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Found 1,250 results

  1. WeCanLearnAnything

    Other Tagging & Alternatives to EN

    Is there any way to replace Evernote's awesome hierarchical tagging system on any of Evernote's alternatives? Now that Evernote has reduced their "seamless access on all devices" to "seamless access on 2 devices", I am thinking of switching to something else. The main thing I'd miss about Evernote is managing my learning. I tag every note with: Discipline. Some things are multidisciplinary. For example, my notes on the book "Thinking, Fast and Slow" are tagged with "Summaries", "Cognitive Biases", "Key Mental Models", and "Education - General". I can easily synthesize my learning across disciplines and sources by clicking on a single tag now. Dates at which I'm going to review the material to ensure I really master it for the long-run. I'm going to quiz myself on "Thinking, Fast and Slow" on all the dates I tagged the note with: a few times in July 2016, once in August 2016, December 2016, and once in 2017. Clicking on "July 2016" tells me everything I need to review this month. Super convenient! Is there any way to do this on any of Evernote's alternatives?
  2. I'm using Outlook 2010 on Windows 7 x64. I just updated Evernote and now it's stuffing up my Outbox. I know it's the Evernote Outlook Clipper, as I only use a few add-ins, disabled them all, and tested each individually. This is what happens: 1. I write an email and it goes to the Outbox. My send/receive happens every 30 minutes, so it could be in there for a while. 2. I click into the Outbox for some reason - need to alter an email, etc. 3. The top email in the Outbox will be un-queued for sending - it won't be italicised, has "none" in the send field, and won't send for blood nor money. 4. I have to delete it and redo the email, careful not to click into the Outbox before it's sent. This is a screenshot of the Outbox with some test messages in it, showing the first one unread (bold), but not queued to send (not italicised): http://screencast.com/t/BV4fCK3fsH5l I can replicate this every single time and it's a big pain in the arse. I'm a Premium user, I use this feature in Outlook all of the time, and it's very seriously stuffing me up! There are some forums saying that it's an add-in marking the message as "read" (even though it's still bold, which means "unread"). Please fix this!
  3. Magic_Man

    Other Clipping Broken since May

    All the notes I've clipped on my Android Phone since mid May now just show up as an icon with the word Clipping below it. (Hope the graphic shows up below...) These were articles I read in "FlipBoard". Previous clipped articles (prior to 13MAY) all show up fine. These were clipped to my main (primary) notebook. It says I have the latest version of Evernote when I look for updates... Clipping from FireFox works just fine.
  4. Hi Everyone, I'm new to Evernote and so for I really like it. One thing I can't understand is why are you able to create a Tag herarchi if parent tags are not implicitly applied to a note when a child tag is added. For Example, assuming the followng Tag herarchi: -School |-Math |-Science A search using the Tag filter "School" should find all notes with either "School", "Math" or "Science" Tags without having to manually add "School" to every note inside "Math" and "Science". What's the point of having subtags then? seems to me like the only use of this is to be able to organize Tags but no use at all in regards to Note organization... Or am I missing something?
  5. David L Quinn

    Other web clipper on Android

    i cannot seem to set web clipper up on my Android device. do i have to have premium for it to work?
  6. Hi there Every time I clip an email from Outlook using the Evernote clipper (Windows and Mac), it changes the email received information to always read January 1, 4501 10:30 AM Has anyone else noticed this? Steve
  7. moucon

    Other Clipper for Silk

    Howdy all . It has been almost three years since the last post about a Clipper add-in for Amazon's Silk browser - found on all Amazon Fire tablets. On an impulse I picked up a bunch of the $50 7" models pre x-mas and was able to score for $35 with ads and $50 without. I figured they'd be junk but honestly that is not the case at all. They run Evernote well -but they need either a dedicated clipper app - an add-on for Silk, or a version of EN like the IOS version. Silk appears to be very similar to Firefox - so how tough would it be to hack a clipper together for it? Cmon folks we need it :-)
  8. orion9282

    other Penultimate for Windows 8!

    With the introduction of the Microsoft Surface tablet, the upcoming Surface Pro, and the various other MS tablets (I own a Samsung ATIV Smart PC, myself)... Please, Evernote team, make Penultimate for Windows 8. Evernote is in desperate need of having a handwritten, notes taking application... If ever you needed motivation: OneNote by Microsoft is really, really good. I'm actually thinking about switching just for the handwriting option, but I love Evernote so much!
  9. Are there alternative hand writings apps that works with Evernote?
  10. Hello, given that Evernote already has a solid OCR engine that examines pictures to make the text searchable, I am wondering why not making the full results of the OCR analysis available as editable text with or along the note itself. I'd like to be able to click/tap on an image and get an option to see and copy/paste the full text extracted from the image, and perhaps to be given the option to append it below the image itself in the note. This feature would be a fantastic addition IMHO. Is this something that is in the works? Or perhaps this feature is already available and I simply haven't found a way to access it yet? Thank you.
  11. I'm sorry if this was addressed in another location, but I'm trying to use IFTTT to send emails with attachments to Evernote. There are tons of recipes that do this, but they only place a URL to the file in the note. The URL is to some locker, and I'm not sure why the file itself can't be sent. I have a similar setup for Onedrive and the file itself is sent. Is this a limitation of the Evernote API? Thanks.
  12. Hello everybody. Wouldn't it be useful to add a self-delete function to a note? This means one could set an expiration date on which a note would self-delete and dissappear from the notes section. An example would be a plane ticket which you want to store in Evernote until you fly but after that it is no longer useful.
  13. Kraneum

    Other "handling multiple projects"

    Hi. Would please let me know how to handle multiple projects and structure the content with Evernote for Windows. I have few notebooks as suggested by David Allen. My window at Evernote was customized to show 3 parts, panel on the left, cards of the projects in the middle and detais of notes in the right. One of these is for example "Projects Personal" and on such logical place it I have created Project 1 and so forth, and under this notebook called Project 1 I would like to add major milestones as the major steps I need to accomplished and wanted to be able to view on my center and also right of my Evernote window every tasks that belongs to each unique project. Shortcutt inbox >Next Action > Projects Personal Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 SomewayMaybe Waiting For Per example in the middle I would be able to see all those notes about personal projects to be accomplished in the following weeks ahead. Phase 1 Project 1 Phase 2 Project 1 Phase 3 Project 1 Phase 4 Project 1 Phase 1 Project 2 Phase 2 Project 2 Phase 3 Project 2 As I am planning and adding what is necessary to be done for each project and need to track individual tasks that belongs to individual Phases of a specific Project x , the question for Community is how I add individual tasks to these major Phases and see make sure those tasks are seen under each respective phase? I
  14. Hey guys, I've been using a pen and paper calendar forever, but I want to replace it with an electronic calendar and use Evernote. I wanted to know if it's possible for me to put in my upcoming assignment duedates, important tests and appointments into Evernote. I want to get some kind of message notifying me that there's something important coming up. Thanks for any help!
  15. Kraneum

    Other "handling multiple projects"

    Hi. Would please let me know how to handle multiple projects and structure the content with Evernote for Windows. I have few notebooks as suggested by David Allen. One of these is for example "Projects Personal" and on such logical place it I have created Project 1 and so forth, Under this notebook called Project 1 I would like to add major milestones as the major steps I need to accomplished and wanted to be able to view on my center or right of my Evernote window every tasks that belongs to each unique project. Shortcust inbox Next Action Projects Personal Project 1 Project 2 SomewayMaybe Waiting For Milestone 1 Project 1 Milestone 2 Project 1 Milestone 3 Project 1 Milestone 4 Project 1 Milestone 1 Project 2 Milestone 2 Project 2 Milestone 3 Project 2
  16. Hi, Evernote has recently been updated to remove paragraph formatting styles. I was using this feature a lot and it made my notes visually meaningful very quickly. It was rather inconsistent between platforms, I agree, but still, at least it was practical. Now, to accomplish the same thing, I need to select the text I want formatted, select a font, select a size, select a style (italicized, bold or underlined) and hope I'll remember it on the next heading. I hate that! It slows me down and takes me away from writing the note to formatting it. So I've turned to the next best thing: markdown. Markdown is actually very good in helping format my thoughts while I'm writing them, which is the whole point. Now the problem is, Evernote doesn't render markdown, so I need to take my note to a third party app to convert it, and then paste it where I need to use it (like back in Evernote!). Very dumb process. I think I'm not the only one missing paragraph formatting styles and/or markdown support, here. I saw other threads talking about alternative (and sometimes complicated) work-around to this issue. I just don't see why this could be so hard to integrate. Thanks for listening. François
  17. Today we're releasing Web Clipper 6.8 for Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Chrome is available on the Chrome web store. Safari and Opera: We're awaiting approval. This version contains stability fixes, especially for Safari users.
  18. I've recently started using Evernote again, I use to hate it in the past because it was so heavy and cumbersome, but the iPad app was so impressive it got me back on, but now that I've moved all my notes to it and have several notebooks I use, I'm shocked to find that Evernote does not have any COLOR options. How is it that there's no option to pick a color for each notebook, and then whenever you look at a note there is a hint to that color to help me quickly recognize which notebook it belongs to. It will make Evernote so much more appealing and it's something that almost every other organization app has. Where can we add this to the suggestions box?
  19. OlegCS

    Other Notes with Reminders

    Anyone knows how to tell if a note with reminder was completed or not? They disappear on the mobile widget but there is no difference on windows program.
  20. When I clip a website, Evernote clps the sites using HTML and CSS, the results are varied. What is would like is for the website to be taken as a screenshot. To achieve this manually at the minute, I have to take a screenshot, then drag it into Evernote, add the tags and weblinks, ideally the clipper would do all this. Appreciate any help. Thanks Lee
  21. It would be very handy to change the date of multiple reminders at once. For example, for procrastinators ;-) it would be helpful to shift all old reminders to a new date. Also, a reminder that updates to the next day automatically when it is not marked as done on the date set would be excellent.
  22. I think the webclipper is honestly the greatest part of Evernote, and the reason I keep using the software. I would love the ability to associate a clip type - for example 'Bookmark' - with either a notebook or a tag. I have a notebook called 'Bookmarks' - and would automatically like my Bookmark clips to go into that notebook - likewise, I'd like pdf's tagged as 'pdf'...
  23. Hi, I remote desktop from a Mac to my Windows 7 machine. When I click on the Outlook web clipper, I only get the outline of the clipper window - the middle is transparent. If I go to the laptop itself then all is present and correct, but if I remote desktop again from the mac I still can't' see the window contents. Any suggestions please? Thanks Rob
  24. sonic33228

    Other Web Clipper for Smart Phone

    Hi, I love web clipper for collecting web news, but somethings I read them on smart phone. Is any possibility to collect web site on smart phone just same as web clipper on browser? Best, Sonic
  25. Hi. It would be nice, if people could define their own hand drawn icons or marks as a "smart stickers" instead of messing with physical stickers. So I would like to draw a "lighting" symbol by pen and teach the Evernote to recognise it as "Action" tag. Or the lamp as "idea" symbol. Hope to see it in future. Thanks for reading. Michael