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  1. Today we're releasing version 6.12 Beta 1 - you can download it here. This release brings table improvements in notes to Mac as well as improvements around multi-tasking with windows and tabs. It also re-introduces the split between business and personal content. It improves on some early 6.11 Betas by allowing you to have windows open from business and personal accounts at once. As always, we're looking to the Beta community to help us uncover bugs - please let us know if you spot any issues in your existing workflows and let us know if you're able to take advantage of the new feature improvements. This is a relatively early beta so we are shipping this with a few known issues to allow for more time for feedback on the many features included in this release. These are: (1) moving notes between accounts does not work and (2) inserting Google Drive documents using the drive icon does not work. We plan on addressing these both in upcoming betas. Thanks, Chantal and the rest of the Mac and the Editor team! -------------------- Full release notes for version 6.12: Evernote for Mac 6.12 Release Notes Major improvements to tables! Some highlights of what you can do with tables now: Add more rows and columns with a single click: Point to where you want a new column and click the plus button that appears. Choose the entire column or row just by clicking the header. Drag and drop entire rows & columns. Copy and paste multiple cells: Select the cells you want to move, copy them, move cursor to a new spot and paste all the cells with one click. Adjust the width of one column without affecting the width of the column next to it. Scroll horizontally to view a table with many columns without expanding your window. Hover within a cell to activate advanced table options. You can distribute columns evenly Match the table width to the width of your window Change the alignment of items within cells Add and change background colorsQuickly add rows and columns – via the plus button Better multi-tasking Keep your Evernote content organized using tabs. Create a new tab by selecting the 'New Tab' option under the File menu. Pick up from where you left off - if you exit the app and re-open it, you'll return to your previously opened windows / state. Separation of Business and Personal No longer intermingle your business and personal content in your Evernote experience but still multi-task when you need to. Improving on 6.11 Beta 1 & 2, we've added support for having business and personal notes open side-by-side. Known issue: you cannot move notes between personal & business. Bug fixes A number of user reported bugs are now fixed in this release: Evernote does not update business tags list after the sync Pasting a large amount of text into a note fails with no error message An intermittent crash on account switching Images in some notes created by clipper were not displayed in the note Pasting content before a horizontal rule was sometimes resulting in the deletion of content below the horizontal rule ---------------------------------- Screenshots Improved table editing with cell merging!
  2. I was trying to use the Web Clipper to save the page at this link, and I get a spinning circle forever: I also tried right clicking, save Full Page to Evernote, and it does nothing. I tried viewing the page in reader mode and then save, no luck. I am on Safari, macOS Sierra 10.12.5. Anyone else seeing this? Is there a way to save this page? Thanks!
  3. Hi folks, Today we're announcing Evernote for Mac, version 6.11.1 GA. You can download it here. This release addresses issues some users were encountering with the note editor in version 6.11. Thanks to the Beta community's support in helping providing feedback on this dot release. As always please let us know if you have any feedback or spot any issues with this release. Thanks, Chantal and the rest of the Mac Team -------------- Evernote for Mac 6.11.1 We've fixed several issues people were having with notes: - Some notes created in Evernote for Mac would not render after sync - Some tables lost formatting after updating Evernote to 6.11 - Pasting a line of text would add an additional line break - Some full width dividers from other clients were not shown as full width - Some pasted content were missing styles
  4. Whenever I add a PDF or Word file into a note (attach it) it shows the outline of the document but does not show the content. I have to click on the eye icon to see the content of the document while scrolling through the note. Any suggestions on what I'm doing wrong or is this a glitch that needs to be updated. I have updated to the latest version of evernote for MAC. thanks. Note in the picture below there is no text within the document box.
  5. I am just wondering why specific features are not available to all devices??? For example - I often use an iPad, and Macbook - especially for work. I can make tables on my Macbook, but not on my iPad Pro.
  6. Ive updated a couple of days ago to Version 6.11 (454874 Direct). Ever since, none of the evernote GUI icons are parsing properly. Ive restarted twice. No joy. Is anyone esle getting this? See screenshot.
  7. Estimados: Me gustaría hacerles una consulta acerca de lo que interpreto como una falla del editor de textos de Evernote y que me resulta difícil comprender como es que no se ha solucionado aún. Me refiero a la posibilidad de poder elegir el interlineado y el espacio entre párrafos. A diario, utilizo Evernote como editor de textos primario -por encima de Word o Google Docs- por una cuestión de comodidad, pero no me queda más opción de utilizar las notas como borradores, ya que luego tengo que pasar si o si por Word o Google Docs para darle formato al texto. Un claro ejemplo de ello es que por lo general, edito mis notas de trabajo en Times 18 y mis notas académicas en Times 12. Pero cuando proceso texto en Times 12, el editor me reconoce el interlineado por defecto correspondiente a Times 18 ¿el resultado? Una nota en donde la letra es pequeña (Times 12) pero el interlineado enorme (para Times 18). Visualmente es muy molesto y me resulta increíble que no se pueda resolver. Gracias por la ayuda.
  8. Hi all - I primarily use Evernote for Mac (v6.7.1) and have noticed that there is a code block item under: Highlight Text > Right Click > Format > Code Block. It doesn't seem to do anything though, which makes me sad. I understand that code block formatting was introduced into Evernote web recently and it works great there.. I just tend to use the app more. Does this menu item in the Mac app actually do anything? Am I missing something obvious to be able to format code? AR
  9. Hi all I logged into my Evernote account on a friends Mac, and I'm wondering how I can delete all the downloaded notes from my account? Its just that they take up a lot of space. Thank you!
  10. Could you please add Canadian news sources to this feature? (Like the Globe and Mail?) The Wall Street Journal does not allow subscription to Canadian Paypal or Canadian Addresses. This is a huge part of the Premium feature and I would really like to use it to its' full potential, like our American friends.
  11. mac

    Hi there, I hope someone could help me on this. Strangely on this forum, I was not able to 'search' for formatting, simply because I don't see a 'search' dialog box. Only the 'Google site search' is available. Anyway, after typing in 40 lines of texts, they look like a big chunk of cake. Can someone please direct me on how to space them out between paragraphs, especially after the 'hard enters'? I have attached a screenshot. Thank you. Nick
  12. In the past, if I posted a note containing a photo to Facebook, the photo will appear in the preview link of the FB post. Now a "Evernote logos" is appearing in the previews of all notes I'm posting to FB (see image). What happened? How is this corrected?
  13. Mac

    In Evernote 5.0.5 for the Mac when I try to delete a Notebook by right-clicking its heading in the left column, all I see is "Share Notebook" and "Notebook Settings," no Delete. How do I delete a Notebook?
  14. I've been taking photos of all manner of things for a new project (Hard drive serial numbers, software licenses, editors and directors notes etc) and I've come across something I can't get around. I take a photo in iOS (5s) I rotate it, if necessary. When I sync EN on my Mac the note is there and it is rotated BUT, a) its huge it's squeezed horizontally. In the 3 pane view of the Mac app window, I would have to open the window up quite a ways to make it legible. If I open the note into it's own window I have to make it almost the full size of the monitor to get it to a legible point. Some of these photos are small notepad sizes originally, some are post-its, some are box content labels and serial numbers and barcodes. All of them have this problem. Is there a function or workaround to display them at their native size and aspect ratio?
  15. As a long time Evernote Premium user and evangelist, I now have a son entering the middle school/ jr. high crossover. I want to teach him to use Evernote for organization, notes, scheduling etc. My question is would Evernote allow for Premium users to "host" accounts for children under their own premium account? Similar to the way Apple does family sharing.
  16. Been using Evernote Premium daily for 5 years. Considering switching to OneNote - better UI, sorting of Notes ... frankly bored with Evernote but know there are many advantages over OneNote as well. Any updates on UI improvements coming soon that anyone knows of?
  17. Hi, I require the ability to print out notes, which very frequently contain embedded PDFS. However, when I try to print out the note, or even export the note as a PDF, the note prints out as multiple files, 1 files for the word content and formatting, and "n" additional files, each containing one of the "n" embedded PDFs. So a note with 2 embedded PDFs will print out as 3 different files, with the PDFs no longer inline as a standalone file. This is problematic since my notes have embedded PDFs at certain locations for citing figures and relevance. It is getting to the point that I have to create a whole new document in another program just to write up a report with the note content and embedded PDFs, since almost every other word processor or note-taking app can print out inline PDFs. I am unsure whether there is a way to do this, it does not work on Mac or Windows for me, although I usually use the Mac app. If someone has a workaround, that would be great, otherwise I would consider this a bug, which has become a nuisance. With the rising prices for my premium account, the absence of this feature will very likely cause me to change note-taking apps soon. If anyone has a solution, it would be much appreciated, thanks.
  18. When emailing notes from Evernote for mac ( 6.0.6 beta 2 ) - I cc'd myself - and when I look at my email in 2 different browsers the images are all stretched out. I'll attach a screenshot. When using the Evernoteapplication on my mac the images all look correct and not stretched out. macbook proevernote for mac 6.0.6 beta 2
  19. It would be awesome if evernote could already compile Latex or just have integration with . I'd love to request this feature. Sharelatex already intergrates with dropbox, medely, github...more natural progression seems evernote to me!
  20. Hi there - first post, I lost an ENCRYPTED note, nowhere to be found including on EN web, to finally see it in the PURGATORY folder in my mac... Trying to open in En (open with > evernote) no success. Trying to open in text Edit - I see characters but I guess unusable because encrypted... same when I open in Chrome after changing suffix to .html I would really need to read in EN and be able to punch my password to be able to retrieve it I guess? Please Help!! Thank you
  21. Please allow us to lock individual notebooks with a pass code. I understand you can lock Evernote with a pass code but I am talking about locking individual notebooks and its associated notes from others.
  22. Hello. I have a sort of index at the top of all my Evernote pages that allows me to navigate between various "landing pages" -- tables of contents linking to other notes. It looks like this. Each item links either to another note or to a website. Since I paste it at the top of every page, it would be very useful if I could have a shortcut for it in a text expander. Does anyone know of a text expander that would support this? It's a simple, single-row Evernote table with background color and links. My impression was that Typinator could retain the links, but not the table format. But maybe I'm wrong. Keyboard Maestro, maybe? Does anybody have any experience with this? Thanks very much in advance. Michael
  23. My workflow: Every couple of weeks, an employee scans a couple dozen graphics-heavy documents, which the scan software (ScanSnap) automatically turns into a PDF and uploads to a company Evernote account. Then I go through and rotate pages on the (many) occasions that the software doesn't correctly detect orientation. I used to just right-click on the PDF, select "Open" which launched Preview, scroll through and occasionally use Cmd-L or Cmd-R to rotate pages, then close the window. Done. Now when I rotate pages, I get a message: "The original document can't be changed, so a duplicate with your changes has been created." Making changes and closing the window no longer affects the PDF stored in Evernote. Is this caused by a change to MacOS (I just upgraded to Sierra), or a change to Evernote? Either way, it's annoying. I can download the PDF, open it in Preview, save it, then delete the PDF in Evernote and replace it with my edited copy, but that's tedious and I'd like a better solution. Any ideas? Thanks.
  24. Hi: Is there a way that I can paste an image that I have in my clipboard into an already open image that I am marking up in Skitch ? Very often I find the need to add a reference image into an image being marked-up. if I try an us paste in Skitch it asks to replace the current image. If anyone has found a way to do this, I would appreciate an answer. It would be a very useful additional feature to have in Skitch. Thanks.
  25. I'm taking snapshots on my iPhone version of Evernote, and when they sync to Mac the images are stretched. They appear fine when viewed in presentation mode Anyone else getting this? ioS version is mac version is 6.9 the images are pages from an Evernote Moleskin notebook