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Found 195 results

  1. I'm trying to get my archive of saved links in Facebook into Evernote as well as new links that I want to read later, but not publicly share. I like to use IFTTT to automate things when I can, but it doesn't have a trigger for Fb's saved links. So, I figured out a work around: In Facebook, create a new Page, in the setup: choose any category, name the page as something like "My links", skip through the remaining questions except those that are required. Once the page is made, go to Settings and Unpublish the Page. This will make it so that only you (or other people you add as Admins) can see what is on the page. In IFTTT, create a recipe that triggers with a new post to a Fb Page, and sends the link to En: Share new posts, or old ones in the Fb Saved Link page, to your new Page.
  2. I have seen many others post in the forums before on how they are using tasks, or why they don't use Evernote tasks. I have gone back and forth on this for quite some time. I think I have finally settled that my process in a work in progress, but one that works for me. I thought I'd share. Rather than re-post the whole article.. check out the post.
  3. Hi, I keep a different note within my "meetings" notebook for the many different meetings I attend. In each note I am constantly using the "to do" check box to keep track of my take aways from the meeting and what I'm responsible for completing. It would be really nice if there was a feature that could be turned on that highlighted any notes that had unchecked to do boxes. This would help to make sure I don't forget to go back to a note to see what I need to do. If it was highlighted or popped up some kind of reminder when I opened Evernote I would know I still had a action item from a meeting I needed to complete before the next one. Once all the to do boxes are checked off, then it would go back to not being highlighted/the reminder would go away.
  4. Here is an article I wrote about my workflow as a CIO, which is heavy in Evernote.
  5. Sorting Nested Tags

    I have a pretty large way of managing my tags/ nested tags. I begin by creating categories of tags - herein my example is "Tags by Partners" Then I nest tags within those categories. However one thing I noticed is that when I nest them with the categories I made, they are not organized or sorted in an alphabetic manner - And there is no way to organize or sort them according to my own preference. I am using a Macbook Pro - OS Sierra by the way.
  6. Unleash The Power of Evernote

    Unleash the Power of Evernote Tues., July 18, 9-11am Join ReBoot founder (and power Evernote user!) Diane Flynn and Lori Krolik, Evernote Certified Consultant (and Productivity Speciality) for a morning of Evernote! Evernote is a life organization tool. Whether you’re a creative, a business person, or just want to be more organized, Evernote can help you solve your most common problems. - It will turn your work and personal life into organized places. - It works across all platforms so syncing issues are a thing of the past. - Sharing information is easy using email or sharing a URL. - Get those nagging to-do’s out of your head, off random scraps of paper, out of your e-mail inbox, and off your camera role into a centralized hub you can access from anywhere and find what you need easily. Specifically, use it to: -Save virtually everything from photos and documents to files and website, and access them from anywhere (Web, Computer, Mobile Devices) -Set up workflows and ways to track progress on your goals, from fitness, career, life, etc. -Cut down on clutter and paper storage by capturing paper and storing online. Class Preparation and What to Bring: - A Laptop or Tablet Device - Create an Evernote account and sign up for the Basic (free) version to get started at: (For those of you who sign up through this link, you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a free hour of productivity coaching with Lori.) Download Evernote to your Laptop or Tablet - Bring an idea of a project you are managing and need to track (e.g. a remodel project, a trip you’re planning, and event your coordinating, etc.) Class Description: For the first hour Diane and Lori will take you through how to save different types of information to Evernote, How to structure notebooks and tags and how to best utilize it for specific types of projects. The second hour will consist of hands on work, broken into a beginner and an intermediate group. We look forward to getting productive together. All levels welcome. About the speaker: Lori Krolik, a Certified Productive Environment Specialist and Professional Organizer, is the founder of More Time For You (Palo Alto, CA). Over the last 20 years many of Lori’s clients and workshop attendees have simplified their lives by adopting the strategies she teaches. Her primary focus is on individuals and businesses who desire to create systems so that they, as well as their employees, can work smarter and more efficiently. Lori is a long time member of NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers), founder of the Los Altos chapter of Women’s Networking Alliance, and an Evernote Certified Consultant. Free to Club ReBoot members. $30 Drop-in fee. Feel free to bring a friend. Questions? Email Chrissie Kremer at We look forward to ReBooting with you! Unless otherwise noted, all Club ReBoot sessions help at GSVlabs, 585 Broadway, Redwood City, CA You can always find the most up to date info about Club ReBoot on our website:
  7. I recently discovered a quick way (though it may not be new) to post action items on Todoist using Evernote on my iPad for notes that I have captured and converted into actionable items. This is done by simply selecting the box with upward arrow in it and selecting Todoist as the app of choice. (It appears exactly like the one attached herein) I do, however, cannot find the same function on my Evernote App using Macbook Pro Retina. Is there a way to replicate this functionality, or am I just simply missing out something here? Thanks and appreciate your help! Cheers!
  8. I request a keyboard shortcut to search intitle. Currently I must type: 'intitle:' before most of my searches to get to Notes i specifically titled so I could find them lol. EG: I make a note called: work, & tagged: work. I search: work Other notes containing 'work' in their body appear before the one titled & tagged with 'work'. - I would prefer tagged/titled first if that makes sense? For now this dirty ahk does the trick to search titles (just made it, sorry if not working well for you) but it's not perfect and surely other people search titles?: !^e:: send, #+f SetTitleMatchMode, 2 WinWaitActive, - Evernote, , 2 sendinput, intitle: return
  9. I downloaded the new WEB ui for Chromium Browser. I use it to manage my information and data through tagging. The old UI gave an easy overview and quick access to different. I have an extensive GTD working zone where I jump from project to project and keep track of my things to do. With the new WEB UI this becomes hugely impossible. Can I restore the old version please. I wrestled with it this whole morning and I am kind of fed up with it. This new UI, based on Tablets and Android.... , is very very bad . The key is "manage" your notes. Not "Enterring data". Managing notes is managing knowledge. I really really want the old thing back. M.
  10. Reset Check-boxes

    I have a suggestion for how using check-boxes can be more handy. Check lists are important for me because there are always those critical, "must do", tasks to complete on a (sometimes) daily basis. So naturally, after I complete a task I check off the check-box that correlates with that task. Here's my issue: why isn't there a button or option to reset the check-boxes from "checked" to "unchecked"? This would come in handy with a chore list or a shopping list.
  11. Markdown is a great way of formatting text as it was intended to be convertable into HTML and yet be easy to read. It makes note taking a lot more fluid as you don't have to move a mouse to format. Evernote already has the "---" markdown for horizontal rules. So I don't think it would be too hard to implement "*" for italics and "_" for bold. Also, "-" for bullet lists should be easy to do as well since there is the option to use "*" for bullet lists. However this clash would mean that it would have to be specified whether or not markdown is to be used when making the note. I would use Evernote a lot more if there was support for markdown as it would mean note-taking on my mobile would be a whole lot easier.
  12. Hi everybody, I have a suggestion for Evernote to implement, imitating the concurrent Dropbox, in the creation of task lists. Give your opinions, please. Open link with the question:
  13. Hey all, recently Dropbox announced their new service that is still in beta and is being developed. Sites like The Verge and TechInsider posted some good overviews of what it does. But by checking out full dropbox paper review I noticed that Dropbox are getting onto Evernote's turf and might as well be dominating it very very soon. What do you think about it? Are you gonna switch? It's pretty power and all web based, so no clunky software needs to be downloaded.
  14. Greetings, I've been using Evernote for a few years and recently I started to deal with recurring dates for projects. For me, a downside of Evernote is the lack of recurring reminders. I tried two apps with the reminder function, Todoist and Google Keep. However, Todoist locks the feature for its Premium users, which is a major reason for me to look for something else, since I already pay for the Premium version of Evernote. I found in Google Keep a solid app to use in integration with Evernote, specially because of its robust reminder function, with a lot of possibilities to set recurring reminders. My basic workflow has Evernote as a main repository of tasks, with linked notes stored in separate main planning notes, for each project. Now, with Keep, based on the planning I did with Evernote, I set the weekly and monthly reminders to remind me of important deadlines, tasks and events related to those projects. I can say it works like a charm. I wanted to know other ways to integrate and fully implement productivity workflows with Evernote and the recurring reminder function of Keep. Suggestions? Thanks in advance. gcg79
  15. When it comes to productivity, the ability to use keyword shortcuts which can be customized to personal tastes, is very important. Hard-wiring shortcuts in apps assumes that the user must remember those. Secondly, even if an user does so, it does not consider if he(she) can comfortably use those. A simple use case: While using Evernote for reading several long clipped articles on my laptop, I would like to recline a little in my chair. I want to highlight, change color, increase font size of selected text, and copy a note link, and so on, in that state. I do not want to switch between my mouse and keyboard for small but frequent edits. I want functionalities through keyboards shortcuts to be equally accessible as through the mouse/touchpad. I want functionalities through keyboards shortcuts to be easily accessible as through the mouse/touchpad. I want editing functionalities accessible through one (say mouse/touchpad) should not be inaccessible through the other. I should be free to use either as I please. But the predefined shortcuts are not friendly. For most shortcuts I have to use my both hands. For some, I have to lean forward. This makes reading/editing much difficult, particularly if that has to be done for longer hours.
  16. Hello My problem : When we want to add a tag to our notes we must obligatorily type exactly each character of the latter and do not forget one. --------------Example-------------- For the tag "1.1- Next Actions" We are obliged to type the numbers "1.1-" ---------------------------------------- --------------- Solutions ---------------------------- 1- The best solution to deploy is to allow the recognition of the tag that we want to add even if we do not want to type the first character that composes it --------------Example-------------- To be able to add the tag "1.1- Next Actions" by simply typing "next" or "next action" and Evernote would detect that we are talking about the tag "1.1- Next Actions". ---------------------------------------- 2- Allow us to decide the location of the labels manually rather than necessarily in alphabetical order by obliging us to create systems composed of numberings --------------Example-------------- 1.1- Waiting 2.1- Now 2.2 Next Actions ---------------------------------------- I do not understand if the feature was present in the later releases why have it removed? O_O '
  17. If anyone is interested I just published a blog post on this. Hope it's useful to someone! -- Cheers Mark
  18. I started a new Note, clicked on the Attach icon and uploaded a pdf file. The link for the pdf now shows in the Note. How do I get an inline image of the pdf into the Note? I'm using the web client. Thanks.
  19. Hello Evernote is a very good tool for me and I use it daily to gather my thoughts and ideas. While listing a few items today, it occurred to me that a MindMap tool or editor would be the perfect addition to evernote. structured lists could be derived from it and vice versa. Any chance of getting something like this? Regards Christophe
  20. until
    Con más de 150 millones de usuarios Evernote es la herramienta de productividad por excelencia. Descubre cómo centralizar el conocimiento de tu empresa y localizar a tus expertos, encontrar información y compartir con tu equipo en un espacio de trabajo para todo el mundo. Contenido No vuelvas a olvidar nada, recuerda todo rápidamente 20 segundos para convertir una tarjeta de visita en un contacto en Linkedin Trabajo colaborativo, mantén los proyectos y el trabajo de tu equipo en un solo lugar Realiza presentaciones con un solo clic Construye la base de conocimiento de la empresa y búsca en contexto. Flujos de trabajo Reservas
  21. productivity Farleyfile

    I've recently started to use Evernote to accomplish something I've wanted to do ever since I first read Robert A. Heinlein's Double Star -- create a Farleyfile. For those who don't recognize the term, the Farleyfile is named for FDR's campaign manager, James Farley. Farley kept a file on every person FDR met -- a file that included professional informaiton as well as personal details like name of spouse, children, and pets, favorite food and drink, personality, hobbies, history of previous meetings...really, anything. When FDR had a subsequent meeting with the same person, Farley would produce the person's Farleyfile and FDR would read it over in advance. Then he'd be able to greet the person, ask about their spouse, discuss their hobby, etc. As Wikipedia says, "The effect was powerful and intimate." So last year I started my own Farleyfile. I make a note for each new person I deal with (in this case, everyone was "new" at the beginning). Then I add to the notes as necessary, and review them when I can. I have a terrible memory for things like family members and vacations and such, and this is helping a lot with the "soft" stuff like that. I understand that there are customer management systems and contact management systems that are supposed to be used for this sort of thing, but I figure why get another piece of software when Evernote can do it as well? Besides, systems like that seem like overkill for the kind of social and minor business contacts I have -- I'm a librarian, not a salesperson. I've made a few procedural decisions as I've gone along. 1. For people I see every day, I don't bother to update their notes with every encounter. I only update when they say something I want to remember. My rule of thumb is that if I see someone once a week or more, I won't update for every encounter. 2. For my purposes, contact informaiton doesn't belong in the Farleyfile. I have other tools to keep a person's contact info -- and it seems like contact info is constantly in flux, I don't need to be updating it in multiple places. 3. I can certainly see going back through my journals and pulling out encounters with people to add to the Farleyfile, but right now I'm limiting my efforts to the present. In a year or so, when I've finished putting the rest of my journals into Evernote and am looking for another obsessive project, maybe I'll start working retroactively. So there it is. Comments, suggestions, discussion? Anybody else keeping track of people with Evernote? How do you do it?
  22. Hi, I have 3 tags for priorities: high, medium, low. When I do search to find my priority tasks, for e.g. `any: tag:high tag:medium tag:low`. The result is sorted by relevance in default. This makes me hard to know my "high priority tasks" at first hand. I want to sort my search result, so that I can see High Prio tasks first, Medium, and then Low in Group.
  23. This would improve Evernote Productivity.
  24. I just read the book "Work Clean..." which explains the chef system of mise en place as a model for productivity and task management. I am thinking it could easily be implemented in Evernote and am curious if anyone has tried yet. There is an app specifically for this system, but I am determined not to use yet another app for task management.
  25. It worked yesterday. Suddenly, it isn't. I haven't deliberately changed anything, and it still works with other software, just not Evernote, which is where I used it most. Does anyone have any idea what is going on and how to fix it? Thanks.