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Found 1,250 results

  1. Dear All, I really would love to see a solution for archiving notes. I've been using for 4 years and now I have some notes that I want to keep in the system, but want to remove from my search. As time goes, my search are getting more difficult to separate valid information and archived information. Like we have Notes, Notebook, Tags, Atlas, Market and Premium button on the Mac version, I dream with an Archive button. Every note I move to this icon will make it not searchable, unless I'm searching inside the Archive View. You could even move a completely Notebook. I have many scenarios where this is valid, some of them here: You finished a graduation course full of notes and you want these notes in a place that you may need but normally it will not be part of your search or have a distract visual in All Notes ViewYou closed a company and want all the notes in a special placeYou may not want to have this Archive notes in your local hard disk, unless you click "Download"You prepare for a vacation and suddenly canceled. You want to have this hide in some place but not displaying all the time. I think it would be a great feature. Thank you, Patrick Santana
  2. Great that Evernote supports 2-factor authentication via Google authenticator. What about support for the Fido U2F keys, such as from Yubico? Far more convenient way to get 2-factor authentication!
  3. I have been an EN user since Beta, and became a Premium user as soon as it was offered. I do not understand why EN is lagging with simple security options, such as easy encryption of notes and notebooks. This really should be as easy as a Right-Click or selection in properties for a Note or Notebook. The existing method of selecting text in a note and then using a Right-Click option to encrypt it is cumbersome at best. Yes, it is a nice feature if one wants to encrypt only a portion of a note. That's fine. But there should be an easy way to (1) encrypt an entire note without selecting text and (2) encrypt an entire notebook. I would be willing to pay a few bucks extra a year for this additional encryption ability. Seems this should be a no-brainier for EN, both as a tech matter and as a business/profit matter.
  4. Hi there, @evernotehelps suggested I post this here – I've recently begun to use the Brave browser (https://www.brave.com/) and so far think it's pretty great. On Safari I'm a big fan of the webclipper and would love to see it implemented for Brave as well. Any chance that might happen soon?
  5. I am a paid user and have many Notebooks. I have notebooks that relate to my hobbies as well as my career. On laptops that I bring to work, I only want my business-related notebooks to replicate. After installing Evernote on a new computer, is there a way to tell it what notebooks I would want on that computer? Thanks!
  6. Please, please, please allow us to set a note as plain text only--so that it stays plain text no matter what. Currently, all my notes that I format as plain text are constantly getting various formatting when edited from different platforms and from pasting content on a platform that does not have paste as plain text. I am suggesting a setting for a note that makes it plain text only (could even be a whole notebook). Thus if a note is set to plain text, you would not have to use "Paste As Plain Text" for that note and editing the note from any platform would not add formatting. Think: Windows Notepad--pasting content into it removes all formatting.
  7. Hello. I appologise for my bad language, but I can't find more appropriate words. !$)*$)(*#%WHJ (Bad words about Evernote). Too many information in Evernote. If I could, I would replace this @$#@(%* software. Earlier in Firefox web-clipper there was possibility to clip directly to local notebook. How can I do it now??? I understand that you need money for eating bread, drinking tea, etc, but this is basic functionality. I have PC, I have browser, I have NAS with Evernote Database, all in one place, why should I send clips into my database thorough @$@(% servers??? Extra fee for extra functionality - this is what I can understand. If the answer on my qustion is - no, I can't, then do you understand, that you put your clients to doggystyle position, and tell them "pay or f### off"??? If you could only know, how many problems your software creates for me in theese latter days.
  8. I have my own diary in Evernote. Since Evernote not have a calendar, it would be convenient to see the notes that have been created on this day one year ago and more. This is done in many diaries services and in Facebook. Is it possible that the developers could do such feature? And to whom this function is not needed, you could disable it in the settings.
  9. Good evening, As a researcher I deal with large amounts of texts using dedicated apps like Nvivo or Atlas.ti, or for lit Qiqqa. the principle of theses QADQAS or ref manager is the same: tagging portions of texts with nodes/tags/categories so then you can do a transversal reading of all your data by category or topic. I would love to have this feature in Evernote, which I use mainly to type in and archive my field notes and web article clips. So far you can tag an entire note, but you cannot assign a particular bit of text to a tag, this is really too bad in my opinion. Other note taking software allow this feature (Microsoft couterpart) and many of my colleagues have now either started or migrated to that other software partly because they do support tagging datum/particuler selections of text. But overall I love Evernote so I wish we could have this feature in a near future. This is a long shot, but if you are a user who would also like this feature please do not hesitate to reply to this post to show your support to this request. Thanks
  10. darvil

    Different Colors for Highlighter

    Please introduce different colors highlight! In previous versions of the software - before the highlight button was inserted - I was able to highlight in different colors by using Mac's text contextual menu. Now it's impossible... Please introduce this option, its helpfulness is crucial! Thanks, dario
  11. Dear All, I am looking for a card system, an archive system to keep my notes for PhD-research, to easily retrieve them, combine and so on. Is Evernote is the right one for this or do you advice me another system? Thank you.
  12. We've introduced updated pricing for educational institutions, through our Evernote Business offering. The details are here: https://evernote.com/schools/for_schools/
  13. crisss

    Other Transparent color

    Hi, How can I set a specific area of a snapshot as transparent? Or replace a colour with transparent?
  14. FrankEmser

    other Clipping PDF to evernote

    Hi all, I have seen the question "How can I clip a PDF file to evernote" raised in the forum already several times, but so far, there has not been a satisfying answer, but only astonishingly clumsy workarounds. (for example: http://discussion.ev...on-pdf-windows/ http://discussion.ev...m-web-answered/ http://discussion.ev...document-to-en/ ) Neither saving the pdf as a temporary file and then dragging&dropping it to evernote nor saving it to some import-directory & then importing it seems accebtable to me, because in both cases, you will lose the original source path information which is a real deal-breaker. Let's summarize it: 1.) Save pdf to a temporary file 2.) Start file explorer, Locate the temporary-folder and drag file to evernote [which means locating the evernote window (which might be buried behind the newly opened file explorer or the internet explorer showing the pdf) first] 3.) Switch back to internet explorer (find its window, which by now might be buried by evernote or the file explorer) 4.) Mark the url in the adress bar, Ctrl-C 5.) Switch back to evernote (which might be buried by the internet explorer again) 6.) Allocate the new note, locate the source-path-control. 7.) Ctrl-V Why not instead offer one of those smart 1-click-solutions evernote is famous for? Just a nice Option "Save Link (to pdf) to evernote" in the context menu and all is done? Does not sound like too much effort to implement? Is it?
  15. We all know that it is a struggle to modify a webpage sent to evernote using the clipper. Most pages begin with huge fonts and finding a way to enter a note above that, with text only and maybe a horizontal line to easily distinguish our notes from the clipped page is a struggle. The beauty of Web Clipper is that it includes the "Remarks" box that allows us to do just that: anything typed in that box displays at the top of the clipped webpage, giving us a nice area to add our own notes - and it has the horizontal line to boot. I often forget to include something in the remarks box, or I'm in rush. It would be great if I could set the clipper to always include something in that box, like "My Notes:" so that every page I clip has that editable area at the top that I could expand on when I have the time. Come to think of it it would be great to also include something like that when we "share to Evernote" on our Android phones.
  16. Slim1950

    Other Importing from Onenote

    Is it possible to import from Onenote to Evernote?
  17. Is there a way to change the margins when printing an Evernote note? I use evernote for my lecture notes and have found that if I ever need to print a note (from my computer), the margins are ridiculously large. How can I make better use of the page and make the margins smaller?
  18. pansovic

    Other Skitch much better

    Why Webclipper cannot have same features as Skitch? Especially after clipping with Skitch can move the clipped item on a specific place in a note/email/word. This I consider as very fundamental and don't understand why Web clipper still cannot do that.
  19. Hello, I've been using Android clipper perfectly for a long time. I've just migrated from Samsung S8 to Samsung Note 8 and the Android clipper just stopped working. It is now always showing Clip Failed icon and Clip Again function does not help at all. The only difference I noticed between the two platforms is the minor version of Android which is 7.0 in S8 and 7.1.1 in Note 8. Evernote has exactly the same version in both phones. The problem is not website sensitive, it fails regardless of the source. Any clues? Regards, Eduardo
  20. scubadiver

    Other Scubadiver

    Hi, When I am asked to join a notebook, what security risks am I opening myself up to? Am I truly just joining that notebook? or do I give others who also have access to that notebook access to other information about my Evernote account? Or about me? Thanks
  21. I'm sure for Evernote to woo many of us over from other pen-driven, note-taking apps, we're all going to start asking for our "favorite feature" from the completing apps. For me, my request is for the ability to hand annotate PDFs. Annotating in Evernote is fine, but some of us are less keyboard-driven than others. With thanks for all you do.
  22. Evernote allows me to clip emails and web pages, but what about tables and graphs generated by other apps? I do a lot of tables and graphs that I'd like to save in Evernote. The only options re (a) print to PDF, then post the PDF to Evernote, or (b) screen grab the output to a jpg file and post that in Evernote. I normally use the generic Windows print option. It lists several printers--pdf, the hardware printer, etc. Today i noticed that one of the printing options was to print it to OneNote! If OneNote has made itself a printing option, why can't Evernote?
  23. jwparkin

    Other Inconsistent

    I am a very happy and regular user of Evernote, but there's one thing that I see which I feel needs addressing around how different sources allow me to save items into Evernote. In some cases I am presented with a list of just the Notebooks, other times I see the Stack names and then Notebooks with each stack. Evernote Windows10 app - Chrome / Evernote's own Web clipper - shows stacks, notebooks within stacks. Lists other user's Notebooks that I have write-access to Chrome / Feedly.com - presents a list of Stacks and Notebooks with a slash between. Also, does NOT list other user's Notebooks that I have write-access to iOS Feedly app - ditto Stack A /Notebook1 Stack A /Notebook2 Stack A /Notebook5 Stack A /Notebook6 Stack B /Notebook3 Stack B /Notebook4 iOS Safari - presents a list of Notebooks, _ignoring_ the Stack name and thus puts the Notebooks in a completely different order iOS Chrome - ditto Notebook1 Notebook2 Notebook3 Notebook4 Notebook5 Notebook6
  24. Hello! I'm trying Evernote as a means to document my banjo-related activities, if someone could have a look and perhaps make suggestions, that'd be great. Thanks!...THBanjo.
  25. I have a bunch of Skitch screenshots uploaded to the Web, and I noticed only today that they are all broken. They all had the skitch.com hostname: https://img.skitch.com/.../...19-q35tt35my6k76fefs3hg4fphuin.jpg And now it seems all of the hosted images use evernote.com URLs: https://www.evernote.com/.../.../8976-1d89-4b36-bvd98-10a2a43cd596/f80e2756aecef6612dac1e5ee873ef83/res/f93035fc-ff7d-4fa4-bce6-ec3b1f98308b/skitch.png I assume this is due to the Skitch/Evernote integration. It's very difficult for me to track down each broken image and re-create a new Evernote link. Is there any way to fix my old skitch links? Any other tips to fix all of my broken skitch links/images? TIA.