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Found 337 results

  1. My husband and I have a shared notebook that he created and in which he is able to create tags but I am not. I can add them to a note but when the same note is reopened, the tag is gone. Is there a reason for this or is it a bug? (He is a premium user, I am not.) TIA, Caitlan
  2. I have been using the web interface with CHROME. As of today, I can no longer get past my login. When I try to log in in goes to blank screen. I am able to sign in with Firefox & Safari (on MAC). From Evernote.com, go to "sign in" from upper right, and goes to blank page. I am able to sign-in on this Forum page, but not Evernote. I restarted Mac, cleared cookies and same thing is happening. From the attached picture in Chrome - just goes to blank screen.The links & bookmarks that I have take me to same blank screen. -lastest MAC 0S: 10.12.3and latest CHROME: Version 56.0.2924.87 (64-bit) HELP ??
  3. For some reason Evernote wasn't opening on my desktop so I edited a single note on Evernote web. Everything seemed ok on the web version, at least I don't recall any undesired changes. Today, a few days later and after a computer reboot, Evernote desktop opened fine. I opened the same note on the desktop that I previously edited on the browser and found that all the indentations on all the bulleted lists were gone, i.e. the bullets were all left aligned, top level items. Other notes look fine (that were not edited on the web). This is a loss of important information as sub items are now main bullet points and it would take hours to attempt to correct it. I have a basic account and don't have access to the history. Is there any way to recover this? Is this a bug that others have experienced? I am an experienced user and can almost guarantee that I did not select all text and remove indentation. Actually that would not produce the results I see - it would remove the bullets on the already top level bullets, which didn't happen. Thanks.
  4. I don't use the web interface often, but almost every time i use it to edit multiple notes, duplicates start appearing, and if i keep going, more duplicates appear. When i get back to the windows app i have to find the right note and delete the rest.
  5. I downloaded the new WEB ui for Chromium Browser. I use it to manage my information and data through tagging. The old UI gave an easy overview and quick access to different. I have an extensive GTD working zone where I jump from project to project and keep track of my things to do. With the new WEB UI this becomes hugely impossible. Can I restore the old version please. I wrestled with it this whole morning and I am kind of fed up with it. This new UI, based on Tablets and Android.... , is very very bad . The key is "manage" your notes. Not "Enterring data". Managing notes is managing knowledge. I really really want the old thing back. M.
  6. llewellen

    Set Default Font Size

    Web client on Linux Is it possible to change the default font size in Notes, either universally or by particular note? I would prefer to set 18 as the default so Notes are more legible on my phone's display. I tend to have short Notes so space on the display isn't often an issue. Thanks.
  7. Recent premium user after using evernote free for 4 years and just ran into this issue where I used the evernote app for OSX and created a fairly lengthy note full of bulleted lists with varying degrees of indentation in sub-headings. All looked good and formatted to my liking, but as soon as I opened this note in the web browser (from a Linux machine where there is no evernote app) the whole indentation levels were lost. It went from something like: foo bar baz za za gabor to foo bar baz za za gabor Hoping there is a solution or workaround for this as a new premium user (less than a week) I am terribly unhappy and bitter that this simple issue is undermining the simplest usecase I had for evernote which motivated me to pay.
  8. zazz6000

    Merge notes on web

    Hi there, I am using Evernote on the web through Chrome. I cannot merge any of my notes for whatever reason with the Ctrl+click technique... I used that technique a lot (I know how to do it), but it for whatever reason stopped working for me. When I hold Ctrl, it does not even register and instead just changes between my notes as I click on them. My Chrome browser is up to date which was the most troubleshooting I came up with for a feature that always used to work for me up until recently. . Is there a function on my keyboard aside from Ctrl that should also be used? A setting in Evernote that may have gotten changed? I use Windows 8. I have also tried with Firefox. Thanks for any help
  9. Após inserir uma tabela na nota, eu não consigo editar (aumentar/diminuir) as colunas. Não consigo também, adicionar linha após tabela inserida. Alguém sabe me dizer, se é uma limitação da versão free?
  10. Hello, all. I'm new to Evernote and can't wait to get started, but I'm confused about something. It seems that after I created my account, I have access to a web version, so why is there a download feature? Do I need to download on all of my devices? I want to use Evernote on my desktop and laptop (macs) and on my iPad and iPhone. How do I go about getting them to all access my Evernote account? Do I need to download on all devices or does Evernote work web-based in the cloud? Thank you.
  11. The default Gotham + 14 doesn't look very sharp on my laptop. I have a Dell XPS 13 running Windows 10 and am using Chrome as my default browser. Resolution is 1920x1080. I was hoping that the default would be updated if I changed fonts in a note, but that wasn't the case and I was told by support that there isn't a setting to change that. I really don't mind Gotham per se (though I'd prefer a serif font like at a larger size for readability), but the legibility really is poor with the current settings. Either a setting or a better default would work for me. Thanks!
  12. It is bothersome that the numbered list format does not distinguish between different levels of the list. Currently the list format is: Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 2 It would be better if it were formatted like: 1. Level 1 A. Level 2 (1) Level 3 B. Level 2 I tagged this with names of all the platforms because it seems to be the case in all of them.
  13. The Code Blocks feature was very useful and now it seems as if it has been removed from the toolbar. Is there way to re-enable the code block feature?
  14. plusjeff

    Shortcut Keys for Lists

    Love the look and feel Evernote Web, except for one big omission: no shortcut key or hot key support for adding/removing lists (bullets, todo/checkbox, numbered). This is a very frequent thing I do when taking notes, and Evernote Web feels unusable without this (needing to move the mouse to the toolbar feels hyper slow and interrupts my flow). It doesn't even have the auto-list feature from the desktop apps (such as putting a dash + space that jumps the editor into a bullet list).
  15. Where can I find a roadmap, feature list in the forum? I have some wishes for the next releases - where to place them or check if these are already in planning. Show the search results: highlight, vertical bar positions (Prio 1) Allow to navigate through the search result: jump forward/backward between notes and inside of the nodes (Prio 1) Remember last positions in the notes: go back to previous note - will show always first page harmonise Evernotes version between Mac & Windows: layout may 80% same, different keyboard shortcuts Support different EN instances like MyWork, MyPerson, MyCookbooks - know I have to switch between accounts, and for that I need Premium
  16. ¡Buenos días Evernoters! El equipo de Evernote en Español está buscando conocer un poco más como es que Evernote ha alcanzado sus vidas. Tenemos muchísimos casos con Evernote ha resultado muy útil para el trabajo o la escuela, pero sabemos que nuestra herramienta es tan vasta que sus usos pueden ser inimaginables. Siempre estamos buscando manera de como compartir Evernote con nuevos usuarios y ayudarles a encontrar esa manera especial en la que podemos ayudar. Por eso, la pregunta del día de hoy es ¿Y tu, como haz estado utilizando Evernote en tu día a día? Ejemplos: Me ha ayudado a aprender un idioma Organizo mis recetas y menú semanal para la familia Lo utilizo para Scrapbooking Estoy escribiendo mi novela Mantiene mis archivos organizados Me ayuda con mis clases Compartenos tus ejemplos y danos un vistazo a como TU utilizas Evernote para alcanzar tus logros y hacerlos realidad. PD: Los mejores casos podrán tener su propia sección y serán promocionados.
  17. What is needed for the messages, for those using Evernote in a business-like environment, is a prioritization of the messages, such as the one used in the Franklin Day Planner. 2 fields should be available for each message: Priority Group Sequence Number The user should be able to select sorting using one of the following: Sort by Tag and ignore both Priority Group and Sequence Number. Sort by Tag and then sort (always) by Priority Group then by Sequence Number, in each tag grouping. Sort by Priority Group Then Sequence Number then Tag. Sort by Priority Group Then Sequence Number ignoring any Tag. The way this works is that we group our messages in priority groups, like A, B, C where A is what needs to be done today, B is what needs to be done in the next few days, and C is what would be good to do as soon as possible. Then within each group, we decide on the sequence to carry the different tasks/messages such as, A1 is something I must finish no matter what, prior to tackling A2 and A3. B1 is the next thing to do once I finish the A group, and C1, C2 etc... are the things to do at a later time if I can. Of course, the user can ignore these priority setting (that are available for EACH and EVERY message) and continue using Evernote as usual.
  18. I am using the website version of Evernote on Chrome for Mac. I often encounter blank notes where scrolling through a list of notes. The first handful that are visible are fine, but if you continue scrolling past them, none of the other notes appear. Scrolling back up will cause others to disappear. Refreshing the page doesn't help. Please see attached image for an example.
  19. I wish Evernote would save all web clippings automatically with a horizontal rule and an empty line above where we could add notes later without having to deal with the garbled html that comes with the clipping. I realize the clipper includes a "Remarks" section to do that, but I usually forget to include something there, and most of the time I want to add my own comments/notes later on my desktop, not while I'm on my phone quickly clipping something.
  20. Hello, I have recently started using Evernote. I have installed its app on android and on desktop (Windows). 2 days ago, I uploaded 2 images to a note through my android app, but when I opened the desktop version, everything got synced to it except the images. In place of images it is showing generic image icon (similar to one we see if a page load is incomplete in web browser). Can anybody help me with it? I was thinking to move on Evernote but found this bug. When searched web about this issue, I saw another usinf facing this but his problem seems resolved with some personal help from Evernote team. Please help me! Thanks in advance.
  21. As titled, after the latest Evernote Web update, characters in the Supplementary Multilingual Plane (10000–1FFFF) and Supplementary Ideographic Plane (20000–2FFFF) can no longer be saved, i.e., they are just missing—not replaced by any form of space or anything, not a font display issue either—after saving and reloading the note. The character is there after input, but gone after reloading.
  22. evernotezilla

    Highlight tool for Evernote Web

    I believe the highlight tool isn't currently available for Evernote Web. It's very inconvenient, especially as I have to use the Web version for a while. Is there any recent news about this feature? Is it likely to be added any time soon? What workaround options are available for Evernote Web (Chrome browser, but open to other browsers)? Thanks.
  23. jdavidstark

    Saved Search Order

    This issue is similar to one noted for Evernote's Android client. In the Windows desktop app, saved searches are nicely sorted in alphabetical order. In the web app, searches are sorted in order of creation. As more searches are saved, the web app list becomes increasingly more unwieldy. Would it be possible to add either an option that will allow users to decide how to sort saved searches or, at least, to have the web app sort searches in ascending order alphabetically? Thank you so much!
  24. When I highlight text in Chrome (Android) and share to Evernote, I want the site's URL to be automatically included, eg as the note title. Is there a way I can make this happen? If not, please include this feature in future updates.
  25. Fabulous Filing Friends

    Where's Our Business Directory in this SPACED EBA??

    I have a problem with my client's Evernote Business account, and I'm very afraid it's systemic. There appears to be no way to access the company's directory of members and shared notebooks in the latest version of EB, even without the beta on. This is disastrous. They had a very organised system that relied on the Company Directory, and being able to join and un join notebooks that had been published. Could you please let me know if this is a glitch or a permanent change? Is this a way to force Evernote Business customers to use Spaces? I had really hoped to be out doing workshops and getting new Evernote clients, but this latest shake up at Evernote Business with the whole Spaces thing is costing me a lot. Since December the un-billable hours are piling up horribly. Most of it is in support I have to give to clients that have been using Evernote for coming up to 8 years, and were happy with it. Before I spend much time figuring out what they can use instead of Spaced Evernote, is there any way to go back a version? The whole Spaces thing does not work for their situation. There are three tiers of access required for each of 12 companies. General staff have access to the general level of information, for the company or companies they work for. Managers need first and second level info about each of the companies they work with, and sometimes access to historic notes, but they don't always need on demand access to those notebooks. The corporate principals need to see completely different information, across all companies. The whole reason that Evernote is better than a folder hierarchy such as Dropbox is that users can have varying levels of access to each shared notebook individually, then stack them as they work for them. This is not possible with Spaces. OH! And what's up with the the idiot message that warns you, each time you put a note in a shared notebook, that the people you are sharing the notebook with will be able to see your note .... Well, as my client (who is NOT an information technologist or a software designer) said, "Isn't that the whole point of shared notebooks? This Evernote is getting to be more work than it's worth." This whole Spaces thing has been thought through somewhat the same way as NEW COKE. Evernote had a good thing for user friendly business electronic data sharing. Now it's pretty, but not very useful. The folks that could do something about it have too many layers of creative type and outside apps between them and the customer. Thanks for listening, -Mandy Watson, ECC at Fabulous Filing Friends Falkland, British Columbia, Canada