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Found 173 results

  1. ondrejkovic

    Search with multiple tag

    In new Beta web version is not possible search using CTRL+multiple tag. Any suggestion?
  2. Hi, I use iPad mini retina / IOS 9 / Evernote 7.8 When di in orizontal position it is impossibile to see and choice tags in the tag's field. Is not a problem when in vertical position. This hapened after the last Evernote update. Anybody else have this issue?
  3. The Digital Dove

    Tag Sentence within Paragraph or Note

    Hi There seems to be no solution i have seen that is elegant enough allow the tagging of a sentence or multiple sentence within a paragraph or long note. The only quick and dirty solution i found was to do something like adding underscores eg _legal_ But of course this has the overhead of needed ing remove them all the truly needed extension thereafter would be not to only find the notes with the designated tag on the sentence but also filter all those sentences. This has specific, needed, and important application in say matters of law where recording or logging incidents that may require reference and use in different way and under different topics , and thus access to a sentence by tag within a longer note or statement is a critical need Is there some technical aspect i am simply not appreciating or is this tagging feature available in Evernote or elsewhere and i simply have missed it thanks Regards
  4. Hi , I was trying code in python for updating note. note_obj = note_store.getNote(token, reqpara_note["ntdtanoteguid"], True, False, False, False)I came across i was not able to remove all tag from note. if taglist is not None: note_obj.tagNames = taglist # here it will have list ['newtag','todo']else: note_obj.tagNames = None I tried to remove this tag in my code way , just updated the tagGuids to None note_obj.tagGuids = Nonereturnnote = note_store.updateNote(token, note_obj)I was able to updated the tags (add or remove) for a Note yeha! tag is not deleted from account. I don't need to delete. It should just remove from the note i want to update . probelm: When I try to remove the last tag (i.e there is only one tag to the Note) It not get removed returnnote do have that last tag with him . I don't know why? u can also try to add many tags to note and then remove all tag at once the returnnote will return list of tag again. Any body have solution? or Why ?
  5. I've just recently started using tags for my items, and I noticed that I dislike seeing tags for a notebook I'm not viewing. I've begun using Springpad a little, and I noticed when I'm viewing a folder, it displays only tags under that folder. Then viewing notebooks in Evernote I realized just how much it makes sense not to show all tags all the time.
  6. steelbender

    Need help with tags

    Hey, I use evernote primarily in windows and on android. I have been using it heavily for a couple years, and have about 1000 notes. I would like to clear the tags from all notes, to start over with a different tagging system. Wondering if there is a way to remove all tags from all notes. Thanks for any help. SB
  7. Hello. I'm using nested tags and have included them in the shortcuts sidebar but I'm not able to colapse/expand. According to screenshots I've seen for Windows users, this is standard functionality. Is this something that can only be done in the Windows version? I'm also trying to find a way to select multiple options from the shortcuts sidebar. In Windows I guess you accomplish that by holding control key and selecting options but it does not work for Mac. All you help is appreciated!
  8. I am using evernote since many years. Last year I have paid for premium subscription. There is no option to delete tags in my android app. I work a lot with tags and for that I have to go through so many unnecessary tags which I am never going to use in my life. I have deleted them in my windows machine but no such option in the android app. Please take some time and give the option. ANDROID 4.1.2 SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 2
  9. how can I put a tag in a notebook that they shared with me ? What comes out you do not have a permission to create tags in this notebook . how can I do? And if I had the premium version, it would be possible? HELP ME PLEASE!!
  10. Hi, I have recently deleted a shared notebook. The tags that were used by the shared notebook are still showing in the tags list of my windows desktop app. There are no notes associated with these tags. They are 'empty'. The persistent tags only appear in the windows desktop app, and not the browser-based app, nor the android app. When I right-click the tag, the 'Delete...' option is greyed out. I assume this is to do with permissions. EN version 5.2.1. Did a complete reinstall just in case. I also tried syncing from the android app, and opening the web app. Neither device shows the tags in question, but they persist in the desktop app. The extra tags are a distraction I could use without (and the main reason for un-linking from the shared notebook). Any assistance in the removal of these tags would be most appreciated. Cheers, Mark
  11. Hi folks, I like the way Beta looks, but I'm not using it because I can't figure out how to do basic operations in the new system. For example, I can't figure out how to create new tags, add tags to notes, or delete tags. I also can't figure out how to organize my notebooks. For example, if I create a new notebook, I don't know how to put it in a category/set. Are there tutorials for this kind of basic stuff somewhere, because I'm not finding it self-explanatory. Thanks!
  12. I have a couple of Tags that I want to delete from the autofill links with in Windows Evernote (not checked if they appear in Android or iPad yet) Although they have no notes associated with them, there is no way to kill them. Both are TAGs not to be used, or mis-spellings, so I want to get rid of them, but can't seem to see how? thanks
  13. When i try to add new tags @ shared notebooks, message saying 'you can only add note's original tag' do i need to unlock 'share' to tag and then share again?
  14. I love Evernote and use it daily at work and at home. Unfortunately when I started I created a single notebook in which all of my notes reside. I did create lots of tags to organize them but now I would like to segregate them into new notebooks. I have created a Home and a Work notebook but when I move all of the notes in a tag, as suggested in other topics, the notes are added to the new notebook but the tags and notes also stay in the old notebook. How do I move them entirely from the old notebook to the new, so that they are no longer in the old?
  15. Hello! Is there a possibility to set reminders to location? For instance, I need to remember to get something at the trainstation before I hop on a train, so I would like to be reminded when I get to the trainstation. Is this something Evernote can do, or will be able to do in the future? Thanks in advance! Kind regards, Martine
  16. UncleDaddySwiss

    How to choose tags

    Hi, I use Evernote for everything. Work notes, household notes, hobbies, projects, interesting articles, -You name it. I believe in tagging notes, I see the benifit, but my tagging structure is a complete disaster. I have read several articles on organizing tags but I still dont have a clue as to the best way to use them. How detailed do I get? Do I do things like make a separate tag for each manufacturer mentioned in a note, for example? And if so, do I also use another general tag such as "Product?" I have instruction manuals of all kinds stored in an "InstructionManuals" notebook in this example. I have been working on organizing my notes all weekend with the future hope of getting rid of several notebooks and going more tag oriented. I have many more examples such as this but I dont know how deep to go with this. I know I am way over-thinking this, but dont know what to do. I know that the ultimate goal here is to be able to find what Im looking for, but it seems like consistency would be good too. Thank you for any help.
  17. waleedneuro

    enhanced tags

    for poeple who had typed thousands of notes in evernote...,many tabs are shared by alot of notes...so when you search notes in certain tag...many will appear..and even if you type 2 tags the notes will appear in most recent order not the one with highest number of matching tags..i sufgest that notes should be listed with the one matching the highest number of tags first...
  18. It may seem like a childish question but Why do I have to tag my notes? Yes, I know it helps me categorize notes and a note can be in 2 or more categories (folders) at the same time but what is the final benefit of this? I'm asking this because I find it much to difficult and time consuming to do all these: - tag every note: writing the tags - thinking of the names of new tags - keep the order in tags - control clicking and scrolling through hundreds (maybe thousands) of tags (when you search info) ...instead of just type the keywords whenever I need a piece of information. The result is the same but without consuming so much time and effort by tagging every note. Moreover, when you search information just by typing the keywords Evernote gives you notes with those keywords highlighted ;-) Am I missing something?
  19. Hi fellow EN users, I have a very general question about handling multiple tags from a single context (i.e. .What, for example). Some background: Have used EN for several weeks; am making the transition to the GTD productivity system. My EN + TSW tag system is your textbook TSW template: .What .Active Projects Current Project A Current Project B .Inactive Projects On-hold Project A Email Gift Purchase Meeting Phone Call Read / Review Write-up .When !Daily 1-Now 2-Next ... etc .Where @Work @Home @Restaurant ... etc .Who Person A Person B ... Person X I modified TSW slightly by adding a 'Reference' context for exclusively tagging Cabinet notes only: -Reference #Fact #News #Outing #Receipt ... etc However, herein appears a subtle flaw (or maybe not): I find myself frequently tagging notes within multiple tags from a single context. For example: a single note may have 2, 3 different ".What" tags mapped to it. For instance: I have a note with .What tags "Current Project A" and "Email" mapped to it. Maybe I'm looking too-deep into TSW / GTD, but is this multiple-tagging from a single context frowned upon (from a convention perspective)? Or should I just "let it all go" and tag liberally (within reason, that is)? Thank you in advance, p.
  20. Hi, i have a Problem, if i want to rename a Tag ("Schlagwort"). How can i do that very quick without awkward? It is possible to change, yes - but at first you must rename it and than you can Name it so you like it, but it is awkward! Can you help me? Thx
  21. È possibile selezionare, copiare e inviare tutte le note relative a un tag, senza dover copiare e inviare le note una alla volta?
  22. this is my full note you can see the bug picture. https://www.evernote.com/shard/s152/sh/afcc3833-39d5-49f8-bc4f-8bbf5f89680d/93bbda2ba5c1eb14e4b4ea9579a11305 MY OS: Mac 10.0.4 let me show you when i input the ENGLISH WORD TAG + "AutoComplete" no problem no bug when i input "ENGLISH WORD" vs the problem is can not call "AutoComplete" word when i input "KOREAN WORD TAG". I hope next version be more better from this version. +
  23. Love Evernote! Keep up the great work. Recent update however (5.9 on Android) removed my hierarchy of tags on my tablet which are now displayed merely alphabetically rather than how I had them grouped. Can you please make this an option to go alpha or groups? My desktop version is still nicely grouped and so much more helpful. Please bring that back to the android version.
  24. I know there are other threads on this, but the more the merrier. I am a researcher with an extensive evernote archive. I use primarily the web clipper and have 5,000 or so notes. They are sorted into about 20 notebooks according their medium (image, report, audio, news article, video, etc.) and they are tagged based on several hundred intersecting topics (e.g., europe, EU, Turkey, democratization, accession, constitution, civil society, etc.) Say I want to share everything I have saved about Turkey with someone. I have about 500 notes I would like to make available, but there is absolutely no way for me to do that unless I move them each to a single notebook... thus stripping them their classifications and half of my matrix hierarchy. I REALLY need to be able to share based on tags (ideally) or duplicate and copy to a notebook that I can then share. The database I am constantly curating is made obsolete by my inability to make it available. Evernote has been the most amazing tool to gather all my difference sources, but this is a pretty glaring hole that is disappointing to have not been addressed despite all the user feedback. Please help with this!
  25. I tried to narrow my search to within a particular tag of notes via the search options. The ACTUAL search was global, not restricted to the tag.