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Found 1,250 results

  1. I am using Evernote (Fresh Install on a new laptop running Windows 10 with Outlook 2013) I have tried reinstalling Evernote multiple times but getting the same issue: InvalidCastException occured while trying to clip this item. This is usually caused by incorrect Outlook installation or previous version remains. Try to repair your Outlook installation or contact Evernote Support. Technical info: Error: 0x80029C4A TYPE_E_CANTLOADLIBRARY Cast source: Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.ApplicationClass Cast target: Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook._Application IID: {00063001-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} Site: Microsoft.Office.Interop.Outlook.Inspectors get_Inspectors()
  2. My web clipper hasn't been working for over a month now. It has a red dot on the icon, and when I try to click on it, a window appears and vanishes instantly. This is happening in Windows 10, although I've had Windows 10 for over a year. It's happening at both my home and work computers (both of which have Windows 10), and in Firefox, Chrome, and Edge. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing, but that hasn't helped.
  3. ScreamInVain

    Other Line Breaks

    Hey all, I primarily use Evernote to hold all my RPG notes and stuff. Typically I code it in HTML and then copy it into Evernote so it looks nice and pretty. This has worked great up until the last update where I'm suddenly getting random line breaks throughout the document where there shouldn't be one. When the page first loads in, these line breaks aren't there (picture 1). Once I save the page and move onto another one, when I go back to it, it's added these line breaks in (picture 2). How do I make these line breaks stop happening? This never happened until I updated Evernote and suddenly it happens on every single page. Some of these random breaks are so bad that it makes the page unreadable, making using it completely worthless to me now.
  4. Fina36

    Other updater does not work

    Hi so the updater doesn't work. It always gives errors and fails to update the product across multiple platforms. I update manually often with a reinstall but is there another way to do this. I am really sorry if you have been asked this question before...i have tried to find a similar thread with no success.
  5. I'd like to be able to open my notes to the position I was last editing them - I use multiple text notes for different purposes, and it would save time not having to scroll 20 pages down on some, or find a certain position in others each time I switch notes. I looked for the option in Tools, Options and was surprised it wasn't there (Windows), but I also use android. I would imagine functionality would be a preference per device. Don have a great day
  6. On my new win 10 machine with Outlook 13 Evernote Outlook clipper is blocked (see attached), as it caused Outlook to start slowly. I recommend to address the problem.
  7. mwlodarski

    other Web clipper for android chrome

    I find it weird that sharing to Evernote from Android Chrome just makes a bookmark. It is possible to get the whole page clipped via the Pocket app. In Chrome: Add to Pocket -> in Pocket: share to Evernote. Pagsles get clipped without pictures but with links to sources at the bottom. Can we have proper web clipping for Android Chrome without 3rd party apps? Or maybe it is possible to save entire page already? Thanks
  8. Taliesin2

    Other Printing Issues

    NOTE: I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. I upgraded to v. 6.12.2 since I downloaded/bought Evernote in the Apple App store. I have a note with a table made of several rows and three columns (across). But when I print it out on a letter size (8.5x11) sheet of paper, it only prints TWO COLUMS. I have not tried printing in landscape, only portrait. And the groupings of tables will not "fit together" like I had them previously. Thank you for any assistance given.
  9. julian.dabrowski@gmail.com

    Other Adding University

    Dear Evernote members. My University is not on a list of ones allowed for a discount. What should I do? Best regards, Julian Dabrowski
  10. I'm a huge fan of Evernote and happy to be a premium subscriber. Because your auto-renewal is only once a year, I had forgotten it was time for a renewal and it just showed up on my credit card. I know lots of companies leave it on the customer to make note of their renewal date and cancel in advance, and I'm sure that gets them extra income from people who forget and then just continue with the service. There are several companies I have annual subscriptions that shoot me an email saying, "thanks for renewing" that feels friendly, and the REALLY awesome companies send me a heads up a few days/weeks before the due date with a message that says, "Hey, we love having you as a customer and wanted to remind you that your renewal is coming up!" Again: I love you, love your product, and completely understand that it benefits you all to just have the auto-renewal without any warning. And PLENTY of companies think it is okay to do it that way. You all seem more like the companies that would want to use that renewal date as an opportunity to connect with your happy customers! Thanks, Paul
  11. Hello, Can you please let me know what does the icon signify as highlighted (in red) in the attachment?
  12. cleanconfidence@outlook.co

    Other Email issue

    Internal error. Please, try again and contact the Evernote Support. I cant save my emails from Outlook
  13. Clubbeaux

    other Web Clipper for Kindle Fire?

    Wondering if there's any movement to getting a Web clipper app for Kindle Fire?
  14. Hi, I have seen the question asked but no feature request. It would be awesome if there was a flag to make it so that tags created under a notebook will only be displayed when that notebook is selected and not when others are selected. From what I read there was quite a lot of resistance to the idea, but if it is a flag in the user preferences you would have the choice if you wanted to use it or not, and I am sure a lot of people would find it useful. I understand the idea that a tag should return everything across all notebooks, but I have got to the stage where I have so many tags that it has become unwieldy and counterproductive, and in my case 95% of tags are only relevant to a specific notebook anyway I have seen some people suggest just not using tags but I think that's would be a shame as it is a useful feature. Those are my thoughts, please consider implementing this it would be extremely useful and transform my Evernote experience.
  15. hbauer@ccc.at

    Other I can't delete a notebook

    I have a problem with Sync. The problem is, that a document 'Lerne.docx' ist on the paper a document, but in reality evernote is missing this document. I am not able to move the file into the waste paper basket. Neither I cannot delete this file. So the question is, how to kill this wrong file. The logfile of EVERNOTE tells the following phrase: Note "lerne.docx", error: local: missing notebook (DATA-REQUIRED)" Thanks for answering hbauer@ccc.at
  16. maxibongio

    Other ¿Cómo detectar duplicados?

    ¿Existe alguna forma de detectar notas duplicadas?
  17. Note: This is not a complaint, it's an observation. I've sent notes through the support email, and haven't seen any changes. So I thought I'd post publicly to see if there were at least a few others who feel the same as I do about Evernote's hodge-podge text editing features. As a cross-platform application, I would hope that Evernote would at least syncronize the user interface between devices and operating systems. I've used all versions, but spend most of my time in iOS (iPhone AND iPad), Web, and Mac. I would say my primary use case is as a work log, brain dump, idea catcher, and anything else that my brain can't deal with right at the moment. So text formatting is NOT something I really want to spend my time fixing. To cut to the chase: Evernote should offer standard outlining structures, so that notes can be stored as structured HTML rather than font size changes. Four levels of headings, paragraph text, larger, smaller, bold, underline, italic, strikethrough, and colours. That would be nice. Oh, other features would be great too, but that's just icing. The iPhone has it sort of right. You can set up Sections, Subsections, and Paragraph text. That works for me. But the Web version. Ick. I start a note and it uses a "standard" font size which is perfect. If I paste stuff from other applications into my note, the font sizes are all out of whack. So I select the text and set it to font size 10pt. Too small. Well, then, font size 12pt. Too large. Why isn't there a "standard font size" selection? I've got more to say, but I'd rather this be a discussion than a monologue. Help!
  18. Anyone else have trouble with Evernote not saving changes to notes? This has been happening to me off and on all day today. If anyone knows why this is happening and if there is anything I can do to stop it please let me know. Very frustrated - spent a large portion of my day trying to sync devices, locate notes with changes, etc. thank you.
  19. Olle W

    Other Piles

    How do I get rid of "piles"?
  20. I'm finding the font size in Presentation mode is too small. If I make it bigger in the original note it scales it down. This makes things less valuable for larger groups. --- I've checked out the forums eg https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/63966-presentation-mode-why-do-i-have-to-scroll-the-page-to-get-the-note-body/https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/54959-presentation-mode-formatting-and-font-size/But there doesn't seem to be any clarity at the moment, so I've started this new single issue thread My first posts here. So Is there a place for "Feature requests"? or an Evernote roadmap? Does anyone know of information about this fonts issue or a hack or a workaround? Best regards Derek
  21. After clipping a page successfully I open it in Desktop version, looks fine. Next day I open the same note and the text and formatting is all wrong and most of it can't be read. The web Evernote version displays it properly. This is a bug and happens fairly often. does anyone else see this and know how to fix it?
  22. We're very excited to announce Evernote Web Clipper 6.9.1 for the Windows 10 Edge browser. It's based on the Web Clipper we provide for Chrome/Safari and Opera. How can I get it? The new Edge browser supporting Web Clipper is part of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update Microsoft began rolling out yesterday (8/2). After installing the update, visit this store page https://www.microsoft.com/store/apps/9nblggh4x0qwand click "Install" and then follow instructions. What's different? Capturing screenshots and PDF clipping from the Edge browser are not yet supported by Microsoft. We will implement these features for Edge as soon as Microsoft provides the necessary support. To learn more see our Help and Learning article: https://help.evernote.com/hc/en-us/articles/208430568 Please let us know how it works for you
  23. Hi all I just wanted to share an article I wrote about sharing notes in Evernote for revision. You can check it out below! http://www.thenerdystudent.com/2017/05/evernote-for-students-sharing-notes-for.html I also write various other posts on Evernote, such as how to use it as a student. Thanks!
  24. I have Evernote tied to my personal email account, although I primarily use it for business. I have a number of notebooks and tags, because I am helping my boss write a book. I am beginning graduate school and would like to separate my research, notebooks, and tags for graduate school from what I have in that account. What makes sense to me is to open another account under my school email. However, when I tried to do so it came back with a message telling me that it had to be a business account (presumably because it was an email with a .edu extension). Why will it not take this address? Has Evernote merely walled off all educational institutions from having accounts?
  25. Hi. I've hit a breaking point where, considering the way I use Evernote, this feature would be extremely useful and I really want it implemented. We have the ability to add notes to a shortcuts/favorites bar, which I already use. However, I have a few notebooks in which I organize weekly/monthly logs, with one note that describes the data about those logs. For example my vitamins/supplements notebook. I have a note with information about the ones I use, why I use them, which supplements work in conjunction with others, etc. On top of that I have weekly notes for which supplements I use each day. The sort scheme I use in the notebook is by Date Updated with Most Recent on top. The reason I want the ability to pin notes to the top of a notebook is so that I could have my data note locked to one location, and not disappear to the bottom just because I haven't edited it. Would anyone else find this useful, or does anyone have an alternate method I could try? My shortcuts bar has a few notes I don't really want there, but just don't want at the bottom of my notebook.