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  1. Can't see note content & edit

    Hello! A weird error i can't find solution to. I can open my notebooks, I can see the list of notes and short text description + images, but i can't edit and see full view. (see screenshots) Also - when creating new note, i can't edit that too. My monthly upload limits are not exceeded as well as number of notes. What could be the problem?
  2. I've tried both Google Chrome and Firefox Quantum, and in both browsers Evernote is often extremely slow to render / load the interface after signing in. Sometimes it does not load at all and a blank white screen just sits there. I haven't seen other complaints lately about this so I'm sure if there is something I might be able to do to fix it, or if others are indeed seeing the same thing. I have been an Evernote user for years and have never had this issue before. Any and all help is much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hello everyone! So I've just recently decided to use Evernote as my go-to option for note-taking in class, and up until last week, everything was running smoothly, no hiccups at all. Never had such a great experience taking notes and I feel more organized than ever before. As I got to class today and decided to load up my notes, I encountered a problem. I can see my various notes in their appropriate notebooks, with the last time they were edited and their title, but once I click on one, the body doesn't show up, with a blank page showing up instead. Interestingly enough, I cannot add any text to the document nor do anything as a matter of fact. Notes can be created and the title can be changed but that seems to be all I can do. I've restarted my computer (Chromebook) several times, making sure it was up to date to no avail. I also looked up on the forums to find solutions and verified I was online and everything checked out. Now, this is where I got completely lost: I opened the iOS app and everything seems to be find on it (notes can be accessed and modified without a problem). I also went to the computer lab to check and the web version of Evernote also works perfectly fine on the desktop, so this means the problem is directly related to the web version working on Chrome OS. Thank you and have a nice day, Romi15
  4. Would really like to have the same functionality for working with tables in the web version as there is one the Windows Desktop app. I work off Chromebooks and use the web version exclusively, which does not have the same level of functionality for tables. Thanks!
  5. Gotham font is hideous

    Is there no way to override the Gotham font used throughout the web UI? Chrome 63, Firefox 57, and Edge 40 are all equally hideous. I'm very tempted to jump ship for OneNote.
  6. Would be awesome if we could add rows and columns to tables. I switched over to a Chromebook so, I'm using Evernote mobile and Evernote web. Both have the same issue. A few have suggested using google spreadsheet, or copying and pasting multiple tables, or adding a few extra rows. Some of these work, but have it's limitations. For example, if you run out of extra rows. Or if you have a chromebook, you can't use any of the workarounds without a computer without the use of google spreadsheets. Screenshot example attached.
  7. The ability to put in page breaks so you can format the notes for printing would be nice. I use tables a lot and they tend to get cut in half between two pages. Maybe there is a way to do this and I can't find it?
  8. Hello, I have recently started using Evernote. I have installed its app on android and on desktop (Windows). 2 days ago, I uploaded 2 images to a note through my android app, but when I opened the desktop version, everything got synced to it except the images. In place of images it is showing generic image icon (similar to one we see if a page load is incomplete in web browser). Can anybody help me with it? I was thinking to move on Evernote but found this bug. When searched web about this issue, I saw another usinf facing this but his problem seems resolved with some personal help from Evernote team. Please help me! Thanks in advance.
  9. Recent premium user after using evernote free for 4 years and just ran into this issue where I used the evernote app for OSX and created a fairly lengthy note full of bulleted lists with varying degrees of indentation in sub-headings. All looked good and formatted to my liking, but as soon as I opened this note in the web browser (from a Linux machine where there is no evernote app) the whole indentation levels were lost. It went from something like: foo bar baz za za gabor to foo bar baz za za gabor Hoping there is a solution or workaround for this as a new premium user (less than a week) I am terribly unhappy and bitter that this simple issue is undermining the simplest usecase I had for evernote which motivated me to pay.
  10. Tags

    Hello. I decided to organize my tag system. To me in this help different symbols (! <_ = *, Etc.) But found that in all versions a different sort order. First three symbols: For the Android version it is: _ - : For the Windows version this is: ' - ! For the Web version it is: ! " # So the whole hierarchy is collapsing. Is it possible to implement a single symbol sort order for all versions?
  11. Repro: 1. Add a code block 2. Type some text 3. Select the text 4. Select unformat text 5. Observe the text Expected: the text formatting should be in the monospaced code format and should not change when unformat text is selected Actual: The text format is changed to the default format for non-code blocks
  12. On Evernote Mac Client, I would like to see a drop-down list of all of your existing tags like on Android and iOS.
  13. I just created a new free Evernote account for use with the website. When I login to the website, the work chat icon briefly appears in the navigation menu then disappears. I am attempting to share folders with this new account via a premium account. There does not appear to be an alternative to the absent work chat icon. I can access the work chat function via an enduring icon when I login to the website via my premium account. I wonder if the work chat, file / folder function has been removed from the free account? Anyone else have experience with this, or recommend a work around? Thanks.
  14. Add a 'highted text' view

    I would like a view that shows only text that I have highlighted. This 'highlighted text view' should allow me to copy only the highlighted text. I would use this view for an even more concise version of a note. I did search the forum and did not find this suggestion.
  15. I'm getting back to Evernote after sometime away and trying to reorient myself. I'm mostly using the web version, on Chrome and/or Firefox. I can't figure out how to expand my viewing of the notebooks to fullscreen, or even just to widen that window, the way you can expand a note to fullscreen. Some of my notebooks have a bunch of notes within them and I'd like to be able to quickly glance over the contents of the notebook. How do you view a notebook fullscreen?
  16. I much prefer the interface on the web for Evernote. The Mac OS version is not as good, though it may be more feature intensive. I find the web version to be cleaner, easier to look at, has some cool functions like switching to "full screen" when writing or editing a note. All in all, I'd be much happier using that version on the Mac side than the current version of Evernote for Mac. By the way, I'm a Premium user.
  17. There needs to be the ability to select multiple notes in the web version (new version).
  18. I've noticed that over the years the web product (and windows desktop) products have become slower and slower to use. It might be related to the number of notes I have but it has caused all tasks to take just a little too long. If I try to open a note it takes just long enough for me to almost forget what I'm doing. (insert sarcastic comment about being old) Or it takes so long to add/remove a tag that I go off to another tab. Overall the performance of the tools is becoming frustratingly slow and I would appreciate some attention on this issue. Anyone else noticing that it's not as fast as it used to be?
  19. The default Gotham + 14 doesn't look very sharp on my laptop. I have a Dell XPS 13 running Windows 10 and am using Chrome as my default browser. Resolution is 1920x1080. I was hoping that the default would be updated if I changed fonts in a note, but that wasn't the case and I was told by support that there isn't a setting to change that. I really don't mind Gotham per se (though I'd prefer a serif font like at a larger size for readability), but the legibility really is poor with the current settings. Either a setting or a better default would work for me. Thanks!
  20. Missing Note Updates

    I have been using Evernote for many years (web version), but for the first time ever I have had note updates disappear. I had accessed Evernote from my work computer yesterday, all the changes had logged as saved, but when I accessed the note again at home none of the changes were there. I followed through the help guide (restarted my computer, cleared cookies/history, etc.) but no luck. Help?
  21. Currently, when you copy a notelink and open that link in a web browser, you get a nice looking read-only view of the note. However, there are not easy controls to be able to jump to that same note within the full Evernote web application for editing the note. You simply get a read-only view of the note without being able to do anything with it. The only option is to view all of your notes, so you have to Search to find the note . The feature I would love to see would be to provide a button/link that would allow you to open the note in an editable form. This feature existed on the web view of notes back in 2012. I'm not sure why it was removed. See:
  22. I use the old version of evernote web because i need to be able to select multiple tags (which, the last time I checked, was not available in the new version). All of a sudden I can't put an image into a note. There is no paperclip to attach it, copy and pasting doesn't work, and dragging an image from a webpage or my pc doesn't work. So I had to switch to the new version temporarily so that I could add these images. Now, in both versions, there are no thumbnails for these notes. Any ideas? I use the thumbnails as much as I do the multiple tag selections so I really need them. thanks
  23. When I'm searching for a document, it would make it a lot easier to find the right file, if you first can choose a tag and then search only in documents with that tag. Off course I can use the syntax 'tag:' for this. But then I need to know the exact name of the tag. It would be nicer (and quicker) when you first can choose a tag as a filter for searching only documents with that tag. That's how it works in the Android app and Desktop version of Evernote. But not in the web version. Kind regards, Peter Bulthuis
  24. It would be great if fonts used in web-version of published notes had support for Cyrillic characters (moreover, they have to be international — you have users from all over the world). Otherwise, web-notes look ugly and it makes web-publishing feature not so useful — I don’t want to share ugly notes with my colleagues or partners. Take a look at a screenshot I attached. It indeed looks ugly because of mix of fonts. Especially when there's such a mix in one sentence. I'm pretty sure that this feature (publishing a note to web) is one of good ways of new users acquisition for you, so I think it worth spending just a little time searching for good international fonts. I hope you will take this feedback into account and do something with it. Best regards, Your User
  25. Web app shortcuts

    Are there any keyboard shortcuts for the web app, such as quickly add a note, search, etc? Would be really useful. I use 'q' for new task in Todoist many times every day. Am on Linux, else would use the native client.