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Found 27 results

  1. Hi I use a Google Login for my EverNote account. On my Kindle Fire this doesn't seem to be supported. Is there a workaround? I was thinking of setting up a second account (with username and password) and sharing my other account with it.
  2. I read a lot using RSS feeds. If I see something I like, I clip int with Pocket. Later, if I decide to save it, I go back to the website and clip it with Evernote. For subscription websites, Pocket will not clip it. So using my desktop, I clip it with Evernote into a "To Read" folder. Last month, I signed up for the en2kindle service ($6) that automatically moves anything from a notebook to one's kindle. Over the last few weeks though, nothing has moved. The website also has errors. I've E-mailed the people, but no reply. Anyone else who uses en2kindle having any problems?
  3. Hello, I've been using Evernote for a few years, and was looking for someway to transfer my thousands of Kindle highlights to it. Github had a few solutions, but they were all several years old and didn't really make good use of the API. I wrote my own Kindle2Evernote Python script. I'm not sure what else to do with it, and would be interested if any developers have any futher ideas for me. I'm not super interested in providing for the everyman with some kind of GUI, but for people with basic programming experience should be able to make use of it. In brief, a user gets a development token from Evernote, and downloads their highlights page from kindle.amazon.com, and directs the script to it. The script parses the HTML, and sends the API one note for every highlight, containing the name of the book, the author, the highlight, a Kindle link to the passage, and various IDs. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  4. eBooks (in my opinion) are in a mess at this point in time. The average eBook reader will have some books in the Kindle Cloud, some in the Google Play Book Store and others on their hard drive (perhaps backed up, perhaps not!) Then to add to the complexity, some would use laptops/phones/kobos/kindles/other to read their books. In a word - FRAGMENTATION - Using Evernote, I've managed to gain control of my eBooks in a centralized, controlled manner. Method: Go to each cloud service, download the ebooks Remove DRM from said books (Google for how-to) Convert said book to several popular formats via free open source app Calibre ebook management program Put all formats into a single note. Calibre also include a .jpg file showing the cover of the book. which I always include as this ensure I can see the book easily in snippet view. All eBooks placed in a notebook called My_Purchased_eBooks As I read ebooks on my phone /tablet via MoonReader, I have access to all my ebooks at anytime. I also have offline copies via the Desktop version of Evernote I no longer have to worry about backing up my downloaded eBooks. Ebooks tend to be small in size, so it really is no burden on EverNote and even free-users don't have to worry about using up their monthly quota for this.
  5. Why can't I read my professional organization's magazine as it was loaded into Evernote using Kindle Fire 7 5th Generation? I have downloaded a professional organization's magazine to my desktop Evernote program. When it opens in Evernote, it looks like the magazine, I can turn the pages, etc. and it can be read with no problem. When I open Evernote on my Kindle Fire 7 5th generation, the newsletter/magazine does not look like what I see in the desktop version. Instead there is a box with the name: APGQSep2015Online...Attachment. I tap on the box and I get the message "Permission denied Kindle Reader was not able to open this document." I have actually added the magazine to the Kindle reader as a pdf document and I can open it and read it just fine that way. Any idea why I can't read the professional magazine on the Kindle? Is it Evernote? the Kindle? the subscription magazine? Thanks
  6. I'd love to see better integration between Kindle ebook notes and highlights and Evernotes. I understand this is probably an Amazon problem rather than Evernote's, but maybe the Evernote folks can nudge the Amazon team a bit? Specifically, I'd like to see: > The ability within the Kindle reader apps on all platforms for me to highlight some text and have an Evernote clipper option available at the same time; > The ability within the Kindle dashboard when I'm reviewing notes and highlights to be able to select multiple non-adjacent notes and in one step copy them all to Evernote This would be a real boon to researchers, teachers and others using Kindle Books in their work and classes.
  7. Hi, I have some questions regarding Evernote. Mac and tablet or feature I have a mac, but am planning on perhaps getting a tablet -would I be able to use info. & switch from both? Is a tablet or a kindle best for a literature/humanities student? I'd like to be able to extract text from a pdf into a new note file on evernote so I can organize myself on themes, etc. PDF Files Also, if I have pdf files, am I able to extract (parts) of the pdf file text and then change its font in my evernotes? So even if the text in the original pdf file is in a column, would I be able to rearrange the text in my evernote as well so the notes are linear, and clear? Highlighter Is yellow the only option? I use different colors for different themes/character outlines, etc. Voice Is this feature like microsoft notebook audio file? Can I click on text and hear what was being recorded?
  8. Hi, I clipped highlights and notes from my books at https://kindle.amazon.com/your_highlights If I clip a note "by hand", I correctly get this sort of link to a Kindle locations:Read more at location 1896: kindle://book?action=open&asin=B004ZIOXKG&location=1896 When I click on the link, it launches my "Kindle for PC" program and shows the highlight in context, which is cool. If I use Web Clipper with the add-on for Chrome, the link becomes instead: https://kindle.amazon.com/your_highlightskindle://book?action=open&asin=B004ZIOXKG&location=1895 This link is unusable in Evernote or anywhere else: the first part of the string ""https://kindle.amazon.com/your_highlights" should not be there. Is there a way to avoid this problem? Best Francesco
  9. I have downloaded Evernote onto my Kindle for use at meetings where there is not always internet access. When I launch the software on my Kindle, it keeps asking me to log in first which is impossible if there is no internet available. What am I missing here? Thanks in advance!
  10. Clubbeaux

    other Web Clipper for Kindle Fire?

    Wondering if there's any movement to getting a Web clipper app for Kindle Fire?
  11. After the latest update (I believe), Evernote stops responding after loading. It begins to sync, but then it freezes and stop responding. I have to close the app. I tried clearing the cache and deleting/reinstalling the app, but now when I attempt to log in to set it up fresh, it tries to log in and stops responding again. Anyone else have this issue?
  12. gophigure

    other Web Clipper for Silk Browser

    Maybe I'm missing it but I don't see this topic addressed anywhere. I just purchased a Kindle Fire HD 8.9, downloaded the EN app and, although I've only had it up and running a few days, it all seems to work wonderfully. I was wondering if there is or will be a EN Web Clipper for the Silk browser that comes with Kindle. I'd love to have that functionality on the Kindle since it does so many other things so well.
  13. Hey everyone. I read a lot of books on the kindle app on my ipad and take notes in evernote. It's pretty clunky as it involves app switching and you can't copy/paste from kindle/ibooks due to DRM. If you highlight and/or make notes in the kindle app these are available if you log in to your amazon account through a web browser. Has anyone found a way to automatically sync these highights and notes to evernote? I see a lot of talk about manual solutions but nothing automatic. It drives me crazy so I'm considering building a solution (I'm a developer) that allows me to stay productive with hasslefree access to my notes and highlights, but I don't want to reinvent the wheel if there's already something out there. Would anyone else find this useful? If so would you pay (something small) for it? Thanks. Nick
  14. I have EN running on a Kindle Fire 1st Gen. For my other apps, when I want to print, I simply Share the page with my HP ePrint app, and it prints on my wireless HP printer. When I try that on EN, I get "File is empty or cannot be read" error message. Any tips? Thanks
  15. Hi, I am contemplating between purchasing a Kindle or Sony e-Reader. The Sony has the advantage of Evernote. For me, a writer, I need the capability to write on the go, when I have only my e-Reader with me. Will the Evernote allow typing text up to 5000 words at a time (short stories)? Will this feature be enables with the version installed on the Sony PRS-T2 ? Is Evernote compatible with any other e-Reader (e.g Kindle Paperwhite or Nook)? Thank you, Etand
  16. I just removed Evernote from my Kindle, and then re-downloaded it. Immediately on running it says "Update Available". So I tell it to download the update, which goes to the Amazon Store Evernote page, but there's no Download option - only "Open", as if it were already downloaded. Open just opens the existing version on the device. It continues to remind me that there's an update available, but I seem to have no way to download and install it. Any clues? Additional information that would be helpful? The Evernote version on the device appears to be 4.3.5. Thanks, Leo
  17. So I wanted to get my Kindle Highlights and Notes (hereafter KNote) into Evernote. However, I wanted each Kindle Highlight (plus its KNote, if present) in a separate Evernote Note (hereafter ENote) so I was unhappy with the existing solutions like ClippingsConverter and a web capture at kindle.amazon.com. I did some digging/research and found a free Kindle Clippings application (Klippings, not to be confused with Klippings Kollector) that could be easily modified to achieve the desired outcome. This process is not fully automated (it creates an ENEX file that you must import into Evernotes), but it's pretty darn close. After resolving several issues for users, a release version is available at: http://daleyklipping...y.com/download/ How it Works As you may be aware, Kindle (Touch in my case) places highlights in a "My Clippings.txt" file using a format something like: ==========<Title> (<Author>)- Your <"Highlight" or "Note" or "Bookmark"> on Page <Page> | Location <Location> | Added on <Date><Text of Highlight or KNote>========== In sime cases, adjacent KNotes and Highlights are related. When possible, we automatically associate the KNote with the Highlight. This leads to thre scanrios: (1) Highlight alone, (2) Higlight with KNote, and (3) Knote alone (rare but possible). In all three cases, I create an ENote in Evernote and:Set the author to <Author> (if available)Add a tag for <Author> (special logic used to remove commas and enforce 100 char length)Add a tag for <Title> (special logic used to remove commas and enforce 100 char length)Set the created date to <Date>Add the tag "KindleClipping" (not critical, but the best way to indicate a source for the ENote)Add the tag "ConvertedByDaleyKilppings" (not critical, should help you remember the program if you ever need to)For a Highlight WITHOUT a KNote: I title the ENote "Highlight from Location <Location> of <Title>"The ENote is set to: Source: <Title>Author(s): <Author>Page(s): <Page>Location: <Location><Text of Highlight>For a KNote WITHOUT a Highlight: I title the ENote "Note from Location <Location> of <Title>"The ENote is set to: Source: <Title>Author(s): <Author>Page(s): <Page>Location: <Location><Text of KNote>For a KNote WITH a Highlight: I title the ENote "Note from Location <Location> of <Title>"The ENote is set to: Source: <Title>Author(s): <Author>Page(s): <Page>Location: <Location><Text of KNote>REGARDING HIGHLIGHT=========<Text of Highlight>=========END HIGHLIGHTThe program permits heavy customization of the output so you can make changes to these formats in the Export Settings tab.
  18. When drawing or writing on a tablet "screen rejection" with your hand is a problem. You have to lift your hand like using a paint brush. There is a simple answer, the GlydeWrite Cleaning Shield. It is dual purpose being an ultra microfiber screen cleaner and tablet drawing shield. Once you use it you won't put it down. Check it out at: http://GlydeWrite.com This is new stuff, just got the patent.
  19. resilientrogue

    Ebook Reader Advice

    Hey Everyone, I've been using Evernote for the past three years now and have amassed an eclectic collection that have come in handy in writing essays and giving presentations. While it's nifty when I'm reading things on my laptop, I'm at a dilemma with reading ebooks. I have the Kindle app for my Android phone and have found it nifty to read through books I have purchased through the Kindle store. However, I also have a few books that I have converted to the Kindle format using Calibre. I am familiar with the indirect way of uploading notes from Kindle books to Evernote using web clipper but find it tedious to manually enter every note with my converted files; I normally finish reading the file on my phone before going through it on my laptop and creating individual notes while thumbing through my highlights/bookmarks on the phone. Has anyone worked out a more efficient system? I'm considering purchasing a Kindle if need be but was open to any thoughts. Thank you for your help.
  20. Hi, I have been using evernote on smart phones apps, tablets apps and on computers using firefox. It works well in general. However on my kindle keyboard 3g , when I tried to edit notes via the mobile website: "www.evernote.com/m/". It would not work properly. Basically I can view the note but can not edit the body of the notes even though I can get the editing cursor to move inside the notes. I can also create and save a note but the body stay blank because it can not be edited. I am accessing the site using kindle keyboard's inbuilt browser. I searched the forum and found similar issues were discussed in the last year of two. The discussion are linked below. It seems like this evernote mobile website issue are still not fixed. "http discussion.evernote.com/topic/4295-kindle-with-evernote-for-the-web/" http://discussion.ev...te-for-the-web/ It's a pity since kindle with physical keyboard is great for taking notes. My kindle has the latest firmware version3.3. Does anyone know a way that I can work around this problem? Thanks!
  21. tiredofpaper

    paperless Book Scanning

    Hi, I'm fairly new to Evernote, but so many people I know are using it so it's time to join the club. I was curious has anyone scanned in their entire library of books yet? I was wondering if anyone had any tips on scanning their entire library of books and if they regret doing it or feel that it's better or not. I probably have about 100 books and I feel it's time to go all digital. I've been trying to create a paperless lifestyle and Evernote seems very awesome for this. Many people on here seem like they've been looking into this for a while. I scanned some old books at this place http://1dollarscan.com/ and was considering doing them all there. Any tips are greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  22. Hello - I've been an Evernote user for almost four years, but only recently started using it for EVERYthing. :-) I'd like to add my voice to the request for some kind of integration for the Kindle e-readers and apps. It would be totally awesome to highlight a passage in a book and have the attributed excerpt automatically sent to Evernote. I realize this can be done manually from my Kindle page on Amazon, but the app would be much more convenient. I'd gladly sign up as a Premium user just for that feature.
  23. Yes, I got a Kindle for Xmas. :-) Seriously, my new Kindle is a "Keyboard" and not a Fire. I'd like to be able to clip things from books into Evernote. * What approaches can people suggest? Ideally I'd want a client but can see that'd be tough to pull off - unless Evernote talked nicely to Amazon about collaboration. :-) Thanks, Martin * Yes, I've thought about copyright but it's the same issue as with paper books and with web material.
  24. I've been longtime evernote user and when I recently got a new kindle over last holiday, I soon wanted to start reading notes I had in evernote in my kindle. There were some tools and instructions to "export notes & highlights from kindle to evernote" but, surprisingly, not the other way. Am I missing something? But since I really wanted this feature, quick, I wrote windows app last week using evernote api. What it really does is it reads all of your notes from evernote and create MOBI file in periodical format (so it's easy to browse by notebook in kindle, example). I also made it open source who's interested in its code. (it is a bit messy... for now.) http://en2ki.codeplex.com Note: it reads text only which serves purpose I intended (and keeps MOBI file small). It actually turned out my notes were very disorganized and made me reorganize my notes better. Please let me know if there's a better method to read my evernote from kindle. (besides using kindle's experimental browser - which is really slow that requires wifi and randomly freezes the device) Downloads (it requires .NET Framework 4.0 - which installer should install it for you if needed) Installer: http://en2ki.codeple...2ki.application Portable: http://en2ki.codeple...download/328927 Some documentations available