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  1. Hi, I'm using Evernote 7.0 on a mac OS High Sierra 10.13.3. Problem: the search function has stopped working. It wasn't working on the previous version either. The word recognition will only pull from the most recent notes, rather then searching all my notebooks. This causes me to have to search for my data manually. Is there a way to fix this? I have evernote basic account and they do provide customer support for technical issues.
  2. Just upgraded to v7 (MacOS), and noticed the following sidebar behavior. With the disclosure triangle closed, you can still select the top-level item (like Notebooks, or Tags), and the middle panel displays a full list of child items. But if you try to select Shortcuts with the disclosure triangle closed, you cannot do it. Seems like the behavior should be consistent, and it would certainly be helpful.
  3. Giving up on Evernote

    I've had enough of the issues with Evernote and I've moved on to Dropbox Paper. Better UI experience, no limit to how many devices I use, better tracking of To Do checkbox items and sharing with other users. Only drawback is not dedicated Mac application, have to run it in a browser. Using Opera to only run Paper, so no impact so far. Too many things going wrong with the Mac version, I was getting spinning color wheel WAY too often, when I needed to be typing notes. 5 years plus of Evernotes, but time for a change!
  4. Lost Data in Notice

    Hey, I cut Text from a Notice to paste to a new one. I think my Mac had a problem, so the data was deleted but never copied. In Evernote the CMD+Z didn't do anything. I have a TimeMachine Backup from the hole system. I use ClipBoard, where I can find everything which was copied, but there is nothing. Can anyone tell me where Evernote 7.0 on OS 10.12 saves the data, so I can restore from Backup? This was a really bad day for me... Thanks for every help.
  5. I hate to say this, but I'm at the point of abandoning Evernote. Whenever I try to open a note containing an attachment, it freezes on me. Every time. I updated to version 7.0, same thing.
  6. Tag Drop Down List Not Showing

    I am currently using evernote for mac. When adding a new note, I have always been able to click on the tag icon at the top of the note and get a drop down list of my current tags. Just recently I lost the ability to use this tag icon to get a drop down list of my tags. For the life of me I cannot work out why? I am running macOS Sierra 10.12.4. It did coincide with a web clipper error too where the tags were going in backwards i.e. 'gat' instead of 'tag' but I checked the forum and reinstalled webclipper and that seemed to assist. Many thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, so I am working offline on my mac making edits to an important note while not connected to any network. the previous edits I made to the note were done 10 hours ago on my phone while it was connected to the internet. While making the edits on my computer I got within range of wifi so I connected. And suddenly my note reverted to 10 hours ago. The edits I made over the last half hour are gone, and Note Reversion is useless because none of my recent edits were done while I was online. I am so tired of Evernote letting me down by either not syncing properly or by deleting my most recent edits. Any idea if there is anything I can do at all to try and recover my last half hour of notes?
  8. 10.13.3 High Sierra Evernote 6.10 to 7.0 Tried a full uninstall with reinstall but had no luck. Are there any known issues with 7.0?
  9. Upgraded Evernote. immediately on trying to run it crashes. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling. Upon running it immediately crashes.
  10. I'm pretty sure this used to work, but now when i open a note i no longer see the images, in see download links for them. I'm running evernote app on my mac, the latest version - (Version 7.0 (456218 Direct) Editor: 1.38.3824 (68bd1c0)
  11. Version EN 7.0 MAC If you force quit, start fresh, and perform global search once, you should see the tag filter shows all the possible tags for your search. Now, If you perform a couple times more global searches, chances are the tag filter will show *much less* tags than it should be. And there you go. As a long-time subscriber, I am increasingly weary of the slow development efforts from EN in recent years. I feel myself more like a QA for the product which I pay bucks to use. Which feels kind of funny.
  12. Any tips or suggestions for routine Evernote maintenance? I'll do an index rebuild every month or so. Right now search seems sluggish and when I scroll through my notes, they don't always appear.
  13. I'm brainstorming the menu ,, category , and tag hierarchy for my blog, and I'm trying to put "-" in front of subcategories ie. Main Category - Sub Category 1 - Sub Category 2 But instead evernote does this Main Category Sub Category 1 Sub Category 2 How can I prevent Evernote from reformatting my text?
  14. OK - so last November I finally had enough (conflicts and viruses and hardware failures). I returned my third new dell (in 10 days) for full refund and "INVESTED" into the Apple eco system. I've always had a top of the line iPad and an iPhone (they JUST WORK). I've since acquired MacBook Pro, time port extreme thingy, and about a dozen other Mac 'funny named' things... Work requires Windows - so I opted for Parallels (vs. boot camp) and it works great. So - through all the utilization of Adobe products (subscribed to CC), Microsoft office, and several others - the ONLY disappointment has been - EVERNOTE. Now forgive my brashness - but WHO IN GOD'S GREEN EARTH DESIGNED THIS so differently than the Windows... IT SUCKS - nothing less. I've got some low something or another number (per EN support) - been using this forever (it seems)... When they trashed the Pen product - I reviewed my options for note taking and LEFT EN for GoodNotes (and with no regrets). I did stay for EN (in General) - and the last PC iteration in NOV I liked. I've always had ghost note issues - but assumed that was par for the course. Win product was more than useful - it was special. I worked GREAT - a moment or two and I could find what I was looking for. Just like that. MAC - GOOD LORD - what could this thing possibly be syncing - NON STOP - and the SEARCH - rename it GUESS please - or USE ME TO FREEZE THIS... Functionally - I am for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE looking for an alternative - as EN on the MAC is a waste. I'm methodical - I'm analytical. I'm organized. Perhaps that means (in EN's eyes) I am a PC person - but I'm all Mac now - and after just THREE short months - GOD himself couldn't talk me into going back to the dark side... MACS work. Yes I paid more than double what an associated PC would have cost by comparison (i7 quad, 16gb, 1tb, 15.4") but I've NEVER had a PC perform 1/3 as good as this thing - its exceptional. And before you Windows numb-nutts decide to chime in - the Dell I returned was over $4000 for a laptop - and it replaced the ASUS ROG - it too was a great disappointment (I do NOT game - I do edit and have several power-hungry number crunching items so I opt for the very best hardware - for which most manufacturers - through offering 50 different options - don't fully test compatibility - and, well, FAIL). So I've two questions... One - am I missing something - as I (inherently) go at EN much like I used it on a PC - DIRECTLY - and for the most part - EN is just a huge filing cabinet with basic optical searching enabled. TWO - (and imminently more important) Is this known - and will it get fixed... YES I didn't give specifics - why - because the whole damn thing works significantly worse vs. PC. I need something - on my PC I type it in - and I've found it in seconds. SAME DATABASE. On the MAC - it needs to sync (which lasts and lasts and lasts - and heaven forbid a mouse farts - it re-syncs), and then it freezes a bit, and then it displays garbage - side by side the search engine does NOT provide the same result (WTF?). I need to upload something - no problem on the PC - dump it in the upload file - done. On the Mac - you can make an upload file - but then it automatically opens EN and then EN needs to sync (again) and now you are dead in the water until its satisfied... My MAC runs circles around my old PC - but the old PC runs circles around the Mac running EN. I do NOT want to run this on a VM (parallels) as it would have to run all the time - I use Win 10% of the time - and when running it eats up memory, hard drive, and processor power, as its allocated exclusively. And one last note - I certainly hope any solution is not (AGAIN AND AGAIN) 'delete everything and start fresh' - aka - kill it all then leave the unit run for three days... I think (last check) my database is 150gb or so - fast connection or not - it takes a while. Third question in the case the last two are hopeless - any good solutions on a Mac?
  15. Hi there, After an upgrade on High Sierra, the following issues discovered almost straight away. 1. In snippets view the top most note title is not show (see screenshot) 2. Recent notes now part of shortcuts?? and also can't be removed (screenshot is attached) 3. In list view search results are not displayed I hope Evernote team can fix it soon, because they are really annoying.
  16. Hi Everybody, Is there something Im missing? I can't turn off recents in the sidebar anymore and it just came back on by default with version 7 on mac. Thanks
  17. Make notes on PDF

    Hi, I'm a student at Uni and regularly import Lecture PDF's into Evernote for organisation. In Powerpoint, on individual slides it is possible to add notes on the bottom of each slide. I was wondering if this was also possible in Evernote, to make written notes on individual pages of a PDF (not annotate it). Thanks!
  18. Substacks

    I know the lack of substacks has been discussed many times in the past. Not having this option has really negatively impacted the way I best organize information. I'm considering moving on to another system, but before I do, has anyone found a workaround (other than tags) that they have found helpful?
  19. Evernote for Mac 7.0

    Hello Everyone, Today, we're announcing the general availability of version 7.0. You can download it here and it'll be available on the Mac App Store shortly. This version brings syncing fixes and a more conservative share count with cross-platform accuracy. It also includes more improvements to sharing and organization of teams and businesses. You can learn more about the Evernote Business Public Beta here. Have a great weekend, Jason and the rest of the Mac Team ------------------------------------------------ Full Release Notes Evernote for Mac 7.0.0 Release Notes Improved & Fixed: • Fixed a syncing issue when renaming a notebook from the space view • Fixed a sync issue when editing a space • Made share status more accurate
  20. Encryption not work

    i have in the past encrypted individual text items with a password.. Now when I retrieve them I cannot get them to re-encrypt (command is grayed out). Very frustrating.
  21. When I paste in text to evernote which contains hyperlinks and email addresses, or even FQDN's, Evernote will automatically create links, and it's really irritating because I can't turn it off. I'm using a Mac with macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 and Evernote 6.13.3. I have all AutoCorrect turned off in Mac System Preferences. Even copying into TextEdit, and then repasting out into evernote has the same behavior. I'm trying to store scripts here which contain email addresses and hostnames and keep having to do right click > Link > Remove. For example, just try pasting the following into evernote and you see the problem ( it even does it in this forum ) "pany}@testdrive.test.com;done;e"
  22. Images squished in notes

    Most of my notes look like that. Is there a way to fix this for all my notes?
  23. Hi to all of my Evernote users! I'm planning a clean install of High Sierra this weekend, and a clean install of some version of Evernote. Currently I'm using macOS version 10.11.6 (El Cap) and the direct-download version of Evernote 6.7.1. I've purposely stayed with this older client version because it's been very stable for me. And that leads right into my question: what version of Evernote should I use with High Sierra? I was planning to install 6.11.1 because it seems like many power-users in the forums suggest it as a stable release (big thanks to JMichaelTX for being an awesome contributor to this community!). Any suggestions? Thoughts? Warnings? Thanks!
  24. Three column layout on mac

    Hi, Im a mac user, but I just noticed that my wife, who is using a Windows computer, has a cool 3 column layout on Evernote, that is absolutely FANTASTIC! The left most column is the notebook list, the middle column is the notes list and the last column is the not itself. Im fiddling about but I can't get the same on mac. I just have this annoying feature where when i click a notebook, the notes list REPLACES the notebooks list, with "cute" little slide animation. Don't need that.. I need an overview of all my stuff.. the wifey has it on Windows... how do I configure that? Mark
  25. Dear Evernoter's Due to this incident: I would like to go back in my backups and see if I can restore old motes. I have the timemachine backup for the longest time. Is it possible to restore individual folders from TimeMachine? If not, it it possible to restore Evernote to another location on my computer and then open it to find the missing notes. I am really in trouble right now. Big trouble as a matter of fact.