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Found 207 results

  1. Hi guys. I was wondering how do you add new notebooks or some old standalone notebooks to an existing stack? I would extend this by the ability of creating a new stack. Is this feature there or is it available only in the windows app?
  2. I'm coming over from Google Keep and I'm having a lot of trouble adjusting. I'm not so organized that I need everything to fit in a notebook -- I'd prefer that notes are just kinda there by default unless I choose to assign them to specific notebooks. I don't like having to force everything into a notebook immediately; sometimes a note is just a note and doesn't warrant an entire notebook being created for it. I made a "miscellaneous" notebook, but it's still just kind of frustrating, especially because it continually defaults all notes to a specific other notebook and I have no idea to change it. It just doesn't make a ton of sense to me given that there's a "notes" category and a "notebook" category, so it seems to me like you should have all uncategorized notes in the "notes" area and all categorized notes in their specific notebooks. Can someone help me out? Thanks!
  3. Notebooks appear correctly in Evernote web and on Evernote iPad but only notes, no notebooks, appear in Evernote App for mac. Syncing doesn't help. Grateful for any suggestions.
  4. Bahne

    ANSWERED Opting out of BETA

    I want to inform the team that I am opting out of BETA after using it since it started. Overall i have been fairly ok with the new design, however... managing my notes is not really at the forefront with BETA. When I found that I could not create a new notebook and move it into an already existing stack ... well I had to change to old style. Utility and functionality is what sets Evernote apart from other note systems, I use it to group notes together my list of notebooks is substantial and putting them into stacks helps alot. That is a fundamental issue for me, so I am now out of the BETA. Thank you.
  5. CJG9

    Organizing Notebooks

    I'm an avid Evernote user. My whole life is in Evernote, both business and personal. I use it all day, every day, not only for storage and reference, but also as my to-do list(s). However, as my life has grown more complicated (multiple businesses, properties, etc.), I'm finding it harder and harder to come up with a good organizational system in EN, given the limited number of "tiers" (stacks, notebooks and notes). The more blogs I read and the more Youtube videos I watch, the more I realize that I'm not alone in this dilemma. 2 updates by EN could really help. One would be the ability to do "sub-stacks", which many people have requested. More importantly, would be the ability to tag entire Notebooks, not just individual notes. This way, the same notebook could be given multiple tags, and then viewed in various different groups, as opposed to being limited to a single "stack". This would solve a lot of the organizational issues I've been having.
  6. Hello. I'm not new to Evernote as I have used it on and off inconsistently, and partially, for maybe a year now. I have recently become more serious about using it as an organization tool for both work and personal areas of my life. Here is some information that might be pertinent: I own my own law practice-- it's small, just myself, a paralegal who is actually my husband , and a receptionist/legal assistant. We do have a pretty good number of clients, in addition to potential clients, past clients, etc. I need a system that helps me easily organize and pull up client files and documents, as well as one that I can share with the staff so they know how to help me organize. We've been using Dropbox and it's great for some things but I'm hoping that with Evernote I will have better access to my docs on the go (I do a lot of work from home, on the road, at court etc. I have been trying to become a pretty much paperless office). I have a premium account and I would not mind paying for my staff to have premium accounts if necessary.I have also been trying to learn/implement a GTD system on Evernote for both personal and work items, as well as using it to store personal stuff. So it gets hard for me to think about how to best use Evernote for both work and personal purposes, as the organization and methods seem kind of different.I use Evernote on the following devices (I rarely/never use the web version): - 2 desktop PCs, one at home and one at the office, that use Windows. - An ultrabook computer that uses Windows 7. - My iPhone. - My iPad (the hardest part for me seems to be implementing a system that works the best in iPad, as it seems to have the most limitations, and it's the only device I sometimes don't have Internet/phone access on and need to download documents to).I have experimented with both notebooks and tags and I feel like I always end up with way too many. It's a pain for me to decide what notebook something should go in, and to switch a note back and forth between notebooks (for example, from "Active Tasks" to "Completed Tasks"). The only thing I think I need notebooks for is to choose which documents to sync on my iPad before a court hearing or somewhere else where I may not have Internet access, or to share with people-- for instance, a client or colleague or my CPA. I've experimented with note links but it's frustrating because when I move a note from one notepad to the other, the link gets broken. (For instance, if I have all my pleadings for one client nicely linked in a case note, and that client gets moved from "Current Client" to "Closed Client," it's all broken up and I can no longer use it.I also find it frustrating to find documents by tags on my iPad. I seem to have too many tags and there is no way to structure them in a list format based on sub-tags on the iPad. So right now I feel more frustrated and overwhelmed with Evernote than productive, and I wonder if I am just too disorganized to use it well. I am definitely not a very organized person, although I'm trying to be! So, here is my current problem. I need a simplistic system that de-clutters everything as much as possible. I have read about GrumpyMonkey's system for titles, and I like it, but to be able to find, say, all pleadings filed in the John Smith case, I would have to add the word "pleading" and "John Smith" to every title. I've thought instead about using codes that I insert into the note after the document itself, and having a master code system that I refer to when I need to search. These would have to unique enough so that not every note referencing any kind of "pleading" would appear in a search, but only the exact pleadings I am trying to call up. For instance, client John Smith would be CLJS and any pleading would be PLD and any order (which is like a sub-set of a pleading... I may need to search for all Orders entered in the case), could be ORD. So if it's an Order I would insert CLJSPLDORD in the actual note portion of any document (within Evernote itself) and the only things that should come up when I search for that are all orders entered in the John Smith case. I don't know if I'd have basic tags or notebooks for client names or general broad categories like "Client work" in addition to this coding system, or if it would just be a free-for-all as long as I or my assistant remember to insert an appropriate code in every document we save to Evernote. (This way would allow me to search for all documents in the John Smith case by searching for CLJS, or all pleadings in his case, by searching for CLJSPLD. That's just an example I'm toying with, what do you guys think? Also, if I implement such a system, what do I do to clear out all my old notebooks and tags? How do I start with a clean slate but not lose the notes I have saved? Thank you for any help.
  7. Looks like somebody just forgot to write a handler for an action the user wouldn't be expected to perform, but which they can perform trivially. If I click the Continue button Evernote continues to work just fine. Conditions: Mac OS X 10.9.5 Evernote 6.0.5 (451190 App Store) Either right after syncing or after editing a note but before syncing Procedure: Go to the Notebooks view. (It can be sorted by Name, Count, or Updated.) Try to drag a stack. (It can be open or closed.) Observed behavior: Error message: "Internal Error An uncaught exception was raised…" Expected behavior: No error message. The stack does not drag, and maybe the cursor changes to indicate dragging is impossible.
  8. I would appreciate the option to choose one of my notebooks to view by default when I launch Evernote (including Web, mobile, and desktop clients).
  9. Hello, Is there a way to view my notebooks in a horizontal pane, rather than a vertical pane? I also use Evernote for Mac, and my notebooks are arranged in a horizontal fashion, and I prefer that much better to the vertical fashion that is on my Evernote for windows. Thank you!
  10. Usual apologies, caveats apply if this has been raised and dealt with before. I use Evernote as the front end of a variety of information stores both personal and work related. I have the various Notebooks arranged into stacks and I typically use Tags to help me search for items of interest. All good so far. My main issue is that I would prefer, when viewing the Notebooks in Grid View is to have them displayed using some sort of icon, e.g. a currency sign for the Economics course I am studying or a dollar sign for my financial goals notebook. Is this possible and is there an easy way of achieving this? Have I overlooked an obvious method. Thank you
  11. It'd be super rad if you could create a new notebook from inside the clipping window dialogue and/or when trying to select new notebook from within a note in the desktop app (i.e. if there was an option to "create new" at the top of the list of existing notebooks where you can only currently select already existing notebooks.)
  12. How do I make notes show up in multiple notebooks without copying the notes? Duplicate (copied) notes are not manageable, because when one copied note file is edited, the other copies do not get edited as well .., right? Can notebooks be set up more like how google organizes email? i.e. the same email can show up in many categories you create for yourself (i.e. is the same as a notebook).
  13. Here is a script for a years list of notebooks and notes property theMonths : {"JAN", "FEB", "MAR", "APR", "MAY", "JUN", "JUL", "AUG", "SEP", "OCT", "NOV", "DEC"} property theWeekdays : {"SAT", "SUN", "MON", "TUE", "WED", "THU", "FRI"} tell (current date) to set referenceDate to (it - (its day) * days + days - (its time)) set thisYear to year of referenceDate set yearList to {} repeat with i from 1 to 11 set end of yearList to (thisYear + i - 6) as string end repeat (* Fill year list with the previous 5 years followed by the next 5 *) set chosenYear to (choose from list yearList with prompt "choose a year") as string if chosenYear is "false" then return (* set variable choosenyear to year picked from menu*) set year of referenceDate to chosenYear repeat with aMonth from 1 to 12 set month of referenceDate to aMonth set monthnotebook to text -2 thru -1 of ("0" & aMonth) & space & item aMonth of theMonths set currentWeekDay to weekday of referenceDate as integer set dayList to {} repeat with aDay from 1 to (daysInMonth for referenceDate) set end of dayList to "/" & (text -2 thru -1 of ("0" & aDay) & "/" & chosenYear & space & "-" & space & item ((currentWeekDay mod 7) + 1) of theWeekdays) set currentWeekDay to currentWeekDay + 1 set AppleScript's text item delimiters to "," end repeat repeat with the_item in dayList tell application "Evernote" create note title (aMonth as text) & the_item with text (aMonth as text) & the_item notebook monthnotebook end tell end repeat set {TID, text item delimiters} to {text item delimiters, ","} set dayList to dayList as text set text item delimiters to TID tell application "Evernote" if (not (notebook named monthnotebook exists)) then make notebook with properties {name:monthnotebook} end if end tell end repeat on daysInMonth for theDate -- returns an integer copy theDate to d set d's day to 32 32 - (d's day) end daysInMonth
  14. I have a complicated notebook structure that I want to use for various accounts. So as an alternative to manually create these notebooks (and stacks also if possible), it would be really nice if some kind of script could accomplish that. Then I don't have to worry about spelling errors or other typos. Have thought about autohotkey, but anyone who has ideas on how to do this and which tool to use? Have searched for scripts but haven't come across anyone. Thanks.
  15. I am an Art teacher using Evernote to communicate with my students - I host about 100 notebooks which I have shared with each individual and they post their work and write process notes which I then assess. It has been great, but I am rather at a loss with the new update. Previously i could see whether a notebook was shared as there was a symbol on the notebook icon of three heads and shoulders next to my name - the sharer. After the update, most of these symbols have disappeared. Some students still have access to the shared notebook and some do not. Do I seriously have to go in to each individual notebook and share them again, this time through work chat? That is a massive amount of work and this time of year is a nightmare in terms of deadlines and assessment. I do not have a list of these emails as I assumed that once shared that would be all that was needed. I am also suspicious of Work Chat as many of my students have older mobiles and older operating systems with Evernote versions that cannot be updated for many different reasons. I cannot take it for granted that all students have Work Chat, or can I?
  16. I am using Evernote more every day. My notes now number over 1,000 and I have started using it for taxes. I agree that tagging can be less frustrating that multiple notebooks and I will try to reduce the number of notebooks I maintain. However, there is one drawback to limited notebooks: sharing. I can email a single note, but I cannot email a collection of tagged notes. I can share an entire notebook. This has been very useful for taxes. I place my secured documents in a shared folder and share that folder with my CPA. It does appear to me that you could load your taxes into a common notebook, tag them "Taxes 2013," and then move them to a temporary notebook for sharing. The main problem I find is too many returned notes when I forget the correct search term. More practice may make perfect, but this is my view. Now, I am using the ScanSnap scanner. It is zero frustration and worth the expense to me, but it does move common document to a common notebook that later needs to be sorted with tags or moved to another notebook. Still, it is the best solution I have found so far. Equipment: MacBook Pro, Evernote Desktop, iPad, iPhone
  17. manny5412

    Notebooks. Can't find them!

    I am using Evernote on my iPad, and I created nine notebooks to start off without putting any data in them. One of my notebooks can be accesses very easy, but I have no idea where my other 8 went? It says I have a total of 9 notebooks to the right of the "notebooks" tab but I can not seem to find them. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  18. lblume06

    Export Data

    I need to export all Evernote data from one account to another. Can anyone tell me how to do this? Thanks for your help!
  19. I am a huge fan of ever note. I have been using it for business and personal stuff. I decided that instead of sharing all my inbox stuff with my office staff. I would like to have a separate account and put all my life stuff into that account which of course includes the last few years of stuff already organized in stake located under a personal tree. Also : Just say someone who has everything on Evernote like me : Perhaps from there kids 1rst grade assignments though the 12th grade. That kid wants to have his own account and would like a organized copy to take along with him which might have car info , licenses, insurance, banking, etc etc . There should be a way to easily duplicate or move all together those notes. Its a great hook for Evernote...Yet to my dismay, Not available not as a easy move the whole stack option. I cannot believe the limitation that other than exporting single notes ( I am still not sure if it is even searchable without tags... Ouch! Yes...I learned by a Evernote tech guy that it cannot be done except for moving individual notes! I had such promise that this was going to be my lives keepsake for everything paper!! Someone will copy this concept enough and make it forward thinking . One other of a 100 's of examples I could think of, that would make this useful. We have a small business I have personal and my business all in stacks organized for taxes etc as well as personal. Say I want to sell the business ? And I want to break out last 5 years of all business receipts exedra and give new owner in an organize way... Everything without giving up my copy? I could go on and on ... Frustrated in az!! ( Shame on Evernote!
  20. Stewstev

    Notebook Creation BUGS!

    If you create a new notebook and do not immediately add a new note within it, Evernote will never display that notebook again in any of its lists, although it will hint that that notebook exists because it gives you an error message when you try to create it again, saying that new notebooks must have a unique name. There is no way to add notes or move the newly created notebook into a stack. This is true for both iPhone and iPad, and because Evernote web is not supported on the iOS browser, you can't proceed until you can get to a PC browser. This really REALLY SUCKS!!!!!
  21. I create a notebook in Evernote Mac / iPad - but it does not show up in any list. Try to create it again and get a name already used error. So there are any number of notebooks in my account that I can't find and can't save something to... cannot find a setting about this, what am I doing wrong?
  22. I have a very strange problem. Its not only on my ipad but also on my fellow students ipad with evernote. When i create a new notebook i get into the notebook. But if i dont create a new note the notebook disappears from the list of notebooks while still taking up the name. If i do however create a note while the notebook is active it stays in the list. Why is my notebooks disappearing ? I´ve included a few photos of the problem Here you can see that the notebook link shows as containing 5 books http://imgur.com/FAWRvFE Here you see the content of the notebook page as only containing 3 books (last one being the trashcan) http://imgur.com/Fk8FIWR Anyone able to help me clarify this problem ?
  23. Still stumbling around with Evernote. It seems that the 'file tree' is limited to the Stack and the Notebooks within the Stack. Is there a way to do a Stack within a Stack. i.e. a more complex file structure? Thanks, cjamt
  24. I went to this link, and it says "go to file" but I don't have "file" (only Macs do) see photo help!
  25. Here is an article for those who need to re-organise their evernote from scratch. Hope it helps! Enjoy!