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  1. I'm getting this error when I try to markup a picture in Mac OS using the Skitch extension. Can anyone help? See attached screenshot for what it looks like in real time, very exciting! I've seen others with this problem on the Apple forum but never seen any solution. Thanks.
  2. it would be perfect if I could create a new notebook in the sidebar by right click on a notebook staple. I alway try to do it...
  3. Hi, unfortunately it seems EN supports only http:// URLs as hyperlinks. In my case I organize my todos in OmniFocus - there everything (Folders, Projects, Actions, etc.) can be reached via an unique URL "omnifocus://". EN doesn't recognize this as an 'clickable' URL - even if I try to enter that URL manually I fail because the 'OK' button doesn't become active to enter the URL. Thanx.
  4. It would be prefect if you implement Swipe-Gestures for the Note-List on the Mac Version like in Apple Mail oder Apple notes. Left side-wipe: delete note / right-side Swipe Change Notebook. I always try to swipe because I am used to swipe in Mail and Notes
  5. I recently purchased a year of the Plus version. However, I must say, I am quite annoyed by the fact that the "Premium" buttons are stuck in my face everywhere. I can understand this if I was on the free version, but not as a paying user, even though I only need the mid tier version. Example screenshot from Mac - but it is the same on windows - an "Upgrade" button is stuck in the toolbar. You can remove it via "Customize toolbar" but it reappears few seconds after. I am sad that I actually went ahead and paid for a year up front now. I would appreciate if you would consider removing this nagging for paying users - even if we "only" need the Plus version.
  6. This is a community plea - I've been following the reports of all the bugs and drastic UI changes in 6.13 (tiny search, blank lists etc.). I'm currently on 6.11. Please don't add complaints about the state of Evernote, or lists of what's broken, I'm hoping this can stay a short thread which says why people think it's a good idea to update to a given version. Please comment here when you think there is finally a decent higher version out than 6.13.1
  7. I prefer bullet points to have white space separating them, like a blank line. It looks less crowded that way. It would be nice to have a setting that would treat bullet text entries like paragraphs when it comes to spacing. Better yet, provide a .5, 1, 1.5 line spacing option.
  8. Evernote for Mac 6.13.1 GA

    Hi Folks - Version 6.13.1 fixes some bugs users have been encountering around reminders and sync. It also introduces an improvement to make it easier to troubleshoot specific notes failing to sync. You can download it here, or check for updates to get the latest. We'll be monitoring this release closely and be rolling it out gradually, so expect this to take a few days before it is available in the App Store. Thanks, Chantal and the rest of the Mac team ------------------ Version 6.13.1 Release Notes Fixed: A fix for an issue where reminders overlap text and omit notes on macOS 10.13.1 A fix for an issue where sync intermittently fails for some users after clipping content from the web (CDATA error seen in log) An improvement to make it easier to detect and troubleshoot specific notes that are failing to sync - if you see an exclamation mark on a note in the note list (for snippet and card view) and a red dot in the sync status column for the list views, it's a problematic note. Note: If you see a particular note that is failing to sync, try to make a change to the note - add any character click the sync button. We've found that in many cases this resolves issues. If issues still persist, please contact support or post here.
  9. Hi all, I've just updated to Mac beta 6.13.1 Beta 1 (455772 Direct) and the app no longer displays any windows. The app launches, the menu bar appears, but there are no windows and most of the menus are greyed out (notably the File and Window menus). I'm kind of stuck. Anyone else seen this, or have any ideas? Thanks, S.
  10. Hello I am on macOS hight Sierra and I no longer access my notes on one of my machines. Evernote starts, but does not open his window. Nothing would be serious if on this mac, there was not my archives, not shared and only stored on this machine. Can you help me ?
  11. I seriously need help with my search. I cannot search my old notes. (I tried to use note's title / tag / note text as a keyword but nothing worked). I never had this problem before. Although I'm not exactly sure what caused the problem, this problem occurred around the time I update Evernote to my latest version - Version 6.13 (455673 Direct). FYI, I use OS X 10.11.6. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the app but no luck. Does anyone have to same issue? I guess it might due to an error in indexing of old notes. I'd really appreciate if anyone could guide me on how to solve the problem. I have a few thousands of notes in my Evernote and inability to search them is a real pain in the neck. Thank you very much. I just found another post about the search issue. It suggests that I troubleshooting with "Recreate Full Text Search Index". However, I couldn't find the troubleshooting on my menu. Weird! See the attached photo for details. Does anyone know where to find it?
  12. I successfully scanned business cards using iPhone App. These appear in my iCloud contacts & Evernote web. When I make changes to the previously scanned contacts in the App, these changes DO NOT sync back to iCloud. (They do sync back to Evernote web though.) I also tried to make changes straight in iCloud, and these changes DO NOT sync back to Evernote - web nor App. I have checked to make sure contacts access is enabled on Evernote, iPhone, Mac, etc. Settings are OK as far as I can tell, since contacts sync when originally scanned, just not when edited. I would like any changes I make in Evernote to show up in iCloud contacts, and any changes in iCloud to show up in Evernote. I don't understand why the original scans show up, but the edits do not. HELP!
  13. PLEASE give me some more space back in the SEARCH box! Since the latest update the Search box has shrunk...and for what? I don't need all the space around "All Notes" (see screenshot) but I DO need more space to see what is in my Search box as I often have complex saved searches that I want to narrow even further. Thank you.
  14. Table not working as advertised

    I read that the new "table" function will have at least the following 2 new features, which I absolutely love: Merging cells Matching table width to note width However, I have been using v.6.12 that has the new "table" function, but haven't found either of the two features. I have just downloaded v.6.13, and still don't see these new features. I have attached a screenshot of what I see when I open the table menu. Am I missing something here or are these just Windows-only features again (which would be equally frustrating)?
  15. Latest stable for 10.10 (yosemite)

    What is the latest stable least-buggy/annoying version for Yosemite? I'm still on 6.1.1 but want to get above 6.3 since I read that version improve spotlight search abilities (from finder). I've read there seem to be many issues/etc with versions from 6.10 on, so should I go with 6.9.2 or ??? I don't care about the new tables features since it sounds like it's really messing up people's notes and the newer version have sync problems among many other issues not in prior versions. Thanks!
  16. Analogy: Say you have 50 stacks, one for each of the 50 US states, and in each stack, there's a notebook for the 20 biggest cities in that state. Many times a day, when I open the stack for Washington or Wyoming (at the bottom of the list), the 20 notebooks, contained within, are displayed beneath the lower edge of the sidebar. So, before I can view those notebooks, I have to grab the scroll bar and scroll down before I can see the contents of the folder that I just opened. It may seem like a small thing, but now, imagine having to do this hundreds of times a day. It's excruciating. When we click a stack's disclosure button, why can't Evernote be smart enough to know that since we want to see its contents, it should scroll the sidebar to display that stack's contents? FEATURE REQUEST: An option, in preferences, to do just that: To have the sidebar automatically scroll to display the contents of a stack, once its disclosure button is clicked. As always, to protect users who prefer the current behavior, it would seem best to make this an option that could be enabled (or not), per users' needs. Thanks.
  17. I catalog a lot of images in Evernote, and I frequently have to drag a given image from Evernote to the desktop for further processing. I've done this for years and, Evernote's frustrating way of handling images aside, dragging images to the desktop has never been an issue. Until now. For the last few weeks, I now have to drag an image at least 3—and as many as 10—times before the image actually appears on the desktop. The unsuccessful attempts result in the placement of a generic, white text clipping on the desktop, instead of the image I dragged. So, I routinely end up with 3, 6, or 9 of these text clippings on my desktop before the identical dragging action finally results in the actual image appearing there. I've seen this behavior on both a MacBook Pro (running macOS 10.13.1) and a Mac Pro (running macOS 10.11.6). At the moment, both are running Evernote 6.13.1 Beta 1, but I always update as soon as new builds are released, and I've been experiencing this for several weeks, perhaps even a month or two, so the behavior did not start with this build. (I'm simply finally getting around to reporting this, after putting up with it for some time. I kept thinking it was so "obvious" as to be addressed in an upcoming build, but no...) Please, please address this. It's excruciating.
  18. Hi, I use Evernote Version 6.13 (455673 Direct) on a Mac (with Sierra). A few days ago, I updated my Evernote version as proposed by the software. Since then, I can't reach thousands of notes. What I still have: very old notes (from 2009 to 2012) and new notes created since updating Evernote. What I dont have anymore: notes after 2012 til the day of update. About 5000-6000 notes... What still works: On my other device (a Windows one) and on the web, I still have my complete set of notes. Furthermore, syncing works correctly for new notes, both way. What I tried: reinstalling on the Mac (with no better result) and looking in the docs (I couldn't find a description of this issue). Maybe someone could give me a hint to get back the missing notes on my Mac? Thanks! Alain
  19. Image Clipping and Resizing

    New to the software, trying to use it for medical education (am a physician) Lots of problems with my first use making notes 1) The Web Clipping system is very clunky - no option to clip images directly to the current note i'm working on, the merge feature is a terrible bypass, left with copy and pasting everything which is a waste of time 2) Usually the images I clip need to be resized in the note because they are too blown up, however when I annotate or highlight part of the images and close the annotation screen the images are saved in the full blown up size again, making frequent annotations of images a real hassle because of the constant re-sizing. Anyways don't know if anyone has a fix for these what would seem like very common issues for anyone making educational notes.
  20. Please allow users to hide the account switcher in the sidebar. I only have one account, so having this displayed at all times is just wasted space and also a distraction.
  21. Could you please consider adding a button at the top of each note, to the right of the "tags" to share the note via email? Now I have to click on Share and then click on More Sharing and then click on Email a copy. Please simplify this with an "email a copy" shortcut button. Thank you for your consideration I would suggest it goes here:
  22. I am a long time Evernote user, never had this problem before. But when I opened Evernote today I could see it was open (the header shows, the icon shows up in my dock), but other than that the program seems dead, invisible. I tried closing and restarting Evernote, booting my Macbook, no result so far. Anyone familiar with this problem and able to direct me towards a solution?
  23. Pin Tabs

    Hey guys, it would be great to have the possibility to pin / fix tabs in Evernote-Desktop (Safari-Like) ... . THX!
  24. Something I do often: I finish working on something with evernote and close all the evernote windows, leaving evernote running with no visible window. I start working on something else, and (of course) realize I need some info that is stored in evernote. So I cmd-tab back to evernote and hit cmd-J to open a particular note. However, when no evernote window is opened, hitting cmd-J will just trigger a 'bump' sound, and will not open the 'quick note search' interface. It would be great if that interface would show up even when no evernote window is visible.
  25. Hello, When I clip new windows using Evernote Helper, they are being saved in reverse order. For example, assume that I clip 3 windows using Ctrl-Cmd-C, back to back. Expected Behavior Window 1 Window 2 Window 3 Actual Behavior Window 3 Window 2 Window 1 Any ideas? Thanks, Dale