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Found 173 results

  1. Can QR codes be added to documents to include metadata for Evernote scans. (Similar to products like Rocketbook) Use case: Scan a paper-printed notepad containing a QR code that when scanned with Evernote will associate metadata contained in the QR code to the extracted PDF image of the page content Examples of metadata included in QR code: Notebook: assign the scan to a specific notebook Tag: tag the scan ie "paper_notes" Date: assign the scan to a specific date / time Questions Can this be accomplished with the current version of Evernote and if not, can this be accomplished via a custom app and the Evernote API.
  2. Hi, I'm using Evernote in Chrome (on my chromebook). I know how to delete a tag altogether. What I can't figure out is how to delete a tag from a note. I searched google and the forums to no avail. I tried clicking on the tag and hitting delete, but it does nothing. Right clicking also doesn't help. thanks
  3. When I create a new notebook, most of the notes within it will have many of the same tags. I would like to have the ability to copy or import tags from another note so that I do not have to keep typing the same tags for each note that I create.
  4. let's say in Notebook named Clients, 20 notes tagged A, there are 8 or them also tagged A-1, I want to pull out rest of the notes in Client that has Tagged A without tag A-1
  5. In the current system, the updated date field will only get updated with the current date if you change the contents of the note. I think it would be helpful to have another field that would keep track of the date that tags were either added, removed to a note. This would allow us to search for notes based on a tag structure. For example, if someone tags a note "approved" but does not change the contents, one could find all notes that were approved in a specific date. This would also solve the problem when we accidentally remove a tag from a group of notes. Right now there is no way to fix this, except by going through ALL of your notes one by one to see if the note deserves the tag.
  6. I just had to rebuild my EN Windows database and again found it very annoying, that color codes for notebooks and tags are not backed up and synced across different devices. I took my almost half aan hour to rebuild the color code for my note organization. Another disadvantage here is that one can only apply a style to one notebook / tag at a time.
  7. SteveU75

    Tagging in iOS

    Could you follow the iOS UI and allow pull down to show the Search box and then as you type show the available selections
  8. The functionality of the Android app for picking tags when entering or editing a note is ideal: when you start to type it will recognize any sub-string in your tags. On the Windows desktop version it will only recognize tags starting with what you type. In the online version it will recognize tags with any word beginning with the letters you type. Three platforms, three functionalities. It ought not to be so. The Android app functionality is perfect. Bring that functionality to Windows and Online, please!
  9. Jonathan Godney

    Add a recently used TAG list

    Dear Devs On the iPhone, could we add a "recently used TAG" list when adding a TAG to a note? This would be very useful, by not having to type something to find the TAG it saves effort and by not having to tap the "+" and scrolling to find the tag it will save time. Here is a screenshot of the area I am suggesting the "recently used TAG's" would be added: https://thesecretweapon.tools/temp/20171229-recently-used-tags-location.JPG
  10. Hello, Is there any way to stop the tags to expand when you are using a saved search? I have a lot of groups of tag which I am using them with saved search function. It is very annoying that each time the tags are expanded. Evernote: 6.7.5 Windows 10. Thank you.
  11. Control/Option-click a sidebar tag offers option to make a new note with that tag. Control/Option-click a sidebar notebook offers option make a new note in that notebook.
  12. IncrediMetaBeta

    Chrome Auto tagging

    Notes I create using web clipper in chrome have a tag already assigned to them. I want to eliminate this apparent "auto tagging." This started a week ago. I discovered one forum post on this issue that was closed though contained a link to a supposed solution, but that turned out to be simply the support page. Searching endlessly produced no answer, though I noticed requests for having the ability to auto tag notes. Well, it seems that EN already has it, but I can't figure out where to turn it off. Ideas welcome.
  13. A previously created thread on this topic was closed in the meantime. I would suspect that the reason for this was that the yield of such a search has not been recognized or appreciated sufficiently. A faceted search is characterised by the fact that the user gradually reduces the number of search results by adding keywords that have been used in the results. For this purpose, the system displays the keywords whose inclusion would not reduce the result set to an empty quantity. Such a procedure proves to be extremely effective in discriminating against keyword registers because the user does not have to make any assumptions about the keywords actually used, since these are provided by the system, depending on the already reduced result set. In this way, the relevant entities can usually be limited to a manageable number of hits with just a few clicks, even in very large databases. At the same time, the procedure is very simple in technical implementation. It simply consists of repeating the following steps: The number of each keyword in the observed data volume is determined and displayed. The user selects one of these keywords. Taking this into account reduces the amount of data considered. Then the number of entries per keyword has to be determined again, i. e. step 1 has to be executed again. This type of successive filtering of the data makes the yield from the information value of the allocated keywords actually accessible. Individually applied, the value of a keyword must decrease to the extent that it is applied. The more often a keyword is used, the less value it has until it becomes completely useless. The procedure is inexpensive and extremely effective. Without such a filtering method, however, systematic keywording is of no practical value. The value of keywords is only determined by their combination, to the extent that the volume of data increases. I would recommend that you re-evaluate this function. The effectiveness of this discrimination procedure is evident. In Apache Solr and Lucene there are concrete implementations which make the process tangible.
  14. AntoineO

    Parent tag automation

    Hello, I am using what I call "parent tagging". Here is an example of structure : Trips France Paris Nice Lyon Marseille Spain Barcelona Madrid Italy Milan I would like EverNote to add automatically the parent tag(s) when I add a children tag to a note. Of course, all the tags would not be concerned (I could select the concerned tag in an option menu). Example : I find a great restaurant in Paris, on internet. I add its info to a note and I tag it with "Paris. Then, EverNote would add automatically the tags "France" and "Trips" to my note. The example here, and the structure are simple. But when you have an architecture with 5+ layers, it's time saving ; and you are sure not to forget any tags. Then, it allows me to see what nice notes I have for my next trip in France, for example (by filtering with the "France" tag). -------- I know there are some automation tools, not developed by EverNote that exist on internet ; but I would like to have it as a native feature.
  15. I'm quite sure this worked earlier; in the windows client. In the left panel select a tag, and then in the search notes(over the list of notes, enter a word to search for, and then as a result only get the notes with that tag, that is included in the result of the search, in stead it seems to list just the result of the search(so not using the tag as a search-pattern.)
  16. Feature proposition : add a small area dedicated to tags directly in the editing note interface : This feature would give the user the possibility : to quickly see which tags are used on the note, to be able, by clicking on the keyword used to tag the note, to list all the similar notes tagged with this keyword >> improvement of the navigability through similar notes, to easily add new tags to the note (without having to go to the back interface through the button "i") What do you think? All the best, Alex
  17. When I'm searching for a document, it would make it a lot easier to find the right file, if you first can choose a tag and then search only in documents with that tag. Off course I can use the syntax 'tag:' for this. But then I need to know the exact name of the tag. It would be nicer (and quicker) when you first can choose a tag as a filter for searching only documents with that tag. That's how it works in the Android app and Desktop version of Evernote. But not in the web version. Kind regards, Peter Bulthuis
  18. The Ctrl-Alt-T's shortcoming is no filtering support, so we have to look for the target tag in a stack only with our eyes , which is so slow and ineffective. The Alt-F2 and Drag way's shortcoming is that, once after I add a tag to a certain note in the -tag:* search list, this note will disappear in the note list immediately, because it's no longer compliant with -tag:*, which make it impossible to add the follow-up tags. If the tag on the toolbar support not only prefix match, but also searching, it indeed completely solves my needs. But it seems not support yet, right? So for now, what is the fastest way to add multiple tags to a note?
  19. Gjermund

    Tag Sharing

    We can share notebooks, but not all notes with a specific tag. I don't actually use notebooks myself. Or rather, I have two: Inbox and Cabinet. Inbox is for unsorted new and unsorted notes. Cabinet is for tagged notes. I then use the tag hierarchy for all my note needs. It's much more flexible, except for sharing (+ the mobile clients has horrible UX for tags).
  20. I know this has been mentioned before, but I think it's worth posting again. It would be really useful and a better UX if searches included tag hierarchy. Or at the very least gave users an option to enable a hierarchical search of tags. For example given three tags where apple and banana are children of fruit: > fruit > apple > banana I add two notes, and tag one apple and the other one banana. Currently if I search 'tag:fruit' nothing is returned, but that is not intuitive given that I've organised my tags hierarchically. What I believe is more natural, is if I search 'tag:fruit' thej it should return anything tagged fruit, apple, or banana. Thanks!
  21. Currently you can change the color for a notebook, but only for the title of a notebook. My suggestions is to make some color changes in the UI if you selected a color-coded notebook, such as the highlight color of note-selection, note book title background on the middle column, the tag background on the third column. Currently it's a light blue color across all the notebooks. version, Windows 10 desktop app
  22. adamitj@gmail.com

    Evernote TAG Treeview

    I wish that Evernote organizes the tag Tree View recursively. I set a lot of related Tags to my notes and that would be awesome to navigate through in a recursive treeview. Example: Two notes with 3 tags each one: i) Feature, Text, Evernote ii) Feature, Picture, Evernote Should be seen as below (if all nodes are expanded): - Evernote - Feature - Text - Picture - Picture - Feature - Text - Feature - Feature - Evernote - Text - Picture - Picture - Evernote - Text - Evernote - Picture - Evernote - Feature - Feature - Evernote - Text - Evernote - Feature - Feature - Evernote PS: To reduce CPU usage all lower level leafs should appear only when the upper lead is expanded.
  23. 加入別人邀請的記事本,對方也開放可以編輯的權限,但是在擷取頁面的時候就出現了不支援標籤功能, 到 APP 上面增加時,就說跳出要存在於記事本的標籤才可以使用。跟朋友討論過,他都把權限開出來了 但是這邊還是無法編輯標籤,還是只有建立筆記本的本人,才有編輯標籤的權限?
  24. I have some notes that contain (for example) only a PDF file. Is there a way to find only these notes and add the tag "PDF" to all of them (using f.e. the desktop version of Evernote on Windows or MacOSX) I would also like to do the same with notes that contain a .jpeg, .png or .gif file. Besides that I think It'll be great to find all notes that contain a URL in the metadata, this would allow users to add a tag based on the source of a note that was created with the webclipper by clipping a file from a certain domain (f.e. a jpeg file from the facebook CDN "fbcdn" or a file from Twitter's CDN aka "twimg") Suggestions? TYIA!
  25. Hi Tags are perfect and they're pretty helpful when we have thousands notes and hundreds notebooks. I'd like to know 100.000 tags limit is just for all notebooks we have in one account or just for one notebook? I have Basic User. Thanks Masoud