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Found 217 results

  1. Hi from a new user, first time poster. I upgraded to Premium last week, and expected to be able to see Note History for all my existing notes starting from the time I upgraded. However, I seem to only be able to see histories for notes inside new notebooks created after the upgrade. There is no history visible for existing notes, or new notes inside notebooks that existed pre-upgrade. Is that normal, or am I missing something? Is there a way to force the creation of note histories for existing notes/notebooks? If no, what is the recommended strategy for migrating to Premium? Please tell me I don't have to recreate all my notebooks...?! Thanks in advance.
  2. SCM Bensoussan

    windows Premium not available

    Hello , I'm using EverNote since 2-3 years and i decided to pass Premium . So , i bought the Premium account today , however , on Windows , the application can't detect my premium account and i'm limited . But , on the Evernote Website , i'm a premium account . What's going on? Thank you for you help.
  3. I recently left my old job and shortly thereafter I left my evernote business account. When I left the account I lost all of my personal notebooks as well. Anybody else have this problem? Help?! When I tried to contact Evernote support they directed me here because I am no longer a "premium" account.
  4. Hello! I am new to evernote (about to sign up) I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find a very easy to read list of features for the free, premium, and business versions of evernote. Any help is appreciated. Thank you, -Thomas
  5. FredrikHansen

    Premium subscription

    Hi, I paid for a subscription through the App store on my mac (after clicking on "Go premium"), and I can find it when I look through my subscriptions, but under preferences in Evernote it still says I am a free user... The appleID I have is a different email address than the one I use for Evernote. Please help! - Fredrik
  6. steelbender

    Premium Issue

    Hey all, I was wondering if anyone knows if we can pay for Evernote Premium with a check or money order rather than a credit card?
  7. I'm unable to sign up for premium. Every time I put in all my credit card info, the website says that I am not entering in all the required information for the credit card; even though I clearly am. I've tested this on multiple browsers, with multiple credit cards, and also on the windows desktop application. All same result. Looking at the sign-up webpage....it looks like some faulty html code has resulted in a blank space being added in front of all the data entered into the input boxes...possibly causing the website to think no data has been entered. See the attached picture to the error message. I've submitted a trouble ticket. Is there anything else I can do? I really need to annotate some pdfs.
  8. Can anyone help, I purchased a membership through the mac app store for premium on Nov 29. It's now 5 days later and I still only have the "free account" even though my app store shows the membership purchase. I've submitted numerous support tickets but have not heard back from a single one (evernote has the worst support I've ever experienced). There is nothing I can do at this point except wait for the support but it's infuriating having paid already for a premium account, not receiving it, I'm stuck at the minimum monthly quota's for data uploads and no one from evernote is responding. Has anyone else found a way to get the membership to process in the app?
  9. Hello, I'm planning to upgrade to Premium, but: In my iPhone information says: Limit from 60Mb to 1Gb monthly 44,99€ per year And in a floating window, says: Limit to 40Gb monthly. And in the Evernote Website says: 40€ per year. I'm confused. Someone could explain me that? Thank you very much. Here you can find three files attached.
  10. Hi guys, Today I noticed an ad for the Premium membership at the bottom of all my notes... I can "hide" it, but it keeps a long grey line and comes back as soon as I click on another note and back. Is there a way to get rid of it forever? Thanks Cheers
  11. THFCLegend

    windows Premium code problems

    Hi, I have entered a promo code at https://evernote.com/partner/huddlebuy/ to extend Premium but my account still says Premium expires on 4th December. I hit Continue as Premium but instead it takes me to a billing screen. There seems to be no option to continue by using the code and it says I have gained 30 points instead, I submitted this to support, ticket 842296, on Thursday, but have had no reply. Does anyone know if support has been shutdown since then for any reason? When will they be back? Would really like this sorted by the time my account is due for renewal. Thanks.
  12. Hi, I have purchased a 1 month subscription through google on my android device. but after 48 hours. it still shows me as a free member. also I've a send ticket # 836900 expecting branch in my country(South Korea) can handle this. But they're not responding yet. I hope someday....(I've waited enough.).. anyone of evernote team can help me. Thank you. (I'm just wondering.. If I didn't send ticket, then I can never get premium upgrade? Plus, I see it as a difference of culture between Korea and any other country but, I must say, Every company has a phone number of Its customer service center or something like that in south Korea. Except, evernote Korea branch. Don't you think it's little bit strange? I mean, of course there can be some glitch interfacing google and evernote. but, generally, a user doesn't cause that problem.-like me, i'm just trying to purchase- and, a user had to send a ticket spending precious time, even explaining what did i did to solve the problem - that's part of ticket process -, waiting for a response, googling if some other people have same issue like me, even posting in a forum. why does user of evernote have to do all this? instead of a simple phone call? Korea branch have no phone? or there's no one in that office capable of speaking Korean? Once Again, I never have spent this much time and effort for the.. at least 30+ years just to buy one. I didn't know being a (premium) user of evernote is that hard.)
  13. Does anyone know when Evernote is going to make business card capture functionality available with Android phones? I want to go to Premium but there is no way I'm doing that without that function. Don't they understand that there as many or more android phones being used than iPhones?! Rather short sighted to my way of thinking. Must be a bunch of Apple fan boys making the decisions...
  14. Hi there! After being an EN user for 6 years now I use EN more and more during the last weeks. Although I could be satisfied with the free account I'd like to go for premium for 1 year - BUT: Evernote has declared that new prices and/or new price models are coming along at the beginning of 2015. For that I reason I hesitate to switch to premium. What if prices are going down or there may be another model ("Premium private" ) that would even suit my need better. Would I be hung within this year or will there be a way to settle those or to get a partial refund? Any input would be greatly appreciated - thank you very much! Regards, Matthias
  15. I have order a Premium status via Google Play, but I am still under the basic status on my tablet. Just note that my email accounts are different on Google Play and on Evernote. How can I activate then my Premium status on my Android tablet ?
  16. I paid for the premium account today for one year and I just don't want a recurring payment. So I cancelled my auto-renewing Premium subscription, and it says "Your account will remain a Premium account until your current billing cycle ends. Once your subscription runs out, your account will be automatically converted to a Free account." ... As soon as I cancelled the auto-renewing, My account went back to the Free Status. I used customer support to connect the Evernote team but there is no reply. My ticket number is Ticket# 808846 .. Can anyone help me? Thanks Sam
  17. I am not able to upload anything from my laptop after my account downgrading from premium to free. However, I am still able to upload if I log in evernote online using browser. Seems like my laptop didnt reflect the correct upload limit. Anyone can help?
  18. How do I sign up for the free Evernote Premium with purchase of Livescribe smartpen? The Evernote web site indicates that they are offering 1 year of premium service if a Livescribe smartpen is purchased before tomorrow 4/30. I've purchased the pen, but do not see how to sign up for the premium service.
  19. Hi, i'm buying premium account but i don't understand if paying premium account for mac i enable premium account also on ipad/iphone. Many thanks, andrea
  20. Hi, I have been paying for Evernote Premium since 27/06/2014 every month via iTunes however my account on both my laptop, iphone and ipad do not show it and I can't view my notes offline which is the main reason I need it as I travel every month. I am quite busy so haven't had the time to sit down and resolve this earlier but I can say I am incredibly frustrated as I need the notes to use for when I am travelling and most of the time I can't access them and it causes problems. The recepit order numbers are as follows: 27/06/14 MGSN7YB8H4 27/07/14 MGSNM84QM4 21/08/14 MGSNZK3NQ4 27/09/14 MGSQGN1BML I have tried and tried to find a way to contact Evernote but it only says I need to be a premium member to contact support directly and is that not what I am already paying for? Can you please help me get this set up correctly and it would be great if Evernote could be kind enough to repay me for the last 4 months that I have paid premium and haven't been able to use it. Thanks Jo
  21. Raul Nunes

    Touch ID should be FREE

    Hello, I have a new iPhone 6 and the only thing I'ld like to have from the Premium account is the Touch ID. I don't need more space and the other stuff. It's unfair and ilogic to upgrade to Premium (I'll not upgrade) just to have Touch ID!! What do you guys think?
  22. So evernote premium has like 4gb upload limit. Previously on free, i just sync text i type out, so I dont hit the limited quota at all. I have a few questions: 1) Now that I got premium, is it worth uploading pdf/doc/ppt to evernote for the purpose of archiving (no frequent access)? Currently I keep my documents in Box Sync. Since Evernote has "unlimited storage", perhaps I should take advantage of it. 2) If I access evernote on phone (but do not open those pdfs), will it auto download everything and eat up local storage? I think that is the case for PCs, not too sure for phone. Thanks in advanced!
  23. I transfered my data from Cardmunch as per instructions last week. I can see the data in evernote notes. I have not received the email from Evernote to inform me of the transfer and as a result I have not been upgraded to premium. I therefore have no access to the Evernote equivalent of cardmunch. I have sent 3 emails to support last week - have received the standard support reply confirming receipt. Still have heard nothing. Anyone else in this situation? Any suggestions?
  24. Hi all, We just released a new version of LiveMinutes (http://appcenter.evernote.com/app/liveminutes/web-apps) that allows you to collaborate on Evernote notes in realtime, like in Google Docs. As you know, when several people edit a shared note at the same time on Evernote, it creates conflicting versions. LiveMinutes solves this problem. Here is a video to show you how it works! http://youtu.be/FOxYa8NqRmc LiveMinutes allows users to collaborate on their notes in realtime, and everything is simultaneously synced back to Evernote, keeping your Evernote workflow intact. Edits made on Evernote are mirrored on LiveMinutes as well. We released this new version last week and we'd love to get your feedback! We really want to make this the best option for collaborating on your Evernote notes! You can give it a try at http://www.liveminut...s.com/evernote and let us know what you think! Alex
  25. Pessoal Bom dia! Estou usando o EverNote em minha pequena empresa. E já excedi o limite máximo. Agora vou migrar minha conta para o modelo Premium ou Business. Vocês poderiam compartilhar comigo quais são as principais diferenças desses modos de contratação? Pois lendo o descritivo não encontrei diferenças que justifiquem o dobro do valor. Alguém saberia me informar? Obrigada Luciana