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Found 187 results

  1. Feature proposition : add a small area dedicated to tags directly in the editing note interface : This feature would give the user the possibility : to quickly see which tags are used on the note, to be able, by clicking on the keyword used to tag the note, to list all the similar notes tagged with this keyword >> improvement of the navigability through similar notes, to easily add new tags to the note (without having to go to the back interface through the button "i") What do you think? All the best, Alex
  2. When I'm searching for a document, it would make it a lot easier to find the right file, if you first can choose a tag and then search only in documents with that tag. Off course I can use the syntax 'tag:' for this. But then I need to know the exact name of the tag. It would be nicer (and quicker) when you first can choose a tag as a filter for searching only documents with that tag. That's how it works in the Android app and Desktop version of Evernote. But not in the web version. Kind regards, Peter Bulthuis
  3. emersonthis

    Add tags from iOS share

    I REALLY want to be able to add tags to new notes when I save them from my phone. Currently I can only assign them to a notebook... But this isn't very helpful because my notebooks are big and untagged notes are like needles in the haystack. Not being able to tag notes as I create them makes the app almost useless for me because the main thing I do on my phone is save links from emails, Twitter, etc and I can't effectively do that without tags.
  4. The Ctrl-Alt-T's shortcoming is no filtering support, so we have to look for the target tag in a stack only with our eyes , which is so slow and ineffective. The Alt-F2 and Drag way's shortcoming is that, once after I add a tag to a certain note in the -tag:* search list, this note will disappear in the note list immediately, because it's no longer compliant with -tag:*, which make it impossible to add the follow-up tags. If the tag on the toolbar support not only prefix match, but also searching, it indeed completely solves my needs. But it seems not support yet, right? So for now, what is the fastest way to add multiple tags to a note?
  5. Gjermund

    Tag Sharing

    We can share notebooks, but not all notes with a specific tag. I don't actually use notebooks myself. Or rather, I have two: Inbox and Cabinet. Inbox is for unsorted new and unsorted notes. Cabinet is for tagged notes. I then use the tag hierarchy for all my note needs. It's much more flexible, except for sharing (+ the mobile clients has horrible UX for tags).
  6. 加入別人邀請的記事本,對方也開放可以編輯的權限,但是在擷取頁面的時候就出現了不支援標籤功能, 到 APP 上面增加時,就說跳出要存在於記事本的標籤才可以使用。跟朋友討論過,他都把權限開出來了 但是這邊還是無法編輯標籤,還是只有建立筆記本的本人,才有編輯標籤的權限?
  7. Currently you can change the color for a notebook, but only for the title of a notebook. My suggestions is to make some color changes in the UI if you selected a color-coded notebook, such as the highlight color of note-selection, note book title background on the middle column, the tag background on the third column. Currently it's a light blue color across all the notebooks. version, Windows 10 desktop app
  8. adamitj@gmail.com

    Evernote TAG Treeview

    I wish that Evernote organizes the tag Tree View recursively. I set a lot of related Tags to my notes and that would be awesome to navigate through in a recursive treeview. Example: Two notes with 3 tags each one: i) Feature, Text, Evernote ii) Feature, Picture, Evernote Should be seen as below (if all nodes are expanded): - Evernote - Feature - Text - Picture - Picture - Feature - Text - Feature - Feature - Evernote - Text - Picture - Picture - Evernote - Text - Evernote - Picture - Evernote - Feature - Feature - Evernote - Text - Evernote - Feature - Feature - Evernote PS: To reduce CPU usage all lower level leafs should appear only when the upper lead is expanded.
  9. - Microsoft Windows 7 (6.1) Ultimate Edition Service Pack 1 (Build 7601) - Evernote (276152) Public I've deleted a tag tagged two notes, I thought that only this tag would be deleted, and these two notes would be untagged with it. But it turns out both gone away, and it is a thorough deletion, I cannot found these two notes in trash. This change has been synchronized in all my Evernote clients, including Evernote web, and I don't have a hard disk backup copy before delete operation, so that the recovery methods I found in Evernote knowledge and the threads about this problem in Evernote forum are not applicable for me. What can I do now? Suggestion: I think the current delete operation on a tag is ambiguous, the delete confimation dialog should informing that the notes related will be deleted, but not only 'this operation cannot be undone'.
  10. I have some notes that contain (for example) only a PDF file. Is there a way to find only these notes and add the tag "PDF" to all of them (using f.e. the desktop version of Evernote on Windows or MacOSX) I would also like to do the same with notes that contain a .jpeg, .png or .gif file. Besides that I think It'll be great to find all notes that contain a URL in the metadata, this would allow users to add a tag based on the source of a note that was created with the webclipper by clipping a file from a certain domain (f.e. a jpeg file from the facebook CDN "fbcdn" or a file from Twitter's CDN aka "twimg") Suggestions? TYIA!
  11. Hi Tags are perfect and they're pretty helpful when we have thousands notes and hundreds notebooks. I'd like to know 100.000 tags limit is just for all notebooks we have in one account or just for one notebook? I have Basic User. Thanks Masoud
  12. There really needs to be a mechanism to define a style and apply it to multiple tags without Evernote creating a duplicate style for each tag. Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but it looks like Evernote creates a new style each time you color a tag - even if other tags already have the exact same style. This wouldn't be a problem if not for the 255 style limit. As it stands, if you have over 255 tags you can't style them all without getting sync errors.
  13. When moving a note from Account A to a notebook shared from Account B, a dialog appears: Only tags that are already in this notebook will be added to this note. That dialog only has an "OK" button. It should also have a "Cancel" button so the user can, if desired, add all necessary tags to Account B. As it stands, the user has to force-quit to avoid losing tags. [EN on Mac]
  14. Mathias89

    Pin and tag

    Hi I have two suggestions that I believe will make the user experience a little bit better when working on more notes at the same time: First in the future I would like to see a the possibility of pinning a note you are working on inside of the notebook, so it always will be on top. Next I hope to see the possibility of tab like changing between notes, as you sometimes need to switch between two notes placed in two different notebooks. Best regards Mathias
  15. Is there a workaround to getting a tag list? Is using SQL on a copy of the .exb file possible? I've noticed a number of posts on the forum about obtaining a tag list. They seem to dwell on 1) you cannot export or print a tag list in EN and/or 2) it would be a nice feature to have and will you please make it immediately or yesterday. It appears that none of these posts has yielded a definitive answer about a workaround. I have about 3,000 tags. That number is rapidly growing. I access EN two ways: EN for Windows and online in Chrome. I curate the tags in a hierarchy. I am aware that the prevailing consensus seems to be that tags are a superior way to organize one's EN content than notebooks, at least beyond some threshold volume of notes. But it has become tough to organize tags. My tags and their hierarchy are in continual flux as I add notes. I have about 35,000 notes. I continue to add tags and to delete and rearrange them. I am experimenting with the use of "special characters," ie., punctuation characters, to establish various categories. By "curation" I mean inspecting how the tags are organized (naming conventions and hierarchical arrangement) to be sure there is internal consistency. Part of the difficulty in doing so is that: a) there are so many; I can only see a small subset of them at a time; c) lacking an overview, I tend to have several curation and re-organization efforts going on concurrently and/or only partially implemented. d) these curation and re-organization efforts can be in conflict. The whole effort has become analogous to examining an entire landscape sequentially by examining parts of it through the narrow aperture of a drinking straw. But examining things sequentially can never replace simultaneous examination. I want to see all the tags. I need an overview, and to see their hierarchical organization at a glance. I am aware that there is no feature in EN to either print or export tags. Can I extract the tags using SQL? Doing so would not change the actual working file. I could use a copy of my .exb file (Windows platform), perhaps renaming it to a .db, and obtain from that renamed file a list of all of my tags. I recognize it is not good to go into the original backend database file with SQL tools. I would never touch that. It would be helpful to get even just a tag list, regardless of the hierarchical level of each tag. Getting the tags in their hierarchy would be good, though it's not strictly necessary. If you believe that it is infeasible to access the tags in a read-only manner via SQL, please let me know if you are aware of some other option. For example, alternately, is there some third-party software, perhaps analogous to VB for Office, or some macro-like utility of some kind, that would enable me to copy the tags successively, whether from within EN for Windows or EN in my browser, and paste them into MS Word? I am confident that it will be infinitely easier to manage them, once I have them in a word-processing document. I will be able to see the tags and their hierarchical position all at once rapidly, to grok relationships among them, disparities; similar, duplicative labels, etc. Changes to them in a Word doc can then be easily made in the original EN file. I would welcome any suggestions. That said, I do not imagine it would be helpful to question, why do you have so many tags? If you are thinking in those terms, please realize that you may be using EN for entirely different purposes and/or not have as much content. I have about 35,000 notes. Consider that the interrelationships among notes increase enormously as you add new topical areas. I want to track these with the tagging system. Nor do I imagine it would be helpful to ask, how can you use so many notes? Consider that, for the value that I wish to create, I do not need to use them all. Nor is it possible at the moment that I clip them to determine either exactly how I might use them or the likelihood that I will do so. Please realize that the process of capture with EN is often done intuitively, rather than with extensive planning aforethought. In that respect, EN is (or should be) not only a way of managing information. It is also (or should be) a way of managing how to allocate one's limited attention. Likewise, scrolling through a very lengthy tag list in EN for Windows does not support human cognitive strengths and inherent limitations.
  16. After deleting one duplicated tag (resulting from syncing error) on my computer A and syncing on both computers (A and B), the notes lost that tag, and the tag and the duplicated one disappear simutaneously on my computer B, which really frustrates me since I could no longer pick these notes out with the tag QAQ How to recover the tag for those notes? Many thanks
  17. masonfocus

    Tags in ios share

    Tagging is the primary way I, if not all of us, managing the notes. Sharing in ios with tags is now possible, but still limited to select tags from existing ones. it's harder to locate a tag than to type into one. Besides, why can't we add new tags? Please make it possible.
  18. I have been researching ways to use Evernote for task efficiency, mainly concerning "The Secret Weapon" and "Getting Things Done" methods; I am new to both of these thought processes, but have adapted them because I found that I am consistently writing lists in EN, while my poor paper agenda has been lying on the way-side for sometime now; if I don't get to my written to-dos, then I need to re-write them all over again next week. In hopes of eliminating this constant 're-writing' of to-dos and projects, I've begun to write all my tasks in EN, and assigned a time-priority tag (ex. '01 - Now', or '03 - Soon') to every step of my projects and things on my to-do list (ex.'Actions Pending'). SO, I am trying to now incorporate IFTTT so that every morning it populates all of the notes that have been tagged in each time-priority into a table of contents, thus refreshing my to-do lists for me every morning. How would I go about doing this? Use Google Calandar to prompt it to populate every morning? And while we're at it, I am also trying to find a recipe that archives shazamed songs for me into EN. I've see the Gmail prompt to EN, but not sure how that works. Any ideas?
  19. Hi, is there a way to export all tags to a txt-file (or into a EN-Note)? Kind regards Olli
  20. Ever since I upgraded to Chrome-54 on GNU/Linux, the down arrow doesn't work when I tag entries. Anyone else seeing this?
  21. How can I see all task with certain tag? On the Android it's easy to do.
  22. I have too many notes in my notebooks which I want to organize. However, I don't see an option that lets me select/mark multiple notes at once and then perform some common action like moving,deleting or adding a common tag. Can this be implemented at the earliest please? If there is some hack around this to get it done then it'd be of great help if someone could share it. Thanks!
  23. 제가 영문 포럼에서 물어보고 검색해봐도 별로 그런 문제를 겪는 사람이 없다고 하는데 이게 혹시 한국 서버의 문제일 수 있지 않을까 하는 생각이 들어 올려봅니다 전 태그가 동기화되지 않는 경우가 많아서 여러 기기에서 동시에 사용하기 어려움을 느낍니다. 한국 유저 분들중에도 그런 분이 계신가요? 태그는 노트북보다 더 중요하게 사용되는 경우가 많아서 동기화가 안 되면 난감합니다. 사실상 노트 분류를 못하는 거거든요. 혹시 저와 같은 문제를 겪고 게시는 분이 계신지요.
  24. Does anyone notice that sometimes notes are tagged with tags that you did not attach? I'm increasingly finding cases where I'm sure I tagged a note ``aaa'' and find that later the note appears with another tag. Is this a bug? At first I thought i must have made a mistake in tagging, but I see this increasingly. What gives? And also, Evernote still hasn't figured out why some tags are not synced at all, right? I rely heavily on tags, and this is really ruffling my feathers.
  25. I sometimes add lots of tags to a specific note that contains lots of worth and use for me. even up to 8-9. I love to do that, because some notes just contain such a load of great information that can be used in different ways. These are important notes, and I'd like to be able to sort and see them in the order of how many tags they have, so I will see the most tagged notes at the top of the list. This would be a cool feature for someone like me who depends on tags a lot rather than notebooks. Thanks