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Found 173 results

  1. hi, in the snippet view on the left, can you please give a different color for the tags? right now the date and the tag have the same color, making it difficult to tell them apart sometimes. tags are very important for me, more than notebooks. please consider giving tags a color different from that of the creation date in the snippet view.
  2. Hi. I want to move a massive amount of files from notebook a to notebook b, essentially merging the two notebooks. Since many notes will be "moved", will those notes count as new notes and count again the upload limit? Also if I add or modify a tag and sync the note, is it also considered an upload of a note? Thank u!
  3. Dear all, I just started using Evernote not long and need some help. I created a Note in Web base Evernote, but I could not find a way to assign the predefined Tags to the Note I just created or any existing Notes. I can only find the 'Add' new tag at the top of the Note. But Android version, I can select the Tag I predefined and assign. Many thanks. Dragon
  4. Annaannaanna

    Intuitive tags?

    Dear evernote gurus I am very new to evernote, but think that I like it A LOT and that I will use it A LOT. As I hope to be using it more and more, I am trying to think of things that I should consider doing or not doing to avoid problems down the line - while keeping the free flowing feel of freedom that so delights me. So, here is my question that I would appreciate your input on : At first I was creating lots and lots of notebooks but quickly realized that this is not the way to go. Now I tag. And I love doing that. I currently have only very few notebooks - an inbox, a file cabinet and an extra notebook of my sons drawings and things, which I separated for sentimental reasons (I like that I can just go in and look at his stuff whenever I feel like it). Now, here is my question: I have read a lot about setting up a strict tag hierarchy, being extra careful about tagging correctly, etc. This seems very restricting to me - not to mention a whole lot of effort. I have created a very loose tag hierarchy - but mostly tag every note with as many tags as I think make sense and that I believe I'll think of when searching for this particular item. Mostly that ends up being 4-6 tags. I am also operating on 'when in doubt, add an extra tag'. While I do take care to make the tags case consistent (is that a word?) and use only singular (mostly because I like the look...) I do not try to figure out a strict context of tags that I adhere to, on the premise that it will be harder for me to look up what the strict structure says than to just use whatever I think of first. I have tried trial runs and have no problems whatsoever finding notes, no matter what the context, as the tags make a lot of sense to me. Of course - I only have a couple of hundred notes and maybe 30 tags... I love doing it this way, it gives me a strange sense of satisfaction to intuit tags like that, so I would love to keep on doing it. But... if many more experienced users suggest a different way, there is probably a reason... So, experienced evernote users, I'd be very grateful for your opinion - can an intuitive tagging system like that work, even if I run up lots and lots of notes? Thank you for your time and input anna
  5. I was having trouble with my tags from the windows Evernote not syncing tags to my iphone. If I went into the note on my computer and made a small change then it would sync properly. This got me thinking about how can make a small change in all of my notes. What I then did was select all my notes and add a tag like "testing" to all notes. This was enough change and it synced them correctly on all my devices. In a sense I refreshed my data. Evernote should have a refresh feature in times when data isn't syncing right.
  6. 태그를 아주 적극적으로 사용하고 있습니다. 하지만 에버노트 윈도우에서 태그를 만들면 종종 온라인에서 적용이 안돼요. 이 문제는 벌써 몇년째 겪고있는 거 같은데 방법이 없나요? 고칠 계획이 없는 건지, 아니면 못 고치는 건지.. 예를 들어 a라는 태그가 8개의 노트에 적용돼있다면, 온라인에서는 4개 정도만 되어있다든지 하죠. 다른 기기에서 동기화할 때 문제가 생깁니다.
  7. I found out I have a lot of items in my dropbox that need a certain tag. How do I apply the tag to all of them at one time instead of applying it to each one-by-one?
  8. Hello, i would like to know if there is a way to automatically sync a folder with textfiles to evernote. I frequently create new textfiles and i would like to tag them to have their content organized...but I would not like to always manually create a new note and upload those files because they change over time. I use evernote web since the company does not provide a Linux client.
  9. Hello! I try to use tags hierarchy because Evernote doesn't support multilevel notepads (only 2 levels supported). I have tags hierarchy: travel thailand_travel sights_thailand_travel rent_thailand_travel india_travel sights_india_travel rent_india_travel I have to use suffixes like "_thailand_travel" to avoid duplicate tags in india_travel and thailand_travel. I want to find all notes marked with thailand_travel (with subtags). How to do it? I read "How to use Evernote's advanced search syntax" and tried tag:"*_thailand_travel" and tag:*_thailand_travel. Both don't work.
  10. I'm trying to use UTF emoji (like ✌ ? ❤︎ ⚠️) for quick visual search in my notes list. Tags can be assigned color, but the color of tag isn't shown (in tag column) when I see my note in notes list, I would like that to be fixed.
  11. Pakyorch

    e-mail tagging

    Hi everybody, I use to forward e-mails to my evernote account. I add the @Workbook, !reminders and #tags. However, since this week the feature #tag does not work for me. Instead, the note appears in the correct workbook with the reminder but contains "#tag" in the tittle. Does anybody know what is happening?? Should the #tag appears in a specific order?? Thank you everybody for your help. Jorge
  12. Hi There, not sure if this was already questioned (didn't found anyhing). In the new client on Windows 6.1.1, you have the possebility to add Tags to your search by clicking on the tag-search-icon or simply by adding "tag:xyz" to your query. Now it comes the new feature that all child tags from this selected tag will be included into the search. This happens only on the Icon, the search term "tag:xyz" returns what i'm searching for. - But I want to have only tags which are especially tagged with the tag from my search. Due to the lag of autocomplete in the search field it's really uncomfortable to enter each tag I want to search manually (especialla when the are long like: "1997.00-1998.00 - Eberswalde; Eisenbahnstr. 80" ). Example Tag Tree (note count): xyz (5) sub1 (5) sub2 (5) sub3 (5) My (icon) search for tag:xyz returns 20! notes instead of 5 I'm searching for. I know, this is a usefull feature added to the new client, but is there a way to search exclusiv for notes tagged with "xyz" ignoring all childs. May there is an kind of search grammar I missed? like "tag:xyz -childs" Also: there is a bug/feature: If I create a new note, based on my search - It creates note with ALL tags, where I only selected ONE. But I can't delete the unwanted tags from the note Thanks Zsolt
  13. Hi Evernote Team and all dear fellow Users! Let me introduce the latest new Evernote feature: Workspaces! In a nutshell: There would be separate windows/tabs in which we could customise the layout of the Evernote window. The idea: When I work on my professional notes, I do not need any other, non-related stuff. Just like online, with the 'focus' mode, I think you called it. The main reason behind it is the shortcuts. I would need much more shortcuts to be visible on the top bar to be as effective as possible. I would need some selected group notebooks and tags for each workflow. I am not a program designer, I have no idea how this would be possible. Still, I had an idea and I wanted to share it. Please see the attachments to get a better idea.
  14. I'd like to share my "missing feature list" with the community. This list is only the "most wanted" from my side. Please feel free to add your ideas or to give me comments on my list. TIA RR 1) Management system for attachments (a)view ...inside the note or as attachment (b) sort by drag and drop 2) option to encrypt attachments (similar to the text encryption) 3) ALL options should be available via the desktop version as well as the tablet (android/ios) versions (in modern times the tablet/pads are more and more replacing the desktops, at least, if people are working from remote places. Then it's really a pain in the neck, if the tablet/pads are "handicapped" tools. this means, I have to touch my work twice (after returning to the office). 4) better usability of tags (tag management). I understood, evernote is made to be organized by tags (notebooks are restricted to 250 afaik). However, I have serious problems to use my tag structure. I mean, when applying a tag, it only shows an example, if you already put in the starting letters. Nice, however, sometimes I cannot remember what name I gave to this particular tag, which I want to use. So, I suggest that there should be a pop-up of the tag structure during the input-process of tags. It would also help, if there was a permanent window or sidebar (horizontally because of the deeper structure) either as pop up or to call via short-key.....). 5)I was quite happy about the new colour feature for the tags until I opened my tablet and saw that this feature is not reflected there. So I spent almost 2 hours to colour my tags only to find out that evernote has wasted my time one more time. So, I want to emphasize again that ALL features should be available across ALL platforms. Honestly I don't understand whys this is such a problem. So, please, don't announce with big noise new features, which are only on one platform available. Please be aware that more and more the users are NOT "single platform users". Almost all of my friends are at least on two platforms simultaneously (windows + android, or windows + IOS/OSX). Everybody tells me it's very annoying to deal with missing features or too different user-interfaces/options. Yes, we are aware that there are differences between the operating systems, but it is your task to minimize those for the easy life of your users. 6) Export options. To say it with one sentence. It is a must for me have an export option to PDF. The html/xml options are really driving me crazy. If I want to send documents to a a friend/partner, I don't want to force those people to join evernote or even let them know that I use evernote. A neutral but common format like PDF is a MUST. That's my hot-list. there are plenty of ideas left out, however these are most wanted from my point of view. Hope to receive some feedback RR Edit: Got aware that my point 2)encryption ....is deeply discussed in many older topics. so, forget it. However, I'd like to make clear that I meant only the option to encrypt a single attachment exactly for the reason to hide it and secure it from the INDEX process. I am back to use my "own system" which works on all my hardware (windows, android, ios) namely: install open pgp and simply encrypt the file in question. If you want to open it, simply double click and load it in evernote, it will automatically decrypt via open (gnu) pgp.
  15. I started a ticket on Monday the 18th, have had very little response, days apart, from Evernote. Please someone help! Three of us share Notebooks. I enter invoices, two other people approve and tag. About a week ago syncing became an issue and we weren't seeing each others tags, sync with a red! We uninstalled, reinstalled, nothing. If I log in as the second user, I can sync with no problem on my desktop. If she logs in, sync error. As second user I have deleted all the trash, synced, logged off, logged in as myself, unshared with 2nd user, synced, shared again, synced. Logged off as me, back on as second user, work chat, clicked on notebook to accept share, sync, no problem. I log off so 2nd user can log in, she syncs and gets error. We have uninstalled and reinstalled the program twice from the 2nd users Dell to no avail. And now we cant tag, doesn't even show in our own Evernote. Sooo frustrated with Evernote help. Guy even gave me his gmail to send a share invite to, "he would get right back to me" that was 5 hours ago. It takes 2 days to get a half baked answer.
  16. I would like to see if a tag(s) could be assigned to a notebook. Basically, it would allow me to move a note to a notebook and the note would automatically be assigned the tag that was assigned to that notebook. This is a similar type of functionality that I implement in enterprise document management systems (DMS) for my job. Within the DMS is a set of folders, each folder has a designated metadata value. In the example I am using, the metadata value is a document type. When a user moves or saves a document (of any type, email, or otherwise) into one of these folders, the document type is automatically assigned to the document. This enables the user to search the entire system for the document, without having to go into the folder it self.
  17. I'm fairly new to serious Evernote usage, so this may be a silly, pie-in-the-sky question, but I was just wanting to know exactly what Evernote means when they say there's a "100,000 tag limit". It's a bit hard to explain, so let's use a hypothetical scenario: I go to my completely empty tag list, and create 3 tags, "article", "book", and "movie". I now have 3 named categories of tags on my account. I then go and tag 4 notes with "article", 7 with "book", and 3 with "movie", for a total of 14 usages of tags on my account. In that case, what is the 100,000 tag limit referring to? Can I create 99,997 more named categories of tags, and apply them infinitely to as many notes as I want? Or, regardless of how many named categories I set up, am I only allowed to make 99,986 more individual usages of tags across my notes?
  18. I just upgraded to version 6 and am not sure that is the problem, but I am unable to nest existing tags beneath a newly created one. Existing tags can be nested with each other just fine. But, if I create a new top level tag and drag an existing tag on top of it, it just snaps back. Am I missing something? Ken
  19. WeCanLearnAnything

    2 Tag Questions

    I am using Evernote tags to manage my learning and review schedule. I have two questions about those tags: When I look at my tag window, there is no count of nested tags. Only the particular tags. Example: The "higher level" tags count is zero, even though nested tags within them are being used on multiple notes. See attachment "tag count.jpg". Is there any way to change that count to show everything at that level plus all the nested stuff? In the left-panel, I want to be able to click on "Organizations" and then see all notes that have been tagged "Organizations" plus all notes that were tagged with something nested within "Organizations". Is this possible? See attachment "see all nested tags.jpg". Thanks!
  20. Hi Evernote Team, I was wondering if you can create more than 1 tag if I want to send email from my email to my evernote Notebook. So I have tried using this subject: Test from my email @ImportantNotes #clientmail #TDE But when I check it on my evernote client on my windows, I can only see the TDE as the tag and the #clientmail is not even in the tag. It is displayed in the title. So the title became Test from my email @ImportantNotes #clientmail with tag for TDE But when I tried create my own notes, and I add tags, I can add more than 1 tag with no problem. The problem is tag for sending email can only support 1 tag, it doesn't support more than 1 tag. If you have a way to do more than 1 tag for sending email to Notebook, please let me know Many thanks Yenny
  21. krisdestruction

    Add Tag Shortcut

    I propose that a shortcut be added to add a tag to multiple notes. Currently on the OS X version, you can scroll down to add tags, but it'd be nice if there was a button to go to this box directly (eg. Cmd/Ctrl+T but non-conflicting).
  22. I use evernote for both general bookmarking but also research. When I clip a "simplified article" the clipper gives me the option to edit the title, tags, add a note and select the notebook. Why is this not universal for the other modes? For example, when clipping a "selection" from a page, I would like the option to put it into the right note book and add notes without having to find the note in Evernote after the fact. David
  23. I am a happy evernote user, and I think the tags are a well functioning feature, and use them a lot. I Have a large number of notes in evernote, all around the same subject. These notes have many different tags. But there are 3 tags in particular, where 1 of them and only one, is assigned to every note. Lets call the 3 tags 2014, 2015 and 2016 When I search, I often have the need to search for notes with one of the tags, and to continue doing that for the entire day. At the same time, I also have the need to search all notes except notes with one specific tag. (eg "yellow") I am aware that I can search with tag:2015 and -tag:yellow, but what would be really nice is a possibility to set one or multiple "sticky tags" to be used in all searches. Then I could set the sticky search string to tag:2015 -tag;yellow and whatever new search I then made would only include notes with the tag "2015" and never the tag "yellow" The sticky search string should be easy to clear or change. and could be a searchbox next to the regular searchbox. This would save me a lot of typing in the search box. Regard
  24. Whenever I create a new note, I get the opportunity to tag it and as I type a few letters, Evernote suggests the tag that I am planning to use - however, when I press the enter key on my keyboard, instead of applying the suggested tag, it sometimes creates an 'Orphan Tag'. For example: I have a tag '1-Now', so when I try to tag a new note and type 1, I rightfully get the suggestion 1-Now, but when I press enter a new tag '1' is created, which is not what I intended to do. If Evernote had the option of asking me if I needed to create a new '1' tag and will it be a child tag, as it happens in Gmail - it would make life so much easier. Presently, I have to delete this 'orphan tag', which is very annoying.
  25. I am using Evernote for Mac 6.3 beta 3 and I can't see my notes when I'm looking at Tags. I know they are still tagged, because if I look at the Notebook view, the tag is indicated. This problem seemed to appear when I allowed the beta update. It is only on my Mac. Evernote for Windows is still working fine (another reason I know the notes are still tagged). I am a new Mac user, so this may very well be ignorance vs. a real problem. Any suggestions? pdh