free space available on the SSD (60.8 MB Fixed 16.1 GB free) Evernote Debug was not helpful either Options appear to be configured correctly, doesn't look like a sync issue I tried to optimize database Help > Optimize (after holding down CTRL) but no luck Here is a snippet from my activity log - any ideas? 02:11:36 [2296] Command line: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Evernote\Evernote\Evernote.exe" /Task:NewNote /Hide 02:11:36 [7948] GA: Failed to send event (error: Unknown error 0x800C0005) 02:11:36 [7948] GA: Failed to send event (error: Unknown error 0x800C0005) 02:12:02 [7948] GA: Failed to send event (error: Unknown error 0x800C0005) 02:12:06 [7948] GA: Failed to send event (error: Unknown error 0x800C0005) p.s. - I do not wish to use the web client
  2. Veronica A

    windows 8 Surface Pro Stylus

    Hi! I am new to evernote and one of the devices I use is a surface pro. What I love about the surfacepro is my ability to take handwritten notes during meetings (in oneNote) with the stylus. I tried to do this in evernote but it doesn't seem to work. Is there another evernote product I need to download to use my stylus to take notes (instead of typing)? I typically drive meetings with my laptop but then scribble notes and action items on the tablet. I was really hoping to switch to evernote to manage this content across devices. Thanks! Veronica
  3. Just installed the client on my work computer and pinned the program to taskbar. I'm trying to delete the shortcut icon from my desktop, but it won't disappear! I've tried dragging it to the trash, but it pops back without any error message.I've tried hitting "Delete" and "Shift+Delete" with same result.Tried moving the shortcut to another folder and got an "Out of memory" error.I'm a local administrator on my computer and should be able to decide what to show on my desktop. Anyone have an idea what to do?
  4. Hello to the Evernote team and users, I just installed Windows 8 Enterprise for testing purposes at my company and it seems like Evernote just refuses to launch whichever way I do. Internet works, I connect through IE and Chrome with no problem whatsoever, I tried uninstalling, reinstalling, rebooting several times. Even tried the previous version of Evernote (7670) to no avail, always the exact same problem for the desktop app. When clicking the shortcut, Evernote brings a popup saying: Thanks, but yeah, I have the web version of Evernote opened right behind that and am posting on forums, so my internet connection is fine. Quit just closes it all and Try Again brings back the same message ad nauseam. I also tried the Metro app to see if any difference, but it just remains stuck on the loading screen (the Evernote logo with the circular loading motion of Windows 8). It won't budge from that. I've searched a bit online, and even on this forum, apparently I'm not the only one to have experienced this but it doesn't seem like a widespread issue either. Any advice would be much welcome. Thanks you in advance.
  5. The Windows 8 Search Charm works great for finding a note. However, how do I search within a note? In the Evernote Mac App, I can type command+F when I'm in a note and I'm able to search within the note. Thanks, Todd
  6. Hello, I have a saved search and I would like to perform the same search but without the notes which have a reminder. I have been trying for quite some time with no success. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My search is currently this : notebook:"Actice tasks" tag:@Pro -tag:".3 Soon" -tag:".4 Later" -tag:".5 One day" -tag:".6 This exact day" Best regards Pierre
  7. Ktatsurotto

    Windows 8 ノートブックについて

    現在for Windowsを使わせてもらっています。 ですが、複数のノートブックにまたがって編集しているとき、それぞれのノートブックが出来ないのでショートカットを利用しています。 しかし、そうするとショートカットが増えすぎてしまい探すのが大変です。 それぞれのノートブックを新しいウィンドウで展開するということは可能なのですか?
  8. Hello, My note of 58 MB in size, and containing 192 images, is currently taking slightly more than 600 MB of memory on my laptop. Is this considered normal? What can be done to reduce this heavy memory allocation? Thanks, Par
  9. Evernote 5 - the only menu I see is 3 items - all notes - notebooks - tags. I can find no "file" menu nor can I find any way to print? I am a new windows 8 user so I am rather unsure of what is Evernote problem - my ignorance - or windows 8. Bottom line I am unhappy doing cut and paste everytime I want to print and am frustrated.
  10. Venho aqui expressar o meu descontentamento em relação ao recente email que nos foi enviado acerca da "Atualização importante para a sua subsrição do Evernote". Até percebo que o Evernote Basic tenha muito menos funcionalidades que o Evernote Premium. No entanto, sinto-me defraudado em relação à mudança das "regras a meio do jogo", em particular no que diz respeito à limitação do número de dispositivos sincronizáveis. Acho isto absurdo e estou seriamente a pensar em alternativas gratuitas, como o Google Keep. Julgo que muitos utilizadores partilham o meu sentimento e agradeciam a reversão dessa medida! Obrigado Ricardo Santos
  11. When I try to run the latest installation file on Windows 8.1, I get "(.\bootstrapper.cpp:915) 0x656:Error opening installation log file. Verify that the specified log file location exists and that you can write to it." I have deleted all earlier versions, and am using a fresh download of Evernote_5.6.4.4632.exe. I would gladly create the required file location, but have no idea what it might be. Any clues would be appreciated - I really love my Evernote!!
  12. I recently began using Evernote for windows since I purchased a new laptop. I quickly noticed that you cannot format the text by inserting a superscript or a subscript. Although I know you can paste it in from a program like Microsoft word, it is a hassle while I am in the middle of taking notes and it drastically slows me down. I understand that Evernote cannot simply worry about implementing things that only a few users complain about, but I think that it is a little crazy that Evernote web has this ability to insert superscripts and subscripts but the windows client doesn't. Desktop programs should have all of the features of a thin client plus many more. If Evernote could make this addition in the next update it would be much appreciated. I couldn't imagine it would take any serious coding to give us this ability. Thank you.
  13. Hi to everyone, I'm Luca from Italy and I'm discovering the power of evernote. I use the client on different place, on my mac, on the windows pc at work, and of course, my iPad e my android mobile. I have a question: Is possible synchronize only selected notebook on different pc: for example I use three different notebook for work and six for personal. On my pc at work I wish see ONLY the 3 notebook that I use and synchronize these. Like the folder on dropbox to understand. Is possibile???
  14. orion9282

    other Penultimate for Windows 8!

    With the introduction of the Microsoft Surface tablet, the upcoming Surface Pro, and the various other MS tablets (I own a Samsung ATIV Smart PC, myself)... Please, Evernote team, make Penultimate for Windows 8. Evernote is in desperate need of having a handwritten, notes taking application... If ever you needed motivation: OneNote by Microsoft is really, really good. I'm actually thinking about switching just for the handwriting option, but I love Evernote so much!
  15. I can't take it anymore. For about the past 2 weeks now, I keep getting a sync failure on my desktop version of evernote. I didn't mind too much because my android tab and the online version on the internet were synced. I mostly use my tab for notes, then I sort them out on the desktop, add tags and all that. No emergency. But for about the past 30-something hours I've been awake trying to get my desktop to sync. I need access to my notes like NOW. Well, not now, because now I have a twitchy red watery eye, but like tomorrow, yeah? At this point i don't care if I have to export to OneNote and use that, but the catch is that there are like 2 programs to export from Evernote to OneNote and the one that uses the account instead of the program apparently doesn't work anymore. The other one exports what's there on the desktop app, and guess what? only like 30% of my notes are on the desktop. It say's it's syncing, but Geezus, I can swear that it's either syncing 1 note every half hour, or it's deliberately UN-syncing itself. I don't even know at this point. I've tried it using the normal version and the prelease versions. Same result. One time it said it had maybe 90 percent of my notes, the sync circle arrows stopped rotating, but it was all page titles and nothing else which is deceptive because on a glannce you're thinking that everythig is in order when it's comletely not. The only thing I'm seeing now is to do what, go on the net and copy and paste my stuff to OneNote? I have like 250 notes with tons of images. Copying and pasting sounds like madness. And not the fun kind of madness. It sounds like the irate kind. I've been reading through the net for days now trying to find a feasible solution, but so far only abject failuire. I was gonna attach the activity log so that somebody could help, but of course, ther's a limit of 500kb and of course the log file is larger than that. Of course. I need acess to my notes. Not on the web. On my dektop. I've tried for long enough to get this to work. Followed all the suggestions in the forum and nothing, so can any one human person who knows what the problem is with this iceberg-melt pace please help me out before i lose my mind completely, because I feel like I'm losing it here' It's bad enough i have to go to OneNote and then I can't even do that? For real? I've made no changes to my computers harddrive, just done some basic cleaning. Every single thing else is working fince, all the sync folders, dropbox, skydrive, google drive, every single thing is syncing except EN. Even Word is syncing properly. Even Word, so what the hell, EN? I need the frakking notes!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!! LOG
  16. Hi all, I've just downloaded the app for Windows 8 and it won't fully sync - it syncs the same 6 notes then crashes, giving the message 'synchronisation failed' without any further details. Syncs fine on the web. I create all my notes on my iPhone 6. I've had a look at the activity log and I can see that something's going wrong at the end, but I don't understand it at all. Is anyone able to make sense of the below and offer me their thoughts? Thanks so much! Helena 12:15:17 [22172] Registered session count: 1, last session: 2015/01/02 12:15:0012:19:15 [14376] Client synchronization started12:19:15 [15180] 0% Connecting to www.evernote.com/edam/note/s49412:19:15 [15180] 0% * loaded 3 sync chunks, updateCount=47212:19:15 [15180] 0% Loaded updateCount: 012:19:20 [15180] 0% Usage Metrics: sessionCount=112:19:20 [15180] 0% Client updateCount: 0, server updateCount: 47212:19:20 [15180] 0% Retrieving list of changes from the server12:19:20 [15180] 0% * saved 4 sync chunks, updateCount=47212:19:20 [15180] 0% Receiving changes12:19:20 [15180] 0% * expunge 0 notebooks, 0 notes, 0 tags, 0 searches, 0 linked notebooks12:19:20 [15180] 0% * update 4 notebooks, 37 notes, 0 resources, 5 tags, 0 searches, 0 linked notebooks12:19:20 [3924] 0% Synchronizing 4 notebooks12:19:20 [3924] 10% Updating local notebook "General"12:19:20 [3924] 10% * guid={1A95D670-08F2-4FF5-86F0-BE5426E8792C}12:19:20 [3924] 20% Updating local notebook "Recipes"12:19:20 [3924] 20% * guid={51C440A1-2AC3-41B2-8FD0-68A84E69F3D4}12:19:20 [3924] 30% Updating local notebook "To dos"12:19:20 [3924] 30% * guid={1905E046-1C5A-4372-8FED-358A49534EFC}12:19:20 [3924] 40% Updating local notebook "Films"12:19:20 [3924] 40% * guid={9274408B-DF26-4CFF-B73A-80362DC624C5}12:19:20 [3924] 40% Synchronizing 5 tags12:19:20 [3924] 50% Updating local tag "Desserts"12:19:20 [3924] 50% * guid={66FE9ACD-FA61-438F-9482-E015F4F3F328}12:19:20 [3924] 60% Updating local tag "Sides"12:19:20 [3924] 60% * guid={FAEA2F70-D845-4D3D-AE06-31A5077848E3}12:19:20 [3924] 70% Updating local tag "Mains"12:19:20 [3924] 70% * guid={1D7B0CD8-6DD6-469B-BDDD-2F6D39BD4E4D}12:19:20 [3924] 80% Updating local tag "Pasta"12:19:20 [3924] 80% * guid={64446F45-BCD9-4101-ADB0-F05D1EBE115C}12:19:20 [3924] 90% Updating local tag "Light Bites"12:19:20 [3924] 90% * guid={C2A0FE7D-7471-4D22-95EC-7ADA86FA95D4}12:19:20 [3924] 90% Synchronizing 2 preferences12:19:20 [25580] 21% Connecting to www.evernote.com/edam/note/s49412:19:20 [25580] 21% Retrieving 37 notes12:19:20 [25580] 21% Retrieving note "Changes of address"12:19:20 [25580] 21% * guid={ec806f06-0f8a-4916-8293-b719c1eaced6}12:19:20 [25580] 23% Retrieving note "Headaches"12:19:20 [25580] 23% * guid={2228cc53-a5c2-4bdf-b7ff-e1cb2d3ada04}12:19:20 [25580] 26% Retrieving note "Ham croquetas"12:19:20 [25580] 26% * guid={76ec6239-04fb-4d49-9513-e88852bfa73b}12:19:20 [25580] 28% Retrieving note "Thriller"12:19:20 [25580] 28% * guid={80c8796d-22f8-4218-af37-f288f82093a5}12:19:20 [25580] 30% Retrieving note "Music"12:19:20 [25580] 30% * guid={bc06c91d-f3ed-4179-a9be-bb5030f974fc}12:19:20 [25580] 32% Retrieving note "Dan's dishwasher"12:19:20 [25580] 32% * guid={a158cebf-6066-40e1-b7d0-1baad19cacd6}12:19:20 [25580] 34% Retrieving note "Things I want to do"12:19:20 [25580] 34% * guid={9b52e2d1-f22e-4d74-8737-ad00d7eba2e8}12:19:20 [25580] 34% * note content, length=64412:19:20 [25580] 36% Retrieving note "Smoked mackerel paté"12:19:20 [25580] 36% * guid={96d95a88-fe8f-4f8e-aa93-f23e2652b5bd}12:19:20 [25580] 36% * note content, length=23812:19:20 [25580] 36% Retrieving resource, total size=105163412:19:20 [25580] 36% * guid={3f637c88-bc18-4bb4-920a-86f570cb190b}12:19:20 [25580] 36% * note={96d95a88-fe8f-4f8e-aa93-f23e2652b5bd}12:19:20 [25580] 36% * resource data, size=104403512:19:20 [25580] 36% * resource recognition data, size=759912:19:21 [25580] 38% Submitting a batch of 3 note calls, size=1.0MB12:20:01 [25580] 38% EDAMNotFoundException: id="Note.guid" key="9b52e2d1-f22e-4d74-8737-ad00d7eba2e8"12:20:02 [14376] Client synchronization finished, status: failed12:20:02 [14376] * 9 items received12:20:02 [14376] * elapsed time: 46s
  17. It looks keyboard shortcuts are not supported in the Metro app. They really are missing. I know Win 8 support is not massive on desktop and laptops PCs, but power users still exist and use shortcuts extensively. Of course, I can use Evernote Web or the desktop app, but surprisingly I tend to like the Metro way. What I miss the most : formating (bold, underline) and levels (Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2) for organizing notes (a hidden feature of the web app). As a more general information, it is really frustrating that formatting options are not exactly the same in all the apps (iOs, Win Metro, Win desktop, Web). I even got once a message telling that is was not possible to edit a note because of unsupported options. Olivier
  18. KimPatt

    Links turning green?

    Hi there, I clip a lot and save the note with simplified formatting. My links within my notes are appearing in green and not underlined. Green, of all colors! Perhaps I'm a traditionalist but I want to see my links in blue and underlined. Can't find anywhere how to change it throughout all of my notes. Thanks, in advance, for your help. Kimberly
  19. When using Evernote Touch on Windows 8 devices to edit notes, I find that sometimes if I stop typing for a bit the app will try to sync my note with the server. After the sync is completed, the cursor will be moved to the end of the note. Often I am not at the end of the note and this causes me to have to continually move the cursor back to the position it was in prior to the sync. I have noticed the same issue using two different Windows 8 devices: Dell Latitude 10 with Windows 8.1 Asus Transformer Book with Windows 8.1 Sometimes I'll work around this by highlighting a space and I found that prevents Evernote from moving the position of the cursor. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is this a bug that can be fixed? Thanks, -Ramon
  20. Hello everyone, I'm sorry this might not be the right forum, but I didn't know where else to post this.. After some trial and error I pinned down the problem I have with thumbnails not being displayed. So here is what I do: - Clip a website (doesn't matter if I choose "whole website" or just "article" via the Web Clipper in Firefox. I.e. this one: http://www.eliseeats.com/home/2015/1/25/chimichurri-pork-chops - Open Evernote Web Version: I see the article in the list view, next to it a grey document icon, but no thumbnail - Same in Evernote Touch for Windows 8.1 (there, the 'missing-image' icon is green) - Also no thumbnail and no 'missing image' icon on the Iphone app - Then, I open the Windows desktop version of Evernote and -tadaaa- I get a thumbnail This behavior seems to depend on the content I clip. It doesn't happen with all websites, but with lots. Hope you can fix this or tell me what I'm doing wrong. Cheers
  21. I am having problems using the Windows Desktop client on a Windows 8.1 PC that has a touch screen. The PC is an Asus T100 - a convertible laptop/tablet. The desktop client behaves itself when I use a mouse, but when I use the touch screen in either laptop or tablet mode I cause all sorts of havoc. I have problems scrolling the left column that contains notebooks and tags. I have less than 10 notebooks but a multitude of nested tags.When I attempt to scroll I inadvertently pick up notebooks and drop them in different stacks or create new stacks and I pick up tags and drop them on other tags creating even deeper nesting. I can fix the problems using the mouse but basically the desktop client is unusable in tablet mode. I have installed Evernote Touch but it only synced about half of my notes 700 from a total of 1500. One feature missing from Evernote Touch is the ability to change the creation date (I scan correspondence in batches and like to update the creation date to the date of the correspondence - not the date scanned). On top of all that I am now getting an error message about syncronisation failing because of a problem on the client side. I've found other threads on that problem and will try them out this evening.
  22. Curiously, OCR was working fine on a notebook with images in it, then stopped working suddenly, but Evernote online OCR works fine. I have a premium account. Anyone know why this would happen?
  23. Hi everyone, i have been searching and still could not figure out how to do a screen clip in Windows 8 .. in windows 7 it is ( Win button ) + print screen.. what is the shortcut for windows 8.i have been searching but could not find a solution to it .. Im sure i missed out somewhere, Let me know if anyone knows the shortcut Thanks in advance
  24. i windows 8 pc, i have installed evernote desktop app. application is installed and evernote icon is there on desktop. Each time i run evernote it re installs the application again and that functions normally. an error is there while installing which is could not write a value to key. a screenshot is attached. any solution?
  25. アップデートが原因かと思うのですが、パソコンのデスクトップに表示されていた像のマークのアイコンが、壊れて非表示になってしまいました。 どなたか復旧方法をご存知でしたら、教えていくださいませんか。